When Do The LEFTIST Rats Desert The Sinking Ship?


It was a very long Drive, just under 2000 Miles . . . but after arriving in Austin last night (November 4th) at about 7:00 O’Clock “Texas Time” – every Mile was worth the Gas, The Wear & Tear and the Time it took to get Here.


1 – Thank you to all the people who have generously sent their Best Wishes and Prayers for our Safe Travels, and invited us to stop-by along the way.

2 – Many people ask how Anne and I could possibly stay in Austin Texas as our SECOND HOME, since it’s the MOST Liberal City in the Lone Star State.

The answer is simple . . . We stay in Hill Country just outside the Austin City Limits, where being Conservative with Conservative VALUES is the Second Religion.

3 – Anne and I . . . Stryker too – are very conflicted when we cross the State Line into Texas, since we feel this might be our First Home, with Canada coming in Second. And now that we’re here – leaving will be tough. Thank GOD Life Is Good.

4 – And now that we’re in Texas, our Guns are no longer Trigger-Locked. Instead, they’re LOCKED AND LOADED, not that we think we need to CARRY out of FEAR, but rather, because in Texas, as in most of the rest of America, we have the RIGHT & FREEDOM TO BEAR ARMS. And that means a lot.

5 – One of the Readers sent me an Email the other day, asking that I post a picture of the Galganov Family, because he is interested in what we all look like together, Anne, Stryker, Me, and maybe even April the Cat. So I’ll do that in a future Editorial.


WIN OR LOSE . . . and Trump is NOT going to Lose . . . Trump has lit a FIRE amongst Conservatives throughout North America, that is not going to be EXTINGUISHED, even if Crooked Hillary manages to STEAL the Election this coming Tuesday, which is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN IS THIS . . . Before Midnight on November 8th, MILLIONS of Conservative Americans, Canadians and Israelis will be HOOTING & HOLLERING for the great Victory of LIGHT . . . with the END of the DARKNESS of the LEFT.

Anne, Stryker and I will be with Conservative Austin Friends, dining on a REAL Texas Home Made Feast of Smoked Brisket, Smoked and Bar-B-Q Pork & Beef Ribs, along with Fresh Salads Texas Style.

And I’ll toast this Great Conservative Victory by Downing a Lone Star Beer . . . from the Bottle, like a TRUE TEXAN.


Not only did I hear Obama Shriek like a PUSSY having a HISSY-FIT . . . when his audience lost control yesterday at a Rally where he spoke, because there was an Elderly Trump Supporter in his audience . . . his HISSY-FIT suited him to a “T”. And I assure you, this disgraceful Display of Obama wasn’t just lost on Conservatives, but also wasn’t lost on Liberals who expect much – much more from their Leader.

BUT THEN AGAIN . . . Every time Crooked Hillary Speaks, she SHRIEKS liked a SHREW who sees the Wolf about to Eat Her.

So, to hear Obama having a HISSY-FIT while stumping for Crooked Hillary shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, since when a LIBERAL has nothing to offer, they’re as SHRILL as SHRILL can be . . . as is ALWAYS WITNESSED BY HEARING CROOKED HILLARY, as she SCREAMS to her audience no matter where she is.


So let Crooked Hillary have her Gazillion Dollar Celebrity Rallies with the Foul Mouthed, Spoiled, Entitled, Rich, VALUELESS performing RETARDS.

And let her have her Communist Sell-Out Bernie Sanders, the Once Upon-A-Time I Hate America First Lady, her Rapist Husband Bill Clinton who screwed a Vulnerable Young Intern in the Oval Office . . . AND THEN LIED ABOUT IT . . . all of whom are so far REMOVED from the People who Stump for her.

WHAT I SEE AND HEAR FROM TRUMP . . . is the Sound of VICTORY. And what I hear and see from Crooked Clinton and the JACKALS who surround her is FEAR and DEFEAT.

MY ONLY QUESTION IS SIMPLE . . . Do the LEFTIST Rats desert the Sinking Ship Now? Or do they wait for after the 8th, when the Life Boats will already be full beyond capacity?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I remember when you predicted a Romney win 4 years ago. Don’t forget that liberals are on an all out assault to win and that would include fixing this election. Let me say I hope you are right like I hoped you were right the last time. For it to be this close there are far too many Americans who believe the left talking points and are ready and willing to vote a criminal into office. We might have already gone over the cliff.

  2. Contrary to what the liberal media are force-feeding us (pure BS), “It ain’t over ’til it’s over!” I am hearing rumblings about a final WikiLeaks revelation regarding Bill Clinton, and if it goes viral on the internet, will mean that Hillary is TOAST. In addition, Trump is drawing record crowds while Hillary has to call in singers and pay people to attend her rallies. The polls are provably rigged. The Trump groundswell may result in a landslide victory for Trump. Wear red on Tues. and VOTE!

