The March Towards A Banana Republic



Tomorrow is the BIG DAY, and the MOST Important Election Day of my Lifetime, even though I’m not an American. Because tomorrow will decide if America becomes a Banana Republic without the Bananas . . . or remains the REPUBLIC of REAL FREEDOM, which the Founders Created with their own Blood, Sweat and Tears some 250-Years Ago .

This isn’t JUST an American Election to decide which Political Piece of Work will RIP-OFF the American people for the next 4-Years.

This election . . . will decide the Future of the World for many generations to come. It will decide whether the Privileged Useless Class of Academics, Unionists, Global Corporatists and Bureaucrats will RAPE the MAKERS until there’s nothing left but DYSTOPIA . . .

Or . . . it will decide whether the BEDROCK of American FREEDOM, as is clearly ENUNCIATED in the US CONSTITUTION, which to me, is as Timeless a Document as is the BIBLE AND THE MAGNA CARTA, will survive the ONSLAUGHT of Greed, Corruption and Stupidity.

TO ME . . . It will Decide who will RULE the World – & by Whose Standards?

As I see it . . . A Victory for Crooked Hillary is a Major TRIUMPH for Corruption at the Highest Levels, from the White House throughout the Socio/Political Structure of America, to the Courts of the Land, which inevitably will lead to the FINAL COLLAPSE OF THE AMERICAN DREAM.


No mater how this election turns out, Donald Trump has sacrificed an incredible amount of himself and the peace and harmony of his family, just to FIGHT for the American Dream for everyone.

But, what Trump has also done for thinking people, who are conditioned mentally to believe without a Second Thought, that America, with its Warts and all . . . is Fundamentally a JUST SOCIETY . . . ARE JUST PLAIN WRONG.

And . . . what this election has also proven – is that we have all been living in a FAIRYTALE, starting with the White House, where a President, for almost 8-LONG YEARS HAS RULED . . . not governed – but RULED by FIAT with the acquiescence of the Congress . . . the Senate and the House, rolling over the US Constitution AS IF IT DIDN’T EXIST.

We have watched the Justice Department under two Attorney Generals (Holder and Lynch), mete out Justice no differently than one would expect in an actual Banana Republic, where they really do grow Bananas . . . from Scandal after Scandal.

We’ve watched and bore witness to the CORRUPTION of the IRS, as this ALL-POWERFUL Government Agency attacked the FREEDOMS of American Conservatives, as the Media and ignorant Population simply stood by.



THE LEFT UNDERSTOOD THE RADICAL RULES OF ALINSKY . . . that to defeat Freedom and Democracy, you had to use the FREEDOMS, which Democracy Guarantees, with which to defeat it from the inside out.

THE LEFT UNDERSTOOD, just as the Nazis did not that many generations ago, that to win the Big Prize, you have to win the LONG GAME by CONDITIONING THE MINDS OF CHILDREN, since Children Grow-Up and have their own Children, who believe what their already CONDITIONED Parents and School Teachers Teach them.


THE LEFT ALSO UNDERSTOOD . . . that when you give people SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING, the entitlement becomes permanent, and the only thing of importance to the entitled person is the ENTITLEMENT.

And through the Propaganda of the LEFT . . . the TAKERS have been CONDITIONED to resent the MAKERS for the success and Lifestyles of the people who’ve earned what they have. And have become CONDITIONED to expect those who worked for what they have, to SHARE their rewards, as if it was coming to them, AS IF IT WAS THEIR DUE.

When I saw Obama, recently on Television, giving an interview to a LATINA Pundit, telling her that ILLEGALS, or as they described them . . . UNDOCUMENTED, that it is OK for ILLEGALS to VOTE, since they won’t be prosecuted . . . it dawned on me, that this ELECTION IS ALL BUT DONE.

IT HAS BECOME APPARENT TO ME . . . that Illegal Immigrants, People who want Something-For-Nothing, Black Lives Matter, Corporatists, Unionists, the Media and Brainwashed Millennials, along with Older LEFTISTS . . . MOST OF WHOM ARE IN IT, either for themselves, or are ignorant of the History of American Freedom, or the National and Global Consequence of their VOTE, they will vote for Crooked Hillary regardless of the truth and consequences.

IT IS ALSO . . . Without Question, at least to me, that VOTER FRAUD in favor of the LEFT is rampant. Because, why else would the LEFT so vigorously fight against effective VOTER ID? Which was made 100% clear, simply by the interview the President of the United States of America recently gave to the Latina Pundit, telling ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that there would be NO CONSEQUENCES to them voting.


AND WITH THAT “SAID” . . . the Fight For America will have just begun. And it won’t be pretty.

I’M NOT WRITING TRUMP OFF . . . but I’m also not discounting the Corruption and Power of the LEFT.

