God Bless Our Vets


We the People and the Politicians Fight with Words and Vote with Ballots. But it is the Bravest of the Brave . . . our VETERANS, Past, Present and Future, who Guarantee our Freedoms with BOMBS AND BULLETS . . . GOD BLESS OUR VETS!

MY CANADIAN BORN DAD . . . Born from Russian Immigrant Parents, along with three of his Brothers, Signed up as soon as they could after the September Declaration of War in 1939, to do their DUTY and Fight the Nazis with everything they could muster.

I grew-up in the 1950’s surrounded by HEROES, men and women, who also served their country in the Massive World War II Effort . . . that stopped EVIL in its TRACKS.


Canadians, Brits, Aussies, Kiwis & the USA . . . were always there in the BREACH, when no one else would be willing to Sacrifice Life, Limb, and Treasure to do what had to be done . . . And from then until now . . . NOTHING HAS CHANGED.


By Numbers and Per Capita . . . no Country on the Planet – not under attack, Matched Canada’s Contribution to the World War II War Effort.

BY VOLUNTEER . . . Canada sent HALF of all Able Bodied Men To Do Battle.

AND CANADIAN WOMEN DIDN’T SIT IT OUT EITHER . . . My MOM – left her excellent job, and uniformed-up to serve her Country on the Home Front. It was all Hands on Deck.

AND THEN THERE WAS THE USA . . . Who – once they got Rolling after Pearl Harbor . . . they went ALL-OUT at Home and Abroad, taking NOTHING OFF THE FIELD. And even before Pearl Harbor, there were no shortage of Brave Americans who signed-up with Countries already at War, much like the American FLYING TIGERS.


Anyone who Praises a Politician or Bureaucrat for his or her LIFE-LONG SACRIFICE TO SERVING THE PUBLIC, is an IDIOT, who is unworthy of the Freedoms our Brave Young, AND NOT SO YOUNG men and women who serve and served in Uniform, either at the Tip of the Spear like our Special Forces and Troops on the Front Lines, or behind the Tip of the Spear like MILLIONS of Others . . . should keep their STUPIDITY to themselves.


BUT I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU CALL IT . . . Because to me – It’s the Day all of us, whether we’re Americans, Canadians, Brits, Aussies or Kiwis . . . whether we are Jews, Christians or Non Believers – it’s the Day we should HUMBLE ourselves in our Gratitude to all the Men and Women, who not only Sacrifice SO MUCH for so LITTLE to keep us safe – But are willing to LAY IT ALL ON THE LINE . . . to Preserve our FREEDOMS.


I was SICKENED to Hear the Speeches from Tim Kaine and Crooked Hillary as part of their Concession Speeches. As they represented themselves as the Corner Stone of Freedom and Democracy in America. And how they supposedly SACRIFICED so much over their Years for the Benefit of the American People, where in Absolute Truth, they STOLE all they could get their Thieving Hands on, and LIED to the People about EVERYTHING, while they got stinking rich at the expense of the people.

WE ARE FREE TODAY, not because of the Politicians, the Bureaucrats, the Hollywooders, the Performers, the Academics, Big Business, Big Labor and Despicable Groups like Black Lives Matter and BDS . . . but rather, because of the Men and Women, who for NO FAME OR FORTUNE . . . PUT IT ALL ON THE LINE FOR US.

Today . . . as I have for several days, I am wearing a Worn-Out Poppy held onto my Chest by a Canadian Flag-Pin, which I wore years ago to HONOR my Dad and all the Men and Women who wore the Uniform, especially in combat.

This POPPY is Worn-Out . . . BUT IT ISN’T TIRED, and will be worn by me for as long as I’m able.

AND TO ALL MY FRIENDS . . . Close Friends and New Friends, some of whom served in the Navy Above and Below the Seas . . . To my Friends who were Soldiers, Special Forces, Pilots, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines. All of whom served and/or fought in WWII who are still alive to speak about it. To my Friends who served in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and at all the Theaters of War where Men and Women of Courage were called.

