Trump Doesn’t Need The Political Class To Drain The Swamp


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In No Particular Order . . .

Several People either Commented or wrote to me directly, telling me WHY Trump will not be Able to DRAIN THE SWAMP and FORCE Term Limits.

Let me remind these people of THREE Major Events . . . One that happened Recently, and the other two that happened on March 23, 2010 . . . and then on June 28, 2012. And the THIRD, which happened on November 8th and 9th.

The March 23, 2010 event was the passing of Obamacare, which very few people believed would have happened, since it was a Draconian piece of Legislation, which was unexplainable, and UNREAD by the ENTIRE DEMOCRAT CONGRESS, which passed it.

The other Event . . . which was on June 28, 2012, was when Chief Justice John Roberts turned the Supreme Court On-Its-Ear, to rule in favor of a piece of Legislation (Obamacare) that was a Fraud and a Con Job.

No one with a THINKING Brain and a Sense of Real Justice could have ever thought that a so-called Conservative Supreme Court Justice, appointed by a so-called Conservative President (George W Bush), would have ever supported this Socio/Political Abortion. But that’s what happened.

AND THE LAST THING . . . which happened that VERY FEW PEOPLE had expected, was the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America.


Even people who voted for Trump, and campaigned for Trump, and stuck with Trump through thick and thin, didn’t think he was really going to win for OBVIOUS REASONS . . .

1 – The RINOS HATED Trump, and openly did whatever they could to usurp his Candidacy against Crooked Hillary.

2 – The Democrats went all out to DESTROY his Name and Reputation with every Dirty Trick they could find . . . and many they were able to invent.

3 – The Democrats had far more money (about $2-Billion) to campaign with against Trump, and had an enormous staff in comparison to Trump’s seemingly Anemic Political War Machine.

4 – And the VAST MAJORITY of the Media were unabashedly AGAINST Trump, including many on FOX News (Geraldo Rivera, Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith – Etc).

So it’s easy to understand, why so many Trump Supporters, even though they really wanted him to win, truly believed that he didn’t have much of a chance.


The reason why Trump won so DECISIVELY, was because the people closest to him, specifically his wife Melania, his eldest Daughter Ivanka, his Son-In-Law Jared Kushner, his son Donald Junior and his other son Eric, KNEW THAT TRUMP WAS GOING TO WIN, and stood by him like Warrior Sentinels stand by their General during BATTLE.

And that is why President-Elect Donald Trump is going to Drain the Swamp.

Everyone . . . from Friends to Foes, within the Media, to his Supporters, told Trump what to say, what not to say, how to say it, how not to say it. And everyone seemed to know why Trump could not and would not win . . . EVERYONE BUT HIS FAMILY.


Trump will DRAIN THE SWAMP, not because the Congressional LEECHES will want to help him do it. But rather, he will WIPE these Political Bloodsuckers-out, because the PEOPLE will DEMAND no less.

And just as he WON THE IMPOSSIBLE VICTORY AGAINST ALL ODDS, with his Family and LOYAL Friends by his side, with the Help of the People, and by his undeterred determination, one way or the other, Trump will get that job done.

I can easily see Trump getting Legislation Passed through Congress, or if Congress wants to have a REAL WAR against Trump, a war they CANNOT win, through ARTICLE 5 . . . CONVENTION OF STATES, changing the Constitution to limit Congressional Terms to perhaps no more than 3 to 4 Terms for a House Member . . . and no more than 2 Terms for a Senator is more than just achievable.


IF TRUMP . . . decides to Govern by Fiat (Executive Orders) in order to get everything done, or as much done as possible – SO-BE-IT.

EVEN NOW . . . After the people have spoken, I hear Paul Ryan and Harry Reed speak about putting more SNAKES & ALLIGATORS into the Swamp by reintroducing EARMARKS.


For Donald Trump and the American People, THE IRON WILL NEVER BE HOTTER than it is now without Bombs and Bullets. And Trump knows it. And he didn’t become Fabulously Wealthy and Successful by allowing BEST OPPORTUNITIES TO SLIP BY.

AS I SEE IT . . . a huge number of people screwed-up underestimating what Trump can and will do. And anyone who questions whether or not he intends to DRAIN THE SWAMP, and question whether or not he can and will do it . . . they should just remind themselves who is the President-Elect.

