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I usually save this for the end of some of my Editorials, perhaps once or twice a Month, but, since the seasons are changing and Christmas (believe it or not) is around the corner, I think it is most appropriate that I remind all the MANY THOUSANDS of the people who read this BLOG, that they pay attention to the few Galganov.com Advertisers you can visit, simply by looking at the ADS to the Right of this Editorial.


1 – The Advertisers made it clear to me . . . that the reason they Advertise on Galganov.com, is because this is the BEST WAY for them to support this BLOG, and WRITE IT OFF as a Legitimate Advertising Expense, since it’s billed through our Advertising Agency.

2 – The other reason why these Good People Advertise on this BLOG, is because we have so many READERS, and their product (s) or Services are so good, that there is every chance they can make a return on their Dollar.

SO PLEASE . . . I’m not suggesting that you buy something from these people just to support Galganov.com, but rather, I’m suggesting that you Click on their ADS to find out if they just might have what you want. And in all HONESTY, I have yet to receive one complaint about any of these Advertisers for any reason whatsoever. But I have received no shortage of COMPLIMENTS on their Products and Services from People who have purchased from them.

SO – Please do yourself a Favor, the Advertisers a Favor, and Me a Favor . . . and have a look at what they’re selling.


I am thoroughly convinced that BIG Money can BUY Elections, but CANNOT win any, and that’s been a huge Problem for the Insiders. And they have no idea how to deal with it.

FIRST OF ALL . . . Elections are fabulous for certain businesses. Advertising Agencies make out like Bandits creating, preparing, producing, analyzing, group testing and placing ADS for their Candidates.

The Media Make Out even better, by charging outrageous amounts of money to air, publish and run the ADS.

Then there are all the Production Companies, which make the Lawn Signs, Silk Screen Placards, Badges, Hats, Caps, Give Away Information – ETC, and now the Internet Companies, which are paid huge fees to Pump Up their Candidate’s Message On-Line . . . all of whom wait on Baited Breath for the Big Campaigns.

THEN THERE ARE THE POLITICAL BLACK OPS . . . Back-Room Thugs who we only hear about from time to time when they slip-up and get caught, who are generally paid REALLY BIG MONEY to do whatever CRAP they can get away with.


So . . . the Smart thinking seems to be, that He or She with the MOST amount of Money will WIN. That might have been yesterday, but this is TODAY where yesterday is nothing more than old news.

IF IT WAS TRUE . . . That Big Money WINS, why didn’t Jeb Bush simply CREAM the Opposition, instead of showing such an Abysmal Result, that even the word Embarrassment wouldn’t be sufficient to his Pathetic Campaign?

AND EVEN THOUGH TRUMP . . . was the Richest Candidate by far, who says that he Self-Financed his entire Primary Run, who spent less Money overall, than perhaps his Poorest Opponent . . . left them all standing in his dust.

AND THEN THERE WAS CROOKED HILLARY . . . who outspent Bernie Sanders, the Communist from Vermont, whose only, yet powerful message was to Steal from the RICH and give to the POOR, or how I prefer to describe it – STEAL FROM THE MAKERS TO GIVE TO THE TAKERS almost lost to the Communist.

BUT NONETHELESS . . . Even with outgunning the Communist, by a Factor of God Only Knows, since no one knows the TRUTH about anything the Clintons do or have, the only way Crooked Hillary was able to beat the Communist, was through Voter Manipulation, Democrat Party Manipulation through Super Ballots, and a FAWNING MEDIA.


According to Donald Trump, he will spend about $100-MILLION Dollars of his own money, to fight the Campaign against Crooked Hillary, while Crooked Hillary will be spending as much as TWO BILLION DOLLARS fighting Trump.

From Friends all across America . . . they tell me that they can’t turn on the Television or Radio without seeing or hearing a Crooked Hillary Ad. There are Vote For Crooked Hillary Ads everywhere. So much so, that it seems that Crooked Hillary has all but CAPTURED the American Media Market, so how can the Crooked Hillary Team explain why she is either losing many of the Battle Ground States, or are simply TOO CLOSE TO CALL?

I am still Confidant, but with trepidation, that Trump can still win this election, because with an ONSLAUGHT of money against him, the likes of which none has ever seen, in the vicinity of 2-BILLION Dollars, which is 2000-MILLION Dollars from Crooked Hillary, and BILLIONS more of severely NEGATIVE Media Stories from News Providers (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Some From FOX News, NPR, Most Newspapers ETC) to Television Series and Late Night Television Comics.

And then of course there’s the Pro Crooked Hillary Super PACS . . .

And even with all of this . . . if Crooked Hillary hasn’t yet put this Election Away, why should any of us believe she will?

