Constitutional Contrition For Political Perdition



In James Comey’s (Director of the FBI) ORIGINAL Findings against/for Crooked Hillary, where he communicated that she was absolutely CARELESS with National Security, but somehow, through an INDEFINABLE Act, which no one could understand – with only one TRUTH as evidence, which I will describe soon . . . Comey said that there wasn’t sufficient Evidence of INTENT to Indict Hillary Clinton. Which Is Old News.

EXCEPT . . . According to the LAW . . . INTENT has nothing whatsoever to do with what Crooked Hillary did. And even though Comey said that no Reasonable Prosecutor would have been able to Prosecute Crooked Hillary based on the evidence he had . . . that wasn’t even remotely true.

THE NEW NEWS . . . I believe – is that Comey hasn’t all of a sudden found Religion, nor did he have a Pang of Guilt for TOTALLY Selling Out American Justice, Stomping on the US Constitution, and SHATTERING THE PEOPLE’S FAITH IN AMERICA’S REPUBLICAN DEMOCRACY AND POLITICAL PROCESS.

IN SPITE OF ALL THE GREAT-GUY STUFF WE’VE HEARD OF COMEY . . . that he’s above and beyond reproach, I don’t believe he was ever a Great Guy, nor was he ever above and beyond reproach, since Great Guys don’t all of a sudden SELL-OUT and SCREW-OVER an Entire Nation, no matter how much Political Pressure might have been placed upon him, ESPECIALLY, since Comey could not be FIRED before his Ten Year Term is up, which is not due until September 2023.

And if Comey somehow felt . . . that at this stage, during an Election, once the Investigation began about a year ago, even though the evidence was overwhelming against Crooked Hillary, that filing charges against her would have SEVERELY DISRUPTED the Election, so he didn’t do it, thinking that he was doing the right thing, THAT WAS NOT HIS CALL TO MAKE.

THE ONLY WAY I AM AWARE OF . . . for Comey to be Fired is for him to be IMPEACHED by Congress, since it was Congress (Senate) which gave approval to his 10-Year Appointment.

AND THE REASON FOR A 10-YEAR APPOINTMENT . . . approved by the Senate, is because it makes the Director of the FBI, Literally IMPERVIOUS from Pressure from the White House and White House Appointees, INCLUDING the Attorney General.

THE PRESIDENT (OBAMA) can Fire James Comey for Cause . . . but it better be for High Crimes & Misdemeanors, or else Obama would simply be tightening the NOOSE around his own neck. And with the Investigation Developing the way it currently is, IN SPITE OF COMEY, who I believe is running scared, I kind of imagine that Obama is worried more about his own Skinny Ass, than he is worried about saving Crooked Hillary’s Fat Ass.

FROM EVERYTHING I’VE READ . . . The Professional Agents of the FBI, who are as proud of their Institution as PROUD CAN BE, are so outraged by the way Comey all but DESTROYED the American People’s Perception of the FBI, which might be the Only Truly Trusted Division Of Law, Order, & Justice In America, that his Agents are as willing to destroy Comey . . . as Comey was about NOT Indicting Crooked Hillary.

THAT BEING SAID . . . I don’t for a second believe that Comey had a Come To Jesus Moment, feeling Contrite for SELLING OUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, but rather, to save his own ASS, as his FBI began to destroy him for destroying their Reputation.

I also believe that Comey was plenty worried about what would happen if Crooked Hillary should lose the Election, or if she won the Election with such a small Majority, that her TENURE would be so shaky, as to be fighting for her survival after winning, especially if the Republicans kept the House, and somehow the Senate too . . . that when she went down with her Sinking Ship, he and others would be going down with her.

I ALSO HAPPEN TO BELIEVE . . . that for James Comey, the die of his own making has already been cast, and he’s all but done, and will be happy to leave the FBI without being totally destroyed, since as far as I’m concerned, Comey’s Once-Upon-A-Time Stellar Reputation is already in Tatters, without ever being able to be restored, which also makes me believe that he cannot finish the remaining 7-Years of his 10-Year Term.


AS FOR CROOKED HILLARY . . . Even though there’s still slightly less than 2-Weeks to go before the November 8th Vote – it isn’t going to get better for her, BUT NOW IT WILL GET MUCH WORSE. And I do mean much worse by far, since the gloves are off . . . and all manner of CRAP will come to light, which none of us could have ever imagined . . . so much so, that she might actually be charged and arrested before the 8th . . . WITHOUT THE FBI GOING TO THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT (Loretta Lynch) FOR APPROVAL.