  3. Y’all enjoy Texas and the good brisket………….lots of it !!!!
    Stay well……………..

  4. Surely you jest?????? You know as well as we all know, that nothing, except God is going to slow down or stop Hillary’s ascent to the throne! She is destined for it, because the Washington mafia has designed the pathway, ordered the caterers,
    Paid the band, and is awaiting her royal arrival! We have prayed 11 Chronicles until our knees are bloody, we have beseeched the powers that be, and we have waited!! But the criminal element of our hierarchy has spoken, and we have no

  5. Leftist rats never desert their ship. Their party never publicly divides. Best proof: Bernie Sanders. A man so diametrically opposite to everything Hillary stands for yet he will shamelessly stump for her. Left wing-nuts, people afflicted with the mental disorder called liberalism, will stick with Hillary even if it were proven that she committed the most heinous of crimes. She could (and does!) have a smoking gun in one hand and blood dripping from the other yet she remains their champion.

  6. Howard, I, along with many others, gladly welcome you, Anne, Stryker & the cat to the US, and are glad you are safe. Praying daily for “deliverance” from Hillary & her ilk, I feel more confident today than I did yesterday that Trump and ALL Conservatives are headed for a victory come Nov 8th. God bless America!!!

  7. We’ll know in four short days. The rubber is about to meet the road, and all we can do at this point is to maintain hope for both of our great countries…..as well as the entire world. Welcome back to the South West, Howard and Anne. Enjoy every day you are here. Hopefully we’ll all be celebrating a win next Wednesday. However…Linda Roose might be right. Marxism has made America a sick country. There is now overt war against manliness in our schools.

  8. Welcome to Texas. I am sure the trek down was a long one. Enjoy your stay. Keep the vigil of freedom against the tyranny of the Clintons and Liberal Soros. The USA is in deep do-do after 8 years, 10 added trillion $ in debt, almost no economy growing except the % of takers. Hope your right on Trump/Pence. My fear is a stolen election process by the “Dumbocrats’. Cheating, lying, twisting truths and dividing us. It is what they do. Go TRUMP/Pence and take “Hillary” to prison.

  9. Howard, welcome back to the USA. We hope you enjoy your time in Texas! That said, I am only cautiously optimistic about Tuesday’s results. I read what’s going on via multiple sources and believe there is still too much left to chance for the Dems to screw around with which may rig the election in Hildebeast’s favor. I pray not, but I put nothing past them. They have way too much to lose in their eyes and in reality if Donald Trump wins. Watch the rats scurry everywhere as fast as they can!

  10. Welcome back to the USA! We are happy to have you living among us for a few months.
    It’s obvious that Trump is leading, but George Soros, Hillary and other globalists may pull out all the stops and rig the election. Unfortunately, there are a lot of evil people in this world. But maybe God will shine his face upon this country and give us a reprieve from the evil which has pervaded this land for many years.

  11. Howard, Please be sure to include April the cat in your family picture. I need to see what is so different about her that you feel the need to keep reminding me that she’s a cat. LOL Glad to have you and yours back among us again.

  12. Clinton screw jobs knows no limits. Bloated counts are all along the road because they specialize in this type of thing & get away with it & have for years. Satan’s minions know how to “get what they want”. A cure is for the vote to swell at the last minute with the excuse givers (i.e. my fellow Christians who feel that voting for Trump is beneath their Christian dignity while forgetting that every person is redeemable & also forgetting the fact that Pence & Carson are standing at Trump’s side.)

  13. Watch the Mail-in vote tally. No way to check of verify legitimacy of whether the person is alive or even exists. Who checks the validity of the “signature”?

  14. Glad you’re all here, safe and sound! Wish I shared your optimism regarding a Trump/Pense victory, pray you’re right! Enjoy the Texas Feast, throw in a helping of fried okra for me. Thank you for your inspiring editorials Howard, they keep me hopeful….

  15. Well… So happy to hear you all arrived safely! Tell us how you really feel Howard! Sorry, laughing out loud here!

  16. Multi-millionaire “stars” coming out to support Hillary; wasn’t Katie Perry paid $70,000 to introduce Hillary? Just so typical of Hillary Politics, and her so-called charitable foundation: money curries favour and pays for support. Were J-zee, Stevie Wonder and Bon Jovie also paid (off); fame as an entertainer somehow equates as political acumen to low information fans. How sad.

  17. There have been a number of folks who’ve indicated if Trump wins they will leave the country. That fact alone, knowing what they represent, will be good for the USA. Without lifting a finger as President, Trump would have rid the country of those who would destroy us (at least in small number). It is safe to say the election results of late night Tuesday will be watched by likely a greater number of folks than the world series, Olympics, or anything else. Pray for God’s will in it all.

  18. I grew up in Austin (when there was a Border you went across to buy cheap tequila or a prostitute).Today, people cross the Border to USA to get almost everything “free” (or “change” things here)! This election is indeed about “Good” vs. “Evil”! (Whatever is “Evil” has been declared “Good” by the “Liberal Agenda”!) Clinton “Sin List” gets longer every day, but we are so full of “forgiveness” nothing seems to make any difference anymore! Pray for “truth and justice”, but keep your guns loaded!

