Bad Winners And Worse Losers


I wrote quite a few times prior to the Trump Victory, that we’re facing a REAL Revolution. And regardless of which side wins, we will be facing Dystopia. The only question I have, is whether it will be Nation-Changing or Controllable?

Many of the people who read this BLOG, have expressed their worries, more about what would happen if Crooked Hillary lost the election, more so – than if Trump won. And as we can see it . . . they were right to worry.


As you probably know from reading this BLOG . . . Anne, Stryker, and I spent the weekend in Houston visiting NASA. Houston is a Massive, Expansive and Eclectic City, where you can drive 1000 feet, and you’re in front of a Mega Development, where the Developers are constructing Gorgeous Communities . . . while just one block over, you’re looking at Slums.

ON SUNDAY . . . Anne and I were to meet two friends for supper. But we were too early. And at the same time, we were too late to go back to the RV just to hangout and wait. So, we decided to stop-off at a McDonald’s, have a snack, and check out the Internet on our I-Phones.

While we were sitting and just chilling-out, a school bus pulled up, and several dozen, mostly White Teenagers got off the Bus, and lined-up towards the cash for whatever they were going to order.

The Teenagers were all well dressed, well spoken, and loud. But that’s how Teenagers are in big groups. They’re loud. And as they stood in line, bantering with each other, Two Teenage Black Girls Came In Off The Street.


These Two Black Girls were aged I’m guessing somewhere between 16 & 18 years old. Both of them were taller than 5’6”, looking closer to my height at 5’10”. They weren’t dressed all that nicely. One had a Ring like you’d see on a Bull, right through her nose. And both of them had to weigh-in at well over 250-Pounds. Closer I would guess to 300-Pounds.

They didn’t come to this McDonald’s to eat. They swaggered in, gave an OMINOUS look towards the White Teenagers, to the point . . . that the White Teenagers simply shut-up, and then the Tough-Walking Black Girls made their way to the bathroom.

On the way to the Bathroom, they made Eye Contact with Anne and Myself, to which I found myself looking into the EYE OF EVIL. The BIGGER Black Girl stared at me for a moment, looking as though she was sizing me up, wondering if it was worth her while to try and take me on. But I wouldn’t Break Eye Contact. They walked on.

While they were in the bathroom, Anne said . . . “These are Bad Broads who are looking for Serious Trouble.” To which I thought to myself, I wish I had the 9-MM on me, rather than being in the Truck with Stryker.

As the Black Girls were away from the mostly White Crowd, the White kids starting speaking to one another again, but this time in a muted tone, until the Black Girls came out of the bathroom, and the White Teenagers once again went silent.

And just like before, the BEAST with the Nose Ring sized me up, giving me the kind of look that said . . . this time you got off lucky. And as the two of them left the restaurant, one of the White Teenagers ran to the door, opened it, and yelled “ALL LIVES MATTER”.

I was waiting for these EVIL GIRLS to come back, wondering what I would do if they did. But they didn’t, so all I had to do was finish my ice-cream and ponder what just happened.


I fought plenty when I was a Kid and a Younger Man. I fought on the Ice during Hockey Games. I fought several times when things got ugly while I was in this or that Bar. And I fought in no shortage of Karate Tournaments. But I’m 66-Years Old, going on 67 in February, and I don’t know if I could have defended myself against these two BRUTISH BLACK GIRLS. But I certainly wouldn’t have gone down without a fight.

So Thank God . . . I didn’t have to find out what I would have done, and how I would have fared if our exchange went beyond Aggressive Eye Contact.

But, what made the BIGGEST IMPRESSION ON ME . . . wasn’t how Tough and Evil these TWO BLACK GIRLS WERE, since I’ve seen plenty of RABID TOUGH SCUM during my life. But what made the impression on me was how two Very Big and Ominous Looking Girls, who were seemingly Unarmed, were able to COW at least a couple of dozen White Kids, just by giving them THE LOOK OF MALEVOLENCE.


Obama has said Horrible things about President-Elect Donald Trump, at home and abroad. Obama has just completed his TRUMP/AMERICA DISPARAGING TOUR, which when you think about it, is very much in line with his FIRST AMERICA APOLOGY BASHING TOURS.

