It’s well after 9:30 in the evening, Central Time in Monroe Louisiana as I’m writing this, where the temperature has been about 85 Degrees, where Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I will be spending the night.

And I’m not ashamed to tell you, or to admit it, that at the “Tender Age” of 66-Years Old, all this driving, about 400-Miles Per Day, is starting to wear me out. But, with the knowledge that every day on the Road puts us One Day CLOSER to Austin Texas, makes it all worthwhile.

BUT DON’T GET ME WRONG . . . Just driving through FLY-OVER-COUNTRY, seeing the gorgeous landscapes, stopping and speaking with the Local Folk every time we Gas-Up, which is often, IS A TREAT JUST IN ITSELF.

I CANNOT EMPHASIZE TOO MUCH . . . how wonderful this country (USA) really is. And how special the REAL People are in the Core of America, where being Pretentious is an Alien Concept.

And knowing how close this election has been for the MAKERS of America, in terms of real STRESS at the hands of the TAKERS on the Two Coasts, who could DESTROY THE UNION, simply by voting for a CRIMINAL, who should be Behind Bars, opposed to being on the Campaign Trail . . . is in itself nothing short of Criminal.


I competed in a plethora of sports . . . from Football, to Hockey to Karate, to Swimming Championships. And in my Heyday, before I became a chicken, I Rode Cross-Country HELL-BENT to take the solid wood, rock and water jumps . . . SO I KNOW A THING OR TWO ABOUT COMPETITION.

And . . . when I see the Clinton Machine holding their Rallies, few and far between compared to Trump, which are STAGED in Schools, in front of Stupid & Impressionable “CHILDREN”, which gives the Clinton Speakers “PAPERED AUDIENCES”, guaranteed to fill the seats in smallish auditoriums, with fawning children egged-on by their useless LEFTIST Teachers.

THE FACT THAT ALL OF THESES LEFTIST RALLIES . . . are held under these controlled and contrived conditions – It SCREAMS volumes about the low level of enthusiasm and their ABSOLUTE LACK OF BIG “MO”.

IN THE CASE OF TRUMP RALLIES . . . THE “BIG MO” (Momentum) is with Trump, who also searches out venues for his RALLIES. But unlike Crooked Hillary and her SYCOPHANTS, Trump needs FULL BLOWN ARENAS, just to accommodate the TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE who wait for HOURS UPON HOURS, just in the hope of getting into the venue.


When I was in any competition, whether it was part of a Team, or as an Individual, I knew, just from the Intensity of the Competitors, who was going to win, and who was going to get creamed.

YOU CAN FAKE AN AWFUL LOT OF THINGS . . . but you cannot fake “BIG MO”, not even a little bit. And as I see it, Trump is so full of PISS & VINEGAR, and has so much “BIG MO” working for him that his energy level is off the chart.


You and I keep on hearing about the Ground Game . . . how Crooked Hillary has an incredible Ground Game, with offices EVERYWHERE and THOUSANDS of People, most of whom are paid . . . to get out the LEFTIST VOTE.

BUT . . . BECAUSE OF TRUMP’S “BIG MO” . . . his Ground Game is REAL, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian Border. And from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mighty Pacific, WITH PEOPLE WILLING TO DO WHATEVER HAS TO BE DONE to get Trump into the White House . . . AND THEY’RE DOING IT FOR FREE!


With every PAID TAKER, there’s an Army of MAKERS out there to man the Polling Stations for Trump – Inside and Out. There are MAKERS who are watching everything, and they’re not quiet about it . . . so much so . . . that the TAKERS are spooked, and are demanding protection at the Polling Stations.

Isn’t that something . . . coming from a Party, which saw nothing wrong with Black Panthers Armed With Clubs, who were Intentionally INTIMIDATING Conservative Voters at the Polls in 2012?

As I’ve written Multiple Times . . . Don’t pay attention to the Polls, because, if they say that Crooked Hillary has a Slight Lead, it means that Trump’s AHEAD by plenty. And if they say that Trump has a Slight Lead, it means that Trump is PUMMELING Crooked Hillary like you’d beat a Dirty Rug.

I AM REALLY FEELING GOOD ABOUT TRUMP . . . and I would be devastated for the FLY-OVER People if Crooked Hillary was somehow to win, perhaps even more so than I would feel horrible for the MAKERS on both coasts, because the people who live down the CORE of this great country are INDEED THE HEARTLAND OF AMERICA, and deserve so much more than having a Felon Destroy their Country. BUT I DON’T THINK THAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.


Being on the Road makes it really hard for me to find the time and the energy to write these Editorials, but the TIMES are so EXCITING & IMPORTANT, that NOT writing ISN’T AN OPTION.