REMEMBER THE WORDS OF JFK . . . “Ask not what your Country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your Country”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There is a difference between now and 1939. Chamberlain was just stupid. Obama obviously has a fanatical agenda.

  2. Not much more I can add to your blog today,u have said it all and I concur, Well done Howard.

  3. The opera ain’t over until it’s over. One has to be optimistic. Look at the Cubs’ win – 1 point more in 10th inning in game 7. It doesn’t get dicier than that. All it takes is for those with conviction to clear the media nonsense out of their heads and put their X where it should go. One small step at time. If everyone did that the rest would take care of itself.

  4. I am absolutely terrified of Clinton literally “stealing” this election…which I am also sure will include voter fraud. Our forefathers must be turning in their graves at just how differently their country has evolved so far from their noble intentions. I fear the real REVOLUTION is just in the wings…waiting…and I do believe there WILL BE one if the Left wins. God help us all.

  5. We know that “there IS an END to EVERYTHING” no matter how long it takes! We’re at a point where the GIVERS can’t give anymore! America has been DESTROYED in the past 7+ yrs. by BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! His campaigning for CROOKED HILLARY ‘should’ be a DETERRENT. Trump’s campaign is surely VERY PREPARED for VOTER FRAUD and the Democrats KNOW this. TRUMP is a WINNER and his FOES KNOW this as well. They truly FEAR him because they also KNOW that he will NOT BACK OFF. He WILL win! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. Sorry, Howard, but I strongly disagree. I had suspicions of my country of birth turning into a banana republic about 10 years ago. Zero transparency and rigged voting. Recent email/video revelations and recent DOJ (what a joke!) actions confirms it: The US is nothing more than a banana republic with nukes.

    Eric Y. Johnson

  7. When I think of the blind obedience of so many voters on the left, I am reminded of Ayn Rand’s statement that “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” What more can one say about them? May God have mercy on this country!!

  8. A most pertinent blog.
    May God bless America! This is it’s people’s hour. Go Donald Trump!

  9. You couldn’t have said this better. Even if Trump wins the votes tomorrow, my prediction is that Obumamarx and the Clintonistas will find a way to prevent him from taking office on January 20th…all one more steip closer to the time when bullets will replace ballots.

  10. Howard the leftist scum know no bounds. My friend in Ft Laurdale FL Broward county. His 96 yr old. Mother was scammed into voting for Hillary. Two democrats visited her assisted living home and had a registeration drive. This happened in the memory care unit. All the residents have dementia and can’t proceeds the written word. Multiple calls to the supervisor of elections have fallen on deaf ears with no return call. All part of their game plan I’m sure.

  11. Your final line, the quote from JFK… I’m afraid it is exactly the opposite. No one asks what they can do for their country (other than the military & conservatives at voting stations tomorrow); the majority ask what this country can do for them. Why else do we have thousands & thousands illegally coming here (other than terrorists now). They want the freebies, which to me is against the law to give to illegals anything but transportation back to the border. Still saying PRAY, PRAY & PRAY!

  12. Howard, you said it all. My fear is that when the four years are up SHE might be elected for another four years. Look to Obama as an example. I,ll be watching all the election results and as an 82 year old conservative when it,s over I,ll go and drink a bottle of Jack, and cry a bit……………..

  13. How in the world have we elected 2 people to run for President of this great nation and neither of them has an approval rating of 50% or higher. Surely there is someone in this country that is SUITABLE to be POTUS and understands that he/she is there to represent the best interest of the people and not just interested in their on legacy as the one we have now is. I am so disappointed in this election year and am afraid there will be some violence regardless of the outcome.

  14. Howard, this Sunday while visiting a major dept. store my friends and I were talking to a man buying ammo. I live in the mountains of Western NC, and believe me when I say…..The people here will not give up their freedom without a fight!!!
    He and a LOT of his friends are preparing for a fight to the finish. Can’t believe this is happening to our wonderful country.
    Ann Brown
    Lake Toxaway, NC

  15. Fight for what is right! NEVER give up. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Do ALL that you can to ensure a Trump victory. Never let it be said that when the chips were down and the fate of the Nation was on the line, you let freedom slide! Don’t just stand by and be an eyewitness to history – MAKE HISTORY! VOTE! Drive like-minded patriots to the polls! Ask senior citizens if they have voted, and if they haven’t, offer to drive them to the polls! Watch for voter fraud! Report it!

  16. Thank you for your truth vigil Howard throughout this election cycle. Wish there were 360 Million more like you living in this USA. What a breath of reality. If Trump/Pence doesn’t make it tomorrow, may God help both the USA and Canada. Your blog today was spot on sir!!! Keep all your digits crossed folks and vote! Co Trump/Pence and take Hillary to prison.

