The Fat Lady Has Sung . . . But It Ain’t Over


People are so excited with these election results . . . that this BLOG has for the first time EXCEEDED 100-Comments. Actually, we never got close to 100-Comments before, so, as you might imagine, I am both Proud and Hyped with the number and the QUALITY OF WHAT THE PEOPLE HAVE WRITTEN.

I am also extremely HUMBLED by the number of people who offered their gratitude to me for sticking with Trump all the way, once I accepted that President Elect Trump was going to be the Republican Nominee.

BUT TRUTH BE TOLD . . . everyone who reads this BLOG, and for all the people who Comment on this BLOG, and all the people across America (Canada, Israel, Etc) who Wrote, Spoke, Sent Letters to the Editors, Wore Make America Great “T” Shirts & Caps, put up Trump Lawn Signs, Hand Drew Pro-Trump Posters, Sent Pro-Trump Emails, Texts, Tweets, went to Trump Rallies, and generally Spread the Word for Trump . . . DESERVE ALL THE CREDIT.

And no matter how hard Trump, his wife, daughters and sons worked to get him elected, including Reince Priebus of the RNC, who never stopped, and the people who were closest to him on the Campaign Trail, especially when the odds were bleak, IT IS YOU THE PEOPLE . . . WHO GOT TRUMP ELECTED.


Every President says whatever he or she thinks the people want to hear to get elected, and makes every promise they think will get him or her to the Oval Office. I’m not saying that President Elect Donald J Trump will be one of those Presidents, but it is our JOB TO MAKE CERTAIN THAT HE WON’T BE.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . The forces allied AGAINST Trump being able to do just a modicum of what he promised are enormous. Obama will no longer be the President as of January 20, 2017, but he won’t be going away either. Crooked Hillary gave a warm and impassioned SWAN SONG CONCESSION SPEECH, but don’t be fooled, she’s not going anywhere soon either, since she and the Bastards who helped her and her SEXUAL ABUSING HUSBAND rip off the American People, while selling-out the Nation for Profit, have too much to worry about, to STOP protecting their own sorry collective ass.

IN SPITE OF THE GENEROUS ACCOLADES . . . coming from Paul Ryan AFTER Trump was elected – DON’T BE FOOLED, Ryan is no friend to Trump and the Deplorables who gave it their all to get him to the White House. And neither is Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.


The Banks will be against Trump, same as the Stock Market and Hedge Fund Guys. HUGE Corporations from Automobile Manufacturers to Pharmaceuticals will also do all they can to undermine Trump if he doesn’t play their game.

AND THEN THERE WILL BE THE . . . Union Bosses, not the Rank and File Workers, but the MILLIONAIRES who make their fortune off the backs of the workers they profess to defend and support. Teachers from Kindergarten to University will STIR the Anti-Trump Pot. And RACIST Groups like Black Lives Matter and BDS will take to the streets to show disdain for the American Election Process, as we’re already seeing across America.


Trump made a Plethora of Promises, which in one way or another TOUCHED the Hearts, Fears and Hopes of all the People who supported him. So as I see it, if Trump wants to REALLY CHANGE AMERICA, he has to HONOR ALL OF HIS PROMISES. And he can’t do it without the people.


1 – Repeal and Replace Obamacare.

2 – Make all Energy EQUALLY Important . . . INCLUDING CLEAN COAL.

3 – Erase MOST of Obama’s Executive Orders.

4 – Reduce Taxes and make the Tax Code Reasonable.

5 – Present a REAL Conservative Pro-Second Amendment Judge(s) to be approved by the Senate for the Supreme Court.

6 – Rebuild the American Military.

7 – Give the Veterans the Healthcare Services they REALLY Deserve.

8 – Rebuild America’s Infrastructure.

9 – Build The Wall . . . but not necessarily get Mexico to pay for it, although that would be great.

10 – DEPORT Illegal Immigrants who’ve Broken American Laws beyond being in the USA ILLEGALLY.

11 – BUILD THE US EMBASSY IN ISRAEL IN JERUSALEM. And maybe even equal to that . . . Finally show Israeli American Jews who are Born In Jerusalem, to be exactly that on American Passports, instead of just writing Israel, where the City of Birth is written.

PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP . . . made a lot of reasonable, very PRO American, very PRO Constitutional Promises, ALL OF WHICH WE HAVE TO MAKE CERTAIN HE KEEPS, even in the Tsunami coming his way from every direction imaginable.


