I find it so GRATIFYING watching the Media trying to explain what happened with their BS Polls and Prognostications, that it almost brings me to tears . . . Almost, but not quite.

And I am in BLOG HEAVEN this morning . . . watching Millionaire Pollsters like Professor Larry Sabato and Professor Frank Luntz, fall flat on their Respective Face, for their gross INACCURACIES, while smugly “MISREADING” the mood of the People.


The Media Are Arrogant SCUM who Deserve the Indignation of the People.

The reason why the Pundits and the Media seem to have gotten it so wrong, isn’t that they got it wrong at all, but rather, it’s because they LIED, LIED & LIED.

And the reason why Millionaire Pollsters like Luntz . . . with his BS Dialing Machine, which I would like him to shove up his Ass . . . and Larry Sabato, who always looks so Professorial, is because they both bought the MEDIA LIES, and like all the other Elitists, were (are) so removed from the People they were analyzing, that they might as well have been discussing Martians.


But that isn’t necessarily TRUE either, since people in countries all around the world, who want to BREAK THE SHACKLES OF MEDIOCRITY, and restore themselves to the Individual Freedoms we should all strive to enjoy and REDEVELOP, or perhaps DEVELOP for the first time. . . MERITOCRACIES, where their efforts and successes will be rewarded the way they should be, there will never be a better opportunity.


AND FOR THE FIRST TIME . . . The Israelis can look to an American President, who campaigned on the PROMISE to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, where it should be, who unlike the two Bush’s and Clinton, who also made the promise, WILL ACTUALLY DO IT.

THE UNITED NATIONS, AS OF EARLY THIS MORNING . . . is now on Notice, that their Free Ride at the Expense of the American Tax Payer, is on the way to the Dustbin of History. And that BS Committees that spend all kinds of money doing nothing, is DONE, DONE, & DONE AGAIN.

AND NATO BETTER WAKE UP . . . and if they want to be under the Umbrella of the American War Machine – they better PONY-UP and pay their fair share, and not sit it out while America and a few other countries like England, Canada and Australia do the Heavy Lifting. Just as every other country, which depends on American Protection, they too should know that their FREE RIDE is over as well.


The LEFT, who was all A-TWITTER for Crooked Hillary, didn’t really understand how crucial the Control of the Supreme Court really was. They thought they did, because they thought that if Crooked Hillary actually won, she would simply install Supreme Court Judges, who would give the People MORE LEFTIST FREE STUFF, and Ridiculous concepts of Freedom, without ever understanding the actual CONSEQUENCES of their Ignorance.

BUT NOW . . . with Trump going to the White House, and the Congress staying in Control of Republicans, the Supreme Court for a generation or MORE, will DEFEND, DEFEND & DEFEND the Constitution the way it was designed, written and should ALWAYS be interpreted.


The FACT that Crooked Hillary sent John Podesta, her campaign Manager to send her supporters home last night (early morning), when it was already obvious that she lost, says everything that needs to be said about how dreadful she would have been as President and Commander-In-Chief of the Greatest Military in the World.

IN FACT . . . Crooked Hillary did to her supporters last night (early this morning), the EXACT SAME THING she did to the HEROES OF BENGHAZI . . . when the chips were down, she ABANDONED THEM and sent a surrogate to LIE ON HER BEHALF.


Unlike Conservatives whose Commanders go down together with the SINKING SHIP, making room for everyone else to get on the Life Boats, LEFTISTS throw the Women and Children OFF FIRST, to protect their Sorry Asses.

AND DON’T FORGET THE RINOS . . . They too are about to get theirs.

AND FINALLY . . . Trump and Melania, the presumptive First Lady, will move into the White House like the CLASS ACT they really are, opposed to the CLAMPETTS who will be leaving in less than 90-Days.


Life Is Once Again Good In America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There is no force on the planet that will stop Obama. It doesn’t exist.
    Therefore….many will die.

  2. Truly a win for the ages. God bless the United States of America.

    Hopefully now the country can move on from 8 years of leftist destruction, and begin the healing process.

