Ken Norton/Muhammad Ali . . . THEIR Rendezvous With Destiny


I don’t have to explain to most of you, especially if you’re over the age of 65, Like SUZANNE MC MAINS of Sierra Vista Arizona, who turns 72-TODAY, that I’ve not been sleeping well throughout the night, because of being FITFUL, especially now, since whether we are American, Canadian or Israeli, our Governments, and the Nations around us are in Social and Economic Free Fall and there seems to be no one to grab the REINS OF LEADERSHIP, with the hopeful exception of Donald J Trump.

I lay semi-awake at night, thinking about the many things that are happening all around the world, of which we have no control, such as the carnage and Slaughter in Syria and Iraq.

I feel sorry for the victims of the Genocide, and then remember that if these victims could, they would probably Slaughter me and mine, just because I and others like me are Jews.

And then again, it’s not as if Christians and Atheists would be all that safe in their midst either, all of which makes it difficult for me to square the circle of how I feel, and how I should really feel about their plight.

While I sleep, I regurgitate in my head what our Politicians are saying, in spite of what the world is really like. And I am living THEIR LIES, as costs for me go up . . . and revenue for most of us goes down, while the Politicians still live the Good Life at Work and in Retirement at our expense.


There are just Two Leftists who I spend some time with. One is Family, and the other is a Very Close Friend, whom over the years has become like Family. If Anne and I didn’t care enough about both of them as much as we do, we would have ZERO Contact with them, because that’s how Far to the LEFT they are.

So . . . when we get together, we tend to stay away from Politics, but no matter what, since everything is about Politics, that’s where we generally windup, and that’s where we usually start raising our voices at each other.

It started last night with my Friend’s insistence that life in Canada was still great. That according to him, our economy is strong and growing. That our Social Structures like Medicare and our Pension Funds are not only sound . . . but also growing, which blew me away.

So two things happened at the Going Away Supper we had last night that really TEED IT OFF FOR ME:

1 – Anne and I were speaking with our friends of the unbelievable and unfair cost of Travel Insurance for Canadians, especially when one has LITERALLY ANY PRE-EXISTING CONDITION, which could be almost anything the insurer could use not to pay-up for any Health or Accident Related Issues, to the point that having Insurance at the cost of THOUSANDS of Dollars, has become no better than not having any insurance at all.

But Anne and I are very resourceful, and we dig, dig, dig, and have found reliable Insurance in Canada and the USA, which serves our needs for half of what Blue Cross Charges. But it certainly isn’t the Gold Standard of Insurance, but it’s more than adequate.

Which at that point, the wife of our friends says . . . “Oh we don’t have that problem, because we’re covered for everything through my Government Pension.” And I suspect because of that Government Pension, they are constantly traveling and going on Luxury Cruises, which most Working Stiffs working in the Private Sector could never afford . . . But I digress.

So how do you think that made Anne and myself feel? Knowing that Anne and I and others like us, subsidized her living as a Public Sector Worker (teacher/principal) on our Tax Dollars, could be so Glib about still living on our DIME, while Anne and I like MILLIONS of others struggle, just to get ample coverage, which isn’t the best at all in comparison to what the Public Sector Workers enjoy for relatively FREE?

2 – And eventually . . . it came down to the 8th, where my Friend, who is a life-long businessman, and quite successful at that, wanted to know how I could possibly promote Donald Trump, who has NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER? To which I answered: That’s exactly why I support him, because he has NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER . . . and from there . . . the Explosion was felt throughout the restaurant, when he said . . .


You can’t even begin to imagine how I felt with such a STUPID QUESTION posed to me as FACT.

So I responded . . . “You’re the FIRST & ONLY Person I have heard from on either side of the Border, not even from Crooked Hillary Herself, who accused Trump of Being a RAPIST? So where the Hell do you come-off making a VILE accusation such as that?”

And here’s his LEFTIST Answer . . . “How do you know he isn’t?”

I won’t go into the rest of this argument, other than to say we stopped arguing abruptly, when we both realized that if we continued, it would end up with a totally destroyed Friendship. So we stopped. But that’s the mindset of the LEFT, to a man who is no dummy, and a wife who was an educator from the classroom to administration . . . which to me is both terrifying and disappointing.


Anne and I were on our Honeymoon 43-Years ago in the Catskill Mountains of New York, during the waning years of the Borscht Belt, where all the great Entertainers performed, including where the GREATEST TITLE FIGHTERS trained and practiced in the Resort Gyms for their big World Championship Fights.

Norton had won the Championship against Mohamed Ali on March 31, 1973. But six months later, he fought Ali again on September 10, 1973, just in time for Anne and Myself to see him Train at his Catskill Training Center.

We would have liked to have seen Ali Train as well, but we couldn’t even get close to the Gym where Ali trained, for the number of people who just like us wanted to see the him in action . . . NONETHELESS, WE WERE PLEASED just to get to see Ken Norton Up Close & Personal, as Howard Cosell would have stated it.