PERSONALLY . . . I think Donald Trump WILL WANT TO KEEP ALL OF HIS PROMISES, including making Fair Trade Agreements, PUNISHING companies which take advantage of the American People through UNFAIR Trade Practices, and DRAINING THE WASHINGTON SWAMP.

But without the Continuing Support of the People . . . Trump will have a really HARD TIME doing what he said he was going to do.

AND WHETHER I’M TIRED OR NOT . . . I intend to keep writing, and keep Trump’s Feet To The Fire, and continue to expose the Crooked Media, the RINOS and the UNCONSCIONABLE LEFT.

Thank you for the GREAT Comments and Private Emails.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. incredibly informative editorial..Netanyahu’s speech in DC will blow the roof off the building..just like Palin’s in Des Moines

  2. I concur! You are right on target. I spoke with Carolyn this morning, we are praying for health, safety and determination in our newly elected President. He will be the target of so much, the protestors that came out yesterday are only the beginning – the easy one to deal with. He is attacking the base of power in the USA – if we have a chance – he must hold to his promises. May we all join in with him and do what we can to bring this enormous undertaking into a reality. Gary Burd, Amarillo TX

  3. I could not agree more..Pres. Trump WILL get an onslaught by the opposition. However, for once, he is really going to have to listen to those he chooses to serve with him. Only then will he be able to fulfill those promises. I wish him God speed.

  4. The other job each and every conservative has from now until the next election is to fight back against the social justice warriors, rent seekers and takers. We need to descend upon universities and colleges that preach this crap and demand better education free from ideology and marxist thinking. We should praise universities that refuse to bow to the safe spaces crowds and refuse financial support to the ones that provides safe spaces.

  5. After only 2 days, he is showing that he intends to keep his promises. Read “Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter”.

  6. Yeah there will be those against him but here it is Thursday and already the Stock Market us up considerably. It is up in Europe-France and Britain also. They are working on repealing Obama Care. Pakistani’s, are willing to work with Trump to combat terrorism. Putin is willing to repair relationships with U.S. Now Howard what can we do to help? I would like to suggest everyone who reads your blog would shrink it to the number of words allowed in local newspapers and write editorials.

  7. Spot on Mr. Howard Galganov……The Fat Lady has indeed sung. Be vigilant, keep Mr. Trump in our prayers, support him. Let our congressional representatives know that we support Trump and have them do the same. Stand by and support our Friend Israel, for with out them the USA will go the tube.

  8. I have one comment on all the protests, riots and law-breaking going on now from the Hillary supporters. WHERE WERE YOU PROTESTERS ON ELECTION DAY? If YOU had been as FERVENT in your beliefs then as now, you would have won. You didn’t. Trump supporters backed their beliefs with donations, volunteering, time, prayers, social media blanketing and turnout. The level of our enthusiasm was UNSTOPPABLE. You lost. Get over it. We endured Obama for 8 years, and now things will change for the better!

  9. I concur with the predictions. He will have a busy 100 days to show it is not business as usual that Hillary had planned. I am perplexed with the Wall challenge though.

  10. Howard, you’re 100% on the mark. I also hope he goes after crooked Hillary within the limits of his power.

  11. Remember this, the American companies sent the jobs to China and others for the cheap labor there, so why the zeal to bring the jobs back? Cheaper labor means not raising prices or maintaining and/or increasing profits. Is this hard to understand or am I wrong? Good luck to Donald Trump, even with republicans in control of congress most of them cant agree on what time of day it is. RYAN HAS TO GO HE IS A BIG PHONY!

  12. Thanks so much Howard for not only the support but mostly the very strong hope you gave us to negate the powerful opposition of the other side. We need more like you but unfortunately the world is taken over by the crazy left. We need to separate America from the rest of the rotten world and show them that we are an example of success for them to follow rather than their politically correct idiotic culture that is sinking them. A very special thank you to our president Trump & his family.

  13. Clean coal for sure but the forgotten energy source is nuclear. For accident free decades the US Navy has run atomic subs, really a small city or town, and huge A/C Carriers with nuclear power. Several of these in each town or slightly bigger ones spread around a city would supply our ever increasing need for electricity. Then the fossil fuel demand would be greatly reduced. It is a mystery to me why this has been a political minefield when the science is clearly safe!