AND I ALSO WANT TO INCLUDE . . . the Brave Men and Women of the Israeli Defense Forces for Creating a Safe Haven For Jews, back in our 3,000-Year Old Ancestral Land, and for being on the Front Line against the Scourge of Islamism.

And then there are the WARRIORS we never see or get to know . . . who fight in nearly Invisible Trenches, in the Shadows well behind the Lines . . . in the CIA, Mossad and other Spy Networks, where the FALLEN are simply Marked and Honored with an Unnamed Star.


And if you want to find Anne, Stryker and Myself at 11-O’Clock Today, we will be at the Lakeway Performing Arts Center in Texas on the 620. And if you want to recognize me, I will be the guy wearing the Worn-Out Poppy, who will be standing with a Tear in my Eye.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thanks, Howard. I think that the major difference between Chamberlain & Obama is that C. didn’t hate Britain as compared to O who obviously hates the U.S.A & all that the West represents.

  2. Not sure if many caught it but in clintons defeat pitch see made a veiled ref to future elections. You can bet yr bippy, chelsea bun will be in the running in future.
    Funny how quickly things are forgotten. I wear a poppy (sent to me from Canada) on my coat. You would not believe haw many times I have been asked “what’s that for”?

  3. Many, many thanks to my fellow US Coast Guard vets who have served in battle in every military conflict since 1790. Semper Paratus.

  4. I’ve been doing Poppy Day since I was 5 years old. My great-grandmother was the president of the American Legion Auxilary for years, she put me in a white dress and gloves and I had to go to poppy day with her from the time I was five till she died just after I turned 18. You should see the pix of me at 6 or so in my junior Auxilary hat in the dress and gloves, I was her mini-me!

  5. I salute my hubby for his Army Service and my uncles for their service in the Marines, Navy, US Coast Guard and Army and to ALL veterans and those NOW serving to keep ALL of us FREE. God Bless. And YES, I wear my Poppy with proud gratitude. And to those who demonstrate to destroy, demolish, kill and maim .. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THIS COUNTRY GET THE HELL OUT. MYPOV.

  6. My dad, sister, brother, brother-in-law, husband and myself all served our country. We did so willingly, not asking anything in return. Today we honor our veterans and I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of every one of them, past or present. Every time I see the Stars & Stripes flying, or hear our national anthem, I tear up. While saying “happy Veteran’s Day I will stand and salute you!

  7. As a Vietnam Vet…here is to all my fellow veterans who served as well. Happy V Day

  8. We love you Howard (and your family)! With this blog you have said it ALL. We wish the young and stupid who are “expressing” their 1st Amendment rights by trashing our cities and towns) could read it, and be told what it means. . .
    They surely were never taught (though their parents should have) in our education system in the USA. God Bless us all, and all who fought. Thank a Vet today, personally. . .

  9. While we left 22 of our B-29 Squadron’s 111 behind in Korea, they are with us hard and fast today, FOREVER! When my B-29 Pilot passed away after his last rites in 2012, his last words were “The Crew is waiting for me”!…and now, GOD willing, mine will be…”GOD BLESS THE U.S.A”! Bud Farrell

  10. God Bless the men and women who fought to keep our Country’s freedoms. In Memory of Many, In Honour of All…

  11. It is sickening the billions we give to foreign countries that hate us and use us. Also, billions are spent on food stamps, Medicaid, welfare for illegal aliens, as well as, citizens who will not work, but “to hell with our vets”. With Trump as President, thank God, this will change.

  12. My but there seems to be such a to do made over veterans today. Has the US abuse of veterans engendered a bit of guilt in the country. My hope is that the next president will fire those who so eagerly drag us into these stupid wars. Sacrificing young lives and trillions. There must be a special corner of hell for the politicians who so love war while they and theirs kick back and enjoy the Super Bowl!

