They Should Just SHUT-UP



Before I write about where we are now, since the 8th, let me just say that the Veteran’s Day TRIBUTE at Lake Travis High School can only be described as INCREDIBLE, from the beautiful young people (boys and girls) in the choir, to the other young people in the School Band, to the Adult Men and Women who organized the event and spoke.

Anne and I were thrilled to have been there.


I watched the truly DEPLORABLE Geraldo Rivera on FOX & Friends on Friday Morning (November 11, 2016), as he BEMOANED the Election Win for Donald Trump.


He says that he’s a Republican, but also says that he VOTED for Obama TWICE, and in this election he unabashedly supported Crooked Hillary, and did all that he could to hide his true negative feelings for a Trump Victory.


Rivera was beside himself and was INDIGNANT that apparently 75% of all White Evangelical Christians Voted for Trump. Where was his INDIGNATION when about 98% of all Blacks voted for Obama TWICE? And where was his INDIGNATION when almost 80% of Jews Voted for Obama TWICE? And where was his INDIGNATION when Crooked Hillary made no secret about SPECIFICALLY targeting Latinos, Blacks and Women to garner their votes with nothing but BS?


What got me into the Political Fight of my LIFE, which I had NEVER planned for, which led Anne and Myself to enormous Personal Financial LOSSES, Personal Insults, and Physical Threats against Anne, our Horses, our Property and Myself, making it necessary to live with armed security at our own expense, was when on the Night Quebec CONCEDED the LOSS BY LESS THAN 1% on the October 30, 1995 Referendum TO SEPARATE QUEBEC FROM CANADA . . . was when the Premier (akin to being a US Governor) of Quebec, Jacques Parizeau, stood before the Cameras in front of a huge live crowd – WHERE HE DECLARED THE FOLLOWING . . .

“We are Beaten, it is True . . . But by what Basically? By Money and Ethnic Votes.”

But Parizeau Went On Further In His Execrable Screed . . . to further define WHAT HE KNEW . . . who it was that beat his DREAM to take Ethnocentric and Racist Quebec out of Canada. Parizeau DEFINED the People who voted AGAINST his Referendum by Location and Numbers, who according to him, STOLE Quebec from his Racist and Xenophobic Dream by saying . . .

“It’s not Normal that just one Community would vote 92% against French Quebec”.

Which . . . when combined with his ETHNIC & MONEY SLUR, pointed to JUST ONE COMMUNITY IN ALL OF QUEBEC . . . which is the very Jewish & Upper Income Montreal Communities of Hampstead and Cote St Luc, which are represented by well more than 95% Jewish Residents . . . virtually all of whom are MAKERS.

Anne and I hosted a Catered Referendum Party at our Horse Farm Home, where we expected to celebrate a HUGE WIN FOR CANADA, where many of our closest Friends who are Black, White, Jewish, Christian, Blue Collar, Corporate Executive, French and English, who sat AGHAST as the Referendum Numbers Rolled In, with the Separatists ahead by a few points, then the Federalists ahead by a few points . . . changing all night long.

And even though we paid a lot of money for the catered food, which was delicious, hardly anyone ate more than just a morsel, as we watched in utter dismay, as the Vote went back and forth FOR & AGAINST CANADA.

BUT . . . When Parizeau made his Comment about Ethnics and Money, pointing his finger directly at Jews, one of our guests, who had no real relationship with Jews until he and his wife met Anne and Myself said to me . . . “For the First Time In My Life, I know what it feels like to be a Jew”.

Another close Friend who owned a Competitive Advertising Agency to mine, whose Parents were HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS (With Numbered Tattoos), looked at me in Horror and said in Yiddish: “HE’S TALKING ABOUT US”.

Our Friends went home in utter disgust and despair, leaving all the food we purchased virtually untouched. And as Anne and I were putting the food away and cleaning-up, Anne looked at me and said: Tomorrow, we’re putting the Farm up for sale, and we’re getting out of Quebec, but in much Stronger words than those.


