If you’ve wondered where I’ve been these past few days . . . you don’t have to wonder anymore, I was on my back shivering under the covers surviving the FLU. It’s not yet over, but it’s over enough for me to write. Perhaps not very well, but lying around doing nothing, isn’t going to help me get better either.

So . . . for better or worse – here is the best I can do under these circumstances.

At Thursday Night’s Catholic Charity Event in New York City, which was really a CARRY-OVER from Wednesday’s Debate and Insult-A-Thon, Trump and Clinton went at each other, which was really no big deal – EXCEPT FOR THIS . . . which seems to have been ignored by all the Media.

Crooked Hillary said during one of her Snide Remarks that passed for a joke . . . That if Donald Trump were to Win the Election, and when all the Past Living Presidents Would Line Up For the Group Presidential Photo . . .


So what did Crooked Hilary say? Did she just say that Barack Obama is a Moslem?

ANOTHER SMALL OBSERVATION . . . Marina Bartiromo sat behind the people speaking, slightly to the left as we watched it on TV. You couldn’t miss her; she was the Dirty Blond, with the Long White Gloves, and these ENORMOUS BOOBS in a Red Dress that kept very few secrets.

The fact that Maria Bartiromo is very pretty, very smart (economist), and very talented as a FOX Business News Host . . . and turns out to be SEXY AS HELL, says a great deal about Donald Trump, because, if the Sexual Rumors, Accusations, and Allegations made against him were even remotely true . . . The Donald would have been all over her like a Bear to Honey.

“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Public.”

The preceding is not exactly what HL Mencken said, but as close to his meaning as is possible, which best describes the people who are doing all they can to put Crooked Hillary in the White House.

WHY IN A MILLION YEARS . . . would anyone believe that Crooked Hillary’s UNPROTECTED Emails, weren’t HACKED by EVERYONE, when it seems that all the Democrat Websites and Emails have so easily been HACKED by whomever did the HACKING?

And when you think about the MEGA Retailers, the Banks, Credit Card Companies, Netflix and a host of SECURE Federal Agencies from the Military onwards, who are under constant Cyber Attacks with many Breaches . . . ONLY AN IDIOT would believe that Crooked Hillary and her Unprotected Emails and Unprotected Smart Phones would somehow be IMPERVIOUS to Attack from FRIEND & FOE.

IF I DIDN’T KNOW BETTER . . . It would be impossible for anyone to convince me that people without a strong Personal Agenda, would vote for such a Careless Lying Piece of Work like Crooked Hillary.

BUT I DO KNOW BETTER . . . And I weep in the knowledge that so many people in North America, Canada and the United States, are so utterly STUPID & ILL INFORMED about Real News and Civics, that we vote for the worst, only because they have good PR, lots of money, and a willing Media on their side.


MANY YEARS AGO . . . I read extensively, and saw several Movies about Senator Joe McCarthy, and his WAR AGAINST COMMUNISM AND COMMUNISTS IN AMERICA.

I even read quite a few articles on the House Un-American Activities Committee, which Spearheaded the Hollywood Blacklist, much of which which occurred from 1938 to the Mid 1950’s . . . which to me, today, seems perhaps that McCarthy and the Committee might have been themselves, Victims of a LEFT-WING HIT JOB.

I GREW UP . . . Having an extremely low regard for Senator Joe McCarthy, because in the 1960’s through the 1970’s, THE ONLY NEWS AND INFORMATION about McCarthy, was slanted so much so against him, that an impressionable young man like me, could only come away thinking that McCarthy was EVIL, since there was no Balance in the Schools and the Media.

MCCARTHY MIGHT HAVE BEEN A BAD GUY AND A JERK . . . But that didn’t mean he was wrong. Because when I look at North America and Europe Today, all I see is the SPREAD & DOMINANCE OF SOCIALISM.

THE COMMUNISTS HAVE HAD A GREAT DEAL OF TIME . . . to establish themselves in North America, and Condition American/Canadian Children through various School Systems, to the point where Capitalism has become a Dirty Word, while SOCIALISM has become a NORTH AMERICAN GOAL.


