You Can’t Always Get What You Want . . . So Take The Next Best Thing



TRUMP’S THEME SONG . . . You Can’t Always Get What You Want . . . says it all. And anyone who wants to see a Political Miracle happen OVERNIGHT – will be sorely disappointed for various reasons.

1 – Real Change Takes Time.

2 – Some Things Just Don’t Happen The Way We Want.

3 – Democracy Means Compromise.


When the dust finally settles . . . the History Books will be very unkind to Barack Hussein Obama, not just because he was a failed President with seemingly no Presidential successes to point to.

BUT MORE SO . . . because Obama’s Presidency has severely damaged the American Economy for Generations to come. Obama’s Policies have severely weakened the Standing of America around the Globe. And his influence amongst the American Culture has been incredibly DIVISIVE, to the point of creating something we can look at, akin to being close to a RACE WAR.

THE REALITY ABOUT THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY . . . isn’t that America and the World lost the last 8-Years, because of Obama’s Presidency, but it was in all reality, that Obama’s Presidency set America and the World Back MANY GENERATIONS.

There is also a reality we sort of hear about through the Media, that much of what has happened in the Middle East, especially in Syria, was partially a result of Obama’s Foreign Policy . . . WHERE IN ALL TRUTH, Obama was ABSOLUTELY Responsible for all the MURDER, MAYHEM & DESTRUCTION throughout the Middle East.


Obama placed America and the World into the Mess we find ourselves, because he Steered America like a Drunken Sailor, believing that his Governance was more Imperial than Presidential . . . but he wasn’t alone in this disgrace.


I HAVE SEVERAL REASONS TO DISDAIN CONGRESS . . . But the Single Largest Reason is how the Republican Congress (Senate and House) ALLOWED Obama to totally ROLL OVER THE US CONSTITUTION, almost as if it was just a List of Suggestions, opposed to being the BEDROCK of America’s FREEDOMS.

IN RETROSPECT . . . I believe that Both Bush Presidencies . . . Father and Son, were failures, which led the American People in the Wrong Direction. And had it not been for 9/11, George W Bush would probably have been a One Term President much like his Father, whose only real Historic Accomplishment was Beating Up On Saddam Hussein.

But . . . if Bush 41 hadn’t encouraged Hussein to attack Kuwait through a strange set of policy words given through his US Ambassador April Glaspie, saying that the US “had no opinion” on Iraq’s future intentions with regard to Kuwait, Saddam Hussein would never have attacked Kuwait.


Even though Obama has been the WORST President in American History for the US Economy and Trade, Bush 43 was plenty CULPABLE with the way he spent money and allowed the American Banking, Investment and Housing Industries to have a Wild and Damaging FREE RIDE in America, starting with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which he was well aware of.


1 – If Trump wants to get things done, he will have no choice whatsoever, but to Mend Fences with RINOS in Congress, and outstretch a hand to the Democrats . . . WITHOUT ABANDONING HIS PROMISE TO DRAIN THE SWAMP.

2 – AS FOR OBAMACARE . . . you don’t throw the Baby-Out with the Dirty Bath Water. For example; finding a way to reduce the Costs of Healthcare, giving the people a Large if not VAST Number of Competitive Medical/Insurance Choices right across the length and breadth of America, getting Rid of the IRS Obamacare Mandates, BUT KEEPING people insured who have Pre-Existing Conditions . . . ARE ALL GOOD THINGS.

3 – Don’t expect Trump to build the WALL he Promised . . . it simply cannot be done, and could never have been done the way he laid it out, and the way the people imagined it.

But . . . he can fully enforce the integrity of the Borders, South and North with a credible assortment of Tools and Manpower, coupled to Serious Extensions and Enhancements to the Existing Barriers, which I am convinced he will do.

I’m also quite convinced Trump will empower Homeland Security, Customs and Immigration, and his Justice Department to EXPEL Bad Illegal Immigrant Seeds.