“TOMORROW, I’ll set up a Media Campaign. And I’ll BEAT the SHIT out of these BASTARDS”.

And that’s exactly what I did . . . in spite of everything they threw at us.



When I hear, read, and see SAFE ZONES for college kids, I’d love to smack them around the head to show them just how safe the real world is. When I see, read or hear about Black Lives Matter, I’d love nothing more than to PULL ALL THE POLICE OUT OF THEIR COMMUNITIES and let them see just how much Black Lives DON’T Matter anymore than anyone else’s Life.

When I hear, read, and see all the CRAP against Israel with BDS, and all the other ANTI-SEMITIC NONSENSE . . . I would love to send these IDIOTS to Auschwitz, to show them who and what they stand for, and how they’re on the Nazi Side of the Barbed Wire of History.


AS A CONSERVATIVE CANADIAN . . . I and just about every other Conservative Canadian were STUNNED SICK, with the Election of a Liberal Idiot Dilettante (Justin Trudeau) and his Star Struck Wife. But that’s what the people wanted. And that’s how Democracy works. There were no Street Demonstrations. The media celebrated the Liberal Victory in spite of my disgust and angst. Schools didn’t close. And exams were not cancelled. And it was what it was. Hopefully we’ll win the next time with a smarter electorate and better politicians on our side.


When Barack Hussein Obama became America’s 44th President, with no history of ever doing anything good or useful for anyone, with SEALED School Records and horrible personal affiliations . . . Conservatives NEVER took to the streets in condemnation. There were no riots, no broken windows, and no attacks on Members of the Black Community because of how they voted or for any other reason. And no one threatened to leave America.


The Lake Travis High School Performing Arts Center was nearly full, with people like Anne and Myself, who came to extend their Respect and Gratitude to America’s Veterans for their Service.

THE PROBLEM AS I SAW IT . . . was – that with the exception of the Young People in the Choir and in the School Band . . . that was basically it. And at being in our MID-SIXTIES, Anne and I were amongst the Younger Adults in the Room. And this was SAD.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Unless the American voters gain a better sense of history and patriotism, we are likely to have Hillary Clinton replacing Obama in 2016. Voter ID and a stronger presentation by the tepid GOP “leadership” (sic) will go a long way to ensuring the election of an American president who loves this country, respects its constitution and remembers the principles on which our country was founded.

  2. We are a Nation allowing free expression and peaceful protest. I believe the left and ignorant young of these streets do have a right to protest peacefully. But when those protests turn violent and move toward anarchy, that right is gone. At that time they now are thugs and should receive the full weight of the Law. I believe all of us should allow the President Elect and his team time and space without protest to tackle the issues and see how they do. Terrific blog Howard. Thank You!

  3. Soros needs to be arrested and tried for paying for a lot of these RIOTS. These are NOT demonstrations, but full riots. I believe rioting is a federal offence and subject to jail and a fine.

  4. Mr. Galganov: The election results from last Tuesday signal the start of the Second American Revolution. As for Geraldo Rivera, in the fall of 1982, he and I, among others, were on a panel hosted by Fred Friendly who was producing a series of programs on “Ethics in Journalism” (how’s that for an oxymoron?). On camera, Geraldo stated that if he had to commit a crime to get a story, he would commit the crime. That is all anyone needs to know about Geraldo. Keep up your great work.