  19. Watching Obama having a HISSY-FIT was a GREAT PLEASURE! His ANGER was so OBVIOUS when he LOST CONTROL of his audience. He was definitely HUMILIATED! Thank you Hillary! This event just PROVED how people are so FED UP with the ESTABLISHMENT. Bernie Sanders also USED his followers for his OWN purpose…he’s just a TURN-COAT! Hope he’s happy in the new Vermont home, which CROOKED HILLARY gave him! Will there be a NOVEMBER TRUMP surprise soon? We could use one more good one. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  20. First off i never accepted obama as my president i only accept the constitution, which he has discarded for 2 terms. .After hearing some of obama’s
    remark’s while he is companion for hillay this week fortified my not excepting him as my president.
    One claim was that Trump backed the KKK because they will vote for him.obama’s other claims were out and out lies
    Too bad we can’t impeach him.

  21. Welcome to Texas! You certainly pick the right time of year to join us. Don’t think you’d much care for July, August and usually most of September where the heat and humidity are at times unbearable. I’ve lived just outside of San Antonio my entire life and learned to live with it since our winters are wonderful compared to many others. Enjoy the BBQ and if you ever make it to San Antonio I know of a couple of BBQ places that are outstanding as well.

  22. Welcome to your winter home. Glad you had a safe trip. Enjoy your Texas feast. GO TRUMP 2016!!!

  23. Welcome back to the USA! I am glad that the trip went well for you, Anne, Stryker, and April the cat. In my experience, rarely do the rats leave the ship with a Demo-rat candidate. The mindset is that bad, in my opinion. There has to be a real shake-up in Congress before any good comes out of this election. I didn’t vote early so Tuesday will be a very long day for me. There has been lots of early voting in my state, but I may have to stand in line to vote. Time will tell, won’t it?

  24. Couldn’t believe my ears. At 6:30, I flipped to CNN and actually heard Gloria Borger and David Axelrod apologize for getting the electorate so wrong. They said they would be having meetings to talk about where THEY went WRONG so it won’t happen for the next election in four years. This was music to my ears.

  25. Get your boots on and get out the Vote for Trump … Make those calls … Knock on doors … Take Seniors to the Polls … The Amish need rides to the Polls – esp in PA … Every Christian get out and VOTE TRUMP!!! Too many Christians stayed home last election … So important … May God Bless America!!!

  26. Glad all arrived safe and sound in Austin, Texas. Enjoy your HOME GROWN Bar B-Q I can almost taste it!!! I will remain on tenderhooks until this election is OVER and the fat lady sings. I am praying for a Trump Victory. We are car pooling our seniors and anyone else to the voting polls. Gonna be a super busy day. God Bless America !

  27. Speaking as a Conservative Canadian, I don’t want any of the elistist lefties that masquarade as actors coming up here, especially the likes of the moron di Caprio. This guy is so smart, he saw a natural phenomenon that occurs many times a ear in the Calgary called a chinook wind and he proudly declared that he has seen global warming personally, yeah personally. Tragically stupid. Sorry my American friends keep them, we have enough Liberal morons already.

  28. Good Evening to the flotilla ! pleased to hear you made your destination and now some wholesome western atmosphere will ”Brighten ” your stay in the ”Great U.S.A. ” . Heard the same screeching ”Demons ” on Fox ; what terrified creatures they are !! It will be soooo enlightening to have ” Peace ” in all it’s forms after the 8th when ”Trump ” will begin his massive under taking of making ” America ” great again ! Trumps wonderful family a tremendous help throughout campaign.!!

  29. Perfect! I pray to God you are 100% correct on the election results … 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  30. Thank you always, Howard, for your insightful editorials. If Trump does NOT win, then Almighty God has other plans for him. Maybe Crooked Hillary and her minions need to finish the evil play until it completely implodes on itself. As the country, nay the world, wake up even more to the Satanic plans of the NWO, and mankind sees it for what it truly is, maybe then we will be even more powerful to stop this small minority of monstrous people. Keep up the good fight! I’m with you all the way!

  31. Howard, Anne, & Family
    So glad you made the long trip from Canada to Tx safely. Enjoy your time in your second home of Tx with the great food & the cool beers. Can’t wait to see the family picture. Now that your there do take some time out for all of you to have a nice rest. Each of you sit back, put your feet up, that does not mean April though. Just have the best time ever, if you do stay up to watch the elections pray sir that Mr. Trump does win . God blessings to you & yours. Happy Smiles

  32. Hillary may have Hollywood Ties….. ..We have Howard……………………This “THOT” this morning after watching her screammmmmming…..I will be changing my billboard in front of my office to………TRUMP..May the Force be with you !

    ……Howard..you have my permission to use this in any context if you think its appropriate…

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