The Louder They Scream . . .



Did you hear Crooked Hillary SHRIEK yesterday at one of her rallies, as if the drugs were wearing off? Well not only did you hear and watch this spectacle of despair, so did MILLIONS of Voting Americans, and it certainly didn’t look or sound too good. But it showed much more about the panic amongst the Crooked Hillary Campaign than any of the Polls.


If things were going so well for Crooked Hillary . . . As the Rigged Polls are doing their best to convince all the people they can reach . . . why is the Crooked Hillary Team, including Barack Obama, pulling out all the stops to literally SAVE their asses in what should be their SAFEST States?

It says an awful lot when one measures the amount of Money, Ads and Intensity the SUPPOSED Electoral Leader is throwing into States they have always claimed to have in the bag, while support for Trump seems to be exploding everywhere, INCLUDING in these supposedly SAFE STATES FOR CROOKED HILLARY.

Crooked Hillary can stand on Stage from here till tomorrow with REAL American Deplorables (Actors, Singers and Entertainers) until the proverbial cows come home . . . IT WON’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

REALLY . . . How many people do you really think the likes of Katy Perry or Jay Z, whose songs are a proliferation of Racist, Crude, Anti-White, Anti-Cop and Anti-Establishment EXCREMENT are going to bring over to Crooked Hillary, other than those who weren’t already supporting her?

How many people do think these Excremental Entertainers will convince to get off their Asses and go Vote? Because, if that’s the best Crooked Hillary’s got, wait for it . . . ‘cause the Fat Lady’s About To Sing.

Crooked Hillary can have a Hundred Concerts with the likes of these DEPLORABLES, including Beyoncé, who took more than a Million Dollars to perform for the Dead Genocidal Dictator of Libya . . . Muammar Gadhafi – dead at the bequest of the Woman who wants to be President.

Who in his or her right mind would ever want to follow DESPICABLE & DEPLORABLE Elitists with the VALUES of Prostitutes like the Entertainers, who for a little CASH are willing to Stump for Crooked Hillary?


Crooked Hillary is doing everything she can to sell the SIZZLE and not the Steak, since her Steak has gone RANCID many years ago. So she’s employing SHILLS to hide the TRUTH and give the PLEBEIANS a Circus to distract them from the TRUTH.

AND THEN THERE’S DONALD TRUMP . . . Who’s STUMPING like a Man Possessed, selling IDEAS & REAL PLANS TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, with no Theatrical Machinations through paid HOLLYWOODERS to Titillate a crowd – distracting them from the Truth.

Ladies and Gentlemen . . . While it is TRUE that Crooked Hillary and the LEFTIST Machine might be able to STEAL this election through LIES, FRAUD & INTIMIDATION, just as they have in the past – This time, they won’t be able to STEAL the DREAM.

YOU KNOW THE SAYING . . . There’s no FURY like that of a Woman Scorned – well that’s not quite true, since in all reality, there’s no FURY like that of an American Patriot who’s seeing his or her Country being Destroyed, especially by GRIFTERS like the Clintons.

ONE WOMAN WROTE IN THE COMMENTS . . . that she really hopes that I’m right this time, and Trump will win, reminding me how I was wrong about Mitt Romney winning 4-Years Ago.

SHE’S RIGHT . . . I WAS WRONG 4-YEARS AGO, even though Romney should have won. But who could have seen two huge Hidden Facts – at least they were Hidden from me:

1 – Romney was the Epitome of being a RINO . . . and had no right selling himself as a Conservative.

2 – Romney was a CHOKER and a PUSSY. And when it came to stepping into the Back Alley with Bare Knuckles against a Pretender like Obama, he ran away like a Scared Little Girly Boy . . . and left the Conservative People who supported him to Hold the Bag.


THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT . . . Trump has shown incomparable Courage in the Face of this MASSIVE Media Onslaught of Lies and Innuendoes against him . . . and he’s got a Real Message – MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

SO IF I WAS SITTING AT A ROULETTE TABLE . . . and I’m not a Gambler, but if I was, and if this was the last Spin of the Wheel between FACT & FICTION, a Global One World Government or the America the way the Founders Created it, I would put it all on Trump . . . and be prepared to collect my winnings.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ditto to the above…can’t find the link to the video you refer to in your article…get a Webster Dictionary link instead. Please advise.
    Thank you!
    Jeff Grimord

  2. In my opinion the ONLY way Crooked Hillary will win is the voting fraud machine….. Already they have found dead people voting in early voting and don’t seem to be doing anything about it. Hope you are having a great time in Texas. I think your life is an exciting life, with the woman you love, and your love for America and Canada you have done/are doing great things.