Obama has made it CLEAR to the LEFTIST Rioters . . . in his own words – “THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO STOP”. Crooked Hillary and her Followers are SILENT over the RIOTS and so-called Protests. So . . . imagine what the situation would have been like had Crooked Hillary won the election?


I am positive that Obama will TURN-IT-ON FULL TILT, doing whatever Obama can do to create CHAOS at home and abroad . . . HE WILL DO IT ALL.

And anything you hear coming from him, how he wants to make the Transition Process the BEST EVER, is nothing but a LIE, because Obama’s Legacy is simple. HE IS THE MOST FAILED PRESIDENT EVER.

Obama FAILED America. And he FAILED to Destroy America.

If Obama’s Strategy was to destroy the American Dream, and FORCE the USA into his concept of a LEFTIST One World Government, it is as DEAD as the Failed Dream of Communism.

BUT ALL OF THAT SAID . . . Obama and the LEFT won’t stop until Trump and his Newly Forming Government puts its Foot Down, and makes it stop. And if that means VIOLENCE in the Streets to PROTECT THE RIGHTS of average Americans . . . SO-BE-IT!

THE LEFT HAVE SO SCREWED-UP . . . the American Dream and American Values, that it’s going to take far more than a simple Electoral Victory, and a change of government to bring America back to where it used to be. And if Heads need to be Knocked-Around to do it . . . LET IT BE DONE!


We, who are good people, who have all followed the Egregious War on the Police with Absolute Sadness and Disdain, who are people with common decency and a conscience, understand that Black Lives Matter is nothing other than very PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE RACISM against White People also have to understand that we are engaged in a Social War.

WE . . . WHO WORK HARD FOR OUR MONEY . . . who raise good Families with Strong Values, understand that life isn’t a FREE-RIDE. And we understand Compassion for those who genuinely cannot compete for legitimate reasons, must not take our Hard Earned Rights Frivolously anywhere.

AND WE CANNOT BE STUPID . . . when it comes to the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, which includes the Politicians, Bureaucrats and Educators . . . who are far more our ENEMIES, than they are our ALLIES.

WE KNOW ALL OF THIS . . . But when confronted by PURE EVIL in a McDonald’s Restaurant – as Anne, I, and a Few Dozen White Teenagers were this past Sunday, while doing nothing to provoke anyone, and being guilty of nothing else but having a good time:

It Drives The Horrors That Await Us . . . ‘Cause It Makes The Coming Threat Real.

JUST LIKE OBAMA & THE BASTARDS AREN’T GOING AWAY SOON . . . It’s only going to get worse, and we better be ready for it, because it might be over fast – or it might never be over until the Worse Happens, because what the LEFT CANNOT DO PEACEFULLY . . . THEY’LL TRY TO DO OTHERWISE.

PS – I understand why the White Teenagers were Frightened, because Anne and I were Frightened too. This isn’t the kind of society any of us are used to.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There is a reason history repeats itself… we never heed the warnings. That coupled with the fact that here in this country the takers have now outnumbered the makers, even in DC!!! Just as in the Superbowl last night, common sense will not prevail.

  2. Howard, you should consult with Texas authorities as to whether you could apply for a concealed weapons license as a temporary resident. One of the reasons those girls (?) didn’t mess with you is because you did not show fear and because of that, THEY feared you just may have been packing. Hence they did not start with you. That is the very essence of the 2nd Amendment in action. I highly recommend you finding out if you can get a TX CC permit and carry the 9 of yours.

  3. Howard, Thanks for saying what so many of us in America feel since the election of Trump. I just posted on my Facebook after reading the latest from our soon to be ex Dictator-In-Thief the statements he is making while overseas of course as always funded by our tax dollars and yes he is dropping hint after hint that he has no intentions of going quietly into the

    His kind never do!
    I see us patriotic Americans being put to the utmost test this next four years by the extreme left me

  4. Oh, just remember Howard, when you’re in it up to your eyeballs a throat punch works wonders! 🙂

  5. obummer’s statements about making this a smooth transition is as accurate as his intent to make his administration the most transparent ever. The man has been a disaster for America, Israel and the rest of the civilized world; exactly as he schemed. And he will be relentless in these pursuits of villainous and treacherous goals as time goes on.