Even though has a large Audience; we are going all out with our new VOLUNTEER Manager of our Twitter Account; to expand our Audience and Reach . . . to make a Self Financing Internet Medium, which we are hoping can become a serious North American Voice for FREEDOM & CONSERVATIVE VALUES.

So . . . to follow her advice – I am to always write: Follow me on Twitter @Galganov. And please, include my Editorials in your Face Book Accounts.

Welcome To My Brave New World.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This has to be your best editorial yet. However, I don’t hold out much hope of our Congress taking back it’s Constitutional power and authority and stopping Obama if he should try an Executive Order end run. With America in the state we are currently in, it looks as if history will repeat, not just rhyme.


  2. The Media War against Trump/Pence continue in my town of Dumocrats here in KS. Every “Opinion” page in opur daily paper from the middle of last fall has been against Trump. It continues through today. Drain that swamp Donald. Including any alligators or crocks. Get jobs back to the middle class. Stop illegal immigration and Sanctuary cities here in the US. Go Trump/Pence…, and take Hillary, Bill and all the other sellers of power to prison.

  3. I think the last thing Donald Trumps wants to become known as, right off the bat, is someone who doesn’t follow up on his promises. He would immediately suffer from looking like he is joining the establishment he has so actively tried to campaign against. Already, my coworkers are saying, “He won’t REALLY be able to build a wall between the US and Mexico!”. I bet he does and that sucker is 25 feet tall!

  4. Great piece & agree completely. When Trump first announced his candidacy I saw all the usual sages & buffoons on TV, including FOX, laugh at him. Some even predicted he may get a smattering of 3 to 6% of committed delegates. I was estatic over the whole prospect of a Trump Presidency, but then called a friend who’s an attorney in NYC. Will never forget what he said…”anyone foolish enough to underestimate Trump is an idiot”. Trump never goes for anything he can’t win…and win he did!

  5. I find it just amazing that most of the US media continues to go way above and beyond the reasonable to make Trump look bad.
    Unless events eventually prove otherwise, I think the election of Donald Trump is right up there on the list of the greatest “political events”, leadership-wise anyhow, that have taken place since 1900. My other three are the ascendancy of Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

  6. As I was reading, a question was forming in my mind ….. and you answered it near the end. Thanks. I will share your posts on my Facebook page. Thanks

  7. We have to make Mr. Trump doesn’t let them change his mind about term limits. I am hoping that if he is
    Successful maybe we can get it passed in Rhode Island which is just as bad. I can’t wait for him to take
    The federal money away from these sanctuary cities who don’t think they need it.

  8. It seems most people must learn the hard way, and I’m thinking Trump will give those in need a good lesson. It’s going to be fun to watch. Apparently the Marxist Democrats are in the process of continuing to show who they really are by bringing in Keith Ellison as Chairman of the DNC. Or might that just be more of their propaganda of which they have in an overabundance?

  9. Great Editorial again Howard!!! For the first time in almost 8 years & even while GW was in office, I finally feel the weight of the world is off my shoulders. Freedom will once again RING! God Bless Donald Trump & his family. God Bless America & Canada. What a beautiful world we will have again. May world peace prevail. We need to thank God for all His Blessings.

  10. Great thinking.. However, I did feel as if he could win. I gave small donations after I had voted early. N. Ga is not a good place to poll as we have almost no democrat party. I felt that Trump would win because two to three times per month I was asked how I felt about issues, and relative importance of each. Each time there was a box for me to express my thinking. In short, he was far closer to constituents than during any other election in my life. (I voted for Eisenhower in 1952.)

  11. Howard, you usually are right and on this issue I really hope you are right. If President Trump will simply mandate that the provisions of the Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Reform Act of 1986 are obeyed, i.e., employer sanctions for hiring illegals now that E-verify is up and running, the resulting lack of employment will motivate illegals to deport themselves. No president since this Act became law has enforced its provisions to any degree, leading to our current mess.. Thanks, guys.

  12. I am old, I don’t do Twitter but do Face Book. Have no idea but maybe that is another avenue you could use.

  13. Another good one, Howard. Draining of the swamp is possible & Trump will start doing it but to completely do it, it will take more than 4 years. Remember in 2 years we re-elect ALL of the House of Representatives & some of the Senators. We have to keep on our toes to make sure that the GOP is still the majority so that the draining can continue. Voters have extremely short memories & their interests tend to wander. It’s what today’s society is – shallow, insensitive & sometimes very cruel.

