The Media Is Running Confused & Scared



1 – There was the Debate where Trump KICKED Crooked Hillary’s Fat Ass.

2 – There was the Debate the LEFT saw and Pretended Crooked Hillary Won.

3 – And then there was the Debate the Media saw, which did their Best to SPIN.


And like you, I go Back and Forth . . . feeling Confident that Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America and the Leader of the FREE WORLD. And then I worry that he won’t.


Because like you, I am also slammed 24/7 with Media Hype & BS, that I too have to sit down from time to time, take a deep breath, and remind myself that the MEDIA is by and large a SELF-SERVING ELITIST PURVEYOR OF CRAPPOLA.

BY AND LARGE – The media is so Self-Absorbed with their own sense of their SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE, that they become aggravated when Little People like you and me dare to question their Superior Knowledge and Intellect.

Remember This . . . The Media-People we watch on Television and Read in the Big Newspapers earn from Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to MILLIONS of Dollars per year to spin their Crap, making them as DISTANT from you and me as is conceivable. So they know nothing about how you and I are feeling, for which they could only surmise, which usually makes them wrong.

Remember This Too . . . The Pundits are NOT reporting the News, they’re reporting their OPINIONS. So, what makes their Opinion any better than yours or mine? Because the way I see it, you and I are far closer to the people who Read, Listen To, and Watch the REAL News, than we are to the SANCTIMONIOUS SHMUCKS, who in their minds think they have all the knowledge and Answers, which makes them far above and superior to the Intellectual Limitations of YOU AND ME.

AFTER THE DEBATE . . . Here was Megyn Kelly, once again SLAMMING Trump for ALLEGATIONS, going back some 30-Years, which were just made by women, who until this time have been silent . . . who all of sudden feel compelled – ALL AT THE SAME TIME, to come out with stories about Trump Touching and Kissing . . .

What is REMARKABLE about Megyn Kelly Staying on this One Trick Pony for as long as she can, is that she herself . . . the prim and proper Megyn Kelly, who is too CLASSY to get in the MUD, was sure enough QUICK to go into the GUTTER on the Howard Stern Show, proudly speaking about her BOOBS, THE SIZE OF HER SECOND HUSBAND’S PENIS, AND THAT SHE HAD SEX WITH HER SECOND HUSBAND WHILE BEING IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER OF HER PREGNANCY.

SO . . . What Gives Her The Right To Be So SANCTIMONIOUS?


Every time . . . the Topic came up of the WikiLeaks Revelations, Crooked Hillary SPUN IMMEDIATELY to the Russians and Putin, but never said the WikiLeaks Allegations Were Untrue. In fact, what she said OVER AND OVER AGAIN . . . was that SEVENTEEN SECURITY AGENCIES said that the information was HACKED BY THE RUSSIANS.

All right – let me assume for a moment that this was true, that SEVENTEEN SECURITY AGENCIES said that the information was HACKED BY THE RUSSIANS. So what? How does that make the information ANY LESS TRUE OR VALID? But wait . . . isn’t that how the Mainstream Media gets their Information, through Secret Sources, by Weaseling their way into Organizations, Pretending to be someone they are not, so they could do UNDERCOVER Reporting, for which they give each other Awards, like PULITZERS, as with Woodward and Bernstein of Watergate Fame?

BUT WHO’S TO SAY THAT IT’S TRUE . . . that the Russians are HACKING into the Democrats Emails? And from where did this MAGIC NUMBER OF 17-SECURITY AGENCIES come?

I know of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and Military Intelligence . . . that’s FOUR. So who are the other THIRTEEN? Why didn’t Crooked Hillary say 27 or 37 or 170, why settle at SEVENTEEN, is it because it sounds reasonable?

CROOKED HILLARY CLINTON LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING . . . So why should anyone believe Crooked Hillary about Russian HACKING, much less than the SEVENTEEN Security Agencies, which probably exist only in her DEMENTED Head, who supposedly confirmed her statement?


The LEFT, and the Supportive Media of Crooked Hillary . . . are SCRAMBLING to find Negative things to say about Trump’s INCREDIBLE Debate Performance last night, to the point of criticizing Trump’s Use Of BAD HOMBRES to describe Evil People, whom he will THROW OUT OF AMERICA once he becomes President . . . EXCUSE ME, how’s that a Bad Thing?