  13. Afternoon on 6 June 1944, my wife’s grandfather, Frank Shaffer, was one of three from his entire company not wounded or killed after wading ashore at a place the Allies called Omaha Beach. What those men went through is incomprehensible for those of us who we’re not there. One Thanksgiving, as he was leaving our house, I shook his hand, looked him in the eye and said, “Thank you for what you did so many years ago.” He turned abruptly away as tears welled in his eyes.

  14. Thanks to all if our veterans and especially my special Marine hubby. My hope is that all 3 Clintons including evil spawn,Chelsea, get indicted and convicted since it is the Bill, Hill and Chelsea Clinton foundation.

  15. My mother was a WAC mechanic who married my father, then a pilot in the Air Force. He was injured in the war & never quite recovered, leaving him mentally unstable. No real help back then for him. I did not know him well, but am sure he served proudly. I am fortunate to have been born on this day-it is my constant reminder to be grateful, and I am.

  16. At last, after 8 years, we have a Person in the White House that will honor our Veterans and build up our Military. We should give attention to bringing back many of the Military stationed overseas in non combat areas, the true number would amaze
    many people. Assign them to Border Patrol, NORTH and South, skip the Wall.

  17. Love your “words”. thank you for remembering the Veterans. Reading your Article, had to stop use tissues often. Amen to your words and all those comments. My husband served in Korea.. I was raised old fashion, We never missed a ‘Decoration Day”, Parents cried at the services. Now I attend the Memorial Day, never leave dry eyed. Get my Poppy today. I know the sacrifice.

  18. Thanks to all my American friends south of the 49th and elsewhere for electing Donald Trump!

  19. Love your columns – especially todays…I too was nauseated listening to Kaine and Clinton….

    AND wow, all the comments today are wonderful and even caused my eyes blink and water a bit

  20. I remember the celebrations of my youth when flags hung from almost every home in our small coal mining town. School children marched in parades with the flags held proudly on their shoulders. Folks gathering in the local cemetary to offer prayers for the sacrifices of those who didn’t return. Makes me sad to see state of affairs today. Where have all the patriots gone? I pray for President Elect Trump. He is, indeed a PATRIOT, a champion for “We the people”. Our work has just begun.

  21. Thanks and well said and appreciated as always, Howard. Sure wish my buddies could have been here to witness this election. They would have been elated with the results and knowing what they did was not in vain. Thanks to everyone who voted for FREEDOM. God bless our two countries. And, yes, we still want to see prison terms for the traitors!

  22. My husband is a WW11 soldier vet…he still walks in our local Veteran’s Day parade in his uniform and dog tags. He is 92 and still has and wears , on Veterans Day, the watch he bought at the PX and it still works..yes it does. Thank you to all of our veterans…May God continue to bless this great Nation. Mary

  23. Two weeks ago I emailed the Gatineau QC Chapter of the Royal Canadian Legion to advise them of $200+ (of their $$) that they themselves have to claim from the government. No reply. On Monday I sent them a message via their Facebook page. No reply. On Wednesday I called them up and left a voice message. No return call. VERY SAD! :o(

  24. Korea was my war,my hero’s are my cousin Donald .my close’s friend, Stan, since grammar school and my next door neighbor’s son Billy all 3 killed in korea All the military killed in all wars are the heros of this country and Canada.

  25. My brother enlisted in 1944 when he turned 17. As a navy Gunners Mate in the Pacific he lost his hearing from the gunfire. His high school, a boys trade school had no senior year in 1945, they all enlisted.

  26. That’s a BIG AMEN!!! God has blessed us, the US and Canada, with selfless brave men and women to keep us free. We owe them more than just words, we owe them our very plentiful existence, we owe them the right to protest (as the ding dongs are doing across the US), we owe then the responsibility to continue their work and carry on the fight.

