How Did We Get From There To Here?



Thank you to everyone for your concern over my health, and for so many of your suggestions. I really liked the few recipes I received for homemade “medicine”, which included generous amounts of GIN or SCOTCH, mixed with other elixirs served Hot. Good thing I don’t drink, or I would have followed those treatments with full vigor.

When we were kids, we lived down the street from a family of SCOTS, who were like Family to us, so much so, that my sisters and I called them Aunt Mary and Uncle Gordie, where we celebrated some of the all time BEST Christmases EVER.

It was Aunt Mary and Uncle Gordie who introduced me, when I was virtually a kid, perhaps 11 to 12 Years Old, to an elixir called a HOT TODDY, which was nothing short of AMBROSIA.

Thankfully though, with the occasional exception of a Cold Beer at Supper, or in the heat, while working hard, or at the end of a long Motorcycle Ride, I don’t drink. Otherwise, I can guarantee you, that I wouldn’t be sufficiently sober to be writing this Editorial. But thank you all NONETHELESS, for all the great MEDICINAL Recipes.


Crooked Hillary, back in her Wellesley College Days, wrote her 92-Page Thesis on Saul Alinsky in 1969, specifically detailing Alinsky’s Strategies, prior to Alinsky’s CLASSIC BLUEPRINT on how to overthrow the system – RULES FOR RADICALS, published in 1971.

As a matter of RECORD and undeniable History, Crooked Hillary and Saul Alinsky became far more than just a Student Idolizing her MENTOR, no matter how hard she tries to PLAY-IT-DOWN. She and he became confidants, communicating and meeting on a regular Basis, to the point where he offered Crooked Hillary a job in his organization.

And once Crooked Hillary became prominent as America’s FIRST LADY, she and the White House IMPOSED a BAN on Wellesley College from ever releasing her Alinsky Thesis, which the College gave her outstanding Grades on Creating.

Also as a matter of Record . . . Wellesley College did finally release the Crooked Hillary Thesis in 2001, after the Clintons left the White House. However, knowing the Clintons, and especially Crooked Hillary, one has to ask if what the Wellesley Archives released, was indeed the true Thesis of Crooked Hillary, since it seems dry and devoid of anything so Radical as to become a political embarrassment.

And if that was truly the case . . . why did the Clinton’s suppress it at all?

Interestingly . . . in 2005, Peggy Noonan, a Journalist and Opinion Writer who isn’t one of my favorites, but does have talent, wrote about Crooked Hillary’s Thesis on Saul Alinsky – that it was “The Rosetta Stone Of Hillary’s Studies”.


Saul Alinsky was NOT a Communist. I don’t believe that he was a Socialist either. But what he was, in my humble opinion, well maybe not so humble, was a man who lived for POWER. He was an Anarchist who just liked taking things apart.

Alinsky was intoxicated with the power he had . . . to INCITE People to move in the Directions he Established. And there were no greater VICTORIES for Alinsky, than to do Considerable Harm to the people who actually made things Happen . . . or as Ayn Rand Called Them . . . THE MAKERS.

HERE’S AN EXAMPLE OF HOW ALINSKY ROLLED . . . Alinsky PREYED on the Poor, the Weak, and the DISENFRANCHISED – such as the Black INNER-CITY Communities. He convinced them that they were being RIPPED-OFF by the MAN, because that’s what the MAN did.

Alinsky also convinced those . . . who wanted to be convinced, that they were VICTIMS, and were totally INNOCENT bystanders of their Own Horrible Life Status, because Alinsky knew that it wasn’t hard to convince people who needed no convincing.


Alinsky ORGANIZED Blacks from poor Communities to walk into Highbrow Retail Stores, where under all circumstances, none of them could afford to shop. But, since it was a LAW that prevented Retailers from refusing to Sell or Provide Services to whomever wanted either, Alinsky’s Minions were on Strong Legal Footing.

SO THIS IS WHAT THEY DID . . . they would choose a large and prominent local retailer, and at the height of the shopping day, the busiest time possible, dozens of Alinsky’s Provocateurs would enter the Retailer at the same time. They would each take at least one shopping cart, and walk up and down the aisles, loading whatever they could into their cart.

Then together, they would each line up at different Check-Outs, and as the Cashier would run each item through, the Alinsky Provocateur would challenge each and every price, tying up each cash for what was an indeterminate and incredible amount of time, which would then ensue with an argument between the Provocateur and the Cashier, and then with the store management . . . leading to REAL Cash Paying Customers, to simply abandon their would-be purchases out of frustration and leave.

And when enough damage was done . . . the Alinsky Provocateurs would say – “You know what, I’m not pleased with the service here”, and leave all of the goods, which they piled into their in shopping carts at the check-out counters . . . and just walked away doing damage to the Retailer, and to the legitimate shoppers, while doing nothing to help themselves.