  3. Alas, poor Hillary…. I knew her all too well.

    That’s why I voted for Trump.

  4. I trusted that the Silent Majority would come out and support Trump and they did! I believed he would win! Thank God. I appreciate everything everyone did to help — so many who don’t even know one another joined in this effort, but our Spirit is One. Godspeed to the Trump family and a wish for Godspeed to ourselves!

  5. Howard,
    Love ya man!! couldn’t have said it all any better… Thank God there is hope on the horizon. I can’t wait for all the celebs that said they would move out to get the hell out and don’t let the door hit them in the ass…

  6. Amen, Howard. I wept for joy this morning when I heard that Trump had been elected and that the America I grew up in had survived.

  7. now we have class in the white house. THE CLAMPETTS ARE ON THE WAY OUT. JUST COUNT THE SILVER WARE.

  8. “TheClampetts”! I love it, Mr. G. God bless you, God bless Donald Trump, and God bless America!

  9. Howard, as always you say it better than we ever could. I heard this morning that Trump had won and almost cried because the realization that we still have the “land of the free and home of the brave” will still exist. Under Hillary I suspect we would be no more. The people have spoken and I pray that Trump thanks us by removing the tyranny and, indeed, make America great again.
    God Bless America!

  10. Great except comparing the Obamas to the Clampetts, the Clampetts were played as well meaning rubes, not agenda driven egomaniacal anti-American zealots.

  11. Been on the Trump train from the start, this morning was quite rewarding, my big disappointment is only NH, here in New England went for Trump, BIG MISTAKE! And shame on NY and NJ, I thought Trump might take NY due to high mighty presence there, but the liberals in the big city and Long Island are overwhelming! Bye Bye, Obama, you will not be missed!

  12. Happy Happy Happy for the USA. True leadership now. Congratulations!
    Look who Trump has to deal with now, our ass of a Prime Minister. 🙁

  13. Thank you for the summary of it all. We have driven from West coast to East coast this year and can honestly say we only saw Trump signs, never saw a Hillary sign in any yard. Really made us wonder about the polls. Yes, we stayed up to watch the election results, apprehensive through it all but seeing that the signs we saw in America’s yards were telling the truth about what the people wanted and were feeling. Now, to hold Trump to all the promises he made so real change can be made.

  14. Howard, and do not forget Paul Ryan…did you see the pitiful “kiss-ass” speech this morning? Made me want to throw up. He’s gone, and is grovelling to TRY and keep his seat…too bad, Ryan. I am so grateful to YOU for your no-nonsense approach to ALL politicians, who at your hands, get what they deserve – HONESTY. Thank you again. Onward and Upward, back to our roots…thank heaven!!

  15. Thank you, Howard, for being so willing to write the truth, day after day. You gave me hope that Trump could truly beat the odds and win. We thank God, we thank you, and we thank the ‘deplorables’ of America who knew the truth about the candidates and voted to Make America Great Again.

  16. Huge sigh of relief. Now what will you have to blog about Howard? Take a much deserved rest – at least for a week or two. You, Anne, Stryker and April enjoy Texas for a bit. I’m sure there will be more to write about in two weeks.

    God bless America, and the Galganov’s too!!

  17. Like so many others in the U.S., I am celebrating today. Prayers have been answered. Unfortunately, our wonderful Governor here in North Carolina is on shaky ground, and facing a recount – unbelievable!! He has done so much for this state, and deserves to be re-elected. Prayers for him and Ann.

  18. I sent an e-mail to Prof. Larry Sabato this morning to tell him that he does not hid extreme liberalism very well.Forget the mea culpas Larry.Did you consider the large size of the crowds at Trump’s rallies vs the pathetic size at Hillary’s? She had to bring in celebs to get a crowd. The polls were distorted except for those who got it right.You know they were Larry. I had mentioned Mark Taylor’s prophecy several time at this blog.He got it right in 2011. Mr. Trump was to be the 45th president.

