Yesterday . . . One of the Readers of this BLOG, sent me a link to a current 60-MINUTES Episode on CBS, showing a Frank Luntz Profile Group, with a supposedly equally divided number of people between Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

And from the 60-Minutes Interview, which I watched from beginning to end, the generally accepted premise by virtually all the people there . . . was that this is the worst election ever. And that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are virtually the worst two Candidates all of them could imagine.

And that’s where the similarities ended, since the People from both sides of the Great Debate, including the Independents couldn’t agree on anything and argued about everything.

FOR EXAMPLE . . . one pretty young woman, who spoke eloquently, made the argument that far too much American Money is spent on the Military, which in her opinion should go to America’s Children, which is a MOM’S APPLE PIE argument, until you would ask these Two Simple Questions, which were not asked. But if they were:

1 – Do you want the American Military to be Underequipped, Outgunned, Outmanned, and in Harm’s Way at a DISADVANTAGE?

2 – Without a Strong and Really EFFECTIVE Military, who or what is supposed to Protect America’s Children this woman is so worried about . . . from the EVILS of the World?

IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS . . . Frank Luntz declared that the problem with America, is simply that Americans have forgotten how to SPEAK WITH ONE ANOTHER, and that America has become so polarized, that neither side is willing to see the merits of the other side’s position.


I THINK THE ATTITUDE OF FRANK LUNTZ . . . exemplifies the PROBLEM with America, because the problem has nothing to do with people who can’t speak with one another, since a great many people are NOT WORTH SPEAKING WITH AT ALL.


I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK WITH A LEFTIST . . . who thinks he or she is entitled to anything I earn, make, or create.

I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK WITH A LEFTIST . . . who thinks that MURDERING Babies in the Mother’s Womb into the Third Trimester, without an Extraordinary Circumstance to do that . . . is in any way acceptable.

I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK WITH A LEFTIST . . . who thinks that it’s OK for anyone from one Gender, to walk into the Bathroom or Shower of someone of a different Gender who is UNWELCOMING of this intrusion.

I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK WITH A LEFTIST . . . who thinks the Promotion of smoking DOPE, buying and selling DOPE is OK on the open market, as long as it could be Regulated and Taxed.

I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK WITH A LEFTIST . . . who thinks that MY RIGHT to defend myself and BEAR ARMS should be up to him or her.

I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK WITH A LEFTIST . . . who thinks that Black Lives Matter anymore than the LIFE of anyone else.

I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK WITH A LEFTIST . . . who thinks Freedom of Expression should be REGULATED so as not to offend anyone.

I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK WITH A LEFTIST . . . who thinks that Love of Nation with Secure Borders and VOTER ID is something to be rejected.

AND I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK WITH A LEFTIST . . . who thinks that ILLEGAL Immigrants are not really ILLEGAL, as much as they are simply UNDOCUMENTED.

THE LIST GOES ON AND ON . . . But you get my point. So where do I start talking with anyone who is DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO MY FREEDOMS and the Freedoms of others?


DURING A LIVE TELEVISED DEBATE . . . quite a few years ago, where I stood alone against THREE other SKILLED debaters, including a Prominent Montreal Newspaper Editor, some guy who was inconsequential to me, and a Phony Political Activist, who supported French Language Supremacy in Quebec (Canada), there was an exceptional verbal exchange from me, which the people were not prepared for.

ALMOST FROM THE GET-GO . . . The Newspaper Editor accused me of not being willing to see the side of every issue proposed by others, and that I was a Hard-Assed Intransigent, since according to her, EVERY ISSUE WAS NEGOTIABLE.

THE NAME OF THE NEWSPAPER EDITOR . . . was Brenda O’Farrell, a woman comparable to me in age, with whom I had a passing, and absolutely non personal professional relationship, who from time to time interviewed me over the Phone or at Rallies, who was not a fan of my positions, who hammered this point home about my INTRANSIGENCE to the CAMERAS, which were BROADCASTING LIVE.

The Studio in which this debate was being held was small, and accommodated perhaps as many as a dozen people, one of whom was my wife ANNE, who heard it all, and saw it all in the multitude of debates where I participated. Nothing I ever said surprised her.

SO . . . I turned towards Brenda O’Farrell – and using these words, perhaps NOT exactly these words . . . but certainly close enough to these words to be exact – I said . . .

“Brenda, we don’t really know each other all that well, and it makes me feel very uncomfortable saying this in front of the Cameras, but I have always had the HOTS FOR YOU, and could see myself SHOVING YOU TO THE GROUND, and Jumping On Top . . . SO WHERE DO WE BEGIN TO NEGOTIATE?”