  5. The democrats did win the popular vote by 300.000,however look at Chicago hillary had 70 % of about a million cast votes
    take away those votes and Trump wins by 1 million. The media were against the Donald intelligent people elected the next president of these United States.The protesters that have come out against Trump,some burning American flags.some waving mexican flags,injuring police and destroying property ,but have you heard the muslim obama call for peace.hell NO,he his dog dodo,

  6. Rivera wants all illegals to gain full citizenship. This is why he’s still whining.

  7. Why doesn’t the current US President (inept as he is), call out the national guard and put down these riots by the liberal twerps. Maybe then some of his ‘legacy’ will be memorable

  8. Geraldo & Juan Williams TALK a good game w/their LIBERAL views; however, they LOST & should GET OVER IT! SOROS assures that he’s NOT DIRECTLY connected to the RIOTS. Again, “there is an end to everything” and he will see it sooner or later! Trump supports the RULE OF LAW, well he can start with the LIBERAL RIOTS. Obama CANNOT be trusted & I fear his usage of MARTIAL LAW..and more! Let’s hope not. Hillary & Huma are in for a very INTERESTING future…so much for OVERCONFIDENCE & LIARS! AMEN!

  9. Great Editiorial Howard!!! I totally agree with you and with Paul K. of Lawrence Kansas.

    These “so-called” protests are promoted & mostly bought and paid for by soros, obama, & alot of the leftists. A sad day in America when these people act out like fools & do dangerous things because they didn’t get their way. Let’s pray they come to their senses and just appreciate all the Blessings they have been given.

    God Bless Donald Trump & God Bless America & Canada.

  10. In Plano,TX Restaurant’s served veterans free meals yesterday to show their appreciation and the VFW was open to all with food and entertainment.
    Like you I enjoyed having Scout Troops and their families visit the post from one year old and up with home made cards, cookies and lots of hugs and pictures. Texas is alive and well with a deep history of service and commitment. My Grandad would have said they ain’t got a lot of back up inum. If nothing else I expect Trump to restore sanity in WH.

  11. Thank God, Trump won the election. It would have been too much if that crooked Hillary got into office. Obama was enough of a disaster for the past two terms. Now let’s have two term limits for all members of the House and Senate. These people do not represent the “people”, they are just interested in building their own nest egg.
    I say two term limits and no perks.

  12. Great article. What a bunch of little whiners in this country. Safe zones, skipped classes, no tests, GEE WIZZ! Then lets go out and tear up the town and shut down the streets. Don’t know how they will ever handle the real world. It’s called an election. There are winners and losers. That’s life. Time to pull yourself up by your boot straps and get on with life. God help us all if this is the generation that will be in charge next. Let’s get going with MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Yeah Trump!!

  13. Right on, Howard! I live in a suburb of Portland, OR, and was downtown last night for an event. Had to steer clear of the ‘snowflakes’ marching through downtown; most of them didn’t look old enough to vote, but they sure were loud and angry about Trump, and a multitude of social issues, all wrapped up into one protest. Interesting how the Left turns to hate and violence when things don’t go their way; the conservatives did not resort to violence when Obama won two times, much to our dismay.

  14. The Saul Alinsky doctrine seems to be INFLAMING the COLLEGE KIDS. This is Obama’s doctrine also. Divide, Conquer. These youngsters need to realize that an OVERTHROW of government means Civil War. Is this really what they want? Unfortunately, I don’t think there is ONE who actually understood the voting process. I stand along side of Trump and this GREAT COUNTRY. MYPOV PS: The colleges need to stand by their policies. Not make NEW ONES.

  15. Good article Howard.
    I don’t remember the conservatives going out into the streets and rioting causing hate and discontent when OBOZO was elected two times.

  16. One look at the cretians rioting says it all. Bums and
    rabble rousers. Wonder how many on the dole?
    “anti” anything means destroying property?

  17. Personally, I think it would be height of stupidity for liberal rioters to attempt a lethal confrontation with conservatives, most of whom believe strongly in the Second Amendment, and who are probably well armed. If push comes to shove, the liberals will lose miserably – overwhelming lethal force in self defense could and would be applied justifiably. A freely armed citizenry is the ultimate guarantee of triumph over despotism and anarchy. God bless the U.S. Founders for that enshrined right.

  18. I strongly believe that one of the priorities for President Trump is to investigate George Soros and the charge should be sedition. He is the reason that these riots are happening and I am sure he has been behind almost every one of them over the last 8 years! Colin VIctoria

  19. I am sick of the idiots revolting over a democratic vote. The people have spoken!!! Suck it up and stop behaving like spoiled brats throwing a temper tantrum. The other option is to move, but please don’t move to Canada. Makes me so angry!!