  6. They don’t care what havoc they wreck because they believe no one is going to stop them.
    They don’t believe for a second that the new DOJ and the new administration will actually go after them.
    Their protection will be gone and the sh_t will hit the fan.

  7. The facts are we are in the mist of a civil war and the sooner the people realize it the sooner we can stop it. You can not blame all blacks there are too many good ones who detest black lives matter.Obama is a evil low life muslim and his actions speak more then his words. All the problems we have now have been caused by him.Trump will have his work
    cut out for him to correct the harm the democrats have caused the last 8 years.

  8. Billy Cunningham said on his radio show that BHO will walk the streets to garner $1Billion to bring chaos to our streets….soon. I guess Soros is not enough. This is war and has been for decades, but now it has been ratcheted up to pure evil. People had better believe it!!! Howard….please carry…always. Sure as hell the one time you might need it, you might not have it…even for five minutes. Some little beauties in .380 are available. A LEO friend keeps me aware.

  9. This blog hits home with me. I have been in places where there have been thugs and it’s almost like the world simply stops. It’s very uncomfortable as you try not to look at them & act calm. I agree that none of this is over. We will need to pull up our boot straps & stand firm. Plus, we need to make sure as voters that we help Trump to drain the swamp, that means voting many out of office. However, we must have good choices to vote out of office.

  10. Perry is right. My Florida CCF permit allows me to carry in 34 states–and the whole USA if President Trump gets nationwide reciprocity–which would certainly cheese off the gun-grabbers. Even in states that don’t reciprocate my carry permit, I still have it–just a little better concealed–and being a middle-aged white woman means I don’t fit anyone’s behavioral profile. Check TX law, they have open carry there, you may be able to just strap it on your hip–like I do when I’m in Louisiana.

  11. We must remember that TRUMP said that he would bring back the RULE OF LAW, which has been NON-EXISTENT during Barack Hussein Obama’s REIGN! Hence, the TROUBLE-MAKERS dare to either ATTACK and/or SCARE people because they KNOW they CAN GET AWAY with it. They also feel very POWERFUL when they are in PAID GROUPS [SOROS]. This DIVISIVENESS & BELIEFS are certainly NOT the way to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! The RULE OF LAW will soon be RE-ESTABLISHED by TRUMP and these groups will be CONFINED. AMEN!

  12. Yes Jim, I can just see the headlines now..”Unprovoked White Karate Expert Beats Up Black Teenage Girl in Houston McDonalds”. “We was just lookin’ to get a snack.” her distraught girlfriend told police.


  14. Terry Newman: While open carry seems to be an asset to convenience it all so makes you the first target if you are in a situation that involves the use of your weapon. I prefer concealed with a small weapon and a head shot.

  15. Howard, I have experienced the same thing many times. What date in February is your birth day, mine is the 17th and I hope to be 83. If you went to Houston by way of 290 East, you pasted by my farm which is off State Hiway 95 S a half mile from 290 to Gruetzner Lane, turn left on Gruetzner, 1 tenth of a mile to Matheson Ln. We have 35 acres and 3 homes.

  16. This comment section is damn right scary to me. How did the US society get to the point that they think they have to be armed to be safe. That is sad. It is almost as if they can’t trust their neighbours. Carrying an open fire arm must be the way to tell the other person that your 44 magnum is bigger than their 357. “Might is Right” —wrong. Don’t get me wrong here, I am all for gun rights, just not as blatant.

  17. I have always said if Hillary wins we will have a revolution. If Trump wins we will have riots. Entitlements and Freebies will get cut back and the “won’t work and can’t work” crowd will start to riot, steal, kill and destroy. So LOCK AND LOAD. I am a grandmother, but I have my concealed license. We all are gong to need one with training to be fast and not timid.

  18. Close encounter? Yes, the racial situation had gotten far worse in the eight years of Obama. From what we are seeing now is the advice and direction he is trying to give the Donald? He lost, Trump won, shut your mouth and disappear. Of course that will not happen not with his mouth that never shuts. He goes on about his Legacy? What a joke.

  19. Obama going quietly? –will say again, watch out for stirring the pot to justify martial law. He would remain in office w/Trump on sidelines. What do you think all the military exercises on US soil have been about? Some protesters are actually calling for him to do just that. They have no clue what that will mean for them–they’re useful idiots to stir the pot, without a clue. Holidays are a great time to clandestinely put pieces into place, no one watching/listening. Watch/listen/be prepared.