  19. BRAVO! BRAVO!! AND BRAVO!!! And now let’s see what is done with a real Attorney General and DOJ. Treason and tyranny must feel the sting of justice.

  20. Now we can have a DOJ and FBI Director that will send all of them to prison where they belong. By then probably Hillary and Bill will be in Qatar where they cannot be extrodited. They will leave their aides and abettors to take the heat. Either way it is “Good Riddance”!!

  21. WA-HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump won. The Silent Majority came forward like they did for Reagan! I was praying for that. There has been no comment on the Silent Majority by the press. They just can’t stand it when their projections are wrong, wrong & more wrong!!! Hildebeast won the popular vote but Trump won the Electoral College hands down. Watch – the Demo-rats will be calling for the elimination of the Electoral College. Mark my words – They will try, try & try some more.

  22. I too saw the pitiful “kiss-ass” speech Paul Ryan gave. Back a while when the media asked him if he endorsed Trump, he barely said he would vote for him and wouldn’t even say his name. Now, he said his name so many times, it was sickeningly! Thanks, my friend, for this and all your outstanding editorials.

  23. You know I am an avid follower of you Howard. Thank you for holding the Trump torch high. The euphoria from this win is almost overwhelming. Apart from all the other worthwhile comments here let me add that I am loving watching most Canadian pundits belly up to the crow eating buffet. Only Rex murphy and Conrad Black ‘got it’

  24. Great Blog this AM Howard. You called it! I still believe the Clinton’s problems are not at all over. They all will look good in “Orange Prison Jump Suits”. The Liberal Media was completely exposed last night…, finally! Lutz should be looking for a different day job. Dumbo-crats and Rinos take notice! There is a day of reckoning approaching.WAY TO GO TRUMP/PENCE!!!! Now…, take Hillary to Prison!

  25. Have the Liberal elites arranged for their departure yet? I’d suggest Trump give them a low rate on his plane to anywhere they might be welcome. A nice parting gesture don’t you think?

  26. How splendid and wonderful. Now if we could reduce the size of the bureaucracy , that would step one. next reclaim America’s good name again as dependable and trustworthy as before. The last good President the US had was also a person without a law degree. ( I don’t imply that attorneys are incompetent ) I wish Americas new President, God speed, and good health. Ray Moscato Calgary Ab, Canada

  27. Pure joy! This is the best my mood has felt for years. Pure gratitude to God for his works and workers.

  28. Dear Howard. I just love your editorial this morning!!!! Every word is just perfect and reflects the way it truly is. When I woke this morning and saw Donald Trump won the Presidency, I cried like a baby. For almost 8 years there was a pall over this country and We The People. Now the sun will shine once again and God will guide PRESIDENT TRUMP. I hope you will continue your great editorials. God Bless America, God Bless Canada.

  29. Howard after looking at how Trump thumped Hillary I believe he was the only republican candidate that could have beat her. All the rest would have brought politics as usual an never got the turn out needed to win.
    Were gonna drain the swamp. Go Trump

  30. Sending you sincerest condolences, Howard. We have so many “celebrities” who said they’d move to Canada if Trump won- your country will soon be a sewer! But you and Ann need to think seriously now about becoming American citizens- you are already a true blue American in our minds! Thank you for all your efforts to help us make this dream come true.

  31. This is the best news in years!! Howard, I take exception to one comment though. Please don’t compare Hussein and Michelle to the Clampetts, who were a genuine caring and honest family.

  32. And don’t forget, Howard, that Ruth Bader Ginsberg has gone on record as saying if Donald Trump wins, she will retire. Let’s hold her to it.

  33. Thank you Howard for your matter-of-fact, plain spoken truth and the guts to tell it like it is, no matter what. We THE PEOPLE have endured much and have been rewarded with a God given victory. Let’s not waste this opportunity to advance the causes of the Conservative men and women of this great country.

  34. Thanks for keeping our spirits up during this stressful time, Howard. God bless you, Trump and the United States of America! A win for the ages; an escape from the ruin Obama and the Clinton machine had for us.