  20. Nothing is “free”- somebody must pay for it! USA is now a nation of “two-faced liars”! Morals and ethics are declining! People have lost their “moral compass” (conscience)! We as a nation have turned away from God (Jews “turn back” to God during “High Holy Days”). Perhaps Americans took eight years of Obama to do this? Many Christians didn’t vote in 2012 between Muslim (claiming to be “Christian”) and Mormon (who some claimed wasn’t “Christian”)! “Great Miracle Happened Here”- just in time!

  21. Well put and to the point as usual Howard! If one were to look up “RINO” in the dictionary, no doubt Geraldo’s picture would be there. I sometimes wonder if Fox News keeps him and Juan Williams just for the comic relief. I’m getting cynical in my old age, but I am enjoying the Hell out of watching these liberals whining and licking their wounds! Protest all you want! Mr. Marshall in Phoenix nailed it!

  22. The Marxist in the world, including the left in North America share a common characteristic, they never give up ever. We will never ever be able to co-exist with them ever. Muslims share this characteristic as well. So what’s to be done? My opinion never goes over well and certainly is not politically correct, it boils down societal and individual self defense that will result in the last man standing.

  23. Trump isnt sworn in yet but has told us one big lie already. From repeal and replace Obama care to keeping some of it. This is repeal and replace? I dont think so. I wonder which lie will come next from him. THERE ARE NO GOOD, HONEST POLITICIANS.

  24. With the myriad of accusations against Donald Trump by the leftists of being so tightly friendly with Putin, one of the
    worst enemies of the US, the billionaire Hungarian, Soros constantly supporting socialistic sedition in the US including tons of funds for the Gay Agenda passed to O’bama by the creep. Then suddenly O’bama becomes a ruthless pusher/
    approver of laws called rights for gay marriage. Today, it has extrapolated to outrageous laws upon ourpeople (97.?%).
    Leftists complain???

  25. Most of the idiotic media are fuelling the Anti-Trump demonstrations. If they weren’t showing them on TV, etc.,
    the mostly-young, immoral and uneducated protestors, would not be “glorified” and would soon run out of steam.
    By the way, is President Obama trying to calm them?

  26. I question how many of those moronic idiots of the left, that are destroying property because of their childish behavior, have university degrees. Degrees attained from the leftist academia professors. The schools of higher learning are halls of unrest for the younger not totally formulated minds of youth. The thugs, partly supported financially by Sanders as well as Soros should be put in irons by the military en masse, pronto. Their destructive ways are wrong, period. To Canada–NO.

  27. Riviera is a fruit cake, this is one of the problems at Fox, they keep losers like this in the game.

  28. It’s time for Obama and Crooked Hillary to step forward and demand the rioters step down. Their party created these hooligans. These riots are on their heads, not Trump’s.

  29. Remember when jerry rivers made a great deal about Capone’s safe. He failed then and he failed again by backing barry and hillary. One thing for sure they never learn from their failures. They think by doing the same thing the results will be different. I am a happy camper because I am one of the 53% that cast my vote for Trump. Now he has to proof he is not
    another politian. Buon sera!


  30. If Parizeau cited 92% as the figure, he low-balled it. Pierre Drouilly, a demographer at the University of Quebec (at Montreal), claimed that it was 99% of anglophones who voted “no” in the ’95 referendum. That is something that anglophones should be PROUD of, not ashamed, if they claim to be die-hard Canadians, and should shout from the rooftops.