  3. Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner took it upon themselves to go make prayers at the grave of the Lubavitcher Rebbe last night while Hillaryites were basking in depravity. If ever there is a study of contrasts…. What kind of America do YOU want? On Tuesday, with God’s help, let’s begin to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  4. I have to say that there is more people praying for Trump to WIN , Never have i seen and heard so may people saying they were going to vote for Trump. I live in eastern North Carolina and there are 1000 of Trump sighs to 5 of Clinton. My hopes are high for him. This is a must for this country . Keep up the good work and writings we enjoy them very much

  5. Hillary has a get out of jail card free, end of story. Obama has the excuse to use it no matter what, just like Ford. If he doesn’t his legacy will go down the Joliet. Hillary will walk no matter what. Personally better for the country than her as President. This will allow, if elected, Trump to concentrate on SCOTUS and the crap in Congress and the rest of his contract.

  6. The big question is will comey ask the justice dept. lorta lynch (a Obama clone) to set up a grand jury for the clintins
    foundation or ask for a indictment ,or is this all smoke? The FBI agents are up in arms with their director and wish he would do the right thing or resign.Like the Donald says “LITS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” if Hillary is elected we are domed.

  7. Thanks Howard for a few terrific reminder of what a “Killery Dumbocrat” would look and sound like on the world stage. Living in KS, I know the State will go Trump, despite 2 of its counties all in for the crook of all presidential campaign crooks. The Donald had not done himself verbal favors early to mid-campaign to the press and people. But that said, if the “Clintonians” win on Tuesday, they will run what is left of the US into the ground. Go TRUPM/PENCE, then take Hillary to prison.

  8. I’m wondering if the FBI is waiting until after the election to go for the Grand Jury because if Donald Trump wins and we know he will, he would not pardon her. I’m hoping the Wikileaks info has done the trick. Also, everyone is saying the boost to Donald was Comey but it really started with the costs of Obamacare. That surged Donald way ahead. Voting Donald J Trump for President, Tuesday, November 8th… And I pray everyone else does too!

  9. This morning when I woke up, the radio station was playing patriotic music in recognition of Veterans Day. As a veteran, I sat there and cried. I have lost friends who gave their lives for this country. I cried because there are people who are INSANELY voting for a witch who is hell-bent on destroying the nation my dear friends DIED for. There is no turning back now. Give it your all! I was moved to donate even more to the Trump campaign this morning. It’s for all the marbles now, folks!

  10. I am really anxious about Tuesday’s voting. I honestly think Trump will win, but know that Voter Fraud is really bad across the USA. I don’t believe in Early Voting, except for the Disabled and the Military overseas! I also wonder how the MSM knows who is going to win since there hasn’t been a total count??? Exit polls are not reliable & haven’t been for years. People lie – Wow that is really BIG news – People LIE. As does Hildebeast!!! :O)

  11. I was three years old the last time a “sure” winner (Dewey) was “upset” by that guy from Missouri (HST). While I do not remember much about it (wow, that is a surprise) I can tell from the number of Trump signs all over the state (Michigan) with not a one for Hillary (except in Detroit) a similar event may be taking shape today. I like the Trump version of whistle stopping all over the country to put out his message of change and have already voted for him.

  12. Even if Trump gets in, and I by all means hope that he does. It only the begining. And it is going to be a tough road to Make America Great Again. He’ll get it started but after his first or second term is over there will be still a lot to do.

  13. If Trump wins, why would anyone indict CROOKED HILLARY at that time? It would still give obama time to pardon her. It would be best to wait until Trump is in office, then indict her for her crimes against America and our people. That way there’d be no pardon, and she’d be caught dead to rights. GO TRUMP!!

  14. Amen, John Marshall. The witch is more than that. She is mentally ill and an evil traitor to her country and countrymen and women. Our buddies would be absolutely shocked in disbelief if they were here to see what is happening!!! The fact that this race is close is what amazes me. Seems like a lot of Americans look forward to living in a Communist USA. Howard…Your words ring clear and true….as always.

  15. Sir:
    Was good to hear from you again today. I hope & pray I mean a lot of praying that you are correct at the Wheel this time you spin it and Mr. Trump wins this election. Praying that our Lord above will send us this man with honesty, and hard work that he will have ahead of him along with all the others that he selects. God bless them all.
    Hillary hate to say this but, you are NOT the lady who is to be our first woman President. I don’t mean to be nasty.
    God Bless Our Beautiful America.

  16. Godspeed, Mr. Trump. And on the matter of Obama pardoning Hilary, he does this at his peril. A narcissist like Obama will not stick his neck out and risk tarnishing the legacy [in his own mind] that he has worked so hard to burnish, lo these past 8 years. In addition, if charges are cleverly not laid against Hillary until after Trump is inaugurated, ergo, there will be no charges for which Obama can pardon her whilst still in power. Timing is everything, but Obama won’t do it anyway.

