Can’t Blame Trump? Blame the Russians – Not the Russians – Blame Comey:


This is Day Two On the Road to Texas . . . and We’re Making Great Time.

Last Night, we slept just outside Scranton Pennsylvania, while tonight, we’re several miles from Wytheville VA, where a few years ago, the Mayor of Wytheville presented me with the KEY TO THE CITY, on behalf of the Pledge Ride. So obviously, we are very pleased and comfortable to be in Wytheville.

While traveling, we get to see some great sights, most of which are already familiar to us, since we’ve made this journey quite a few times, by Motorcycle, Car, and now for the Third Time by RV . . . but the MOST incredible TWO SIGHTS we saw and didn’t see – were . . .

1 – VOTE TRUMP/SPENCE Signs on Lawns, in the Middle of the Grassy Areas between the Lanes (the Median) on the I-81 and on the TOPS OF BARNS AND BUILDINGS all along the Highway.


Now that’s the kind of POLL we should take notice of, instead of the Polls Force-Fed on all of us from the Corrupt Media, since real FREE ENTHUSIASM can’t be bought.


And while spending Last Night in Pennsylvania, we were watching FOX News, which has become FOX News OVERLOAD, since all of their Breaking News, is generally nothing more than Regurgitated Stories they Repackage and Reintroduce as Fresh and New.

HOWEVER . . . Last night (October 31st), while watching Megyn Kelly, who I generally don’t watch, and whom I hope moves to CNN or one of the other LEFTIST Propagandist Broadcasters, since it seems that earning LESS than $20-MILLION per year on FOX News is somehow beneath her, she might actually leave, which is not the story . . . but interesting nonetheless, because it gives us some perspective into the GREED and Elitism of the People who want to convince us that they understand who we are.

But that isn’t the story either.

BUT WHAT IS THE STORY . . . and what made watching Megyn Kelly worthwhile, was when during her discussion about Donna Brazile, who is the Interim Chairperson of the Democrat Party, who has been caught Red Handed, NOT ONCE . . . BUT TWICE – RIGGING DEBATES FOR Crooked Hillary, that Megyn Kelly’s opinion of Brazile was unshaken, claiming her to be a GOOD FRIEND AND A WONDERFUL PERSON.


SO WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT MEGYN KELLY . . . who thinks a Privileged Insider (Donna Brazile), who has been caught RIGGING at least Two Debates and outright LYING about doing it, is a Wonderful Person and a GOOD FRIEND?

When CONFRONTED with the Truth, Brazile never denied it. She only obfuscated by telling all who would listen . . . “As A Christian Woman I Understand Persecution”, which was supposed to mean what?

BUT TO ME . . . It means that Megyn Kelly is no different than the other Swamp Creatures Trump would like to rid the American People from, including Bottom Feeders like Howie Kurtz, who was a FINE LEFTIST with CNN, before finding his not so Born Again Conservatism after being hired by FOX News who also thinks the world of Donna Brazile.

ALL OF THAT BEING SAID . . . Kelly and Kurtz are just TWO of ALL OF THEM on all the Television Networks and Print Media who are INTERCHANGEABLE with each other, and are a RADIATING DISPLAY OF NEPOTISM with the Political and Bureaucrat types they are supposed to be keeping in check with the TRUTH.


Even though the LEFT have been pushing this Narrative with everything they have, that the Russians are responsible for the Leaked Emails, and that Trump is up to his neck in Russian Deals and Agreements . . . It just isn’t true.

The problem though, is that all the people who are making this claim as FACT, that it’s all about the Russians and Putin, is that they can’t back up any of the supposed FACT . . . And now, after exhaustive research by the FBI, probably by the CIA, and probably the NSA too . . . to quote Obama about the IRS Fiasco, about evidence of a crime – Not even a smidgeon of corruption” . . . Except with the IRS, Obama was telling a LIE.


SO . . . Now that they’ve exhausted their misrepresentations about Trump and Putin, it’s now all about James Comey of the FBI, for doing his Job, which he should have done many months ago. And when I hear from the Media, and the Attorney General (Loretta Lynch) that it is IMPROPER and DEFIES PROTOCOL to open an enquiry about a Candidate within 60-Days before an election . . . I have to shake my head in wonderment.

All I want to know is . . . how did it ever become INAPPROPRIATE to deliver Justice to criminals at anytime? Especially a Criminal who might become the most Powerful Person on the Planet?


I guarantee you that 99% of the People who are talking about the Hatch Act never heard of it before now, and if they did, they probably couldn’t correctly describe it. But now, all of a sudden, because of the Mainstream Media and the Democrats . . . “EVERYONE” is talking about the Hatch Act, which is nothing more or less than BS ON A STICK.