WITH THOSE WORDS . . . there was Stunned Silence in the Studio. Anne was holding back from laughing. The Moderator looked like a Deer Caught in the Lights of an Oncoming Train. And later during the year, Brenda O’Farrell’s Newspaper declared me to be Canada’s News Maker Of The Year In 1996.

AND AS FOR THE PHONY POLITICAL ACTIVIST . . . when I was done with him, he wished he had been anyplace other than in the same room with me.


NOT EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE. And not everything is acceptable under any and all circumstances. And after this election, America and Canada . . . will never again be the same.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It was the British that created Czechoslovakia out of Sudetenland … which was over 90% German. That was the same as England giving Texas to Mexico…. Or giving British Columbia to Japan. Would you be happy if the Americans gave British Columbia to Japan. Hitler did not annex Czechoslovakia ..only the German part. Since the English created Czechoslovakia less than 20 years earlier by ripping Germany to pieces, they had every right to “uncreate” their foolish mistake in 1938.

  2. Howard, how and WHY does every reader here wish that they had said “THAT”…whatever it is that you say! But then “THAT is why we are here every day looking for you…and hoping you never go away and perhaps stay with us for good! Sincerely
    Bud Farrell

  3. From a liberal stand point the worst argument a conservative could pose in a “debate” is the truth. You proved it with your comments to the lady who was doing her best to take the focus away from such truth. We have seen it here in the States with what The Donald has said but was too often set aside by our media to create rather than report the news and real positions of the candidates. We shall see what we shall see today. I am cautiously optimistic since we have our share of idiot voters.

  4. Spot on Howard……I appreciate your input and will be praying for Trump to pull this off IN A LANDSLIDE. If he doesn’t, we can say goodbye to the America we all knew and loved.

  5. I was one of the first to cast my vote this AM here in KS. Between the satisfaction of casting my vote for freedom and rejecting the tyranny of “Dumbocrats”, I got a second dose of cheer reading your blog when I got home. The especially hard hitting analogy on Negotiating with a Leftist is priceless. Thanks for being there for all of us Howard and Ann! Great to have you on US soil. Go Trump/Pence….! Take Hillary to prison…, please!

  6. As I see it the BIGGEST problem we have in the USA and Canada is the Media THEY NEVER ASK THE QUESTIONS!!! merely pussyfoot around the edges so as not to offend anyone ,there is a big veil of NANNY STATE being draped over North America and the first to go is an honest Media..

  7. Great article. You always call it like it is. Just hope there are enough sensible people voting today to see the mess we are in and what an even bigger mess we will be in if Hillary wins. May God Bless the USA. Get out and vote. GO TRUMP!!!!!

  8. I viewed the 60 minutes show with Frank luntz ,i think there were about 30 people he questioned supposed to be a cross
    section of american voters. The black population in america is about 13-15 % but it seemed more that 10 were black in this group ,that is about 33%.No i am not against black Americans just pointing out a fact that it was not as frank told us,
    and since we don’t know there names ,how many were latinos.

  9. What can we all say Howard? I believe the most important thing in this election is that God is there to help we dumb ass Americans to chose the right person. For neither party put out there best. I voted for Mr. Trump hoping & praying he will win over H.C. that lady to me is not with us she comes from the Twilight Zone after today I will do my best not to say anymore about her. I have lost enough sleep over worrying about our world and the mess it is in. God be with us all.

  10. GOOD FOR YOU, HOWARD!!! That answer to Brenda must have silenced her! Good for Anne for taking this in such good spirits!!! You have always been very spoken – that is essentially your strong point!!!

  11. Charlie Rose earns $8 million per year and has net worth of $24 million. Gayle King earns $2 million per year. Nora O’Donnell $800,000 with new contract pending, Matt Lauer, $25 million. George Stephanopoulos $15 million per year. Michael Strahan $20 million a year for GMA, etcetera. How do these leftists who know nothing of teachers with 7 years experience making $35 THOUSAND a year, and others with degrees making less than $50,000 even think they can speak for us?

  12. Agreed 100%, The Ten Commandments according to HG. Though I try to appraise Leftists of the reality happening right before their eyes, sometimes one has to give up. I find trying to explain how Muslims are taking over in Europe and the U.K. and it is coming to Canada and the USA, is almost futile. It’s the boiling frog syndrome. The attention to Hilary by CNN this past 24 hours is disgusting and they dare to tell D.Trump Junior this morning that they have been fair; total undiluted BS




    Bill and Jan Clement, Ocala, FL

  14. After today, we will have a revolution if Hillary is elected. Law abiding hard working, tax paying, and legal American citizens will not tolerate any more of this corruption and evil. If Trump is elected, we will have riots. The “non-workers” will come and steal everything they can including your life when he cuts off their welfare, food stamps, etc. My advice is to ‘LOCK AND LOAD”. We’re in for a battle one way or the other.