  27. Top of the morning to Everyone on this ”Rememberance / Veterans Day ”and let us ” ALL ” carry this hard earned , recent Victory banner ; ”Make America Great Again ” proudly and high for ” ALL ” to see ! A very deep and touching editorial Howard ; especially for those of us who remember the War & sacrifices family members made to insure ”Our Freedom ” A Good Day to all , John Kent Wyles

  28. My Dad joined the Canadian army when WW2 broke out. However, he did not serve overseas, because of his German heritage (he was 9 years old when his family moved to Canada from Romania). Dad served at the base in Lethbridge during the war. My Mom’s brother was also in the Canadian army. My son-in-law is in the Canadian military, presently posted in England. God bless all out vets!

  29. Amen! My husband was a combat veteran during WWII. He enlisted at 17 and a half, fought through France and Germany. I respect all our veterans, and now that Obama will soon be history, I hope my nation will again be able to honor our fighting men, past and present, once again. I think Trump will also see that our veterans are treated with respect. I hope so.

  30. My POPPY is one of the 888,246 poppies that graced the TOWER OF LONDON, “BLOOD SWEPT LANDS AND SEA OF RED”
    commemorating the 11th of November 1914.
    Patricia CARPIN, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

  31. Attended Veteran’s Day ceremony today (started at 10:30),hoping to meet you in person to thank you for all you have done for Americans, Veterans, and to support Donald Trump! Seems we never “connected” (even wore my Star of David). Don’t know where you stay, but must recommend a very good Mexican restaurant on Hamilton Pool Road called “Verdes”- menu is “On-line”. (Second location: Round Rock, off Hester’s Crossing.) Wonderful food and 120 brands of tequila! (My husband is CPA for Verdes.)

  32. I am humbled by the dedication of the men and women who have served or are serving in the armed forces to keep the freedoms we have. Many of those people gave their lives to keep us free. Then I look at today and I am disgusted by the vitriol from the leftist and communist morons who are out there parading against the legally elected President Elect, because they don’t like his ideology. The trash should be sent to a communist country so they can hone their skills. Yeah right.

  33. My mother is 95 yrs. old, WW2. Coast Guard, she was stationed on the Normady at the time it burned in New York harbor. Still going strong she is.

  34. Mary Bemis. I was a rad safety officer, Upshot Knothole, 1953. The best wind data available was used to prevent fall out on St George and detonations were delayed. I had no decision capacity of that type but was responsible for measurement and collection of radiation data immediately after detonations near ground zero. The safety of St. George was always in our minds. Sometimes the wind shifted and now you have inordinately high rates of cancer. I also have routine oncology appointments.

  35. Thank you Sir, for you fine blog. Like all of my immediate family on both my father and mothers side, whom all who were able bodied have served in the Armed Forces of USA. My two uncles, two cousins and myself are retired Navy vets and my bother is retired Air Force. All branches of the service is represented by my family. Those who did not serve, was because they were not found medically fit. God Bless all who have served, are serving and those whom will serve to keep all countries free.

  36. As a veteran myself, I respect that all gave some, but some gave all in the service of their country. I lost two good friends in Vietnam. Both were aviators- one Army and one Air Force. They were both TRUE heroes, putting themselves in harm’s way voluntarily and unselfishly. As George Patton put it: “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.” There is not a day that I do not think about one or both of them – and it will be so until I die.

  37. To all the veterans out there I just want to say…..’THANK-YOU’…Marlene Leavey, London, Ontario, Canada

  38. WE OWE OUR FREEDOMS NOT TO THE POLITICIANS AND BUREAUCRATS, no truer words. I agree with Peggy Bland. My two brothers were WW II vets & my husband was in Viet Nam during both Tet Offensives. All are gone now but they, like so many others, left a legacy of fighting for freedom that we will never forget. God rest the souls of soldiers lost in battle, of soldiers who lived but carry the psychological burden, and those who have died since. And God bless those in service today. I thank all of them.

  39. All of our vets that you mentioned Howard are special-precious-breed-of-people. Thank you vets and God Bless all of you.

  40. I had an alcoholic uncle, who was very crude. As a child, I tried to stay away from him. In later years I found out he fought in the Infantry in both WWII and the Korean War. God only knows what he saw.
    I wish I’d have known earlier.

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