Crooked Hillary always tries to turn to the INCREDIBLE Work of the Clinton Foundation, which by all METRICS is a CRIMINAL Enterprise that has NEVER BEEN AUDITED. In fact, the Haitians would like to STRING-UP the Clintons for how they RAPED Haiti during Haiti’s greatest time of need after their devastating Earthquake.

The Clintons always refer to how they are the greatest DEFENDERS and SUPPLIERS of Drugs and Relief to Aids Victims . . . How do we know that is even remotely TRUE, since there are no records of any of that, and there is no AUDIT of the Clinton Foundation? And when is the last time Aids has been big in the News?

What we do know . . . is that the Clinton Foundation isn’t a REAL REGISTERED CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION. We also know that the Clintons who left the White House DEAD BROKE & IN DEBT, in Crooked Hillary’s own words, are now worth more than a Quarter of a BILLION Dollars, without ever building a damn thing, or providing a Marketable Service. How did that happen?

And we also know that the Clinton Foundation has BILLIONS of Dollars in its TROUGH, controlled EXCLUSIVELY by Hillary and Bill Clinton, with NO OVERSIGHT on how any of it is spent.


So . . . I was watching the Debate last night with Anne and our Friend Frank. I was Texting with one Friend in Boca Raton, and another in Montreal. And then I spoke at length this morning with a Lifelong Friend in Ottawa, who has always been Leaning somewhat to the LEFT, and had ZERO Regard for Trump until a few Months ago.

AND IT WAS UNANIMOUS . . . Trump Eviscerated The Evil Witch From Chappaqua.


I think . . . out of all the OUTSTANDING things Trump said last night, THE BEST THING HE SAID . . . was that he WON’T Necessarily Accept the Decision on November 8th if he LOSES, because of a RIGGED & CORRUPT SYSTEM. And why should he?

I don’t know anyone who believes the LEFT will Play Fair & Square.

If the Election is STOLEN by a Rigged and Corrupt System, which seems to be endemic everywhere across America, leading with the HUGE CORPORATELY OWNED MEDIA and the Government . . . emanating from the White House on down to the Justice Department, the FBI, the IRS and MORE . . . it will mean that the Election would not have been STOLEN from Trump, but in all TRUTH & ESSENCE, it will have been STOLEN from the People.


The Media . . . who are so outraged by Trump’s REFUSAL to say that he will accept the outcome NO MATTER HOW IT IS DETERMINED . . . Conveniently forgets the Blood, Sacrifice & Treasure put forward by the Original American Patriots.

They also Forget the Words and Meaning of Thomas Jefferson’s Letter about the TREE OF LIBERTY.

These SANCTIMONIOUS MEDIA GENIUSES, who think they’re so much smarter than you and me, also seem to forget how many BRAVE Americans, who have Fought, Bled & Died on Foreign Shores Fighting for the Freedom of Others, but won’t support an American who is willing to do what it takes to FIGHT FOR FREEDOM in America, are pitiful excuses for Honest Freedom Loving Journalists.

THE MEDIA DOESN’T SEE IT . . . and if they do . . . they hide it – The LEFT have their very own GREEDY Reasons to keep Socialists in Power, as do the Academics and the Bureaucrats. BIG BUSINESS & BIG LABOR will do anything to keep their Gravy Train and Special Privileges Alive and Well. And then there is the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch, who dread not getting their FREE STUFF from the MAKERS, if the MAKERS win Power.

IT SEEMS TO ME . . . That the only people who want Trump To Win, are the people who Cherish Freedom, the Right to Work and Keep Most of what they EARN, the Right to live in a society of Law & Order, who want a Government which serves the People, opposed to a People who serve the Government, and the Right to Decide for Themselves how they wish to Live their Personal Lives.

AFTER THIS DEBATE . . . AND SEEING HOW SCARED THE MEDIA IS . . . I am once again feeling quite CONFIDENT that Trump will carry the Day.