When asked by Chris Wallace at the end of the Third and Last Debate, if Trump would accept the outcome of the Election, Trump responded by basically saying . . . I don’t know, and I’ll decide when it happens.

To a MEDIA MACHINE, which has pulled out all the STOPS to elect Crooked Hillary, I can easily understand how a statement such as this has become GRIST FOR THEIR MILL . . . not because what Trump said was ridiculous, but rather, because what Trump said was something everyone should be thinking about, but not speaking or writing about.

PERSONALLY . . . I think that Voter Fraud in the form of CROOKED and BIASED Media is something everyone should be deeply concerned about, and not just amongst Conservatives, but amongst all people, since the MEDIA, which can LIE through every means possible to CONTROL the Elections of ONE . . . can just as easily LIE and CONTROL the TRUTH FOR ALL.

ALSO . . . If FREE & FAIR Elections are the Bedrock of our Societies, where the Mantle of Power is Peacefully handed over from one Party to the other, after a mandated period of time . . . how then can JUST ONE PARTY (Democrats) SO AGGRESSIVELY RESIST the registration of all Legitimate Voters and WHY?

If the outcome of Elections are as important as Crooked Hillary claims they are, then should she and her followers not DEMAND that the most equitable ways possible should be incorporated to make certain that every vote cast . . . is a Legitimate Vote?

There is no secret . . . and there is ample evidence, that many people vote multiple times. It’s also a FACT that no shortage of people vote in the name of the deceased, and that people who are not citizens cast votes as well.

IF DONALD TRUMP REFUSES TO ACCEPT DEFEAT . . . because he has strong evidence of Voter Fraud . . . from the Media right on down to actual Elector Fraud, the last thing he should do for the FUTURE of America, in the preservation of all that has Made America GREAT . . . is to concede to a CRIMINAL PROCESS.

TRUMP WAS PILLORIED . . . even amongst his own and some Conservative Pundits, for saying that he was going to SUE the women who LIED about him.

I know from personal experience how the politics of Character Assassination can be deadly, especially if the Media is an abettor. Yet, there are far too many who say it’s no big deal, that it’s just the way the game is played, and Character Assassination is part of the game. WELL THEY’RE WRONG.

BECAUSE – IF THESE SANCTIMONIOUS PUNDITS . . . think that it’s no BIG DEAL, let them be on the receiving end and see how much they like it. And if it’s no big deal, and it’s just how the game is played, how do they imagine anyone of VALUE, GREAT IDEAS & STRONG CHARACTER would want to run for any kind of Office, if campaigning comes down to a never ending stream of unfounded SLURS and Dishonest Characterizations . . . Goodbye Freedom, because the Biggest Liars with the Deepest Pockets and the Media in the Bag will always win.

VERY FEW PEOPLE . . . have the Financial Wherewithal or the Mindset to go all out against the purveyors of LIES, Half Truths and Innuendos, which Donald Trump seems to have. So, let them be on Notice, that their Day just might be around the Corner for their Comeuppance.

And now that I’m exhausted . . . I will have some Jewish Penicillin (Chicken Soup), crawl back under the covers, and hope to wake up tomorrow feeling more like I should.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Most people are all in denial of what is happening around us. Maybe it’s just apathy? It can’t happen to us? For several years (mostly since BHO’s first run for potus) I’ve been standing in my soapbox shouting via emails to over 200 friends and acquaintances’. I get maybe 2-3 replies. You send out thousands to people and get a smattering of good people replying. Somehow, we have got to get more people involved, before it is too late!!!! Is that even possible?? Heaven help us….

  2. May I offer an old Polish cure? Tea, Honey, Vernors, Canadian Club (large amount), heated in a pan poured into a mug and drank down while as warm as you can stand it. Go to bed and sweat it out. On the other hand you might want to take the CC with you just to make sure there is enough in the warm mug. Get well ASAP.