4 – I am totally convinced that Trump will even-out the Manufacturing-Playing-Field between the USA with NAFTA and Asia, and as a result, he will bring back JOBS and parked overseas American Corporate Money, with the addition of lowering TAXES for the MAKERS and PAYERS . . . Large and Small.

5 – Energy-Jobs and Investments will BOON under Trump, who I also believe will follow-through on his Promises for all Energy – including . . . Gas, Coal, Wind & Solar.

6 – And then there Trump’s Promises to SUPPORT Law Enforcement, the Military, and the VA . . . all of which I am convinced he will take care of forthwith.

7 – AND AS FOR ISRAEL AND HIS JERUSALEM PROMISE . . . It will be done. And I assume that it will be done soon.

SO . . . My advice to the Trump Supporters who want EVERYTHING, and want EVERYTHING NOW; don’t listen to the Media who will find a GAZILLION Ways to Screw Trump Over and Create Division within Conservatives. And don’t expect Trump to work Miracles in the Swamp as he works to Drain It.

THE MESS THAT AMERICA IS IN TODAY . . . didn’t just happen yesterday. This Disaster was Created and Fomented over many Generations, certainly since the time of FDR with his HARD TO THE LEFT NEW DEAL – and it won’t be solved in just One GOOD Administration. But that doesn’t mean that much of it can’t be solved pretty fast.


I am positive that Trump will name a Real Conservative to the Supreme Court to Replace Scalia. And I am also certain that Trump will repay the NRA, to which Anne and I renewed our Membership Yesterday . . . for their Unconditional Support of Trump, right from the beginning, by strengthening the SECOND AMENDMENT. But who knows what he will do with subsequent Supreme Court Appointments?


I assume Obama will Pardon Crooked Hillary and all of her INSIDERS, because Obama’s no less CROOKED than her or them, which lets Trump off the Hook, but that doesn’t mean . . . that if Obama doesn’t Pardon Crooked Hillary and her Sycophants, Trump shouldn’t go after her and them.

TO THE CONTRARY . . . Trump better go after all of them. ‘Cause if he doesn’t . . .

But . . . if Obama does what I think he will do, and Pardons all of them, Trump better go after the CRIMINAL Clinton Foundation, and the NO LESS CRIMINAL Clinton FAMILY Foundation . . . or everything Trump will do hence . . . might not be worth a Hill of Beans at the Polls in 4-Years from now.

In the meantime . . . My “JOB”, and the job of Conservative Talk Radio, and all other Conservative Media is to Keep Trump’s FEET TO THE FIRE, never letting him forget how he got to where he is, because I assure you, that his Honeymoon, if he even gets one, will not last long.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A number of rotten things resulted from the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, the creation of Czechoslovakia was just one of them; Yugoslavia another. Chamberlain, leader of the Conservative Party and PM knew full well by 1938 that war in Europe was likely or even inevitable. Appeasement of the Pacifists had left Britain and France unprepared albeit rearmament had begun. Chamberlain’s shaky gov’t was saying “There, there. Nice doggie.” while looking for a bigger stick.

  2. Great commentary, Howard. I knew this election would be extremely important and also knew the NRA would assist in any way possible. They had a great deal on the lifetime membership at $500 which I gladly signed up for a few months ago. I know the press will do their worst to minimize or hide any Trump successes and amplify any perceived shortcomings. Hopefully, people will see the press for who they are now and seek news elsewhere.

  3. With Obamacare, you have to have either mandatory insurance OR coverage for pre-existing conditions. You cannot have both because it’s would be tantamount to letting people buy car insurance AFTER they’ve crashed the car. It cannot be done. This is why every state has MANDATORY auto insurance requirements–so if you don’t want to be FORCED to buy insurance, you cannot FORCE companies to cover pre-existing conditions–which they always did–just at a higher rate.