  14. From my view the real question is at what point in will we, the people, finally stop tolerating the actions of the anarchists like those out in the streets last night claiming that “Trump ain’t my president” while they destroyed property and literally broke laws and committed crimes against the rest of us with their actions? Until we say NO MORE and support those who have to stop them in their tracks nothing will change in my opinion. When will we stop

  15. This is the HONEYMOON. The fracas will begin. The Trump transition team will have its hands full. The GOOD OLD BOYS will dish it out and make an attempt to destroy Trump. The GOOD OLD BOYS are going to try and hang on to all their POWER. It will be an uphill battle. Some things Trump WILL accomplish, BUT not all. WE THE PEOPLE have to make sure Trump gets what his vision for America is. MYPOV. Thanks Mr. G.

  16. The last true R in the White House was Reagan. Since then we had two D,s and two R’s. But the only difference between them all was a left tilt and a farther left tilt. But All are Goldman Sachs cronies
    For the last 28 years this ship called USS America has been listing to port. The last 8 years it’s port side has been skimming the water because it was tilted so far. Trump is going to put some starboard side weight to the USS America attempting to upright the ship.

  17. Pray for Donald Trump, that he will have the wisdom and knowledge, to fight for these changes, that are needed for our country. God heard our prayers, give him the glory!!!!

  18. For the second subscription to your blog got deleted…don’t know how…but here I am…don’t want to miss even one post from you. Thank you Howard for keeping us all on our toes..victory is sweet. Believe it or not…the left is now putting Michele Obama up for 2020..get ready. They are so hell bent on sitting the first female President..they will continue scraping from any barrel they can find. God Bless our new President & the USA. Mary

  19. I hope he surrounds himself with strong intelligent people to help him out through his next rounds of abuse!
    It might be a good idea to fumigate the White House before he moves in, I certainly would!

  20. This is why we elected an outsider, a non-politician whom we believe cannot be bought. The last 18 months have shown me that Trump has the courage and the stamina to take them on.

  21. We can all thank Trump for stopping George Soros from taking over the White House through his arm called Clinton..

  22. I can only hope that he will have someone on staff, who has his ear, that will continue to communicates with the constituents throughout the country. Most emails that I received had a list of priorities to rate plus a blank area where we/I could express our thoughts. Some asked for thoughts about how he should proceed next. Never before, have I felt involved in the direction and priorities of about 16 presidential elections. Some were tough like 2nd amendment vs national debt etc.

  23. I am so very thankful that Trump won …. and that (HOPEFULLY) Hillary will fade into the past, along with her husband Bill, never to be seen again (after all the broughaha (sp.???) fades away!) At least in the political sphere! May north America see them in politics no more! Thanks, Howard, for speaking truth once again! North America needs your thoughts, your voice, your pen ….. your computer!! I appreciate the way you “tell it like it is!” Keep up the great work!

  24. As stated once before, “There is an end to everything, no matter how long it takes”. Trump has proven his STAMINA ever since he first announced his candidacy. He will begin to slowly DRAIN THE WASHINGTON SWAMP via his Cabinet appointments, which will INCREASE his supporters’ TRUST even more. Ryan & McConnell should ‘fade away’, and the RINOS should ‘wake up’! GEORGE SOROS has already begun to DISRUPT Trump’s AGENDA. Trump will assure that the RULE of LAW & PRIDE in our COUNTRY will return. AMEN!

  25. I hope President Trump is prepared for what is ahead. I would like him to find a place for a couple of miracle works in his administration. His campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and Reince Priebus.

  26. I certainly found the U.S.election results a relief. Here in Alberta we have to wait for three years to try to correct the result of the backlash to the elected entitlement crowd.
    Looking down the road there really needs to be a change in the attitude of the 18 – 25 age group. (they need to get out and do some work for themselves) From information that I have there would have only been 5 states that would have supported Trump if it was up to that age group. Is the education system responsible..

  27. All President Trump has to do to get the wall paid for by Mexico is to slap a 25% tariff on the money the illegal aliens wire home. That money is 29% of the Mexican economy which is why they’ve been providing the expatriates with info on how to sneak into US and get on welfare, etc. If you look at Mexico’s budget and calculate what 25% of 1/3 of it is and that’s how much the tariff will bring in annually. There’s your wall money–paid for by MEXICO.

  28. The biggest threat to democracy is now the Crooked Press. I trust Donald allows this disgusting entity no quarter!

  29. Howard Sir
    I could not agree with you more on what you have written today Nov.10,2016. We the people of America voted for him now We the people get off our dead butts and help this man do as he has said he would do. Stand up America our President is going to need us to support him each and everyday whether we like it or not. Pauline Demers I agree with you very much.
    David Maxwell I also agree with you. Many prayers went to our Father in heaven he heard his people loud and clear.