PS – A friend of mine’s wife and daughter, who live in Ontario, Canada, just came back from a symposium in Texas, and couldn’t believe the amount of Signs everywhere for Trump. What does that say, when the Crooked Media is trying to convince the People that Texas Is In Play?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Jesus will judge the nations. To whom much is given, much will be expected.

  2. Dear Mr. Galganov: Please don’t allow your intelligence to be insulted either by Crooked Hillary or Pathological Liar, Donald Trump. I fear that we’re going to have to get used to Hillary for the next four years. Let’s all calm down and wait patiently for 2020, and in the meantime, hope that neither one of them destroys the country. Mortimer Levy Montreal Qc.

  3. Remember back in 1972 when Woodward and Bernstein made us aware of Nixon’s “Dirty Tricks”? We were all aghast. Today, the MSM barely acknowledges the information that Wikileaks and Project Veritas are submitting. Would anybody have said anything if a well known Hollywood movie star had said the same thing as Donald Trump had said about women?

  4. Since October I have travelled in the Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois and have only seen Trump signs with NO signs for Hillary…..and the MSM says that she is winning….? Not with the response Trump is getting at his rally’s in comparison to Hillary….lol

  5. I’m optimistic, but preparing for the worse. The liberal democrats are masters at rigging the game. They have done it for years, and will probably do it again. Was giving thought to moving to Texas, but the muslim problem there is terrible. The rape stats are going through the roof, and they will be trying to take our guns away. How do I protect my wife and daughters against this evil?

  6. Howard, I normally don’t watch Megan Kelly but when I turned on the TV an exchange between Kelly and Newt was taking place and Newt UNLOADED on her because of her extreme bias against Trump regarding his alleged sex issues and with now, very little mention of Bill Clinton’s escapades as well as the REAL issues facing the election. He hit her hard and you can read the transcript in today’s Drudge report. Proud of Newt. Go Trump Go!!!

  7. The country is already destroyed…almost completely! Go back to sleep, Mort.

  8. Don Cook I don’t know where you got your information but I think your misinformed. I haven’t heard or read this. One suggestion is applying for a license to carry a gun for each of you.

  9. Whenever I see events coming up that remind me of a coming Holacaust, I think of all the opportunities
    That were available to the German people at that time. My husband and I spent a week in Germany, when
    I asked different ones why they didn’t interfere and interrupt these godless acts, they admitted they were
    Cowards, some were unsuspecting bystanders. But most admitted their cowardice. When are we going to
    Step up before this happens to us? Are we already the cowards? God help us!

  10. Howard, I always appreciate your blogs. Truly I do. I live here in the great state of Florida. For some strange reason, I am cautiously optimistic that Trump will win. I am not voting by mail (scared it could be tampered with) but will vote the day of election (less opportunity for the crooked ones to mess with the voting machines). Let’s hope and pray for a huge landslide on election night! Wouldn’t that be wonderful “stick in the eye” for Crooked Hillary?!

  11. Howard Sir: I just read the article Never Forget Never Again. What makes me angry is that some schools across the U.S. are not teaching about that holocaust and I believe strongly that is wrong. Plus of course Iran does not believe it either but what can I say about them? I for one sir will never forget what happen to all of the people, General Eisenhower made sure pictures were taken of what happen over there. I am deeply, deeply sorry for what happened in Europe to the Jewish people.

  12. Howard – I don’t believe any of the polls, as I don’t believe the MSM. I personally think that “early” voting is not good for the US. Sorry, but I have seen some strange results with the states that have early voting. The states claim this is to make sure that all voters have the opportunity to vote. I say early voting can easily be another method, for voter fraud! My solution to the shortage of voting machines is to get more & have more voting places available.

  13. A professor in New York, at Stony Brook University, has predicted the outcomes of elections using statistics from primaries since 1912. He uses the current statistics and predicts a Trump victory. Google Primary Model for more information.

  14. There must be a better way to make the public aware of what candates stand for and their program
    if elected then to have the assault on TV and news print. When over 2 billion dollars spent so far by hillary and Trump ,just thing what good that would have done for the needy. Yesterday some where in Texas voters voted for Trump but the c confirmation showed clinto.voter fraud has started,Wonder where it is next?

  15. Mort……you want us all to “calm down and wait patiently for 2020? You’ve got to be Kidding. This is THEE most important election in years. The Brits were brave enough to vote BREXIT, will Americans be brave enough to vote for change and get rid of the rot in Washington? WE are stuck with our self absorbed Prime Minister for another three years but why should they wait another four to clean house?????

  16. Had to chuckle at the last paragraph. Early voting started yesterday in Texas. Perhaps the statement about Texas “being in play” is based on the number of voting machines that are changing Trump votes to Hillary votes. Fortunately, the word is out and voters are being advised to check their selections – ESPECIALLY IF THEY VOTED STRAIGHT “R” – and revise before casting if their votes were.