A FEW DAYS AGO . . . I mentioned a Documentary titled “THE ENEMIES WITHIN”, and inserted a Link into the Editorial. As it turns out, the Director of this VERY IMPORTANT Production, Emailed me yesterday, to let me know that the Link wasn’t directly pointing to the Documentary, so please CLICK HERE To Open the Revised Link.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, You may recall the response I received from our local M.P., here it is again:

    I have to respectfully disagree with your conclusions and suggestions regarding the Muslim community. I do not agree that this is an appropriate approach to relations with the community. I have worked hard as a Member of Parliament to communicate with the Muslim community and to promote opportunities for them to debunk these myths about their culture.

    Sounds like a Neville Chamberlain clone doesn’t it?

  2. You really nailed it this time, Howard. I can’t add a thing, except to reiterate: This is GOOD versus EVIL. Hillary, the media, and the DC establishment represent EVIL, which has been festering way too long. They no longer represent the best interests of the citizens of the United States. In this election, patriotic Americans must REBEL against this tide of MUCK to get us on the right track again. It starts with electing Donald Trump. He’s promised to kick ass and take names – OK with me!

  3. The Drudge Report mentioned today that there have been democrats who would not accept the results of the election. Al Gore is one of them. Donald Trump put everybody on notice that he will be looking and challenging results. This is a good thing!! Obama won every state where ID is not required and lost every state where it was in the 2012 election. Hmmmm.

  4. If the democrats stopped telling lies, the party will disappear, their supporters will run away from it. Talking about rigging, we know now for sure that Bin laden is dead, he has registered as a voter in Chicago. What a bunch of lying crooks and all the morons that believe them.

  5. the media does what they always do, they pick one thing that trump said, and all jump on it – even though al gore didn’t accept the results of that election and took it to the supreme court. why should trump have less of an option?
    I read every thing you’ve written and agree with 99 44/100 % – go howard

  6. If these 2 candidates are the best the USA can produce to lead this country, we are in deep do-do. On the evil and corrupt “Billary”, will take us to our doom if elected. Trump showed he is easily baited and distracted. Overall, I am deeply disappointed in him last night. That said, I will vote Trump/Pence best of the 2 hands down. My real fear is we have a good chance of another 8 years of crooked, lying Dumocrats in all 3 branches of our government come 2017. God help us all if that happens.

  7. I’m sure you meant SCARED, but let’s move on. Did you notice her elaborate, off-white, halo-like hairdo, the Mao pantsuit in virgin lily white in contrast to the dark-suited emissary of the devil, the glowing China Doll makeup that magically erased every line and wrinkle and made her appear youthful and healthy, the radiant smile, the tilt of the head, the finely tuned and timed smirk, the carefully choreographed comportment defining every last detail? She was as open and earnest as a robot.

  8. This is not a competition based on who is the nicest candidate. It boggles my mind to know how many people think it is. I’m sorry to say I know lots of “not so nice” people, but I will say, they are extremely successful at their job. (Not sure why.). But nobody takes their business elsewhere knowing full well how despicable they are. Trump is rough around the edges, but I don’t wonder about his intentions. What you see is what you get, no deceptions. Go Trump go!

  9. It will be very hard for Trump to win when the government in power,obama and his dishonest gang,have tried every which way illegally to stop Trump. Intelligent people see what is happening, however we have more stupid people then smart ones.

  10. It’s so obvious they are using “the Russians” as bogeyman to scare people because that tactic worked decades ago, but we’ve gotten over that, Reagan pricked that balloon. As for the women alleging long ago abuse by Trump, they are quite like the former altar boys claiming priests touched them 30 years prior and need recompense for their “suffering” at the hands of someone they trusted. Really difficult to use the word “trusted” in any context with politics.

  11. I did not watch the debate, nor have I listened to the news for several weeks. That is not like me at all, but I feel that our media and country is so twisted, so corrupt, so “in the pocket” for any Socialist type who runs, that we have little chance any longer. It gives me no pleasure to say this, believe me. But, I am afraid it may well be true.

  12. Loved this one too! I love all your writings! Re the concession… Sean Hannity had a clip on last night after the debate where the press were on the plane with hrc and they asked her if she would… Well, how odd, she never answered the question. She did however down Trump, how odd! But like you note, the media doesn’t care to share the truth and if it is negative to hrc we will never see it. I am hoping for a Trump landslide on 11.8.16!