  4. I concur 100%. I voted for Jimmy Carter and later felt the guilt of that vote when it appeared we had placed a well intentioned but inept person in as POTUS. Then as we searched to weigh his accomplishments upon his departure, there was a hollow sense. For years I believed Jimmy Carter’s accomplishments were post-term with Habitat for Humanity etc.Unfortunately, Barrack Obama will leave office with his only signature achievement, Obamacare, being overturned by the new Republican administration.

  5. We want to trust him and believe we can, at least that’s how we’ll start. Only time will tell, but we love what he has said. Just a few days ago there was an article from the Tea Party outlining his policies on the 2nd Amendment. They are DYNAMITE!! (sorry 🙂 ) …extremely practical. And everything else we are hearing as he proceeds forward is strikingly conservative. You have hit the nail on the head again, Howard….as usual.

  6. Some of Trump’s supporters are upset because he said that he was going to keep parts of Obamacare. The portions that he wants to keep are good, solid reforms. Pre-existing conditions is vital in my book. There are individuals that have some chronic diseases who still need health insurance. In giving them options for their healthcare is very humane. I am still not sure about adult children living with parents. College students or disabled yes, but an adult child that doesn’t work, hmmm no.

  7. First…. we have NO standing in the global community no better than one of a dozen third world countries. Second……
    IF our side had lost we would not be in the streets burning cars breaking windows etc. We would just complain and hope for better days.

  8. Howard, Folks have it wrong. The economic meltdown of 2008 was not the fault of Bush (he was rebuffed by Congress when The head of OFHEO, Armando Falcon asked for more stringent rules over freddie and fannie). It lies with the Congress thru the Community Reinvestment Act plus amendments, The CFTC Modernization Act of 2000 (which did away with the oversite of derivatives and was supported by Summers, Greenspan and Rubin), and a Policy paper from the Boston Fed “Closing The Gap”


    Oh, man! You can say THAT again!

    Carter, Bill Clinton and Barry Obama. The last 3 Democrat presidents have been a worsening decline in how they reflect on the Office and the damage they inflicted on the country.

    Carter = a joke
    Slick Willy Cinton = a really bad joke in poor taste
    Obama = an absolute friggin’ nightmare!

  10. Additionally, the younger generation doesn’t remember what consumers had say, back in the 80’s — they think that Walmart is as good as it gets! They don’t know what it’s like to live a better life! I look forward to new opportunities so we can return to a better lifestyle, but so that the young people can enjoy a good lifestyle and then identify it with capitalism and hang on to it!

  11. As far as Crooked Bill & Hillary are concern, Trump should wait UNTIL he is sworn in, then appoint a special-independent-prosecuter to go after them. Then Obama in no-way in the universe can pardon them. The prosecuter should go after Obama, Holden, Rahm Emaneul, and charge them all for “treason”! And like you said healing will take a long time. Not overnight and not totally cured in the first term of his presidency.

  12. Thriving largely due to its abundance of natural resources and proximity to The U.S.A., many, if not most, Canadians have become complacent, and apathetic, as voter turnouts have shown recently. And our “Donald Trump” won’t come for at least 3 more years!

  13. I sent out a forwarded email to both Canadian and U.S. friends, and just wrote a blip about doing the dance of joy that Trump got in. I received a reply from one Canadian friend(in her 70’s) who winters in Arizona. She basically called Trump down and asked that I not send her anything else about Trump.I said that I agreed Hillary would have made a much better President with her lies, Benghazi, money laundering, taking money from Countries that stone women who are raped etc. Gob bless this blog.

  14. As one who has purchased US health insurance in the past,I can say that Trump is no dummy. As a large scale employer, he knows that group plans are generally accepting of pre-condition members. If you ever worked for a firm that was large enough to have benefits, you will know this. By dropping state regulations on insurers, the member pool becomes very large and firms can compete very favorably. Young people have few high cost health problems and for a miniscule fee their parents can pay.