  35. More than the presidency alone, we have the Court. Perhaps Justice Ginsberg will (finally) retire and President Trump thus can have three appointments to make to SCOTUS. Thanks to Justice Thomas for remaining on the Court long enough to allow President Trump, not the Marxist Muslim, to replace him. Now America should be guaranteed a strict constructionist court for decades. Hooray! It’s morning in America, and a good morning it is!

  36. Let’s make a trade with Canada – we’ll take you and Ann and “the kids” and Canada can have all the dimwitted so-called
    The Donald yesterday singlehandedly knocked out two political dynasties – the Bushes and the Clintons. Farewell.

  37. Please, everybody, pray that we all get to the afternoon of January 20th, Year of Our Lord 2017, as expected. Much can happen in 73 (?) days. I’m euphoric, don’t get me wrong, but always checking everybody’s six.

  38. Howard..ALL…of…Us ” Da”plorables used the “Force” and all together.. the States of West Virginia, Ohio, and Here in Pa and the other Rust belt states gave the Keys to the Tool house..To Donald…. Now Trump can actually WORK and Rebuild America…. Many Thanks to you..”Howard” and all on this blog –which “WE” all together- took out the Bush’s.. the Clinton’s..and the Obama’s. .with this one Man who is ….God’s Work in Progress…Who will truly make America Great again..Praise Jesus!

  39. How sweet to see the hildabeast finally sent packing. Better pack light though- not much room in a 6×9 cell.

  40. Thank God for TRUMP for stopping the Greed OF Clinton which would have been a sell out to George SOROS, just watch all the Loonies on MSNBC try to pick up the pieces …and the one sentence that will come from them” It’s Not Fair”!!!!

  41. My faith in the American people has been restored. As big and powerful as the Hillary machine is, “THE PEOPLE” see her as the lying, cheating —– she is. My hopes for the survival of Western civilization soar.

  42. Maureen Dowd said it best. “The Clintons remind me of the Universal horror movies where you thought the monster was dead and then the monster would show up in a bad sequel. I’m glad now they are finally gone”.

  43. HOWARD — Why don’t you set your essays, blogs, etc. in a type face and size more people can read without squinting? The 6.5 pt. Verdana is ridiculous. Should be at least 12 pt. Yesterday’s Baby Boomers are today’s Seniors with failing eyesight. RAMBOB

  44. Jubilant this morning! An extremely happy Deplorable! We the People have spoken … and silent no longer! God bless America!

  45. Over the summer, friends while travelling in the U.S., just casually asked people who they were voting for. A majority said Trump. Not scientific but not faked nor twisted either. The answers were what they were and didn’t cover the whole country. Turned out to be a whole lot more accurate than the big dollar scammer and schemer polls that try to skew the voters’ thinking.

  46. Yes Howard, and just to think about all of the Democratic Senators that are up for re-election in 2018 that are in truly RED States! They will be our next target so that we will achieve a bulletproof Senate for conservatism. Let us enjoy the moment and then wade into the next battle before us.

  47. Couldn’t wait to read your words this morning. What a great day in the USA. Guess there were a lot more of us UNINFORMED DEPLORABLES than they thought. Praise God Trump made it. Now we can get our great country back on track. Thanks for all of your efforts to keep us on track. Hope you enjoyed your cookout as all the good news came in. GOD BLESS THE USA.

  48. I wonder how much money will T R I C K L E into the Clinton Foundation NOW!?
    The MEDIA dragged their heels in acknowledging TRUMP’s victory. THEY JUST DID NOT WANT TO BELIEVE IT. It looks like Bernie supporters did vote for TRUMP. I wore my TRUMP wristbands into my polling place…nobody said a word! The line was long, parking was non existent and everyone was in a good mood and very friendly. A good sign.
    “The times, they are a changin”.

  49. I woke up this morning to one of the best surprises of my life. We won. But, the revolution has only just started. The big, powerful left Machine will not go down easy. They have worldly power and they may have something more sinister in mind. Watch out Mr. President Elect. Stay well guarded.