  30. Howard, we need to hold EVERY Republican that got elected. Our power as citizens start at our local level and go all the way up to the White House.
    God Bless America

  31. Teri Newman is exactly right. It is so disheartening to go to the grocery store every week and see people lined up at the customer service counter to send money back to Mexico. These people won’t assimilate and won’t learn even the rudiments of English.

  32. Incredible victory for Mr. Trump. They whooped to the “pollster” factories, CNNites,
    RINOS and many other such. G.d Bless America and civilization as a whole.
    Meanwhile a heads up!
    I have long experience with well trained dictatorial regimes operatives.
    The “protests” seem well organized and may well be leading to an internal putsch.
    Martial Law called by Barrack and he remains in power “to protect”…..

  33. It will be interesting to see if the “Death Threats” posted on social feeds toward Trump will be investigated by the authorities.

  34. You have been an untiring co-combatant in our fight. I, and obviously, many others believe this. One thing many of us don’t know how to do against the new wave of hate coming Trump’s way is bolster and support him. Media contacts that matter, political organizations that matter seem impervious to the pressure of us Deplorables. Your experience in the hate wars probably have given you some wisdom in this area. Any thoughts and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  35. Trump’s promises EXCEPT for one are needed to return our country to the rule of law and personal freedom. The one that is negative is his threat to impose tariffs on trading partners and to punish US companies that move facilities offshore. Remember Smoot-Hawley that turned a recession into the Great Depression.
    Our companies go offshore because fedgov’s impossible regulations and taxes on business rendered them uncompetitive globally. No one steals our jobs. We export them!

  36. Good stuff Howard! When Obama was elected and reelected, he had made all sorts of promises which he did not keep whether intending to do so or not. The liberal sycophants gave him a complete pass on all that and then supported Hillary to continue these nefarious and incompetent practices. I doubt that conservatives with the ability to think for themselves will be so forgiving! I hope Donald is given the support needed and not hampered by these whining liberals who did not get their way.

  37. The way Donald J. Trump worked on that campaign trail … you are going to see things happen so fast in that White House and Congress … it will make our heads spin … in a good way … He is all about under budget and ahead of schedule … hiring competent people … delegating … making good decisions … The stock market here and in Europe is already going up … Putin and Netanyahu looked so happy and relieved congratulating Donald J. Trump … and as a business owner I am so excited!!!

  38. Another Trump TODo: Crack down on Sanctuary Cities; reduce or cancel Federal funding; impose Federal law

  39. Howard, you said it all right. I trust TRUMP and none other except a few with him, like Rudy NEWT, Ben,etc. We must behind him.. I tweet him daily.. GOD has given this country a 2nd chance. I claimed 11Chronicles 7:14 from day 1 when June 16,2015. There WERE enough of us that GOD did hear our cries & our repentance for this land that HE decided to put HIS hand back on America with TRUMP at the lead, like Cyrus at Babylon. We have to praise GOD victory but know the ENEMY is there to destroy.

  40. Yep….Lots to be thankful for but the pressure must be kept on. I started yesterday with an email to my Rep in the House….. Constitutional-Traditional Value-Conservative PRINCIPLES commensurate with our Founders………Tired with the BS of the past 30+ years. That is just the beginning and hopefully someone will be listening after the message that we all sent on Tuesday. Another great editorial!!!

  41. True confession. I live in socialist Canada and I supported Trump all the way. Having said that, I expected Hillary to win, I guess in part because I lost hope in the people. The US election has restored that lost hope. Congratulations to you all!

  42. I was pro-Trump from the get-go but you, Howard, deserve me & my families thanks for reminding us why we were on the Trump Train. It’s a great day for America and the people who love her. Thank you for your great writings, enjoy your stay here and God Bless!!

  43. Gloom and doomers say DJT doesn’t have a health care plan to replace Obamacare. However, there were several GOOD plans presented to Obama that he vetoed. So-no time needs to be wasted putting something together. This could help the country rather quickly. There are probably many other ‘proposals’ ready to go that Obama vetoed. Repubs should NOT waste anymore time. Get those bills to Trump – he is a mover and a shaker. He will get the best to do the best! HOORAY!!