You have to know the following:

1 – Alinsky Honed his Radical Community Organizing in Chicago

2 – Alinsky is regarded by MOST . . . as the Father of Community Organizing.

3 – Crooked Hillary, the Obama’s, and most of Obama’s Inner-Circle came from Chicago.

4 – Alinsky’s strategy was to OVERTHROW THE SYSTEM, which Fascinated Crooked Hillary and the Obama Provocateurs. After all, wasn’t Community Organizing Obama’s ONLY Claim to Fame before entering Politics?

5 – Promise the people who want Something-For-Nothing . . . the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, at the expense of the People who seemed to have everything.

6 – Create a Welfare State, where people EXPECT and DEMAND something for nothing as if it is their DUE.

7 – DIVIDE THE PEOPLE . . . and create Bogeymen amongst the Population, so the People would have targets for which to vent.

8 – Overwhelm the World of Academia, with Teachers who would convince the children that America was EVIL, while Rich People who worked hard and risked much to become comfortable, even their parents, were the enemies of the people.

9 – According to Alinsky, the best way to OVERTHROW the System was to OVERWHELM it and COLLAPSE it under it’s own WEIGHT.

10 – Create a DEBT so HIGH that it could never be repaid.

11 – Weaken Law and Order, by weakening the Law and Order Budgets and make the Police Part of the Bogeymen.

12 – Weaken the American Military, to the point that America becomes nothing more than just another Global Player.

13 – And create so much dissension that America falls into a Civil War, or teeters on the Brink of a Civil War.

NONE OF WHAT ALINSKY PROPOSED WAS NOVEL . . . These were Tried and True Tactics used throughout History, going back most recently to the Nazis, the Soviets, the Red Chinese and now the Moslems. BUT THEY’RE NEW TO AMERICA.

So after MORE than 50-Years of Alinsky Tactics, which has brought us to where we are . . . what have they achieved?

1 – Are Poor Inner-City Communities in America . . . better off today, than they were before the Clintons and the Obama’s came to Power?

2 – Is America a Fairer and more Equitable Place for Everyone?

3 – Is the Black Community in a Better Place Today, now that America has a Black President?

4 – Is the World a Safer Place because of Alinsky’s Strategies, which have been carried out by Obama?

THERE’S A GREAT MANY MORE QUESTIONS THAT I COULD ASK . . . to which you all know the answers, but there are just TWO other questions that are most PERTINENT . . .

1 – Do you see a brighter future for anyone in America because of the reasoning of Saul Alinsky?

2 – If Saul Alinsky wasn’t by his own definition Socially Minded, such as NOT being a Communist, a Socialist, or even a Real Proponent of Racial Equality . . . why did he do all of this?

The TERRIFYING Answer to this question can be found at the end of Saul Alinsky’s Book – RULES FOR RADICALS, where he writes his acknowledgment for his inspiration . . . And I Quote:

“ . . . the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”


IT’S A SHORT READ – & NECESSARY . . . and after reading it – ask yourself if this isn’t a near Mirror Image to Crooked Hillary’s Campaign against Trump, and all other contenders she has thus far faced, with the Exception of Barack Hussein Obama, who built his Campaign by using the same Alinsky Strategy?

The problem with the Alinsky Strategy . . . is not that it doesn’t work, since it works incredibly well. The problem is that it has no end game, OTHER THAN TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

It is not designed to make things better . . . ITS DESIGN IS TO MAKE THINGS AS BAD AS THEY CAN BE.

If Crooked Hillary should win, which at this juncture is looking pretty good for her . . . this is what America and the rest of the World can expect. Where people like me, will be determined by people like her, to be Enemies of the State, where by all means . . . we must be silenced.

Because nothing is more dangerous to the Alinsky Model . . . than is the Raw and Unvarnished Truth.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hosea 4:16 Like a stubborn heifer,
    Israel is stubborn;
    can the Lord now feed them
    like a lamb in a broad pasture?

  2. Most of us grew up in a leftist culture. It colors our view and controls our thinking

  3. This explains what has been going on in our country for a number of years but even more so under the current leaders. Why is it that people cannot see this??? Thanks so much for your editorials, never miss one and they are so informative.

  4. Those Rules for Radicals is exactly how Obama got where he is now. Starting with being a community organizer. He just did it better than Hillary. I fear for our country.

  5. Happy you are on road to wellness. I will assume it was your illness that has brought on the touch of pessimism I detect in your last paragraph. She is NOT winning – notice how frantic all the leftist “news” people are (including FoxNews) are in touting the polls. There are other polls out there that are historically accurate and they have Trump right up there – and have you seen the thousands attending his rallies? Chin up Howard, and everyone!

  6. I hope you are feeling much better with out all the liquor everyone gave you idea’s to take. Even my own mother made me gargle with Wild Turkey when I had a sore throat. Yuck to this day lol. Feel better rest as much as you can.
    As for this editorial today need I say it is bloody scary? Anything you write about her scares me to no end.
    Keep it up for us sir, take good care of yourself my best to you, Anne and family.