AND SPEAKING OF LORETTA LYNCH . . . She too has plenty to fear, since as I see it, she’s as Guilty up to her eyebrows as anyone in this Nefarious and Disgusting ASSAULT on the very CORE OF AMERICAN FREEDOM.


I keep hearing how there are no teeth to this latest allegation by the FBI, and it was introduced NOW (11-Days Before the Election) as a COMMON COURTESY TO CONGRESS, since the Clinton Email Investigation was REOPENED.

THIS PREMISE IS 100% DISHONEST . . . since the FBI is under no LEGAL or MORAL obligation to notify Congress about any INVESTIGATION. And because Comey released the information that the Investigation has been REOPENED, it wasn’t because he was following Protocol and doing what was expected of him from Congress, but rather, I would STRONGLY SUGGEST, it was because the FBI has some EXTRAORDINARILY DAMNING EVIDENCE AGAINST CROOKED HILLARY, which might lead to actual charges, even before the Election.

And whether Comey wanted to release the Information or not . . . about REOPENING the Investigation, his FBI Agents, who are all but ready to MUTINY against him – who would have . . . Left Comey with ZERO Choice.


While Crooked Hillary . . . before this new revelation – was busy measuring the Drapes in the White House, and picking her Cabinet, because as far as she and the Mainstream Media were concerned, the Election was already over and she won, Trump was busy Campaigning Hard and Winning VOTES.

And in spite of what the Polls Show, I, like MILLIONS of others, have no reason to believe in the veracity of any of them, since I truly believe they are RIGGED through Skewed Questioning through the Media. And unless VOTING FRAUD IS SO RIPE in favor of the LEFT, which is a real possibility, Donald Trump should win, even before this Bombshell News Broke . . . which is far from over.

IN SUMMARY . . . As for Comey who BETRAYED the American People and the US Constitution, for whatever reason, his Contrition now has little to do with making Amends, as much as it has to do with Self Survival, which is usually the most dangerous component to others who want to survive too.

Namely Obama, his Attorney General, and everyone else close to Crooked Hillary.

PLEASE NOTE – Tomorrow, Sunday October 30, 2016 . . . Anne, Stryker, April The Cat and I will be busy packing up and making ready for our Journey South on the 31st, somewhat ahead of schedule.

Because of this . . . there will not be an Editorial for several days, and I will have some difficulty responding to most Emails. But that isn’t to say, that I won’t be reading everything people send, including Comments. And as soon as I have a chance to breathe, even while on the Road, I will continue to write and Publish Editorials.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. CHAMBERLAIN SAID “peace in our time”…obama STRATEGY IS “one piece at a time”! WE CANNOT WAIT UNTIL 2016!
    Bud Farrell, Georgetown, Texas

  2. I think it is suspicious that Comey comes out with this only when the polls are tightening. Trump said he would open his own investigation. That would have ruined Comey.

  3. I think Comey is trying to save his own assets. Not only are his own people in the FBI close to revolt against him, but after the WikiLeaks revelations, there is now the realization that Trump will probably WIN the election. That means that unless Comey does SOMETHING to at least partially rectify his incredibly massive blunder, Trump will kick his butt out of the FBI and replace him with someone who has the guts to do the job properly. He knows he’s in hot water, and this is a way out.

  4. Comey punted on Hilary because he was threatened and because he is up to his ears with the phony foundation investigation which I HEAR–but cannot confirm–has uncovered corruption beyond your wildest expectations. It touches EVERYONE in government worldwide with very few exceptions–but I also hear Trump IS one of the exceptions.
    She’s going to jail because Huma and Cheryl are going into this one WITHOUT immunity. Pass the popcorn.

  5. I find it hard to believe that my American friends could bring themselves to vote for “Crooked Hillary”.

  6. Excellent analysis, Howard. Hope you, Anne and the crew have a wonderful trip south. I’ll bet you’ll have a ton of info to digest before your next editorial! The plot is definitely thickening.