  3. Always right on target, Howard, even when you are under the weather. The Democrat-Communists of the Fifties vilified Joe McCarthy for decades, because he was so effective in outing their evil kind. He was the only one with the chutzpah to go after those who would destroy us from within. But, of course, the wimpy GOP did nothing to help him. Nothing was done until Reagan stood up for our Constitution and against worldwide Marxism. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Wondered where you were sir! Hope you fully recover real soon Howard. I really hope these pollsters are completely wrong and the Republican ticket is actually ahead of “Killary”. Yup…, she did refer to OBUMMER as a Muslim on the evening. Nice going too Mr. Trump, putting Maria Bartiromo in view during Hillary’s time to speak. One way to have the audience tune “Billary” out. Complete distraction during her podium time. GO Trump/Pence!

  5. Your are right that very few people have the wherewithal….however what the pol. elite have forgotten is that millions and millions of people have stored in their safes tons of little brass and lead that could be used at a moments notice. Unlike other countries that were unarmed when the government took over, this time it will be different. May the crooked leaders end up just like Mussolini who was also hated by the masses.

  6. I will no doubt say something off color but I am worse than my wonderful next president my mouth over loads my $$ sometimes I hope he wins and hangs all these evil crooked lying s– Make it public i want to see them squirm .Pay back from all the hell they have put decent people through. Really angry with them

  7. Get better! In Canada we had Conservative Stephen Harper. Mostly good gov. The press went after him from day 1. For 11 years of decent gov, everything was about how bad he & his gov was. Then along came airhead Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau; least accomplished & least educated PM ever. Media: he can do no wrong. In 1 year this kiss*ss gave away billions to other countries & UN, from a $7.5B surplus to $30+B deficit, carbon tax, killing business, scandals. He is our Hillary. Harper was our Trump.

  8. The U.S.A. and Canada might be facing ruin, but, with leaders like Donald Trump, our spirit will live on and we will rise from the ashes.

  9. Politicians are the people’s EMPLOYEES. Most people don’t know it. Imagine a person running a business hiring a new employee that: – tells that employer what that employer is allowed to do, – gives himself and all the other staff a raise, – indebts the company after squandering it’s revenues on fake projects that enrich his friends. That IS what is going on in North American politics. Time to Fire the Lot of them.

  10. A vote for Hillary and the Democrats will bring Sharia Law to America. Including Islamic Sex Slavery for all women starting at 9 years old.
    I can tell you vetting will not work on Arabs/Muslims.
    We must stop putting our cultural values on Muslims; they are not Americans coming from a modern 21century society. They are Muslims coming from a 7th century society.

  11. For years I have been saying if only we had listened to Joe McCarthy back in the 50’s, we would not be in this mess! As time passes, it becomes more and more apparent to those of us capable of rational thought (liberals need not apply) that he was right on the mark! I was happy to see this excellent editorial substantiate my thoughts! Enjoy your “meds” and get well soon!

  12. If only Canada had a Trump! From the time ‘pretty-boy’ Trudeau was put into office, I’ve been saying he is NOT competent to be Canada’s Prime Minister! Just because he is the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau (“PET”) the Libtards figure Justin has the wherewithal to govern Canada! Who said all ‘voters’ are smart and have the country’s best interests at heart?? That notion is OBVIOUSLY wrong!!

  13. If America is now the land of “liars, cheats, thieves, and murderers”, then Hillary Clinton will win! (America will lose- big time!) Ten Commandments (basis for most U.S. laws) will mean nothing anymore! Churches and congregants could get “heavily taxed” since Government will become “god” for the “useful idiots”, being converted to “slaves” (one way or the other)! Hoping you feel better Howard, but America is “sick in the head” after all the “liberal brainwashing”! Media isn’t telling the truth!

  14. Hope you are feeling better soon, Howard. This continual barrage of horse manure is making a lot of us actually physically sick.
    I know I have a high resistance to germs, too, but this spoon feeding the public of rotten lies, by the media, is sickening. Your insight is often the only relief from the crap sandwich du jour.
    Truth and chicken soup help. Hang in there!

  15. Trump made one big mistake at the start of the debate talked for about 10 minutes about how unfair the press and the about the women who claimed he sexually assaulted them. People know the story why keep bring it up ‘
    His programs were well done and this is what he should have started his talk. He is his worst enemy.
    He will get my vote any way.