As I’m writing this . . . Bill O’Reilly is blathering away in the Back Ground, to which I am not really listening, EXCEPT, in the early segment of his show, he made a comparison between Clinton and Trump, which caught my attention, when O’Reilly described Crooked Hillary as . . . “SOMEONE WHO DEVOTED HER LIFE TO PUBLIC SERVICE” . . .

None of the People who feed at the Public Trough . . . elected or appointed, DEVOTE themselves to anything or to anyone but to themselves and theirs. And to even suggest that Crooked Hillary, who has lived the LIFE OF ROYALTY, because of the TROUGH, who has more than a quarter of a BILLION OF DOLLARS in the Bank that we know of, with perhaps BILLIONS MORE, which are hidden in their Two Crooked Foundations, since they’re not open to real audits, I don’t need O’Reilly or anyone else to insult my intelligence by saying that Crooked Hillary DEVOTED HERSELF TO SERVING THE PEOPLE.

Writing this Editorial has been a challenge, but well worth the Time and Effort, but a challenge nonetheless, so I probably won’t write another for a couple of days.

I have received MORE than 500 Emails in the last two days, which I perused to make certain that I didn’t delete anything really important. But I hope you can understand that it is impossible for me to reply to this volume of Emails while on the road.

THAT SAID . . . I will read all the Comments at the end of the Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hello Howard,
    The link you provided to access sell-out Israel is not correct. Can you mail me the correct link?
    Thank you,

  2. We still do not know why Vince Foster made several separate trips to Switzerland and returned withing hours. Could it be that he was depositing money in a Swiss account for friends? Is this the real reason he is no longer with us? There are so many unsolved murders around the Clintons that they make the Mafia look like Sunday School.

  3. Welcome to the USA. Wishing you and the family a wonderful winter in Texas. Thanks for your editorials. Will be an interesting next 7 days for sure. GO TRUMP!!! God Bless and travel safe.-Bev Kepple

  4. I agree the Fox news is not what it used to be. However, when I try to go to another news station, it is worse, so I go back and listen to O’Reily and Megan. There at least we get some news and not just election propaganda. Oh how I long to have this circus of an election over with. I am sure Trump will sweep the country.

  5. “…how did it ever become INAPPROPRIATE to deliver Justice to criminals at anytime?? That’s VERY well said, Howard.

    Unfortunately, Lynch’s twisted thinking is of the same stupidity that refuses to acknowledge that it’s ILLEGAL to be an ILLEGAL ALIEN.

  6. Glad to know you are on the road again and it’s going well. Up in the N. Ga mountains this weekend I saw plenty of Trump signs and no Hillary. I’m off to watch Sean Hannity now and wish you a very safe and interesting trip on your way to Austin, Tx…best wishes Joy Parsons, Atlanta, Ga

  7. Coming home to NE thru PA a month ago saw Nothing but Trump signs, but the experts tell us that Trump going to lose PA.
    Cannot wait for
    Tuesday am to hear the spin on that and much more. I believe millions are going to be closet voters for Trump but will not let anyone think that they support Trump.

  8. Hannity on the radio today revealed that one of the firms who had backed up Hillary’s emails had also hired another company to backup their storage and that company turned over ALL of their storage of Hillary’s emails to the FBI in Oct 2015. The FBI has had ALL of her emails since that date & nothing has been done to search them. What a mess.

  9. Just finished watching the movie Hillary’s America. I highly recommend it for anyone voting in this election. It was a real eye opener to the plan that Killery has been working on most of her life. This woman is DANGEROUS

  10. I will not vote early in FL. I believe it gives Witchillary the numbers she has to fill with illegal votes day by day, less noticeably. If many go to the polls on Tues and wearing red, I don’t think she can fix that many votes in one day or at least makes it much more difficult. I would credit if I knew-Trump for White House, Hillary for jailhouse, Bernie for nuthouse, Obama for outhouse!!! Please Trump, do your best!! Welcome back to all the Galganovs!!

  11. Definitely, “Crooked Hillary DEVOTED HERSELF TO SERVING THE PEOPLE.” But, it wasn’t us or any of those they claimedto have helped, example, the people in Haiti. Just another lie to make them look good.

  12. As I write this, a MAJOR scandal is about to fall about Hillary’s ears. It involves both her and Huma Abedin forwarding classified State Department files to Abedin’s unsecured account. Anyone with the name of that account and the password could gain unfettered access. This was done deliberately, and John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager was urging deletion of the files. Too late. The files are in the FBI’s hands and are being sorted right now. This will be hard to cover up!