  17. Richard Polson I beg to differ with you, we finally have someone, who is not a bought politician who is willing to FIGHT for this country. He didn’t need to do this, he has all he needs in this world, and is sacrificing himself to protect America and make us great again. He will get rid of as much of the corruption as possible. He will unite rather than divide and he will have intelligent people doing their jobs properly. Haven’t you read one work Howard G. has been writing for months?

  18. Howard, spot on. I could not have said it better. God Bless America!

  19. It is so easy to find the criminality of the Clintons and their cohorts, especially Abedin on the internet, one must have their heads buried up their butts to actually vote for that bloc. The future of America is tooooo important to allow it to happen.

  20. I sit here worrying about the results of tomorrow’s votes. Your blog today says it all. I am praying that the silent majority will get out to vote like they did for Reagan in 1980. That election was after a disaster political period in the US’s history. There was Nixon & his shameful Presidency. Then we had Carter who honestly didn’t know what he was doing. Then we were saved by Reagan. I am praying that we have a saving President elected tomorrow, not a criminal!!!

  21. Am a believer, and am still believing…
    There is NOTHING that The Almighty…cannot do…No man, nor woman can change His plans. Am praying…those plans are…more time…for America. Believing…in His mercy…believing…in His positioning of Trump…Believing…that the American spirit…is based upon the Judeo/Christian values…still alive…growing stronger with each passing moment…Believing in faith its not over until, The Almighty, says its over. Believing, and won’t stop!!!

  22. Exactly as I think. Few grasp the sacrifices that Trump is making to try to change the direction of our country back to that which our founding fathers envisioned. He doesn’t need the job nor aggravation of having to deal with professional politicians to save our country. Even if he wins, the stress will have shorten his life. It must be worth it in his eyes. Re the comments, Obama has established a domestic army plus will draw from Cuba. Jade Helm. I must buy 30 06 16 rounds 2 clips clang

  23. Thanks for your article. It is one of your best. Just want to see the America we grew up in rise from the ashes of the past 8 years. Praying for a Trump victory. He has put everything he has into this race all for the people of the USA and the rest of the world. GO TRUMP!!

  24. That’s it exactly! It’s why I could not endorse your exuberance for a Trump win. The Electoral College has been manipulated by the Communists for years…..thanks to the placement of illegals (who are loved by Commies) and the dead who still vote! With no ID needed to vote in many states it enables the traitors to spread their corrupt, evil ways around very effectively. They have rigged it so about 240 electoral votes are automatic. A win in FL (29 EV), for example, closes the whole deal.

  25. I await Wednesday morning with trepidation…and hope. The world could, rather, will change drastically tomorrow. Either more of the same Globalist corruption from the left and a certain, nasty end for America, or Trump kicks butt and saves America. The worst possible scenario is Trump wins and then carries on the status quo just like the GOP did after the midterms…God help America – and all the rest of us!

  26. Need I say if that woman wins this election I hate to say it but my heart will have left me for the next few years.
    I cannot believe people would vote for her after all that she has done & has not done over the years.
    God help America & beautiful Canada as well. I do not think I can even stay in my front room to watch it on T.V. the lady makes me sick to my stomach to even look at her and her family.

  27. Bang on Howard. May God Bless The U S A . We here in On. and Can., will have to clean house in the next elections. All I can say is Go Trump Go ! I’ll be glued to the TV.

  28. If I were you Howard, I’d get my butt back to Canada as soon as possible.
    Crooked Hillary is going to win this fixed election, no doubt. We all know what she does to her
    critics and since you are one of the best …. well.?? May God bless you and yours.

  29. As our founders foresaw, there are times when only the Second Amendment will insure our freedom. This is one of those time, perhaps the most urgent of all. God bless the America I grew up in (80 years ago). I’m glad I lived though those times of patriotism and pride in our country and ourselves. As for our future, I’m glad I’m old and won’t see much of the disaster that looms before us. It’s not Hillary I fear; it’s the voters who will elect her.

  30. HG, I am very impressed, as I’m certain you are, that almost all of your editorials elicit the comment, “This is your best one yet!”. I believe you are as smart as Hannity and Krauthammer! And for those who rely on prayer, with due respect; Prayer is doing NOTHING and believing you’re being helpful. If prayers were effective, we wouldn’t need elections. TRUMP WILL WIN TOMORROW!

  31. I am on my way to the polls to cast the second vote of this election for the next POTUS, Donald J. Trump! VOTE VOTE VOTE&make your friends& family vote. This is about saving America from these scumbag politicians. Howard if you&Ann start the process of citizenship now, you can vote to re-elect (hopefully) Trump in 2020. This is likely the last vote of my life barring a miracle, I want everyone to know I voted to save the beloved and amazing country that gave me opportunity 4 everything I have.

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