  15. You are just amazing and I imagine there are many of us who wish we had your ability to think as you do. I am sure one of them. I am still smiling about your comment to Brenda. Also I have a daughter who I love dearly who is a leftist, and we have nothing in common except we love each other. It is so sad we cannot talk about these most important issues at this most important time for our country. She is a grown woman and won’t even listen to any reasoning I have tried to share with her.

  16. “Millions” living here are only for their own kind- people who look like them, speak same language (not English), have the same religion, plus “act like they never left wherever they came from” (not “American”)! “All we like sheep have gone astray- we have turned, everyone to his own way”! Glad you can experience 2016 election in Texas! (Austin Statesman rarely publishes conservative “Letters to Editor”!) Praying Austin will no longer be “Sanctuary City” (attracting crimes) after this election!

  17. We are on EXACTLY on the same path, Howard. It’s as simple as right and wrong…..something the Marxists abandoned a long time ago when they tossed their moral compass. If they prevail today it will be RIP America. The Founder’s dreams will be gone forever, and evil will have become the victor. What a price we will have paid! But….I haven’t heard the fat lady sing yet. 🙂

  18. Howard, right on. I was involved in many debates, especially on Middle East issues or the Separatist movement in Quebec.
    However the issues in the United States are different. I shudder when I think of the bungling of the FBi and how they handled Hillary’s e-mails. It is amazing how the Clinton machine works. They were able to muzzle everyone without any impunity. Very sad situation for the Americans and the world. Steve Acre, Canada

  19. Great editorial Howard, just when I think I have read the best one yet you come up with another great one!

  20. The sun will come up tomorrow, life will go on as usual. There will be no riots if Hillary wins, but you can bet there will be if Trump wins. They are poised and ready to go. We are a country of sheep being led to slaughter and our only hope is God. I have prayed for His intervention..if it be His will. I am off to the polls…please God, continue to Bless North America. Mary

  21. I shudder at the thought of Hillary becoming president. I hope and pray that Americans have the smarts to vote wisely …. not to vote in the ‘first woman president’ with no regard of her policies and behaviors. Trump may be brash, but he has proven himself a very successful businessman. Go Trump!

  22. Howard,
    I am depressed this morning. Just watched Global News, and if Canadians had to vote for President, 73% Hillary, 12% Trump. So the majority of Canadians support corruption, killing of babies not yet born, Government intrusion into all areas of our life, anti Christian anti Jewish rhetoric and laws, mass immigration of people who don’t support our values. I blame the media and school system.
    Our only hope is for Trump to win today, and start to drain the swamp. Canada is lost!

  23. Thanks Howard, for all you do for the conservative cause and for your leadership and perspective. I believe that God is in control, and that multitudes are praying for His intervention in this election. The Trump events from June, 2015 through today and the momentum of people who care about our country convince me that He will restore His blessings through this election. God bless the USA

  24. This was an excellent commentary about what the leftists are like. I have also attempted and given up of trying to discuss the direction that both our countries are going and it is absolutely useless. It is also beyond my comprehension as to how people can NOT see what Hillary has done to actually disqualify her from even running and NO LAW AGENCY is stepping up to arrest her…..or anyone in the houses coming forward to stop her, Congress or the Senate.

  25. The term should be “Illegal AND Undocumented” – The Left uses/abuses words to confuse rather than clarify. There are NO TWO ways to understand Illegal. And – if Trump loses – there will be great unrest among all the people who finally woke up to the lies, corruption. The ‘status-quo’ has changed for the Repubs. I think it’s called “The Empress Has No Clothes.”
    Whatever happens – the cat is out of the bag.

  26. I too am depressed (like Don of Thorhild, Alberta) to think that Canadians would elect a Hillary.
    Too many of my fellow Canadians have become complacent, apathetic (voter turnouts are
    less than 60%), and too government dependent (almost half the population).

  27. The Media is trying their best to yet again create the news that Clinton is ahead. To retaliate, don’t listen to their BS; rather, be ever vigilant & vote for Trump. Don’t be swayed, just listen to your heart. Howard & Anne, you are my Hero’s!

  28. I cast my vote early this morning in the tiny little precinct in the tiny little town in IL where I vote. Usually I am #6 or #7 according to the tabulating machine they feed the paper ballot into. This morning I was #143 and I have been voting here for 10 years and never even got into double digits. EVER. Second, with the cancer and the insurance issues (Thanks OBAMA) my pain meds are constantly denied by BCBS/Anthem. Medical Marijuana helps tremendously with the pain management. Just sayin’.