  17. Well now, it is late in the third period, time to see who has the stamina to git-er-done. How any true red blooded American could possibly vote for Hillarious is so far beyond me that I can’t get my head around it. She is a traitor and as such she should receive a traitors due. Jail, not the White House.
    Go Trump go

  18. I am racing to Illinois to vote for Trump on Tuesday. I’ve never driven 1000 miles to vote for anybody in my life, but it is so important that I am willing to do it and I am doing it. If Trump does not win America’s finished this is probably going to be the last vote of my life and I intend to cast it proudly for the next president of United States: Donald J. Trump!

  19. You always make my day with your editorials and expertise on the History and subjects affecting us today. A friend of mine who is 92 years young and enlisted in the army in 1940, gave me a book of his Autobiography and at the end wrote this: Four years, ten months, seventeen days, time in the the Army. “The Generation That Saved the World!” And showed all of his metals earned! And Trump will save our Military and Veterans, plus make America Great Again!! Have good health and enjoy Austin, TX!

  20. I am not a overly religious person but GOD HELP AMERICA if Crooked Hilary get elected the Saudis will get there own room in the White house with her as Pres.

  21. Howard, there are many of us old guys who believe we will go to war again in behalf our Constitution, our families,and our COUNTRY. We will NOT permit a draft dodging pervert and his concubine to prevail…with the ofal who are so willing to join them in their wicked destruction and literal and figurative rape of our great country, society, and population. May God Bless you and yours in your efforts and success in our behalf.
    Bud Farrell

  22. By running for President and winning, Mr. Trump will have made America great again,
    by reinstating morality.

  23. From where I sit in Australia…you had all better hope and pray and vote Donald Trump wins the Presidential Election because as “He’s your only hope”!

  24. HG, thanks for your consistent eye openers! Hillary and Bill remind me of a modern version of the Ceaușescu couple who ran Romania. If I were American, there’s no question, Trump would have my vote. I rarely post a comment, because I have nothing more to offer than 99% of the comments by your brilliant subscribers. With due respect, it is not plausible, prayer will intervene, because it never has. PS: Jim Comey appears very frightened of something.

  25. John Smith — with all due respect, prayer is the ONLY thing that can bring about the intervention required …
    May God Bless America!

  26. Spot on Howard. Let’s get this show on the road and kick butt.Trump is no CHOKER or PUSSY. Give Crooked Hillary a pardon?
    She has not been charged with anything yet. Wait until Trump is prez then indict her, prosecute her, jail her, throw away the key.

  27. Now a pitch again for the repubs,dems and ind. who say the won’t vote for Trump even though he has presented the issues extremely well. when you look at the ballot and if you can’t vote Trump substitute in your mind the word “Scotus” (Supreme court of the United States.) and vote Trump. Your rights,your children and/or grandchildrens rights depend on who the next Pres.nominates. You should consider that no vote for Trump is an assist to Hillary. Do you really want her to make “Scotus” appts?

  28. We need a tie in the electoral college vote. It would change a lot of things.

  29. Totally agree with John Smith that “Jim Comey appears very frightened of something”. He is definitely “caught in some type of web”! Also, if HUGE rally attendance is a sign of success, then TRUMP’s got it made. We will soon realize if there are still enough true avid AMERICANS to “Make America Great Again”! Trump is our only HOPE. He’ll ASSURE that CROOKED HILLARY gets to wear that ORANGE PANTSUIT. Let’s DRAIN that SWAMP [the ESTABLISHMENT]! What a MESS! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  30. There are some great comments here. I pray that the American voters vote wisely. As a Canadian, I don’t have a vote, but if I did, it would certainly be for Trump! Hillary is SCARY! I don’t trust her as far as I could throw her …. which is nowhere, because at less than 5 feet tall I wouldn’t be able to even lift her! I encourage the American voters to vote Trump all the way! He’s got smarts. He is a very successful businessman. He’ll get the job done!

  31. 2 Questions I need to ask: Has any previous President ever stumped for a nominee? And, is it legal for Obama to fly around the USA in Airforce-One campaigning for Shrillary at the taxpayers expense? Congratulations Howard on reaching Texas safely, have a great winter, or is it summer? Though you would like to call Texas your #1 home, we need you as our #1 in Canada. Best wishes and let’s hope your prediction will be 100% right on for Trump, God help America, and Canada, if it isn’t.

  32. I just returned from a trip from Idaho to California through Washington, across the middle of Oregon and Northern California. During my drive I saw so many Trump/Pence signs that I was very pleased. In addition, the only sign for the Hildabeast was one that said “Hillary for Prison” which I agree with. Keep up the good work and enjoy the Texas hospitality.

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