  13. Well said summation of Megyn Kelly! Swamp Creature was an excellent choice of words. After the latest Weiner computer reveal, that this race is even still close is a testament to the overt stupidity that exists here in the US. We are replaying the Nixon Watergate years, except it will be Hillary this time screeching, “I am not a criminal!” If she’s elected, it will probably only last 1-2 years of perpetual legal proceedings before impeachment. Then, the economy/stock market will freefall!

  14. To all who have become fed up with the “news” on TV as I did years ago, please let me suggest talk radio. Several of these guys and gals are absolutely wonderful. It’s truly amazing what you will learn. Thanks for another excellent editorial, Howard.

  15. Blame – Blame – Blame – Is that all the Democrats can do???!!! I really wish they would remember – When you point a finger at someone – Three fingers are always pointing back at you!!! FoxNews is getting pathetic. I hardly ever watch it anymore. I am so tired of the pundits saying the same thing over & over again. There are a couple of talkers that I will listen to, but not like I use to.

  16. Great piece Howard & thanks for saying what I’ve been thinking about Fox – especially Megyn Kelly for a long time! I’m suggesting to others of your readers to do what I often do – that being to cut & paste your Hyperlink into a new email and send this or any other, into a new email to all there’s, with the urging to also read the comments section at the foot. If by chance you do not know how to cut & paste – get a neighbor kid or grand kid to show you how it’s done! Thanks Howard & welcome back.

  17. I have been a fan of Fox News for a long time and a year ago I noticed them slowly moving left and it’s not just because I can’t that leftest Williams who is their just so he could disagree with what was said by who personally I think he’s an idiot! I believe I read somewhere one of the sons is involved with somebody at CNN or a Very Liberal gal! If you could shed some light on that I would appreciate it! Keep up the good fight! God Bless you’,Trump and America!

  18. Who would have though 25 years ago we would have a presidential election the likes we have now.
    This is a total disgrace , it confirms just how flawed our government is,this also has trickled down to city ,states and county government. I am looking forward to Trump to clean house and clean up the mess that that muslim traitor that lives in the white house.

  19. Another great article, thanks. Watching FOX has become a complete bore, as many ads as talking, no more O’Reilly, too pompous and interrupts his guests. Lou Dobbs is really great and very interesting on FOX Business at 7pm ET. In Sarasota I only see Trump signs. We really hope he wins big time and put her in jail where she should have been many years ago. Have a pleasant stay in the US.

  20. I also use I-81 & I-83 to avoid greedy tolls & NYC-NJ traffic and can confirm we not did we see any signs for Hillary, from Florida to RI, nothing but TRUMP signs, and while not scientific, it sure looks like Trump at least sweeps the lawn sign vote! BTW, I had over 20 Trump signs stolen from my lawn, the latest BIG ONE is stapled to my porch and is lighted at night! So far, no one has touched this one in a month! Keep up your good work, Howard. Dick Bouchard WNRI AM-FM

  21. There you go again, Howard! Do you live in my head? Yesterday my husband and I left our western NC mountain home to go shopping in Greenville, SC. On the way home I said, “Do you know, I’ve seen lots of Trump signs, but not ONE Clinton sign, in the city or along the rural roads.” But then I heard a Democrat in our state. when asked for Hillary stickers, said “We don’t need those- she’s already got the election”!

  22. You tube has an 11 minute piece on “smoking gun -massive election fraud” by Alex Jones channel. Scary, what do you think?

  23. Lately I have started watching Stuart Varney and Lou Dobbs on Fox Business for my conservative TV viewpoints–I only watch Fox News for Jesse Waters and Miller for comedy!

  24. Did you know that the FBI has been heavily investigating Trump, for ties to Putin? And so far has come up empty handed. Go figure.

  25. Glad you caught that misstatement of O Reallys. Hillary is just as dedicated a servant as Trudeau. Both dedicated to themselves and screw their respective countries.

  26. Howard yet ANOTHER great job of bringing the TRUE facts out in the open. But, the truth is most Americans are just too stupid and/or lazy to stand up and scream that we are getting the shaft. Lets hope they will be able to locate their polling place and vote for the guy that’s willing to save our nation. Vote early and often……LOL

  27. Donna Brazile’s calling herself a persecuted Christian in response was her way of keeping from telling a lie because she would not reveal damaging truth. When folks refuse to accept truth, because it isn’t what they want, they will accept the lie instead. Repeated over time = strong delusion. I feel that’s where most if not all on the left fall. Sorry to say that includes a number of GOP as well. Trump as Prez may bring the break in the GOP needed to restore it to conservatism. Safe travel.