  20. And now the low lifes are pulling up along side of police cars and shooting the police. Wait until whites pull up along side blacks and shoot them, then what? Every reaction is caused by an action. Pack either concealed or openly, stay vigilant its coming and Obama will be happy. He may declare martial law yet which will sideline Trump. When it hits the fan its every man for himself. Keep your powder dry!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The current situation is sad to me. Obama has done tremendous damage to the relationship between the races. In the “south” (smaller towns), blacks have always been part of our daily lives and we can become interdependent. The trouble makers are trying to destroy that.

  22. Howard, You are mistaken when you say “o” is a failed President. He is not!!! He is, by far, the most successful President the USA has ever had . . . as long as you modify your thinking and think from an Islamic standpoint. From that prospective he is almost as effective as Mohammad! The wounds of his “Divide and Conquer” strategy be felt for decades. To quote Karl Marx: “The first battlefield is the rewriting of history.” And, o has done a great job of doing just that! Lee Norman, GA.

  23. Howard: Interesting experience you have shared with us-couldn’t agree with you more…as usual! Also, interesting to me that a good friend and I experienced a similar ‘exchange’ here in a MacDonald’s in Orillia the other day when an obvious male Muslim the same size walked in with his wife in full dress, 5 children-‘scowled’ his way all through the place, into the washroom and out to sit down and wait to be served by his wife all the time ‘scowling’-very defiant never smiling-assimilation?????

  24. John Morgan, you are correct. I’m old enough (80) to remember the improving interrelationships between many Blacks and Whites into the mid-1960s. This situation began to erode with the passage of LBJ’s “Great (sic) Society” legislation of 1965, which enticed Blacks into wholesale welfare subsistence and dissolution of the previously strong Black families.

    My father delivered laundry in New York City’s Black section, “Harlem” for 33 years. He had very high praise for the residents there.

  25. Scary stuff, reminds me of having a splitting headache 2 years ago and looking for aspirin outside the hotel in downtown Philly at 2am and getting lost and trying to avoid “knockout” gangs of 2 and 3 roaming the streets. I was so scared I was frantically changing sides of the street knowing if they caught my little, 70 year old butt I was dead meat.

  26. Whew, this was a heavy one to read sir, I cannot believe that our country would go to the point of having a civil war again over Hillary Clinton not making President. I am so happy the young (ladies) did not cause any problems in the McDonald with all of you in there. One of my friends on line said today, if Obama is going to pardon so many before he leaves & Hillary was standing there does that mean she really is guilty? I am going to be 76 yrs old this year have never seen anything like this.

  27. at 6;00 pm in Ottawa Ontario Canada on the night of the election, I was buying some beer in the local beer store, told the clerk that I was buying it to celebrate “The Donald’s” victory, the man beside me said don’t say that so loud, I looked at him and said why, he agreed with me but was/is intimated by our oppressive leftists, the man serving us was up front and said he was looking forward to the victory, I am 70, the other person was around 50 and the man working the store was about 30.

  28. Howard……. I too am so sick of the democratic party, the party of hate & evil. I can’t take hearing racist and bigot one more time or all the other names they are saying “we” are which I don’t even know what half of them mean. It is actually getting depressing. The theater performers were horribly wrong and the press is worse. They won’t cut him a break. Praying for Donald Trump and all of America for peace and safety!

  29. First off, if you had a legal right to CC why wasn’t it on your hip in the McDonalds? This is 2016 America, man!
    Second, I know that ‘look’ you’re talking about and that is the future, the near future. Carry it…it’s a duty! Just ask Sheriff David Clarke.
    And thirdly, never, ever show fear to those human predators…and it sure helps to not show fear when you’re outnumbered and you got back-up.
    God help America…

  30. I want to add to what PAULINE said. Donald Trump will not be afraid to take on Obama after he is president. I believe that he will be up to the task. The 2 men made “nice” last week in the oval office, but Obama goes to Europe & South America and changes his “tune.” Obama will be like the dog that growls, but is strongly chained to a post. The democrats are way in the minority and all they can do is growl and try to scare us.

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