  7. What a mess we are in and will it ever be over. Are there any honest people left? Thanks so much for always making us think of the issues as they really are instead of just hearing the media. Can’t imagine all the work that goes into your articles to keep us informed. Wishing you, Anne, Stryker, and April the Cat great travels and safety on your way south. God Bless and enjoy your winter. GO TRUMP 2016!!!!!

  8. Wow! This one is brilliant. I want you to know, I write editorials off of your thoughts and I have used my 2 for Oct. but will get this to 350 words and send it in. That is very difficult as I hate leaving anything out. I wish everyone who reads you would do the same. Who knows whose mind this might change?

  9. Howard…why can’t we eliminate all the lobbyist so we could have a REAL election?…GO TRUMP!

  10. When watching Comey’s phony excuse for the dismissal I couldn’t help but think about how much it looked like John Roberts BS excuse for passing the mess known as Obama care. Same sheepish look when explaining that it was a tax..that Comey had explaining the dismissal.

  11. Donald Trump will be the next leader of the free world, according to an artificial intelligence system that has accurately predicted the last three U.S. presidential elections.
    The number-crunching AI, called MogIA, analyzes information from sites, such as YouTube, Google, Twitter and Facebook to calculate which way Americans are likely to vote.
    Engagement online, including Twitter retweets, Facebook Live views and YouTube video searches, are all included in the equation – andMogIA reports

  12. HG, superb analysis, as usual! Wishing you a safe trip and hoping Stryker’s friends recognize him from last year.

  13. Safe travels, Howard and family! Looking forward to your next editorial….what could possibly happen in the political world between now and then?!?!

  14. Watched and listened to Juliani’s (SP) this AM with Hannity. He laid out bullet points in determining criteria for a possible conviction. Believe there were over 10. All were met by Clinton. Trump says; This entire FBI, Justice Dpt., DNC, and Pres Admin is rigged. I hope after his action yesterday Comey will now be able to look into the mirror without turning away. Go get her and the supporting cast Comey! Do things right this time!! GO TRUMP/PENCE! Take Hillary to prison please!!!!!

  15. Howard, you ALL have a good, safe trip! Isn’t it PECULIAR that SEX was used against TRUMP to try to disgrace him and NOW, SEX has a ROLE in CROOKED HILLARY’S charges–WEINER, etc..? No matter HOW the investigation was reopened, it sure felt good to hear that the TRUTH has a chance to be revealed about her. There is a lot more SUBSTANCE to this event than we can/could ever imagine, especially with the election being so close. Thanks to the HONEST FBI AGENTS for their support! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  16. The only reason Comey caved in is because he didn’t want to be part of the Clinton hit list, which continues to grow even now.

    Joseph Lukas, Cleveland, OH

  17. Let’s forget for a moment that Comey did this to save his own tookus. What if there is validity to the emails. For example, Huma Abedin is associated with terrorism. Here parents were supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. Let’s say that Huma offloaded highly confidential files to her Google drive to pass on to her comrade terrorists in arms. Apparently, this warrants a serious investigation. If this is the case it speaks volume about Hitlary. Hopefully both along with Wiener serve time.

  18. Howard & Anne
    There is not much left to say about all the crooked people running America we all know they are.
    So, I will say to you both & to April the cat do have a smooth drive back to Tx & a safe one.
    Will be awaiting to hear from you again, God speed to you three.

  19. In describing Loretta Lynch’s position, I note that Howard uses the term “Justice Minister” instead of “Attorney-General.” Ah. You can take the boy out of Canada but you can’t take Canada out of the boy.

  20. And you didn’t mention that the wife of Comey’s second in command received $600,000.00 in Clinton money to help her in a state level election, it didn’t, she lost, but the husband was promoted to that second in command position. The FBI has little to no credence left and Clinton can use that in her campaign. She can now say that Comey, who cleared her on the email scandal can now say the FBI can’t be trusted. Comey is said to be a smart guy but he was played a fool by the Clintons, DUH!. .

  21. Last night -Bill O’Reilly said some of his friends in the FBI reported they were all close to mutiny! If Comey did not set the record straight – they WOULD. We all knew HC SHOULD HAVE BEEN indited – she broke the law-plain and simple – and many times over and over somehow always sneaking through. She can’t blame the Republicans for her stupidity and dishonesty. Obama is also complicit. He knew and sent emails to her on that private server. Safe journey HG and family.