  13. From transcript 1st debate 9/26

    HOLT: One of you will not win this election. So my final question to you tonight, are you willing to accept the outcome as the will of the voters? Secretary Clinton?

    CLINTON: Well, I support our democracy. And sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But I certainly will support the outcome of this election.

    TRUMP: Look, here’s the story. I want to make America great again. I’m going to be able to do it. I don’t believe Hillary will. The answer is, if she w

  14. TRUMP WON THE DEBATE! His CLOSING STATEMENTS reflected exactly what is needed to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Crooked Hillary’s CLOSING STATEMENTS were her SAME OLD political RANTINGS & LIES. Her ESTABLISHMENT comments and lies are/were EXACTLY what the PEOPLE are FED UP with. The Establishment, the LEFT, RINOS, Liberal Media & MEGYN are all in the SAME BOAT! Can’t stand watching her ‘nastiness’ anymore! Due to VOTER FRAUD, Trump was WISE to not answer the question about the 11/8 DECISION! AMEN!

  15. I’m hoping that enough of my fellow Americans who can vote will see that tyranny looms in The U.S.A., unless Mr. Trump wins.

  16. Every now and then when I think about the possibility of Trump losing…..and our Country losing….I think back to the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, and both World Wars when our liberties, and our Country as a whole were on the brink. Every time, events saved us. I believe it was Divine Intervention……and I still maintain God was, is, and has always been all about Freedom. And God is always with us.

  17. The media hasn’t changed……I’m 77 years old and I remember when I was a younger person that Walter Cronkite always said, after his nightly newscast on CBS, that, “I’m Walter Cronkite and that’s the way it is” and giving the current date ended his broadcast. My Dad always answered by saying “No, that’s the way you see it, Walter” 🙂

  18. Once again you nailed it sir. Went to vote early this morning for the gentleman who is running Mr. Trump you say you said the only people who seem to want to vote are the people who cherish our freedom, keep our money we make & obey our laws.
    I don’t believe the Clinton’s in the White House again would help this country ever again nor did they when they were in there the last time. Go Mr. Trump win this election sir.

  19. A book was witten aabout “double speak”. Bill was a master of it. hillary has learned well. She talks and talks and when she is through you can’t tell me hwat she said or what she is going to about anything. that is her empty head and hidden agenda. BEWARE AMERICA. SHE’S COMING AFTER US.

  20. The number one item in the media today is that Trump did not agree to support Hillary if she won. Well, I remembered the comment and replayed the video. Hillary did not say she would support Trump if he was elected. She went around it and the moderator didn’t ask her. Another example of media bias.

    Tom Mendrala
    The Villages, FL

  21. God was always with us I’m not so sure He is now. One thing I am sure of is “God id in charge”. Just before I came on board to read Howard’s words today I said to my husband “we need God’s Miracle” “On election day there will be so many votes for The Donald there will be no doubt who the people and God wants to repair our government.”
    I can’t and will never understand how people can vote for the likes of Hillary, who needs to be in jail.

  22. Trump “marches to his own (American) drummer- not an Arab, Mexican, or Chinese drummer (playing on drums they bought with USD)! Millions more Muslims and Mexicans simply aren’t what our nation needs right now! Yes, there has been “election fraud”! “Illegals” are being allowed to register to vote, so why should Trump accept the results (if obtained “illegally”)? All this “tolerance” and “diversity” is dividing our nation! Trump is our last chance to “unite” and prosper before Muslims take over!

  23. People: quit looking for a ‘perfect man’, which you won’t find in Trump. Look at the PLATFORM of the Republicans, a total contrast to the Democrat platform. All of you people who stayed home 4 years ago and would not vote for Romney because he is a Mormon, allowed 4 more years of Islam, illegal immigration, Muslim Brotherhood, IRS abuse et al. We don’t want a RINO; well Trump is about as anti-RINO as it gets. Trump can bring change to this present corrupt government!

  24. As i am no genius when it comes to computers, I wonder how it can happen that no one can find the web sites that point out just how corrupt the Clinton Foundation is when it pays the CF millions and in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars to curry favors from the American Government, ie the American people, all the while the witch from Chappaqua is a main player in that government. I was able to find them and see the African dictators who contribute to CF openly for favors. Go look folks.