  50. Congratulations to my brother-in-law George Pecoraro, who is celebrating his birthday today for getting the best present: President Trump! He has believed from the first day, Trump would be our 45th president. anna guida, New Kensington

  51. For the first time in history a billionaire will move into public housing!

  52. I said EXACTLY the same thing you did, Howard. The lying media and stupid analysts are so shocked, because they are blinded by believing THEIR OWN lies. The trouble with being a liar is that one tends to believe his own lies and thus becomes self deluded. This is how the good prevails and God set it up that way. You hit the nail on the head and confirmed my own thinking about their shock. They are STILL deluded.

  53. Our prayers were answered, and our work was rewarded. Thanks for all of your work and wisdom in helping make this happen. America is all the better for your efforts!!! I honestly think that, unlike Obama, Trump will help heel our wounds and unite this country more than ever. Time will tell.

  54. Congratulations to the Donald for his victory but more importantly, congratulations to the people of the Great United States of America for their decisive repudiation of that woman. I noticed a lot of whining and snivelling last night. Also a lot of RINOs trying to get on board the train. Hopefully they don’t overload the skippers boat. I also hope, in an effort to bring both sides together that he does NOT proceed with investigating her. Auditing her, fill your boots and then if she deserves it

  55. Couldn’t be happier about the result of this election. I’ve been dancing on cloud 9 all day. As an American now living in Canada for the past 8 years, I’m so looking forward to a hearing good news from a CONSERVATIVE administration instead of the garbage that came out every day of the past 8 years. God bless president-elect Trump and vice president-elect Pence also a class act. And you Mr. Galganov for your wonderful blog.

  56. Truly PATHETIC to watch how media folk both on FOX and CNN were FALLING ALL OVER THEMSELVES trying to ‘intelligently’ rationalize Trump’s victory – reasons that had been so obvious to Americans for months but completely LOST on some of these back-pedaling, self-righteous pundits!

  57. Oh, my gosh, you just gave me another WONDERFUL editorial. Keep it up as we all have to now do our share, whatever that may be to perhaps get a little information where ever we can. My outlet is editorials, thanks to you they are more brilliant than I could ever say.
    May God be with America today and may God guide Trump and protect him….

  58. superfragalisticexpealidocious, I love it. Trump was right, the system was rigged, particularly CNN polls and lies that led Hillary down the road to destruction. Trump didn’t just listen to the people, he heard what they were saying. Maybe some of his promises will be hard to fulfil but he sure will do his best. The world is a different place today and you have explained it so well Howard. Can’t wait till pretty Boy visits as an Apprentice and gets fired. God Bless America and the new President.

  59. Good one Howard. I have NO respect for the mainstream media. I saw what they did to PM Harper up here, disgraceful. Good for the American people, they saw though the lies, spin, rhetoric coming form the media. Now if we could just do the same here in Canada.

  60. It over thank you Lord for helping to chose the right person for the job. Now it is time we all pitch in and become United once again. President elect & Vice President have a long road ahead of them. Be honest with the people and we should help to make our country what it was before. A great Nation, get to work people all of us in doing something to make it better.
    God bless America and all of her allies.

  61. Howard…1st of all, my “congratulations” to you on picking the right person to help us get our Country back to where it belongs…with the people who love it….I feel that Donald Trump will make every effort to do what he says he will do or at least make the effort and try…we need new eyes and ears in Washington and I feel we have picked the right guy for the job…after following you 9/10 years now, really thought you had it right in 2012 and we were both disappointed…but not this time

  62. I spent last night channel surfing the major networks’ coverage: ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS (I don’t have cable and don’t get CNN or Fox). One thing was very apparent: they all emitted the aura of a funeral. That told me all I needed to know about alleged non-bias in the main stream media. Virtually everyone had assumed and were hoping for a Clinton victory.

  63. Hey Howard, please don’t dis (drag their name thru the mud) the Clampetts! They were a childhood fave of mine and had more class than Obama. My faith in the American people is hereby restored.

