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In my last Editorial (October 24, 2016), I drew attention to Saul Alinsky, whose Star began to rise from the 1950’s through the 1970’s when he PEAKED with his Book – RULES FOR RADICALS, just before he died.

I’M WRITING ABOUT ALINSKY AGAIN . . . because everything Crooked Hillary has done, and is doing, reflects HEAVILY on the Saul Alinsky Model of Radical Disruptions.

So . . . after writing the Editorial Yesterday, I decided to take a couple of hours and read more about Saul Alinsky, and how deeply this Radical Might have actually impacted the Thought Process of Crooked Hillary . . . THEN AN INTERESTING THOUGHT OCCURRED TO ME.


Crooked Hillary’s THESIS on Saul Alinsky was released to Wellesley College in 1969, to rave reviews by Crooked Hillary’s Professors. BUT SAUL ALINSKY’S RULES FOR RADICALS . . . wasn’t published until 1971JUST ONE YEAR BEFORE HE DIED.

SO MY QUESTION . . . which will never be answered – is how much influence did Crooked Hillary have on Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, opposed to how much influence Alinsky had on Crooked Hillary.

REMEMBER THIS . . . It is no secret, and has never been a secret, that Crooked Hillary spent a great deal of her personal time communicating with Saul Alinsky, so much so, that Saul Alinsky wanted Crooked Hillary to join his organization.


We don’t really know what was in Crooked Hillary’s 92-Page Wellesley Thesis on Saul Alinsky, since it was SEALED by Crooked Hillary and the White House, while Crooked Hillary was the First Lady.

And after it was UNSEALED, when the Clinton’s left the White House, who knows how much of the Original Thesis was Altered to suit the Clinton Agenda, since there were only a very few copies printed?

BUT WHAT WE DO KNOW . . . is that Saul Alinsky came out with his World Famous Book, Rules For Radicals, on how to DISRUPT, DIVIDE, INCITE AND DEMOLISH a Democracy from the INSIDE, only AFTER . . . let me repeat this . . . AFTER . . . Crooked Hillary published her Thesis on Alinsky, AFTER . . . the Two of them spent a great deal of time TOGETHER Strategizing.

And isn’t it interesting, how such an ANARCHIST THUG like Saul Alinsky, whose only Social Goal was to Tear down the System, with NOTHING whatsoever in his Game-Plan (Written or Verbalized), with which to replace it, wanted Crooked Hillary to Join his Organization?

If you’re a regular READER of this BLOG, you will know that I don’t put much if any Credence to Conspiracy Theories, but . . . when 1 plus 1 equals 2, as is the case between Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, and Crooked Hillary’s ENTIRE CAMPAIGN of Personal Destruction and Character Assassination against Trump, and all the other contenders she faced, the coincidences are far too OVERWHELMING TO IGNORE.

THEREFORE . . . I contend, that there is every PLAUSIBLE POSSIBILITY, that Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, was just as much Crooked Hillary’s Philosophy, Contribution to Alinsky’s PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE, and her Personal War Room Strategy that got her Husband Elected to the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas for FIVE TERMS, the White House Twice, her Senate Seat Twice, her Secretariat of State, and now her Second Run for the White House, to be the President of the United States of America and the Commander-In-Chief of the Free World.


Barack Obama, also from Chicago, just like Crooked Hillary and Alinsky, was also a HUGE PROPONENT of Saul Alinsky. And just like Alinsky, Obama was also a Community Organizer. In other words, Obama was a Professional Agitator, who was no less an Anarchist, who knew how to tear things down, with no experience or game plan to build anything up.

And very much like Alinsky and Clinton . . . Obama knew how to create EMPTY Campaign Promises through AIRY-FAIRY Rhetoric, all of which sounded great, but had no substance. But were more than enough to convince STUPID People.

The Way and Reason Obama Beat Crooked Hillary to the White House in 2008, was that Obama played the Alinsky Game BETTER than Crooked Hillary, the “Alinsky Expert”, who was most probably responsible for more than just a few of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

BUT NOW WE’RE INTO 2016 . . . and we can see the HARDCORE RESULTS of Obama’s Alinsky Campaign to win the White House Twice. The ONLY Promise Obama kept from Day One, was to CHANGE AMERICA, everything else Obama touched has been an Unmitigated Disaster for the American People . . . from Healthcare, to Domestic Security, to World Presence, to Trade, to Border Control, to the Racial Divide, to Jobs, to Welfare, to Food Stamps, to the VA, to the Cost of Living, to American Self Pride, to American EXCEPTIONALISM and ON and ON.

I just wrote in the preceding paragraph . . . that what Obama has done was an Unmitigated Disaster for the American People, WHICH IS 100% TRUE. But that doesn’t mean it was a FAILURE for Obama, since this result might be, and probably is, EXACTLY what Obama intended all along, taking the Pages out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, on how to tear a System Apart from the Inside Out.