  15. Was it not Billy BJ Clinton who eased the regulations so every American can own a home that created the 2008 meltdown. Bush 43 took the hit for it, wrongfully. The leftist morons creating all of the damage should be held to account for their spoiled brat behavior. Send in the army if necessary. Investigate the financing for the demonstrations. Soros? Sanders? Good luck to the Donald and again congratulations Americans

  16. Very positive Editorial! Obama can leave office with his PEN & PHONE..can’t wait for this to happen! He has NO LEGACY! The OBAMAS & CLINTONS are not necessarily the best of friends, so should one wonder whether he WILL pardon CROOKED HILLARY & her CO-HORTS? It will be very interesting to watch the OUTCOME of this DISASTER! So far so good re: TRUMP’S most recent activities…he’s doing well! Maybe Trump can hire JOE the PLUMBER to help him DRAIN the ESTABLISHMENT SWAMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  17. Soon, I will be as proud of my president as I am and have been of my NRA.

    Ralph Glorioso
    Patron Life Member
    National Rifle Association
    Member since 1954.

  18. HG, excellent editorial! As many did, I predicted in my comment of 11/7/2016 9:24:19. “TRUMP WILL WIN TOMORROW!” Today, I waited until I watched Fareed on CNN, Kurtz on FNC, a few reports on CNBC as well as 60 minutes, to reply here. I was reminded of a saying by Ayn Rand, which applies to the Dems: “We can ignore reality, but we can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” Posted On: 11/7/2016 9:24:19

  19. Yes, the Donald sure has his work cut out for him. I hope he sees his way to pardoning Jonathan Pollard!

  20. Howard he’s gonna hit the ground running. This is a man that is used to getting things done. The morbid pace in Washington will frustrate him to no end. This will be fun to watch unfold. The irresistible force meeting an immovable object.

  21. And now the repercussions begin- NYTimes is hurting big time. The publisher has sent a letter to subscribers indicating the ‘Times” will, from now on, offer ‘honest’ reporting, non-bias etc. So many have cancelled their subscriptions and the Times has received thousands of emails decrying their reporting. Hooray! As more of ‘us’ speak up and ACT up- changes will be made or else. The ‘deplorables’ have a BIG voice and WALLET!

  22. It is vital that a CLINTON never, ever, in the perpetuity of eternal time,
    Does not serve in, on, or around public office. It is my assumption that there will be an all out investigative assault on the Hallowed CLINTON Foundation and its various offspring. I will assume again that during these aggressive accounting exercises that charges will be filled, hopefully against the entire
    Tribe. If Chelsea benefits from a PLEA agreement with Mom and/or dad remember she must never run for office!

  23. Good article and KEEPING s feet to the fire was the most important, I am depending on you.

  24. Howard. Your comments are a little too negative. Lets give Trump some time. Sure, he has to interact with congress and will not get everything. A group of people have more wisdom than a single man. We do not have a king! I am anticipating a 2nd Ronald Reagan type of a presidency for Trump plus BOTH houses of congress, which Reagan did not have.

  25. God bless Trump and USA. To assure Americans of his sincerity to bring bring back manufacturing and jobs he could start by making a highly visible moves of his own ventures. Bring back and make in the US all those things he has been getting offshore. It might cost a bit more financially but would reap big returns in public support. Best wishes President Trump to do most of those things you promised, then come to Canada, we desperately need someone like you.

  26. What we the people should want and demand is to be a truly free people as endowed by our creator. Are we free when the government micromanages our lives to the point of mandating what light bulb or faucet I use in our homes? End the “Nanny State”. Imagine if you insured your completely totaled $45k Chevy Surburban with collision coverage; What would the insurance company charge – knowing you already have a $45k claim? Why should I pay for your damaged Surburban ? Do you want to pay for mine ?

  27. Conservatives are smart enough to understand that 12 years of liberalism cannot change overnight and compromise is necessary; however, when Trump says “the Clintons are good people”, I draw the line!

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