  22. Howard, I don’t believe that this new investigation will show anything serious to harm Hillary. Its bad enough that she has Huma Abedin as her senior advisor ( whose parents are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood ) I think its too late to do anything to Hillary now as nothing sticks to her. I wish it did.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  23. Maybe Comey had an epiphany went the FBI personnel were against him 100%, he realized that he was the nation’s cop and should have presented the evidence w/o recommendation, and he read the law which specifically states intention is not an excuse in handling classified documents.

  24. As much as I look forward to your editorials, I reluctantly will survive a few days without them. I wish you, Anne, Stryker and April the Cat a happy, relaxing and interesting holiday. You deserve it.

  25. Have safe trip to our neck of the woods. Most folks I know who vote lefty ticket are college grads or in education system. Perhaps it is that very education (tho not for all) that was more like brainwashing. They definitely seem to be in an alternate world from conservatives/right-wing. Hillsdale College offers free online courses on Constitution, Gov’t Policy, etc., that is enlightening as to how/why we are in the mess we’re in. Again, God grant safe travels to you, Anne, Stryker & kitty.

  26. Safe travels………. will be watching and waiting for the next one….. Lord only knows what’s going to happen between now and then!

  27. Time will tell the story of Hildebeast! @Arnold, there are just as many stupid idiots in the USA, just like there are in Canada. How did Trudeau get elected? By stupid idiots!!! :O) Howard may your journey to Texas with Anne, Stryker and April the cat be a safe one. Don’t push yourself either, be slow and steady. You are just getting over an illness. I know you feel better, but pushing yourself could bring about a relapse. Looking forward to your next blog. You are a treasure to your readers.:O)

  28. Have a safe trip. IF Killery wins, it will be like when BILL/Monica took up most of the presidency. Another round of legalities at OUR EXPENSE. When Trump wins…he will ASK for Comey’s resignation and put the FBI on notice that they are still THE BEST, but NOT ABOVE THE LAW. MYPOV

  29. Howard…I think it’s time we made you an honorary Southerner. There are a couple of lines in this post that lead me to believe it’s time for your indoctrination into being one of us ! I’ll just repeat one of those lines when you said this…. . . “I don’t for a second believe that Comey had a Come To Jesus Moment,”……That my friend is as Southern as it gets. All that’s lacking is some grits with red eye gravy. The fact is I like a lot of we Americans wish you would just move here !

  30. Please route yourself through Southern California, Lucerne Valley, to be specific.

  31. Thanks for your continued information and the articles that enlighten. I pray you and the gang have a safe journey to our great Lone Star State – Be careful – Gary Burd, Amarillo, TX

  32. I wonder which is worse for HRC. ..going to jail or losing her second attempt to become the POTUS? Can we have both? And include that skinny little Arab woman with the 1/2″of lipstick and her pervert husband. Geez. This country is becoming the new Argentina!!

  33. Howard/Anne, may God keep you safe as you guys travel. Keep the rubber side down.If anyone of us regular American Citizens pulled half the crap as these “Higher Ups” did, being extremely facetious, the DOJ would be over us like stink on s__t! We wouldn’t see day light probably for the rest of our lives! One of the things I was taught in “Public School” was that, our “Elected Officials” are but a mirror image of those who vote them in! Didn’t seem like much then BUT how credible that seems now!

  34. Yep America’s Two Top Dirty Cops. Comey and Loretta Lynch just want to save their own assets! And all the FBI agents and employees are on the verge of Mutiny Thank God they decided to do the right thing and try to remove the tarnish and stench from themselves and FBI up till now the respected Law enforcement Institution in the world. Now if only all the DOJ folks Mutineed and forced Lynch and Obama to come clean! God Bless America!

  35. Have a safe and pleasant trip to Texas Howard, it might be a new and different America by the time you get there.

  36. I cannot believe Obama and Clinton were not informed about this first. Comey and the DOJ are owned by the both of them. Our justice system is non existent as far as they are concerned. They are sticking this new revelation in our face and we are supposed to eat it up. I wonder what is going on with the hand behind their back. Another cover up in the making I would guess!!!!

  37. Imelda Marcos, “kleptocrat”, From wikipedia, After the death of her husband Ferdinand, she returned to the Philippines and was later elected four times to the House of Representatives as a congresswoman for Leyte in 1995 and for Ilocos Norte in 2010, 2013 and 2016. Reminded me of Hillary. Why do people vote for these crooked people?

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