AND WITH THAT “SAID” . . . I am dong my BEST between Gas Stops – and at night before turning-in, to read all the Emails and Comments, so please do not feel offended if I do not Respond to whatever you’ve sent.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard: The link for the 8-minute “YouTube – Video” doesn’t go to YouTube. It goes to dictionary definition of eunuch. Would love to see the video. This is a great, most important editorial. Everyone needs to be reminded or made aware of how we are on the verge of repeating another historical event that will likely usher in WW III. And this soon after having greatly down-sized our military. Obama is succeeding in his goal of destroying USA or bringing us to our knees at the very least.

  2. I hope you’re right, otherwise we’re doomed. Really enjoy reading your blogs and the way you write. I’ve mentioned you to several of my friends and told them to sign up too. So glad I found your site. Have a safe and fun trip. Karen

  3. It’ O.K. to enjoy your trip and rest, so do. The only way I see Trump loosing is by voter fraud which is very likely from the information I have been hearing, but knowing Trump, he’ll figure out something about that issue. I hope. Wish I was in Austin, and I would find you and hug both you and your wife. I’m 83 so I might even give you an allowable kiss…..

  4. I saw a photo of a Hillary rally where the same 10 people are seen through out the photo 9 times proving it was photo shopped. Starting at the left of the photo & working down OR to the right, one can see the same group of people through out the photo.

  5. The feeling from the Frontier of Kansas is the same Howard. Trump is surging at the right time at the right opponent and for the right reasons. She and her machine are a heart attack to this great country, Israel, and Canada. GO TRUMP/PENCE…, and take Hillary to Prison…, Please!!!! Safe travels!

  6. Welcome to the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS…..I am located in East Texas near the Louisiana line and Toledo Bend Reservoir. Thanks for the encouraging/positive words concerning the Trump campaign. I am 77 years old and this is all very stressful to me. Our country, though it is still the best place in the world, is nothing like the land of opportunity and safety that I grew up in. I feel like this may be our last opportunity to save and possibly return to that way of life.

  7. G’night Howard:
    Just checked in before going to bed. Take care….enjoy your trip.

  8. A song that was made popular needs to be re-introduced to the “American Public” again today. It is titled, “God Must Have Loved America” as recordeed by Gene Autry. TheAmerican Public should view this great Nation once again. May God have mercy and extend His grace! It was recorded August 1, 1941 during trying times.

  9. If you have some time, read the book “Blue Highways” by William Least Heat Moon. He traveled through the USA on “blue highways” and no interstates and when he ran out of money he would find a job wherever he was and work until he had more traveling money and meet and live among the locals. It’s an AMAZING portrait of Americana and I think you would really enjoy it. He was on the road over a year and an English teacher by trade so the book is very well written as well as a great read.

  10. Howard, we are having the Lone Star Rally this weekend in Galveston, Tx. Galveston is just about on the way from Louisiana to Austin. Just a little detour off of I-10, right down TX 146 to here, then back up I-45 to I-10. This is the biggest motorcycle rally in the US, and you’d be more than welcome. This is TEXAS. (If you’d email me that you’re coming, I’d really like to meet you.)

  11. Great article, Howard, from someone born and raised in Texas. I think it was Davy Crockett who said “Y’all can go to Hell, im going to Texas” (!) Freedom will win out because evil cannot last forever. A new day is coming.

  12. Thank you once again Mr. Howard for your editorial, with you Anne & April on the road to Texas do not be so worried about writing to all of us. What is most important is that you get the rest you need driving as well as Anne and along with April.
    We do love hearing from you all of us, but your health is most important get rest. All we can do is vote for who people are going to vote for and pray to God she does not get into the White House. Go Mr. Trump.
    God speed to you each. Be safe.

  13. I hope you are rested by Nov 8th, so you can stay up all night watching the results. Trump has to win or this continent is doomed. My husband was at Donald’s rally in Fountain Hills Az in March and there was lots of momentum at that time. He really enjoyed the event. Continue to stay safe. Take care driving.

  14. I live in a heavy Hispanic Democrat area and don’t expect to see Trump signs, but today I saw my first Clinton sign. Compared to 4 and 8 years ago when Obama signs were plentiful, this lone sign gives me hope.

  15. My birthday is Nov 9th. My birthday present will be a Trump – Pence victory. They will drain the swamps in DC. Better days are ahead for the USA.

  16. What a Piece you wrote today, I also live in East Texas (Grand Saline) and if you should come through here on your way to Austin, I would be proud to Take you to Lunch. call me if you have time. ( I am 85 and still am fighting to Help our America Survive this Crook)

  17. The human element connects us all. That’s what your Editorials do for us. Those bleeding heart, smooth talking corrupt liberals don’t care about the human element. They only want to reach down deep into your pockets & yank your money out for their sole benefit. The proof is in the fact that costs are ridiculously high, but we get less services & the economy is seriously failing. Hmm smooth talking, corrupt Clintons or straight talking (& often abrasive) Trump. Give change a chance.