  25. Trump will win the Election, but will the Democrats steal in back as they did in 2012? I wonder, as bad as they have
    become following the departure of Ailes, what will the Fox “Newsees” do after the Election. They have so little of
    value to offer. Trump is correct, accept the Election AFTER is complete and proved.

  26. I guess the Drive-by Media has forgotten the 2000 election where Al Gore tried his best to contest the election won by George Bush. Seems to me that Gore had a bunch of so called lawyers go down to Florida to try and swing the election to him. The Drive-by Media was also so sure that Gore had won that they conducted their own investigations. Howard, you are so right about the Drive-by Media are doing their best to rig the election for Crooked Hillary.

  27. Important to remember-the ‘Russian hacking’ situation(if that is even real) may not have happened IF Billary had been on a SECURED .gov server. She is not naive -she did not want ANY oversight on her illegal activities. Establishment is scared. They had to strong-arm the foreign embassy to stop the Wikileaks email dump.I hope the rest of the emails get out before the election.GO TRUMP!!

  28. I think Trump saying he won’t accept the results of a crooked Hillary win was correct. He put the cheaters on notice that they better be careful and will be watched and monitored.

  29. Many mainstream media “report” their opinions — so true.
    They “report” what they want their readers / viewers to believe.
    They configure factual elements to create impressions.
    Try adding the words, “We wish” after every headline. Their bias will emerge.

  30. Great points Howard… I’d just like to say that I don’t believe Media mouth breathers to be “smart” people at all, in fact I see them as just the opposite. Media mouth breathers are actually really dumb people, rather average or below average intellects, thats why they’re in the Media in the first place and thats why on air Media talkers wear ear pieces, they are too dumb to think for themselves. Media drones are also utterly dishonest immoral people as well.

  31. Hind sight is 20/20 and I know that Monday morning quarterbacking is always 100%; however, Trump should have used the line that I came up with this morning instead of calling the Witch from the Swamp a WICKED WOMAN. He should have referred to her as DEPLORABLE, and her supporters as such. Sweet payback. Also, for the last question he could have answered – DO I HAVE A CHOICE?

  32. Spot on, your thoughts and your pen are one, a great gift. Vote turn out will matter and the opposition is doing everything they know to discourage us. We mustn’t let this happen.
    Greg Richardson, Ferndale, Michigan, USA

  33. HRC seemed to know most questions before they were asked. Polls claiming Hillary majority have a flaw: usually 60+% Dems in survey. Hillary keeps adding $2m to Trump’s father’s loan, now $14m; 2 wks ago said $12m. Trump said it was $1m. Fact checkers? It takes weeks to months to trace international hackers – for Hillary just hours. Putin loves Hillary; sweet deal on uranium only paying Billy ½ mil for a speech so why would he help Trump?

  34. The USA and Canadian Media are, to quote HG, the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch, who dread not getting their FREE STUFF from the MAKERS, if the MAKERS win Power. It is the media that Clinton should have called deplorable. Though Trump won in my opinion, Clinton always looks more composed and keeps a straight face and body language counts. It’s not over but not looking good for Trump (yet).

  35. Trevor Louden who wrote and now has a film titled “The enemies within” will be speaking and previewing the movie tonight right here in St. George, Utah. I will be attending. I also watched a video about “Project Veritas Action” on a Conservative website as well….frightening stuff we are dealing with here folks…and this is the very thing that will bring Trump down on Nov. 8th….a corrupt voting system….it is a “win at all cost” world we live in and there is nothing off limits…Mary

  36. “The Media-People we watch on Television and Read in the Big Newspapers earn from Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to MILLIONS of Dollars per year to spin their Crap, making them as DISTANT from you and me as is conceivable.” To be bad they won’t use their money to buy a rocket and go to Mars.

  37. Trump won the debate but he left Clinton standing where he had the power and openings to drop her to the mat bloody and unconscious. Benghazi and her “What difference does it make!” quote. The deplorables. The Russians hacking into unsecure email servers…one belonging to Clinton herself. The fact that she loves illegal immigrants because they become democrats and will vote for her and her party forever. Those openings were gifts to Trump yet he missed them. Again.

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