    Jacqueline L. Turley

  7. Sorry, Heidi, but Trump’s rallies reach perhaps 20,000 rabid supporters whereas the corrupt enemedia reach tens of millions every day, all day long. His motives are pure and his game plan is sound, but he faces insurmountable odds. The alphabet networks would have been great teammates of Josef Goebbels. At this point nothing less than civil war can drain the swamp.

  8. You have written a great editorial. More information about Alinsky is available in HILLARY’S AMERICA by D’Souza. One doesn’t have to buy the Alinsky book and give his estate the royalties if you read D’Souza.

  9. Obama & Crooked Hillary are from the same MOLD, thus electing her would be a THIRD Obama term and worst! In the past 7-1/2 yrs., he’s destroyed our Country. The RULE of LAW has “gone out the window”! Anyone who wants this system to continue can vote for CROOKED HILLARY. If there weren’t so many ZOMBIES [those on drugs] in our society, then we’d probably have a better chance to REFORM it. Let’s HOPE & PRAY that TRUMP will be elected because it’s our LAST CHANCE to SAVE AMERICA! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN

  10. There are legions of real Americans that are waiting to see if we are going to revolt. If Hillary is elected, you can count on it.
    For several years Texas has been teetering on getting out of the Union, which we can do without permission by law. Whatever happens, it is not going to be pretty. If Trump wins, there will be riots of the non-working as he will cut back welfare, food stamps, etc severly – especially to illegals. LOCK AND LOAD

  11. This one may be your best one yet. You laid it out very logically and made us really think about the future of our country. Good that you are better. 1940s, I had a summer cold and was miserable.. At work my boss suggested that I go over and see the company doctor. He checked me and asked if I could get some whisky, to which I responded, yes sir.. How should I drink it? His response was that it didn’t matter how. “Just drink lots of it.” It surely made me forget my misery.

  12. Don’t give up on Donald Trump being the next POTUS!! There is a lot of writing in today’s websites (go to Drudge, Newsmax and Breitbart) that the polls are being rigged by over-sampling of Hillary supporters. Trump is getting BIG crowds, but not Hillary. The IBD poll has been the most accurate for the last 3 elections. It has Trump up 2% nationally. Don’t believe the polls having Hillary up 8 to 10%. Smoke and mirrors!!

  13. No pessimism allowed! I was listening to Rush this morning, and he described in great detail how the “polls” are rigged though oversampling Democrat participants way in excess of their percentage of probable voters. OF COURSE that would show that Hillary is ahead. This is done by almost every pollster in complete collusion with Hillary’s campaign and the networks. The most consistently reliable poll shows TRUMP ahead – in line with the turnouts at his rallies. A Trump LANDSLIDE is in the making!

  14. The ‘magic’ of the toddy or elixir is the fact that you don’t drink. Your body will send more ‘fighters’ to take care of the new infiltrator & in so doing the flu gets bombarded with more ‘attention’ in the process to speed up return to normal. As for Saul Alinsky’s end game being destruction w/no benefit, HRC’s use of same methods is for power as she ushers the USA into one world order. None realize they are no more than Lucifer’s minions.

  15. Howard. this is the most chilling and/or blood curdling Editorial that I have ever read!

    Keep up the good work.

  16. Thank you Howard for another informative article. I believe God is revealing corruption and I began realizing it over a year ago. Now the revelations are speeding up, with more appalling information released every day. Anyone who votes for Hillary must not be paying attention. Are those people actually in FAVOR of the America she’s determined to inflict upon us all? If she wins, they will be, regrettably, in the same boat as the rest of us, just sitting on different ends, that’s all…

  17. Good one!!! This is NOT Star Trek!!! There is NO United Federation of Planets – That is pure fantasy. But, it seems as though the Far Left has embraced this concept & has titled it as One World Order!!! All of the Politically Correct attitudes has NOT reduced any bullying or thugs or criminals or terrorists within our society & the world. The truth is all of these elements have gotten worse. We see that daily on our TVs, newspapers & the Internet. Heaven help us if, Hildebeast wins!!!

  18. Howard, why all these things about Hillary’s past never came to light through Trump? Is his team so inexperienced ?
    The public should be bombarded with all his misdeeds before it is too late.
    Steve Acre, Montreal, Canada

  19. The article reflects the modern gloss normally applied to Alinksy, that his political views are sickening. From a 2016 perspective they are. But in context of that era the radicals were using some pretty counterproductive and dangerous tactics. Every spring there were violent rebellions. An example was Columbia in 1968 The main point of his book was to urge leftists to use less dangerous tactics; rational discourse and humor rather than force.

  20. Mr. Gluck, There was nothing rational about Alinsky nor today about Clinton. Evil is not rational, it is merely sinful. You sir are blinded by your own irrational sinful thoughts. In short it is called INSANITY.

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