  64. I’m a diehard conservative and the last few years have been tough what with McGuinty, Wynne and now Trudeau being in power, so the smile on my face this morning with Donald’s win is surely going to stay there for a very long time just to annoy the idiots who were all so sure Crooked Hillary would win!

  65. I love, love, love this blog post. I got a good belly laugh out of it! Thanks.

  66. Hi! Great result for all Americans…even if some of them do not realize it, yet! Gee, the stock markets didn’t crash and the earth is still rotating! Clean the houses out and get on with the promises….maybe some of this will rub off on our woosy Canadian voters and media. Snowbirding in Florida…great people!
    Keep the editorials coming and Trump’s and Spences’s feet to the coals!

  67. Loved the blog and I so enjoyed reading all the comments. I agree with them, the silent majority finally found their voice and spoke up.

  68. Maybe now, journalism will return and acknowledge that polls are opinions and not fact. They are opinions of a random samples which are impossible to select. Tell O’Reilly that, as well as other all reporters and TV bigwigs who are truly ignorant about Polling.

  69. Howard, I am a long time fan of you and yours. You have given me many wise insights as well as faith in my beloved country to come back to it’s senses. I do believe that God also had his hand in this success. The past 2 presidencies and it’s minions of HARVARD intelligentia seek first, the destruction of our Constitution in favor of complete control in all aspects of our lives by leftists.. God bless you!

    Carlton Grega, Columbus OHIO

  70. Enjoyed all the comments. Now I know for sure that the new president will never bow to the Saudis or any other head of state. I am glad that I am next door to you guys in the USA. I wish you all well.

  71. I am waiting that our PM is going to fulfill his promise to move to ICELAND. Another HOOOOORAY!!!

  72. Amen. Trump WON. Thank God. I HAD to watch Good Morning, Joe…and he said he didn’t see it coming. He is so far left that he believed his OWN BS. The Stock Market is going UP. The foreign countries are ON NOTICE…don’t mess with us. Our jobs are coming back. The banking folks are shivering in their shoes. America is going to COME BACK!!! Thanks, Mr. G. Positive !!!

  73. First time in history that a Billionaire moved into a house vacated by blacks……………….

  74. God did for America as He did for Israel many times before and after Christ, after many years of punishing us, He sent a new leader (ruler) for the USA. Now, it is up to Trump how God will treat him. If Trump returns prayers to God in the military, our schools & elsewhere, God will bless him and the USA. Read the old & new testament & you will see what I speak of. In church, we are studying 2nd Chronicles again working through the bible.

  75. Howard, thanks for recognizing “Good” over “Evil”! (Things were getting “inverted” to the point that Clintons were “Good”, Trump was “Evil”, but those of us with a “conscience” left knew better!) We stayed up until 3 a.m. to hear Trump, who deserved to win this election since he listened to the people and what they wanted. The saying goes: “Don’t mess with Texas”, but now it’s “Don’t mess with USA” since Trump got elected! Don’t “Californicate” Texas- build that Border Wall ASAP!

  76. Trump provided an excellent successor in Pence a real quality guy. Conversely Hillary provided a clown in Caine, can you imagine that jerk at the helm?

  77. Most Christians and most Jews love Israel are rejoicing today. Likely every one of your readers are. We saw management applied to politics yesterday

    Most real Christians and Jews who love Israel are rejoicing today. Yesterday we saw the triumph of good over evil. Sound management applied to politics.. Plan and execute. Trump didn’t need the job to achieve wealth nor power. Politicians are for sale at a price, and he has previously bought them. He knew exactly how to the

  78. Here in Canada our wonderful picture perfect prime minster is send out 13 million Christmas cards to everyone that voted for him and all others and when you open your personal card it says “Thanks Suckers”

  79. I think it’s still gonna take a couple days for me to actually believe it. Taking those Supreme Court nominees away from HRC is undoubtedly the biggest win of all! Country saved. Thanks be to God.

  80. Howard Love it . Great to soon have Trump in the White House, “TheClampetts” tiand then Lock Her to leave. And afterwards time to “Drain the Swap” .”Then Lock Her Up.”