  18. This last week, such a strong faith has come over me that God’s hand is over this election. I believe a huge number of true believers have been praying & praying over this country & this election as never before, & God is honoring those prayers. All who read these comments & know God “personally”, please pray too. Only five days to go. II Chronicles 7:14 (all of it). God can & will change things if His children will humbly seek His forgiveness &cry out to Him for our land.

  19. Howard, you are 100% spot on re. “Big Mo”. My better half and I attended the Trump rally at Concord (North Carolina) Civic Arena (4K seats + a huge venue floor) yesterday and there was standing room only. Mr. Trump thanked those who had been in line for 6-7 hours. Best words I can come up with are ‘raucously enthusiastic!’ The atmosphere was unbelievably charged with a sense that we were eyewitnesses to history in the making. Another word comes to mind, ‘incredible’. Safe travels. Terry Morgan

  20. Go Howard Go. I am holding my breath till next Tuesday and hope to God that Trump makes it. By the way, how about Homa Abedin? How can we have a person that is connected to the Islamic Brotherhood through her parents, close to the highest level of Government. In my book she will be known one day as the Mata Hari of the 21st century. Steve Acre, Canada

  21. Howard,
    You can’t take these sort of things seriously. After all, it’s only about a crumby election. Hell, the I see it; he wins – we all win; she wins – I’ll slit my my throat.

  22. I pray you are correct; however, I believe that hrc has bought many of the electoral votes. The popular vote count won’t mean anything if this has happened.

  23. Howard,

    I have been reading your emails daily for some time. I must admire you for your sense of frankness and non-politically correct style. You generally take a positive attitude and tell it ‘like it is’. Such refreshing comments. Keep up the fine work. Hope you and all have a pleasant trip and safe return to Alexandria. Yes I am a Trump supporter too. Changes due are necessary.

    Danny Palladini
    Lancaster, ON Canada

  24. I voted early Wednesday. For four or five voting machines there was a wait of 30 minutes. i would bet that 90% + were Trump votes. Here in N.W Ga, I have yet to see a Hillary sign but see numerous very enthusiastic Trump supporters standing on the side of roads with signs. I can’t understand how anyone can vote for a criminal. Comey laid out a very convincing case in my eyes. There are people in jail who did far less. Please have a very safe continuation of your trip.

  25. Happy to hear you are enjoying your travels! I’m with you and I believe with all my heart and soul that Donald Trump is going to win by a landslide! Can’t wait for Tuesday!

  26. Always love to hear your views, Howard. We hope and pray you are correct, but we remain cautious. These Marxists have an enormous machine. What will happen to our country if HRC wins will be unimaginable. Always some great comments herein as well…..Love ’em! You’re almost “home”…..Be safe and have fun!

  27. As long as you count the High Desert of Southern California as part of flyover country, that doesn’t deserve Crooked Hillary’s evil machinations, then I’m with you. But if we are part of the coastal group you disparage, then my feelings are hurt. And to boot, we are prisoners of the evil leftist Sacramento.

  28. We know that VOTER FRAUD is rampant! It’s been written that if Romney would have done like Trump, i. e., be willing to challenge Obama’s win via voter fraud, that he could have probably won; however, we also know that Romney didn’t even have the GUTS to challenge him re: the BENGHAZI situation, thus one of the main reasons for his loss. CROOKED HILLARY knows that TRUMP will pursue ANY suspicion/threat of VOTER FRAUD, if need be! CROOKED HILLARY needs a NEW pantsuit [ORANGE]. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  29. The latest information is that apparently Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner have “flipped” and have agreed to cooperate with the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s crimes. Of course they want to save their own hides – Abedin has been involved in all that Hillary has done for quite a few years. Hopefully what they know will come out in these last few days before the election. The whole thing is really getting more intense by the hour. Stay tuned! GO TRUMP!

  30. Howard I am happy that you are so near your destination, Austin, TX. Although I find it a bit ironic that you have chosen to live in Austin. I do have two grandchildren living there I prefer the very conservative Panhandle (North Texas). From every thing I hear Austin is the most Liberal city in the state. But I am very aware of our climate differences. Enjoy your winter in Texas. Edgar Sellers

  31. Be safe while driving and rest as much as you need too. Thank You for the POSITIVE on Trump. I don’t know what happened in my neighborhood, but I was the ONLY one on my street to have a Trump SIGN…today there are more then a few. The Hillary SIGNS seem to have disappeared. I hope this is a GOOD SIGN. Godspeed. Prayers for you all & USA.

  32. Glad that your trip is going well, you are not that far from Austin as you said. I am hoping and praying that Trump does win. The All Mighty will have to help us all, should Hildebeast win!!!!!! The latest from the FBI just may put the cherry on top of the sundae – I hope. It seems as though Georgia has had their largest turnout for early voting since they have been doing early voting. I didn’t vote early so my Hubby and I will be voting next Tuesday for Trump.

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