  44. Howard, I am with Adelle Blackman from Fla. Her thoughts are the thoughts of many. many of our friends & we MUST keep praying for Mr Trump & his family’s safety. DC is so corrupt & Soros has spent so much money to get what he wants & will stop at nothing to achieve the fall of America. We are still in the fight for the survival of this great country. We must not forget that God hears us and protects us. I look forward to the day Pres-Elect Trump takes the oath, we know he will keep his promises.

  45. I don’t think Trump has to worry about HRC e-mails anymore. There is a bigger fish to fry with the ” Clinton Foundation”. This is nothing more than a than a money laundering operation

  46. Howard as usual you are spot on I’m with you on the hope that he gets it done. Saw the liberals and the trash in the streets of NYC in protest. Unhappy that their dole might be a thing of the past.

  47. Day two of make America Great Again.The main problem Trump will have is the congress both some republicans and mostly democrats especially those that have a strong hold on committees and have been too long as elected members. We need to pass a law that 2 terms and your out ,like the Presidency.

  48. Howard, I recall that originally you were not impressed with Trump like many other people. However now, he really pulled a rabbit out of a hat. Its almost like a miracle. I don’t believe any President can do all the things they want to accomplish in a 4 year span. So let us give him some slack and see how much he can do. Steve Acre, Canada

  49. Down in Florida {Snowbird}
    people are so excited
    Trump won
    Going to Make America Great

  50. Thanks be to GOD, this is truly a miracle and an answer to prayers from the whole world! Don’t forget who is really in charge and whose hand engineered Trump’s victory–He has selected His tool for our salvation!
    Now, support and defend the chosen one.

  51. I think the Oval Office will have never seen a workaholic as will be in there on January 20, 2017. I believe we and Congress will be having to keep up with President Elect Trump rather than trying to hold his feet to the fire. He already has his game plan, look at greatagain .gov for some of it. I did try to not make it a link, but that is the transition link. Work is what President Elect Trump does so our Reps and Senators better get ready to work or he may run over them.

  52. Years ago I saw a comment from an author who said “Every spring it’s like God looks on the earth and said, ‘OK, I’ll give you another chance.'” I think God looked on the USA and said, “OK, I’ll give you another chance.”

  53. I was shocked to see that Trump made it. I hope with the Help of God, also with the people of America we can help make America One Nation Under God, again.We’ve lost two generations to a dumb down PC school system, let’s get back to basics, seasoned with the technology we have today.We were once a nation who governed ourselves, who lived by & honored the Ten Commandments (most).Our culture was built on absolute truths not relative truths. We were our brother’s keeper & kept an eye on big brother

  54. A bit late in sending this but a good story. Two of us in an allotment of 206 homes have had Trump yard signs out for the past few months. When I got up Wednesday morning to get the paper, the two Trump signs in the neighborhood remained but most of the Clinton signs had already been taken down. So as not to rub it in, my sign will soon come down as well. Plans are to remove ours shortly after the first of the year. That would be 2024! Keep up the great work.

  55. Yes Howard, its now all in front of President (elect) Trump to see whether he is just a ‘blow hard’ or F.O.S. No doubt we will all see by the deeds he does!

  56. One of your readers mentioned Trump’s Contract with the American People. I read it and it is an awesome set of goals & for just the first 100 days. Also read an article by Pierce Morgan in the Daily Mail about the reaction to Trump’s win by the Clinton voters; it was also really insightful.

  57. Trump’s first 100 days are important – During this time any newly elected President will lay out his plans & goals. I want to know who he will select for his Cabinet. Who will be his Chief of Staff or Sec. of Defense or who will be in charge of the FBI? I know that the position of the Director of the FBI is 10 years, but, will Comey stay or leave as he should? I pray that Loretta E Lynch is out of the picture completely!!! I don’t want her to work in any governmental position, period!!!

  58. I am very concerned that both Hillary and BHO were much too conciliatory in their speeches. What does this mean? What do that have up-their sleeves??? Just saying….
    Bravevheart, Searcy, AR

  59. Howard, Were you surprised at the intensity of the American voting machine? Now we need to render loyalty to Trump and assist him with getting his agenda accomplished or shall I say our agenda accomplished. Lots of prayers, folks.

  60. Well stated and I thank you for your insight! Mission accomplished but the job is not done. We, the Deplorables will be watching!

  61. Trump’s 2 major problems will be McConnell and Shumer. McConnell because he’s a chicken and stupid. Shumer because he’s smart and fearless. Just yesterday McConnell hinted at not using the nuclear option to stop a filibuster. Really, really stupid. One never shows his cards until it’s time!! Shumer will have McConnell running in circles…..

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