  16. I have spoken with a couple of leftist friends and it seems that all Mr. Clinton’s sexual transgressions were fine because they were all with consent of the victim

  17. I am sure the Dems read your blog so watch your step and your back. They are very famous for using Arkancide on those that out them.Billie

  18. Communist agenda for USA-“Grinding Down America” spells it out. They began w/education (colleges on down), the 60s revolution, break down moral culture we were founded on (sanctity of life, marriage, family) & bringing in immigrants from cultures quite different from ours to further erode Judeau/Christian culture. Then push anti-moral agenda (abortion, same-sex lifestyle, co-habitation). It was attack from within so didn’t see it until maybe too late. Trump=likely last hope for restoration.

  19. I was told by a Jewish doctor friend that chicken soup cures. He said “If your Jewish mother told you to eat chicken soup and get well,you better get well!!!” Here’s to your health, Howard.

  20. Get Well Soon. God Bless. Perhaps you and your readers would like to take a look at Hamtramck, Michigan. Originally a Polish Settlement. Now completely Muslim WITH SHARIA LAW. Dearborn, MI is following suit. NOTE: Every terrorist who flew planes into the TRADE CENTER 9/11 came THROUGH and were housed in Dearborn, MI. We need Trump desperately.

  21. Howard, get well soon. You and a number of your readers have already figured it out that, OF- COARSE, Hillary wanted the e-mails hacked! She wants the world to know more of our security, classified secrets of our nation! She wants the enemy to know! Just like Obama. And, Robin Rosenblatt, you got that correct!!! And being young in the 50’s, Joe McCarthy, doing what he was doing I thought was good, for I realized then how the Communist were infilltrating our country and they haven’t stop yet.

  22. May God bless you with a speedy recovery, Howard! I hear Canadian Mist is pretty good as a hot toddy as well ! 😛 And, of course, chicken soup is always good for the soul! I’ve missed you…get well soon!

  23. I used to get flu shots, & I got the flu. Quit the shots…NO flu. Best wishes for your recovery soon. I followed McCarthy and I still was in hi school, and agreed w/ him. Did lots of reading, even went to J Birch Soc. meetings and was impressed w/ what I heard. Today’s events show that they were correct. Just read 1 of my old paperbacks from then and were they ever right! Like prophecy happening! Very sad that he was attacked as a phobic. This stuff has been in the works for years.

  24. Trump is a stumbling block on the way to the NEW WORLD ORDER. We will never in my life time recover from a Hillary presidency. Free college for all, who pays and how is it paid for? She raises taxes! She is the most corrupt lying person in government or out. Anything the government gives you is something taken away from you. Many have 14 kids knowing the government will pay them for them, Many get welfare and food stamps in Chicago and the same in Milwaukee.

  25. I will pray you recover quickly Howard. Thank you for always being so honest and for sharing TRUE NEWS. God Bless You. Get Well Quickly!

  26. God Bless, & get well soon, my Canadian friend, Howard! Do try the chicken soup…always works for me!!

  27. The Key now is the Senate, the house will stay Republican. If the Senate remains, let Hillary win, and she probably will.
    She will then be hounded to death my the Media and other groups, it will be total grid lock. With Trump gone all guns
    will be aimed at her, with her trash mouth and unpopularity, she will loose it and be gone in 4 years. She is despised not only by so many here but overseas as well.

  28. Get well soon, Howard, so you can be ready to leave for Texas on November 1! Have a safe and enjoyable trip. I hope someday it will be just a one way trip! Texas and the U.S. need you!

  29. Get well soon! Trump became popular because he chose to SPEAK about those things the PEOPLE were THINKING of, but FEARED to speak/write about, especially ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Noting–he will later decide to accept or refuse the OUTCOME of the election. Considering the VOTER-FRAUD existence and CROOKED HILLARY’S LIES, can anyone blame him…I don’t think so! Trump needs to ADDRESS the BENGHAZI CRISIS and not do like ROMNEY who disregarded this event. CLINTON LIED, PEOPLE DIED! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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