So, as we Stood Ring-Side, watching Norton do his thing on the Speed Bag, then Pounding the Heavy Bag, and then Demolishing his Sparring Partners one after the other, we were so mesmerized by the Size, Swiftness and Indescribable Power of this Man, that we came away absolutely convinced that Ali didn’t have a chance.

BUT WE WERE WRONG . . . and Ali Beat the Hell of Ken Norton during their Second Encounter.

This Election Campaign reminds me of the Day Anne and I saw a Near Indestructible Fighter . . . show . . . to absolutely everyone who saw him Up Close and Personal, just how he was going to decimate his opponent, long before they even got into the ring.

As for the LEFTISTS who think they are living a great life that is somehow ENTITLED to them, like Ken Norton, they too will sooner rather than later have, as President Ronald Reagan so elegantly stated it . . . THEIR RENDEZVOUS WITH DESTINY.

And before I send my Best Regards . . . Happy Birthday Today Sue McMains.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The dictatorship of BO is now in full bloom. And the morons in Congress acquiesce to his every whim.
    The MSM continues to bows before him, to shield him, to protect him. This country will not wake up until at least 4 million of us have perished. Laugh if you want. Oh, that cannot happen here. 2015 will be HIS year.

  2. I didn’t see the Norton-Ali fight but I always liked Ken Norton whereas I never liked Ali since he changed his name in order to dodge the draft. One time I met Patterson and had a chance to talk with him, what a guy. The first thing we shook hands and my hand didn’t work for hours after since he had a crushing hand shake. Ahhhhhh memories, at 82 I have lots of them.

  3. Reminds me of the time I shook hands with George Chuvalo. My hand literally melted away inside of his gigantic meat hook even as I knew I had to be as firm and strong as I could going in. Anyway, we unfortunately all have at least one friend or relative that is a left-wingnut. And I have no problem in telling them, just as I do strangers, that left-wing thinking, aka liberalism, is without a doubt a mental disorder. How else to explain how seemingly intelligent people can be so damned delusional

  4. I recommend everyone read Ann Coulters “How to talk to a liberal, if you must”
    Hilarious and quite cleverly truthful. It is and always will be difficult to maintain friendships with those who simply can’t see the Forrest Through the Trees!

  5. I have a cousin who played trumpet in a jazz group in the Catskills. The name was Obendorfer (unless he used a stage name). Did you attend any Jazz scene events?

  6. Howard: I can totally identify! My husband is a liberal Jew; I’m a conservative Protestant. Most of his friends are liberal and they are just like him. My husband would never vote for Trump ‘because of his lack of morals.’ But those same folks won’t begin to confront the lies, treasonous acts and probable murders by the Clintons. [And yes, I too see the big, fat pensions of my friends, while my husband and I live frugally because we did not have the ‘right kind of jobs’.]

  7. I viewed a 2 hour program on socialized medical programs called Sico .England,france,and cuba (no cost to any one) ,compared to Obama care
    which is not free except to illegals,and . Our system Obama care is like comparing to the droping’s of wale dodo to the 3 socialized country,s I have pointed out.

  8. It is totally beyond me, why anybody with half a brain, would even remotely want to elect a lying crooked politician to be president of the greatest nation on earth??? But then again, most of the ding dongs on the left show that they do have half a brain.

  9. Boxing used to be one of my favorite sports. Today’s boxing is just not the same, sorry. I truly appreciated the physical battle of chess, with the boxers of yesterday. My favorite of ALL time was Rocky Marciano! Now there was a boxer. Ali was a good boxer but never beat Marciano’s record of being undefeated throughout his career. Trump may be a long shot – But I will take it & bet on him. The US economy is a total mess. One debate should have been only about the economy in my opinion.

  10. I am certainly hoping Trump wins in the US, but as a Canadian I am certainly concerned about what ‘pretty-boy’ Trudeau is doing to Canada!

  11. Nobody has ever accused lefties no matter how smart they are of having intelligence. Your buddy in the restaurant is a prime example of one who would be an ex-buddy from my point of view. You will never make an intelligent man out of him as he is too blinded by the notion that they are entitled and deserve all of the freebies bestowed on them by us, the peons of the working class. The epitome of this standard would be the garbage we call the Clintons. I have spent more than 55 years working and

  12. Howard, my brother-in-law sparred with Marciano as a young lad….said he was a terrific guy, too. Like most conservatives, he also hated the “takers”. Got tired of paying their way on HIS sweat. I pray each day Trump wins..get rid of the “takers” as much as possible. I feel Trump is the ONLY one who can do this at this point in time.

  13. In my 69 years this is the best answer I can up with for the progressive thought process.
    Progressive Intellectual Dysfunction:
    “The irrational evaluation of reality derived from a delusional ideological bent, creating irrefutable deniable facts”. Or something like that.

