OK MR TRUMP . . . Drain The Swamp Or Get Lost


I don’t have to prove my Bona Fides to anyone. All you have to do is read more than a year’s Editorials, which I’ve written; to know exactly were I’ve stood on EVERY issue concerning this Presidential Election for America’s 45th President.

And once the people decided to make Trump their Nominee, I have been a DEVOUT Supporter about getting him elected, no matter what horrible things were said about him, and were thrown at him.

SO WHEN I TELL YOU . . . that I intend to hold President Elect Trump’s Feet to the Fire, not only do I mean it, I’VE EARNED THE RIGHT TO DO IT. And to me, the most Important thing President Elect Trump can do to restore the FAITH & CONFIDENCE that has been sorely lost over the generations . . . is to follow through with his PROMISE TO DRAIN THE SWAMP. To which I am quite hopeful he will do.


There was a Skit on Television when I was a Kid, it actually might have been on the Carol Burnett Show, where a woman walks into her own house, and unexpectedly finds her husband in bed with another woman.

The betrayed woman is aghast . . . and says to her Husband, while he and his Sex-Partner spring out of bed . . . “what are you doing?” Or something like that. And he doesn’t say a word in response, as he and the Sex-Partner start to dress themselves.

The wife then asks . . . “Who’s that woman?”

The husband says . . . “What woman?” As the woman is putting her clothes on, seemingly oblivious to the presence of the wife.

The wife says . . . “That woman.” As she points to the woman.

The Husband says . . . “There’s no woman.” As he just finished dressing himself.

The wife says . . . “I see that woman.” As the woman walks out of the room, leaving the set, with the husband and wife left alone together, as he is now making the bed.

And the husband says . . . “I think you’ve been working too hard. See, there’s no woman here.” And he leaves the bedroom leaving the distraught woman to herself.

The wife is dumfounded . . . And as the skit comes to an end, the last image we see, is of a befuddled woman trying to understand what just happened, and whether she could believe her own eyes.


And now that the 8-Year Nightmare is coming to a close, with an entirely different regime chomping at the bit to make things right again . . . while the LEFT, which also includes far too many RINOS who have been in it just for themselves and not the people, are doing and saying whatever they can to convince the people that under their tutelage, that what the people are seeing with their own eyes, aren’t really what the people THINK they saw and experienced.

In other words, the people are STUPID. The Politicians are Brilliant. And things are far better than what the People think they are, who are struggling to pay the rent, pay the mortgage, make the car payment, and put food on the table, while the Politicians and Bureaucrats live like Royalty.


And for REAL Equality to become a FACT, not just more Political BS, several really important things have to happen, which aren’t hard to make happen if there is enough resolve on behalf of President Elect Trump:


1 – All Members of Congress (House and Senate) must LOSE their Work BENEFITS, which all average people CAN NEVER HOPE TO ENJOY.

2 – Create TERM LIMITS for the House and Senate . . . NOW!

3 – No Tax Free Benefits included in House and Senate Salaries.

4 – No Pensions Greater than what is available in the Private Sector, and not to be paid until the same Mandated Official Age of Retirement for the Masses.

5 – Campaign Promises MUST be honored. And cannot be convenient LIES, promoted only for the purpose of getting elected – with REAL PAINFUL CONSEQUENCES for not following through.

6 – No special Healthcare for the Members of Congress.

LET CONGRESS SET THE EXAMPLE . . . and then FORCE the New Reality on all Members of the Federal Bureaucracy . . . INCLUDING the age of Retirement and the Pensions paid to the Federal Public Sector.


1 – The States will have no choice but to follow-through with the same regulations.

2 – WITH THIS EXAMPLE . . . The School Systems across America, where the CRIMINAL use of TENURE should be thrown out with other disgusting ELITE ENTITLEMENTS, will come under enormous pressure to become no different in how they earn their Salaries and Pensions, than the Men and Women in the Private Sector, who pay for their Incomes and Benefits.


So why do you ask . . . that I as a Canadian, should be so interested in President Elect Trump DRAINING THE SWAMP?

THE ANSWER IS PAINFULLY SIMPLE . . . What Works in the United States WORKS in Canada. AND WHEN – NOT IF . . . BUT WHEN the Drained Swamp turns the American Economy around, making Government ANSWERABLE to the People, opposed to the other way around . . . CANADA WILL FOLLOW SUIT.

And as a Canadian . . . I too will be a Winner because of President Elect Donald J Trump.

PS – A longtime Reader to this BLOG has volunteered to manage my Twitter Account, which has been dormant for years, since I simply do not have the time to do all that I want and need to do, and still have some time for Anne and myself. SO I’M HOPING FOR THE BEST.

ALSOTHANK YOU to the people who have sent in Financial Support to Galganov.com. My Personal Individual Thank You will be coming forthwith by Email.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hi Howard,
    This is definitely your best newsletter. I wish that the “enlightened world” would sit up and take notice. This is very, very scary. Obama hates Israel with such ferocity, that to spite Israel, and to align himself with his Muslim brothers, he could easily,negotiate Israel out of existence. G-D FORBID….