  28. Yes, Carol Bryant, he lives in my head too, and many others. Well done Howard. O’Reilly’s word is “law” – in HIS head.
    She is a devoted only to La Famiglia Clinton and has destroyed anyone who gets in her way…especially women. Dare we hope that we will be done with the Arkansas Mafiosi on Nov. 9?
    Happy Trails Howard and Ann (and 4 legged family).

  29. After this next FBI ‘review’, the info goes to the DOJ. The second-level AG deputy will get that info. Only thing – that person is a close friend of John Podeska – even asked him to find a job on HC’s campaign this summer for his son. So, in effect, tainting any true investigation or gathering of a Grand Jury. The Clinton Cartel reaches far and wide. Clinton Foundation – a synonym for ‘racketeering.’

  30. Howard, Megan Kelly is a painted image on Dust. Donald Trump was exonerated by the FBI. Yet the news Media had time to cover her Twenty Million dollar demand of her worth. Yet no time to cover the horrific claims and lies of Trumps ties to Russia. As for O’Reilly I simply say O’Really, he is a Water BOY. He has the tongue of a wise and learned “Serpent”. Donald Trump will be Elected by the intervention of much fervent Prayer. Or Hil”LIAR’y will be used to Prevail against the America we all loved

  31. FOX has certainly made an “about face”–prefer FOX Business News! Trump and his campaign are working very hard to assure that he gets elected. No doubt, there will be a NOVEMBER surprise…will this situation get any worse? Crooked Hillary fears taking questions from reporters…it’s no wonder! Whatever happened to her so-called ILLNESS? She sure recovered quickly from PNEUMONIA. Can’t wait for the “swamp to be drained”! Let’s “make America great again” by voting for Trump! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  32. All the Clintons are out for themselves, Public Service, you have got to be joking BO. They do not care about anyone except themselves, Chelsea included. If they weren’t able to make a dime they would not do it. It all about the millions.

  33. The ‘Clinton Is Old Mobile’ has ridden over a strip of dragon teeth (FBI, Wikileaks); with four flats is trying to make it to November 8th. To the Clinton Campaign’s chagrin, they are being lapped by ‘The Donald Trump Flash.’

  34. I have noticed “Shop Trump” set ups here in Florida where hats, shirts, stickers are being sold in support and to raise money they seem to be doing well. Some are road side.

  35. Today Nov 2nd I voted for Donald Trump. Very big turn out at this poll, steadily in and out folks, Poll worker told me 10,000 have voted at this poll the last two days. Lot of red shirts there !!! Thanks again Howard for all you do and have done for all of us. God bless you and yours, stay safe and keep your powder dry!

  36. Hillary was caught on camera politicking at an early voting station – there are laws, but not for her. When the FBI let her off the email hook, they are great guys, but now they are looking at her again so its a “fix”. Trump announced news today about her campaign manager working deals with the state dept & Lynch – CNN incredibly just talked about Trump’s uphill battle. How blatant can a “news” organisation be? BTW, there is other news than the election, but you wouldn’t know it.

  37. The US Department of Justice is corrupt and rotten to the core. The FBI is boxed in by the Attorney General. All the
    FBI can do is on its own is investigate. Empaneling a grand jury, assigning a prosecutor, issuing supoenas and warrants are all a function of the Justice Department. If Justice refuses to do their part in an investigation the FBI’s hands are tied and the investigation goes no where. Check out deputy AG for legislative affairs Peter Kadzik, friend of Podesta.

  38. Today I voted early.. Straight Republican ticket except for sheriff, who does such a good job that he is not challenged. I had hoped for few in line but found a long line. Every person wanted me to move in front because of my age and physical ability per the sign..
    My response was that their time was valuable and if I could prop against the wall and vote at my time, I would be happy. Their time is as valuable as mine. I would bet that 99% voted as I. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

  39. Welcome to the USA. Great Editorial. I have decided to take a Step Back from the NEWS. Most of it is BS from the talking heads pleading their OWN dictatorship. I prefer to RESEARCH on line. And our Senior Citizen Center has some real OLD GEEKS who print off all kinds of goodies and also copy/paste for those of us with computers. Yes, I share your editorials with them, as well as my RESEARCH. We all are voting TRUMP !! Godspeed to your destination.

  40. Trump by 6.8% over Hillary, AND all four of the big swing states, FL, NC, OH, AND PA as well as IA, NEV, and Arizona!
    As an old DJ from Boston, Jerry Williams once said and it started a movement then, “We’re mad as hell and we ain’t gonna take it any more!!”

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