  31. FOX keeps Geraldo and Williams to be fair and balanced. Their air time is relatively small. I can tolerate Juan. Geraldo is annoying like a fly buzzing around your head. But he represents 2 minority groups, Jewish and Hispanic. Does CNN give air time to Christian conservatives?
    I can not wait to watch Meet The Press tomorrow to see & hear what the very bias (liberal) host has to say. What interviews will they do, and who will be on the panel? Maybe a political historian. Come on Andrea Mitchell

  32. Riots out of control, death threats on Twitter, a planned one-million women march for Jan. 20th probably to disrupt Trump’s inauguration..the Left will stop at nothing. So much fear that America will once again be GREAT. No more PC, border guards allowed to do their jobs – deporting illegals, idiots in power in Washington losing their jobs, conservative Supreme Court – nor more ‘free-bees’ for being lazy. Libs – OBAMA IS OVER – Get used to it or leave the country!!

  33. I see the horrid past all over again… Evita, Peron’s wife created a brutal mass marching, protesting, destroying horde called “los descamisados”. Those were unleashed against one and all opposed to Peron;s dictature.
    Remember the brown shirts also. Every monstrous regime had such monsters and Soros well knows that.
    People must organize to stop those savages before a larger tragedy will happen.
    THEY intend to kill as a character disclosed on TV…

  34. I spent 6 and a half years, 1983 to 1989, in Karachi, Pakistan as an agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration. When I see these protesters out in the street rioting, damaging property, and threatening lives because Trump won. Or when I hear folks complaining about the unfairness of the USA and the alleged racial intolerance I want to scream at them, “Go live in some third world dump for awhile, then come back home. You’ll appreciate it.”

    Harlan Bowe, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA

  35. Please remember that Trump is NOT our President yet!!! Jan. 20th is when he will be President. Obamacare has a couple of good things in it. The first one I think of is those with a pre-existing condition can finally get good insurance at a reasonable premium rate. I am tired of seeing chronically ill people being ostracized. This includes the cancer patients. Obamacare tried but failed miserably. Let’s get it right this time, a little bit at a time. Take it a little slower & get it right!!!

  36. I hoped for la belle province to separate in 1980, a great disapointment, then again in the last referendum, another disapointment, we still carry this closed bigotted province financially

  37. Their twisted, sick thinking make it easy for us to hate them and what they would do to two decent countries. Over fifty years of madness has allowed them enough acceptance to crawl out of their sewer and be fully exposed Marxists. They’ll never be gone.

  38. I wonder if the media and leftists would be as overjoyed as they are about demonstrations against Trump’s victory if people demonstrated, peacefully, in front of the five Clinton homes and their daughter’s place with signs saying “Lock Them Up”? Democracy is a two way street. You don’t always get whom you want as leader. You make your vote and hope a majority vote as you did. Regardless, you accept the decision of the majority. Unless you are today’s delicate hothouse flowers.

  39. You went to a high school event for Veterans Day – kudos! When my kids were in high school, the orchestras, jazz bands, choirs, and marching bands would perform the most impassioned performances – my kids are grown now, but you have inspired me to begin attending again. Thanks for supporting the arts. Thanks for supporting America. Enjoy your time in Texas! New Topic: Sunday on Meet the Press, I would recommend Chuck Todd enjoy a dry riesling when he eats crow.

  40. Remember Mr. Trump’s theme song, ” You don’t always get what you want”. It looks like the Trump administration is already being invaded by Washington insiders. Mr. Trump has already backed off repealing all of O’Bummer Care. The elite oligarchy is not easily defeated. Unless we the people are loud,consistent and determined to hold Mr. Trump accountable to his promises, business will continue as usual in Wash DC. Even President Regan could not dismantle the Depart. of Education. I pray I am wrong

  41. Safe Travels Howard and Anne, I would like to share my e-mail to friends on 11/11/16.
    Thanks for the love and good wishes.
    Today I rode the motorcycle in the annual Sarasota Veterans day parade. Which makes one of several Veterans day and Memorial day parades I have participated. Today was unbelieveable. The crowd was triple in number and packed along Main street for 5 blocks both sides with many pushed out into the street. The cheering, waving of flags, smiles, salutes, kids, families, old

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