  14. Every friend I have in the Ottawa area that communicates re politics is ultra liberal. My former friend asked about my vote hoping that I would not vote for “that clown”. I don’t vote for criminals nor clowns.
    After several emails back and forth I told her Trump. I also pointed out the problems being created by the government in Canadian schools by fighting age Syrian males( Faith Goldy’s four part series, The Rebel, and said: You reap what you sow. Response was “Never contact me again

  15. Howard, I know exactly what you mean about a friend who is a real Leftist. I have one that thinks just because he has a PhD, he knows everything, especially about life and politics. When I asked him if he is willing to have another family live in their beautiful home to help the poor, his answer was definitely not. I shudder when I think of the possibility that Hillary may win. God help us all. Steve Acre, Canada

  16. Howard, I learned a long time ago, when Clinton was first elected, to dump my liberal friends because to me they were all trying to destroy our way of life and country at the same time, all on my dime.. Definitely do not need any of these creeps near me or my kids. Would encourage anyone with liberal “friends” to take a hard look at what they are really about and dump them as soon as you can for surely you will be disappointed somewhere in the future and they will be gone then anyway.

  17. I have encountered differences with friends; especially one that I lost in Connecticut because how I felt about Obama. My friend and his wife were retired school teachers and they did not understand what a profit was. Recently a co-worker asked who I voted for. I told him Trump and he asked why. My answer was, “I do not support criminals, corruptions, and liars” and Hillary and her husband seem to fit the bill well.

  18. Don’t worry anybody. Donald Trump WILL BE the 45th president of the United States. Read the prophecy delivered by Mark Taylor, a man of God, which he received in 2011 and shared it which Dr. Colburn, a Christian physician. (You can find it on the internet. Type in “Mark Taylor prophecy”). The polls are turning, finally.

  19. My brother and his wife are retired Ontario teachers. They’ve never had it so good. Neither of them ever read a single newspaper, magazine, or book. They don’t have a clue about what’s happening anywhere and they’re as happy as pigs in poop. Needless to say, they’re Liberals. If he were not my brother, he could never be a friend. These people live in an alternate reality in a parallel universe, detached, disengaged, oblivious. It’s almost criminal that libtards such as these vote and breed.

  20. It is soooooo true about leftists! My brother is a lifelong union member and his wife a tenured public university professor. Your conversation with your friends sounds exactly how mine would be with my brother and his wife! They are not stupid people, so I don’t get it.

  21. Howard. You have always helped me out with the satisfaction you give me in your editorials. So first, I suggest you try DAN Insurance. All of us Canadian and American sailors who travel south to the Bahamas buy it.
    The thing I can’t believe about this election, is that the women are all voting for Hillary because she is a woman. I think she is degrading women and setting a bar that you have to be a liar, a thief and a criminal to succeed.

  22. It comes down to the truth or the lie. Seek the truth. Act on it. Thank God for all who do.
    (Credit to Charles A. Orr Huntsville, Alabama)

    “Take a knee” and earnestly pray, that God will guide our countries. The United States and Canada can be great again if we show Him our devotion. Gregg Schulze, Sidney Ohio

  23. I had a good chuckle as Karen from Beaverton OR above said her husband wouldn’t vote for Trump because he lacked morals. I would like to ask him if he thought Hiliary did? No offense Karen, just wondering.

  24. Howard, you lay semi-awake at night, thinking about the many things that are happening all around the world, of which we have no control but, your God is Yahweh-Shalom
    The Lord of peace is in control. Whenever there are storms in your life, hide in Him. He is your shelter in the storm. He gives peace beyond understanding, even when circumstances are chaotic. Even as a Christian, He is our shelter and our shield. Some times I feel the same way so, I have to continually look up.

  25. I, too, had a liberal friend that seemed to always get into politics. He is now an ex-friend. While I am very sorry to see a friendship die, I could no longer continue an association with him since it, even though very slightly, gave life to his insane positions.

  26. I have a relative who works for the government, as does her husband. Between them they have NO problems with insurance coverage. They can BOTH, work from HOME. Appear at the work place ONCE a month and they LOVE Obama/Hillary and are working on her campaign. Under NO circumstances will I EVER discuss politics with them. You can pick your FRIENDS, but NOT relatives.

  27. Getting back to Mohammad Ali aka cassis clay wonder how he is enjoying his 72 virgins or could it possible be 72 Virginians.
    What fools we mortals be. Billie

  28. I had a friend who always talked about “the Movement”. He kept sending me articles that were leftist. In response I would dissect what he sent and provided my own articles. His response was ad hominem or silence. Finally he told me to never contact him again. No loss. Rapist? Bill’s 800K settlement? Morals? Hillary rumours of affairs with various men and women. CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, NPR: silence is a bias! Anything unconfirmed about Trump is reported almost as fact.

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