THINK ABOUT CROOKED HILLARY’S 2016 PLATFORM . . . outside of a Whole Heap of AIRY-FAIRY PROMISES . . . where’s the substance? Yet, Crooked Hillary is doing everything possible, with the help of almost all the Media to paint Trump, who has an extremely FULL PLATFORM OF REAL POLICIES, as a loser, womanizer, and overall FAILURE AS A HUMAN BEING. Pardon me?

What’s really incredible about all of this . . . is that there is no real DENIAL that Crooked Hillary can’t point to just one REAL Accomplishment she can call her own as the First Lady of Arkansas, the First Lady the United States of America, the First Female Federal Senator of New York State, and America’s Secretary of State.

THAT SAID THOUGH . . . The List of HORROR STORIES, which are associated with the Clintons, especially with Crooked Hillary . . . are not just LEGENDARY. They’re Mind Blowing.

The LIES & DISTORTIONS of Crooked Hillary are beyond Belief, just as are the people she gets to LIE & CHEAT on her Behalf.


YET . . . just like Barack Obama, who can’t point to one Positive Accomplishment for the People, for his ENTIRE Two Term Presidency, where MORE THAN TWO THIRDS of the American Population think that things are REALLY BAD, still think Obama’s a good President.

AND NOW WE HAVE CROOKED HILLARY . . . where MORE THAN TWO THIRDS of the American Population think she’s a LIAR, UNTRUSTWORTHY & A CHEAT, yet slightly less than Half of the voting population will probably vote for her. Again . . . THERE IS NO EXPLAINING STUPID.


CLICK ON THIS LINK, which will bring you to TWELVE of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, which I published yesterday (Courtesy Of Glenn Beck’s Effort) . . . AND READ THEM CAREFULLY

And then match them up to everything you know about Crooked Hillary and Barack Hussein Obama. But don’t focus on Obama, since he’s has already done his damage. FOCUS LIKE A LASER ON HER, and see where Crooked Hillary is any different, whatsoever, from the strategy for Destroying a Nation and Opponents from Within, than it was for Saul Alinsky?


NOW GET INTO THE FIGHT . . . For God Sakes, I’m a Canadian, yet I’m punching with everything I have to keep Crooked Hillary out of the White House, because if she wins, the consequences are going to be DIRE.

CROOKED HILLARY IS THE PERSONIFICATION OF EVIL . . . She wants Power, not to Make America Great Again, and not to make this a better World . . . HILLARY CLINTON WANTS POWER BECAUSE THAT’S WHO SHE IS!

SO ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF . . . to SAY, to WRITE, to DODO IT. DO IT ALL. And if it means Pissing Off a Friend or a Relative . . . SO BE IT, they deserve to be PISSED OFF & MORE.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN . . . this isn’t just another Election; this is FOR ALL THE MARBLES. This is for the Future of the World, this is about CROSSING A LINE . . . if we lose, from where there’s no coming back.


IF YOU PHYSICALLY CAN . . . Make up your own Cardboard Signs that read VOTE TRUMP, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Grab a few like-minded Friends, pack some Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks, Water, Cookies, Chips, Pretzels, and other Snacks . . . and then go to a Really Busy Intersection and RAISE SOME HELL FOR TRUMP.

THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY. And if you won’t fight for it who will? Trump is overwhelmed. He’s outspent by Dollars. He’s outgunned by the Media and he’s already being WRITTEN-OFF AS A LOSER . . . so why don’t you become the Calvary? Saddle-Up, Slap Leather, and Ride for Freedom.

Anne and I have decided to leave for Texas ahead of Schedule. And as soon as we get to where we’re headed, I guarantee you . . . NO I PROMISE YOU . . . that you will find both of us and Stryker Standing at a Busy Intersection, holding Signs that will clearly Read . . . MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Winston Gordon, I think we are clones. The only difference is that I started my crusade around 1990 with people of around my same age. And all I got were the “deer in the headlights”. I have a very few acquaintances that will even respond when it is laid out for them. I think that most of them are just too beat down from fighting the establishment falsehoods and are just waiting for the end and for it to be over. Those who do not agree are reveling in the coming communism. Lazy bastards.

  2. To Hillary: BEWARE THE SILENT MAJORITY, THEY ARE READY. You will need all your cheating skills to stop them.

  3. Howard all the you have written in todays blog is certainly true which makes me wonder just WHY most Americans are so stupid drinking in all the things that HRC claims will be done after she is in the WH??????????????????????

  4. Howard if you don’t get a Twitter account and start tweeting your columns I swear I’m going to do it for you!! LOL

  5. You are right Howard, all of us that love our country need to stand up an be counted. Some people are not happy with me talking about crooked Hillary but I can care less. I am to old [79] to care what they think as I know what my kids, grand kids and great grand kids will face if she is elected.