  29. “Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty Is No Vice. And Moderation In The Pursuit Of Justice Is No Virtue” – great words from the modern founder of conservatism, Barry Goldwater of Arizona. I was proud to vote for him whenever he appeared on a ballot. “Negotiation” to a liberal means “You give some, and I take some.” Digging your heels in on not “negotiating” what the Constitution of the United States means is indefensible. It means what it says. Simple as that.

  30. HG, do you feel better now? Your reaction to Bryan Carroll was over the top. Somebody piss in your corn flakes? He misread your blog, no need to jump on him, the first two sentences of your response was all that was needed.

  31. Brief reply — been making calls for Donald J. Trump NON-STOP! Was pleased to help a voter from NC decide to vote for DJT — he is elderly and was not informed from traditional media about some of the serious issues such as Clinton’s commitment to partial birth abortion (murder of unborn babies.) Feel as is I’m doing some good!

  32. In response to Pat Eubank: Have your daughter read the book, “Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future” by Mark Levin. Don’t say anything. Just give it to her and ask her to read it. If she doesn’t get a clue after reading that book about how the Democrats/Liberals have intentionally destroyed this great country, then she never will and you’ll just have to leave her alone to her own demise!

  33. On spot as usual, Howard! I just voted 3 hours ago & it was for Trump as well as other Republicans that have done a good job for my state. I did not vote for my House of Representative – He is a Demo-rat & does NOT represent me! His Congressional voting is not what I want for my state or country. Now comes the waiting …

  34. It has been great following you for the comments and insights for this looooong season of campaigning – Thanks so much for the candid honesty we get from you – I loved this blog – and May God help us! Gary Burd, Amarillo TX

  35. Why would the Liberal Media have spent Hundreds of millions in Air time. To publish obvious false polls favoring Hil’Liar’y with absurd leads. While all Social Media has represented an overwhelming lead for Donald Trump. Unless they have plans to falsify the votes or Have bought the Electoral. With all the lies and Propaganda I have seen and heard from the Liberal Media. ? How can any rational mind agree with their choice for President of our Great Nation. Twenty Trillion Dollars against us Help

  36. America played stupid in in 2008, 2012, will they make it three in a row or will the Citizens of this Country wake up and realize what the Washington trash has been doing to them. If the election count is fair, they will, but I doubt if it will be fair. When you have Barack and crew following a mandate, and the Clintons, life has not value, anything will happen. I can only imagine what will happen to this Country if the H gets elected.

  37. Well said Howard.
    I fear for my children and grandchildren if the takers are not stopped.

  38. For the first time in my life I will not be watching the election returns tonight, because, as Rhett Butler said: “Frankly, my dear,I don’t give a damn!”It will be the end of this horrible, stinking process. I feel Hilary will win, because the Democrats”Don’t give a damn” about dishonesty, lying, cheating or criminal activity. Hopefully, we will have gotten over our “Firsts”. First black, first female, first husband/wife.Then in 2020 we can go back to nominating decent, likable ,honest people.

  39. From what we are hearing in Australia tonight the lights will go out on the North American Continent, and in the dark will be clinton and trudeau. I should add that’s the media reporting; to them its not doom and gloom but they are actually rejoicing and reporting on a clinton win happening.

  40. We pro-Trump folks often say that “if Hillary wins, there will be a revolution.” Oh how I wish! But, what exactly would that look like? Where do you start? and how?

  41. The major network news anchors could not believe the results as they came in last night, it was easy to see. George’s wife is moving to Australia, will he follow her, bye bye George? Let’s keep track of who is leaving, I know I’m staying! What a joke polling has turned out to be. Thanks for your great editorials! Stunning defeat! We also held on to the Senate and House! And my lighted TRUMP sign stapled to me porch was not touched after 20 lawn signs were stolen.

  42. Well she found something she couldn’t lie her way out of. The voice of the people is now in play. I do hope she is brought to justice for no other reason than to prove to the SLIME IN THE SWAMP that they are not above the law and they are on our pay role. They work for us not the other way around. Thank you dear LORD.

  43. Congratulations to all our friends !

    The feeling that all is lost and that we live in a country of people who do not think and reason logically, is gone.

    The true character of the majority in this wonderful country has been expressed, in spite of the character defects of the winning candidate the people have seen through all the political smearing and hoopla and have realized that we need a President with a strong sense of right in the defense of the American way of life as originally out

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