  2. I don’t know (NO one knows) if Trump can achieve all of his campaign promises – so many depend on legislative and judicial compliance. But I will tell you this – Trump is a master at making deals. I will bet my bottom dollar that he will move heaven and earth TRYING to drain the swamp! He is beholden to no one except the American public. I suspect that there will be many tough meetings with legislative leaders in the Oval Office and no-B.S. news releases to the public to move things! ONWARD!

  3. Fine ideas but I’m concerned about the quality of people in the inner sanctum once we pay little for great expectations.
    Just my thoughts.

  4. Remember, you are relying on Congress to either enact or approve the best actions and Congress remains as one of the lowest a approved professions in the US. Self interest, lack of ethics, etc. will always overshadow what is best for the public. They worked hard to get to those positions of power and influence and it will take more than a change in the Executive Branch to pry it out of their hands.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. However, i served on a committee under Reagan for two years. Trump, Pence, Ryan, McConnell, no one will get the Congress to pass cuts on their benefits. They got them and they are going to keep them. I just pray that Trump can get passed all the laws he promised,i.e., abolish the NEA and put education back in local/parents hands, close sancturay cities and universities, deport all criminal illegals, close our borders to legal crossing only, return law and order etc.

  6. This is to answer John Ross: There are plenty of high quality people out there that are not part of the inner sanctum now, so I don’t think that should be a concern. Just my thoughts.

  7. I agree with the implementation of term limits. However, there is no way in hell the majority of our Congress will not initiate an amendment to our Constitution to do so. It will take an Article V Convention (Convention of States) to do it.

    The latest status I have : Total Passed States: 8; Total House Wins: 18; Total Senate Wins: 11;

    Note; 2/3 of state legislatures needed to create the convention; ¾ of state legislatures needed to pass any amendment.

  8. Now is not the time for negativity. No one can accomplish 100% of plans that must include others agenda’s. TRUMP will work towards that 100% goal and that is all we can ask. He will have enemies trying to stop him at every turn but, as you state Howard, he knows how to negotiate and I suspect we shall hear some very interesting things in the near future. It is a new day and while I look toward the brightness of that day, everyday, we know there will be a fight. MEDIA beware!

  9. “The time has come, the Walrus said, To talk of many things…” Yep, it is time has to drain the swamp. It will take longer than a 4-year term to get this done. Why? Basically, the American voters will continue to vote the same idiots back in Congress!!! In my state alone, there are some US Reps who have been in Congress for years & will continue to be because of the idiot voters.

  10. Many of the items you list will need a constitutional amendment. The smart money has said that the congress will not pass these.BUT, more that the lobbyists, the thing that that the members fear the most is a constitutional convention. The people coming together and writing amendments that do not not go the congress but directly to the sates for ratification. 35 states have already called for this convention of the 38 needed.

  11. Just listened on Fox News on TV to Rhomb Emanuel, the Chicago Mayor, who claimed the City of Chicago will always be a “Sanctuary City”. He boldly stated those within the City limits will be…, and get this; “Safe” and “Protected”. Do these kind of leaders even talk to the folks that keep the murder rate stats? Trump can start by draining the swamp in Chi Town. Hope he keeps this promise and starts with the major Cities in the USA. Go TRUMP/PENCE and take Hillary to prison…, please!

  12. I strongly believe in term limits for Congress; in fact I have collected signatures for that cause. As it stands right now we only need one more Republican Governor to start the process. We have the majority now and we should put it to good use. We need to let our representatives to do that….and then push them until they do.

  13. As far as making Congress start to live under regular perks and benefits, Trump needs to go to the people and make sure they know who is not willing to go to the new terms so they can be replaced.

  14. Howard, while ‘Draining the Swamp’ is a noble idea, I don’t see how it can ever occur without the RNC and DNC supporting. Otherwise a strong third party would be necessary. In Pennsyltucky this year we had the choice between Toomey (a RINO) and McGinty (a dem who would need to be drained if elected). It will now be 6 more years until Toomey can be drained.

  15. Mickey D. Watson is exactly correct. Georgia voters, especially in the 4th and 5th districts, really are idiots. They keep re-electing someone who asked whether or not England would physically separate itself from Europe after the Brexit vote, and a “civil rights pioneer” who apparently will be in congress until he’s carried out feet first. Changing our representatives, nationally and locally, is impossible because of the dimwits who have been brainwashed by the democrats.

  16. When I read the above editorial i can’t help be think that this is how things have been, and will continue to be regardless of who is elected. All that has changed since the days of old is that the right to be in power is no longer a “birth” right, but an elected one.

    and the job of the Elected one is to protect the system..not change it.

    That swamp will reek just as bad 4,8, 12, 16 ….years form now.