  14. One of the ways to drain the swamp is to start with term limits on Senate and Congress. Maybe then the politicians would start to work for the people they represent rather than them selves and or whatever lobbyist. This also applies to Canadian politics!

  15. Talking about snakes(Ryan) slippery and alligators(McConnell)sneaky.They won’t change their agenda,where else would they get a day job with their pay scale. Soro’s would be on that fast boat to China yesterday. McCain like Byrd just take up space until the trumpet blows. Term limits would solve our ails.Billie

    he needs a come to Jesus meeting. Once a democrat always a democrat

  16. Trump’s already started draining the swamp, starting with Chris Christie and anyone associated with him. Anyone that doubts Trump has not been paying attention. To quote Pierre Trudeau, as he so beautifully and succinctly put it when questioned by the disbelieving media…”Just watch me.” I for one can hardly wait. The show’s just beginning folks. Grab some popcorn and take a seat. And be sure to fasten your seatbelt!

  17. Howard, I do believe America is finally AWAKE!!!!! Thanks to the few brave and informed people like yourself spreading the word. Thanks to TRUMP for seeing the problem in this country cleary and having the guts and the desire and the where with all to make the needed correction. It will be a bumpy ride but worth the ticket! Kay Ash

  18. Gifted as a writer you are Howard – especially so using our English language, Bravo! on every point made. also a complement to the many that post comments – you have a most intelligent following Howard. Enjoy Texas and good health to you and yours.

  19. Business as usual here in SE Florida. Everyone seems quite happy with the Election results. Probably because at last it is over but more so because of the outcome. There was very little respect for Hillary and everyone was aware of what her Leadership would have done to complete Obamas destruction. Onward with the Donald.

  20. DRAINING THE SWAMP is beginning with Trump’s new Cabinet appointments! Next, should be CUTS in FEDERAL FUNDING to SANCTUARY CITIES, i.e., those cities who don’t want to get RID of their ILLEGAL CRIMINAL IMMIGRANTS! The two states who want to SECEDE should do so, as they will be doing the rest of us a FAVOR by not having to contribute to their GIMME-GIMME PEOPLE! To the COLLEGE KIDS—GROW UP, as college is NOT a Glorified Day-Care Program! Let’s “Make America Great Again”! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  21. Mr. Trump is a communicator and he will get er done! I would like to hear your comments on the college students that are causing difficuilties at this time. You are not a U.S. citizen and yet you seem to understand our people. Thank you.

  22. What shocked me after Trump win was a wealthy gentleman relating he & his family are scared to death as result of Trump’s win, saying he’s Repub & always voted that way until this year. Their fear? He mentioned the wall & overturn of Roe v Wade, that so many sweet young women would be killing themselves trying to rip fetuses from their wombs. The best curtailment of unprotected sex was fear of pregnancy. After Roe/Wade, #s of unwed pregnancies soared. No one champions the babies.

  23. Howard, how about doing your now home province (Ontario) a favour and start discussing this pathetic liberal government

  24. HG, This is what I have been waiting for: positive thinking. THANKS.
    the first debate Trump said “Build a wall” he was my chose, and stayed put. I laughed when ‘Nathan wrote ” Wall 25 feet”
    living so close to border. Growing up there was no problem, because there was no ( welfare, free medical, free housing, and free social security)

  25. It is regrettable that Paul Ryan was re-elected to Speaker. I believe he is one of the alligators that needs to be drained. He has flip-flopped so many times that I do not trust him.

  26. It is interesting to me the lengths the spoiled children leftists will go to, since they are not getting their way. The latest? Many in the electoral college who are pledged to vote for Trump are receiving death threats to vote for Hillary instead. EC voters’ names, addresses and personal details are being revealed. “Your vote or your life” seems to be the theme. This is detestable behavior, and should be condemned in the media and by the Democrats. Wanna bet if they will?

  27. People who continue to think in terms that puts Trump in a negative light aee themselves blind to would has happened. As such, they are to never be taken seriously. It bothers me that we even give these idiots lip service. They have not been able to process what has been happening. They still grasp for an explanation for their mistakes. Anyone unwilling to say “It was me that was wrong and I better rethink my presuppositions” is a fool. DEMS are not learning.
    Who is John Galt? It is Mr. Trump.

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