  82. Thank God! I am so excited for our 45th President, Donald J. Trump. I know that he will do what he said he will do.

    As for those who say he’s not my President, now they know how we felt for 8 years. We couldn’t bear another 4 and that’s how this happened. The big 0 was never mine and I couldn’t even use a capitol p for the word president when he was.

    I have to say I was very proud of Donald’s speech last night and I appreciated the very nice ones given today by HRC and the big 0.

  83. I agree it was a wonderful surprise when I woke up this morning! Now one thing to clear up, what does Obama have in mind for the Lamb Duck Congress in the next 2 1/2 months?? Are the Democrats going to stick around to select a judge for the Supreme Court? Are they going to enter a gun control law? Or something else. You do know that the president can do almost anything during this time of government (Lame Duck Congress). It is a shame that some of the Republicans in the Congress can’t stay

  84. I usually get your article in the morning in Australia. Without exception they were all already crowing a clinton victory and made the comment that the lights would be going out all over America. Everything happened during our day over here and when I tuned in in the afternoon it was already being called as a Trump win! To make sure I went searching that it might be just some sick joke. What a huge relief…The Don won! Has a nice ring American, President Donald Trump…the lights stay on!

  85. Congratulations America….. on a wise decision but you have a big problem remaining;
    A large part of your population still remains in ignorance and it falls upon you now
    to educate them in the years to come. Good luck.
    from Matt Montreal, Canada

  86. Thank God it appears that we’re no longer of the Clintons, for the Clintons and by the Clintons…We’re stronger Together Without Her…Maybe the Morons protesting in NY, Chicago and elsewhere will figure that out someday…Mercy…!

  87. You were right all along (I wasn’t doubting you, but others were!), about Trump’s victory. I just hope someone has his “6” when he goes to the White House tomorrow. THAT has me worried..! (You never know how underhanded some people can be!).
    That said, I resemble that remark about the Clampetts, living in the sticks of Arkansas!
    (The last “raise” I got was about $13 a month!) Social Security has NO “Security” built in, even though I paid into it for 50 years… Ha! Ha!

  88. Howard, have you read Chantel Hebert column in the Toronto Star. Her take on how this will affect Trudeau. Interesting. I am ecstatic that Donald Trump won, he worked hard for this victory. He also received good words from Nigel Farage in England. I hope this bodes well for England after they are free of the EU. These are interesting time. My best to you and yours.

  89. Excellent article as always. Enjoyed it and looking forward to the next 4 years of trying to drain that swamp!

    Did some looking this morning at the past 2 presidential elections and the number of votes cast. For whatever reasons this election had the lowest turn out of the 3. While the final numbers are still coming in this one was approximately 10 million votes shy of the last 2. I can only think that Hillary was so bad that millions of Demos stayed home or didn’t vote for presiden

  90. Well done Howard,
    You said from the beginning that TRUMP was the man for the top job. I hope that he will sweep out all the B.S. rules and regulations that Obama and his leftist minions implemented. I look forward to many years of Conservative, stable rule from the most powerful country that the world has produced.
    John W. Rosen, Johannesburg, South Africa.

  91. Howard, well said .. thank you for supporting us Deplorables.
    America won with the election of President Trump.

  92. Howard I did enjoy the read. God has truly shown America a Gracious Mercy. I feel that we have seen these two Obama terms as a great awakening. To the evils lurking throughout our Land. The rights given to the Baby killers and Sodomites allowed the exposure of the great infestation of these sins. Believers in God and his word should Realize throughout Biblical History and the days past those writings. God has granted reprieves. But he has never accepted the sins. We must return our Nation to God

  93. I’m relieved that Donald Trump won.Now I hope that he cleans house in the DOJ,IRS and FBI and brings the Clinton to justice like they deserve.As for the Republicans who literally turned tail and ran from their promised support, they should all be reprimanded by the RNC as people who can’t be trusted.Their words mean nothing because they didn’t have the strength or convictions to abide by their pledge to support who ever the winner in the primary.When they lost the primary they all ran home.

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