  17. The past 8 years have not been a NIGHTMARE..they have been a VERY SAD REALITY! There are MANY CREATURES in the SWAMP, so it will NOT be an EASY task for TRUMP to get rid of them..but they WILL disappear at some point! Yes, TERM LIMITS must be set ASAP. Mr. Watson, our state [RI] is in the SAME situation as yours, plus although it’s being denied by its officials, Providence, et a,l is a SANCTUARY CITY! Enough said. It also appears that CANADA doesn’t want our LIBERAL friends…I wonder WHY? AMEN!

  18. You only have to keep your eyes on the cities that refuse to drop the sanctuary city BS. Then you can predict the outcome of the swamp drain.

  19. Drain the swamp he will but it will take some time as the swamp is very large. As for stupid I have been saying this for years didn’t always indear me to some, but, what the Hell………………..

  20. Our Legislators, on their own will NEVER vote to reduce their benefits or time in office. It will take CONVENTION OF STATES
    as mentioned by Chuck Yarling, Texas. NOT a Constitutional convention which is entirely different. Note that McConnell has said, “we already have term limits; its called a “vote”. What can Trump say to that? And the Republicans are suggesting that the ban on “earmarks” be lifted. UNBELIEVEABLE – I”m wringing my hands !!! (Wish it was someone’s neck !!!)

  21. The Indians had a saying ” white man speaks with forked tongue ” This apples to most politicians,

  22. Dear Howard: In my 88 years on this earth, I’ve yet to find a political leader who doesn’t think he’s invulnerable to any criticism that may come his way, nor has he any qualms about an infinite number of entitlements coming his way. Trump may finally be our man,….but I wouldn’t bet on Congress or the Senate. The pigs at the trough and on the public teat feel to secure to worry about even a guy like Trump.
    Greetings from Montreal. Mort Levy

  23. I think President Trump refusing his $400,000 yearly salary and only accepting ONE dollar a year is a good example to start! Even though I believe he is sincere and wants to bring every promise to fruition…we know that it is NOT going to be easy. I hope Rat Face Reid also gets out of the Senate…he has done more harm to our nation than even Obama, in preventing so many bills from even making it to the floor! Time will tell but I still TRUST Trump in having our best interests at heart.

  24. Howard, I hope you are as right predicting Trumps Win as you suggest predicting Canada will follow all his changes if they come to pass, and we all hope they do. Have you noticed how elated Wolf Blitzer is becoming now that they are trying to hinder Trump’s important choices for the White House. It’s getting cold up here, enjoy your sunshine.

  25. Howard, let us not expect that Trump will do all what he promised because it is an impossibility in a one term for sure, but I believe if he can achieve 25% of his promises, that will be great and the other will come in the second Term.
    One thing that ails the system in the States is the astronomical amounts that Jurys hand over to plaintiffs. Its just Obscene. There has to be a limit on these awards. Steve Acre, Montreal

  26. Trump will make every effort to KEEP those promises….however, he has a Senate & House and some Federal Laws that may NOT allow for his promised changes. We CAN expect this. They are already saying NO to his infra-structure as they just passed a bill for SAME…not as large, but it did pass. The Wall..that’s coming, even if it is a FENCE. Obamacare will take longer…it is so convoluted as it stands this WILL take a while. All in all, WE will hold him accountable.

  27. Given the understandable animosity of the RINO ruling class toward Mr. Trump, I think he has shown great wisdom in appointing Reince Priebus as his COS. I’m no fan of Mr. Priebus, but he is a party insider and principal GOP player and his new position should provide a peaceful bridge between our new President and his former detractors in the GOP. For Mr. Trump to have behaved as a lone wolf after his incredible victory would have rendered slim his chances to achieve all his needed reforms.

  28. President Elect Trump has to get to the swamp before he can drain it and the protestors funded by Soros are doing everything they can to prevent him from arriving at the swamp. Naturally the current POTUS is not doing a thing to enforce law and order in this country. It could get very bad before Jan 20th.

  29. Expose the ones for their greed in not wanting to do what the people elected them to do. Let them get a day job if anyone would hire them. Even the misinformed voters would wake up to all the freebies the pols have given themselves. I have no love or respect for these individuals who think they are so superior to the average American.Billie

  30. Retirement benefits to roll over into next job, esp. if term limits. If Congress fights him on term limits, yes a Constitutional Congress can do the job; and mid-term elections will be a consequence for those who balk. Like DK Lee says, Trump has to make it to the WH in Jan. My concern is those calling for electors changing their vote, or even advocating martial law so Obama stays put. These people are totally unaware of what they ask. This is epitome of relativism, the end justifying the means.

  31. I can only hope that Trump will drain this cesspool of a swamp.EVERY ELECTED Official should have to abide by and comply with ALL that is shove up our asses and down our throats of US ALL! & when leaving office with (Term Offices) they leave period.Go back to their lives without the padding’s they allow,vote themselves!I have to say I had no choice but default in voting for Trump.SO,I hope this Pres.Elect never forgets why he’s there! America is not a Company or a Business or to be run like it!

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