  17. Don’t know if this is true or not…but I received a text about the voting machines. I was advised if it is a “SmartMatic” brand, DEMAND a paper ballot. It appears George Soros now owns SmartMatic. Under Federal Law the polling place MUST provide one if requested. All praying people, we must be in constant prayer…He, Jesus, will be our only hope on election day. Mary

  18. After seeing the witch Megan Kelly treat Newt Gingrich as she did I am through with her and Fox news. She has always supported Hillary so they deserve each other. Anyone know of a good conservative news source other than Howard Galganov which I will never give up on?

  19. Paul Gullick, you might give Breitbart news a try. Just do a search & you’ll get the link for it (since Howard doesn’t like us to enter links in comments). I pray almost daily for the upcoming election, 1st asking God’s forgiveness for my sins & the sins of our nation, & then praying His sovereign will. Since He knows my heart anyway, I do mention that if Donald gets in, it is because Donald is God’s man for the job. Am hoping millions of folks are also lifting this nation & election to God.

  20. Newt gave it to Megan Kelly, but not hard enough. He should have embarrassed her by referring to her lewd comments when she was a guest on Howard Stern’s show.

  21. The old ploy, surpress the Republican turn out by declaring that it is over, Democrat candidate has it in the bag.
    The Polls, what a joke, 80 Dems contacted v. 20 Repub. same old tactic. From what we are hearing here in
    Florida, Trump is coming on like an express Train.

  22. I did CLICK on Forever Green Stables, since we have 3 Arabians and 1 Thoroughbred Appendix here on our farm I was curious. What stopped me in my tracks in amazement was the 13% tax. WOW. An we thought it was bad here in my county, Jamestown TN.

  23. Paul Gullick, try trunews.com – good in-depth coverage of national and international developments from a spiritual perspective.

  24. I live in south Texas and the population of my city of 175,000 is clearly majority Spanish. I live in a middle class neighborhood. Clearly, the Trump signs outnumber the Hillary signs 8-1, I’ve counted them! I sincerely hope that’s a SIGN of things to come!!! Get out the vote!!!!

  25. Dear Ken, Some Hollywood Celebrity (O J SIMPSON) DID say something similar and he did it. He used to grab his wife “in that way” while in public places and then say “this is mine”! Public still loved him, until of course, he could no longer grab her that way..because, you know, she was murdered………

  26. “How to piss of an ex government Canadian.,” She emails hoping that she hopes that I will not be voting gor that clown. How will I vote? Response was that I don’t vote for criminals nor clowns. Response as: but how will you vote. Response was that Clinton should be in jail forever and that I frequently give small sums to the Trump campaign. In addition I pointed out sexual harassment of young female Canadians by these who have been dumped on numerous school systtems. “Last contact foreve

  27. Mr. Watson, you’re right on target in that “early voting can easily be another method for voter fraud!” SLOW but SURE, it’s being proven, that Crooked Hillary IS seeking a win via VOTER FRAUD–as proven by WIKILEAKS. Newt did a great job re: Megyn; the video is online. He’s the first one to CONFRONT her sneaky TACTICS, but he may not be the last! Someone else may bring up the STERN interview, which would prove Newt’s comments. Looking forward to Trump’s November SURPRISE(S)! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  28. Come voting day, I will vote for Trump come hell and/or high water. We already have SNOW and tomorrow I am going out to BUY a new snowblower because no matter what, this old gal will be voting TRUMP. What happens in America will touch the WORLD. That is MYPOV. (I am looking forward to TRUMP’s first 100 days) AND to see all of his appointees!
    Change is coming!!! POSITIVE THINKER HERE.

  29. Really enjoy your true patriot perspective. Wish we could send out the Calvary Gen Patton style and demolish the crooked ones……hilarious and her clan of thugs…..and clean up this mess.

    We will stand with all the true patriots but none less…… keep up the great work for the good fight.

  30. I pretty much agree with you all the time and today is no exception. I too am aware that the HRC campaign and the liberal media are doing the best they can to discourage we Donald J. Trump voters to think she’s winning so we won’t go out and vote… I sure am doing my part by losing most of my friends on Facebook in letting people know that! (smile) We just have to know their plan to deceive us into thinking she’s winning when she is not. I still believe he will win by a landslide!

  31. I used to think people of charachter could win elections. That was completely naive. There are people who will do anything to gain control of the high positions of the most powerful government in the world. Murder, lies, thuggery, bribery, blackmail, coersion, extorsion, backroom deals, foreign manipulation, and fraud are all the American political system. The only way to beat that is a media willing and non-complicit to tell the truth. Sadly, most media is the master purveyor of propaganda.

  32. I predict a variant of “Brexit” with millions disheartened, embittered, unemployed , many of whom have never voted, supporting Trump and ‘draining the Washington swamp”

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