  6. You can’t fix STUPID, but you sure as hell can mobilize intelligent voters to get off their duffs and get active! We have to overcome not only the stupid lemming voters, but the massive voter fraud even now being perpetrated by the Democrats, and their collusion with the mainstream media. Our country and the world are ON THE LINE in this election! Two weeks to go! Get busy, folks!

  7. How many people in the U.S. know any thing about alinsky ,much less then 99.99%. The same goes for Hillary and her association with alinsky.I am sure Trump and his advisors are aware of the connection .the question is why don’t he use this to bury Hillary.?

  8. There are a couple of reasons that we can’t bury Hillary. 1. The press (entire mainstream media) is bought and paid for. 2.Her supporters don’t care what we say or what we can prove. 3. Her supporters won’t take the time to read (or even read a summary) of what wikileaks is leaking in the way of emails. Just be ready for the aftermath.

  9. My take on all of what is going on “down” there is that the American people are going to replace one moron, with—- another moron. The American people need help.

  10. Both Obama and Hillary seem to have followed the advice: If you can’t be right, be wrong at the top of your voice and the idiots will follow! Unfortunately the lies and misinformation is amplified by the mainstream media which is taken by the left wing half wits as gospel!

  11. I don’t think people realize with the Moslem Brotherhood who are his Obama advisors and who are also in land security
    and the rich and media who are backing HC will be the first to be eliminated whenever they take control of the USA.
    CIA & FBI you should be ashame of yourselves you are not defending the constitution of which you all took an oath.
    Andre Poirier Cornwall Ontario, CA

  12. Hi again thank you an hope your feeling better. I live where there are chicken factories, and the workers for the most part are Hispanic people. They send their money back to Mexico to the families there. The ones who do not work our government is taking care of them.You say get out with posters to say help our country and Mr. Trump more than likely we would be shot for this there are over four different gangs in this town. So I will PRAY to God each & everyday for him to WIN. God bless him .

  13. As a Canadian, I don’t get a vote in the US election, but I certainly hope and pray that the majority of voters are, or will become cognizant of the important choice set before them in this election. I shudder (even as a Canadian) at the thought of Hillary as president. She is dangerous. It’s enough that we in Canada have ‘pretty-boy’ Trudeau at the helm …. not shining with intelligence, but dangerous in his ignorance. North America certainly doesn’t need a double whammy!

  14. Howard, your following description of Obama is perfect,’as a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, all he knew was how to tear things down, with no experience or game plan to build anything up.’ It’s sad to say that as president NOTHING HAS CHANGED, plus he now has his co-hort, CROOKED HILLARY, who ‘could’ carry out his AGENDA! There is no other name for them except “EVIL”! Let’s hope that there IS a SILENT MAJORITY out there who WILL be voting for TRUMP. The ESTABLISHMENT has to be defeated! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. Mister I like your style! Please take good care. I believe this coming election will have consequences unlike any before. For all those who don’t think their vote counts, IT DOES! Just get out & vote and listen to your own inner voice. Be brave & make your vote count for something far better than what 2-terms of the worst governance ever gave you.

  16. Where I live in Wyoming is very highly Republican. Where I’m currently visiting in Colorado is very highly Republican. There’s nothing much I can do to forward the conservative agenda in either location. All of my email friends and relatives are Republican, because I’ve already driven away any dumbocrats with my constant barrages of political info. Just letting you know, I’ve done what I can think of to help! Thanks for your efforts, Howard!

  17. I have several Democratic friends who think Hillary is fabulous. It makes me crazy! I do not understand why they don’t “get” it. Ditto my Mexican and Jewish friends. For the last 25 years and well before that, Trump was doing business and employing thousands! For the last 25 years and well before that, the Clintons have been living high on the taxpayer dole and never created a job for anybody–well, Chelsea! They even steal furniture from “the people’s house.” They are scum!

  18. Obama’s father was an anti-colonialist and he passed this on to his son via his wife, Barack’s mother and communist sympathizer. Barack Sr. was a supporter of the Mau-Mau against the British. I remember their treachery in Kenya as a kid in the 50’s. His entire goal even without Alinsky was the destruction of the USA as a colonial power, at least in his eyes.

  19. Howard, I was born in Austin, Texas (1949)! “Breaking my heart” what’s being allowed to happen here (Austin is a “Sanctuary City”) and in Texas! We don’t want to “Californicate” Texas (or make it “TEX-MEX”), but without a Border, that’s exactly what will happen- ASAP! Texas can and will become a “battleground” (in more ways than one), especially if they try to take away guns! Thanks for supporting Trump and Texas (get here “safely”)! Love your “Editorials”! Truly “inspirational”!

  20. Howard, in reading your blog today – I am reminded of Reagan running for the WH in 1980. The MSM said he didn’t have a chance in the world to win the Presidency & Carter was projected to win. The night of the election ALL were astounded when the results came in – Reagan won by a landslide! I am praying on Nov. 8th, the same will happen to Trump. Hopefully, We the People will come out in droves to vote like they did in 1980. If not, the Takers will have destroyed this country, permanently.

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