IF TEAM LYING WAS AN OLYMPIC SPORT . . . The Democrats would be undefeated GOLD MEDAL Champions. And if there was an Individuals Category for LYING, Crooked Hillary would Win Gold Until the Day she DIED, because that’s how good she is at LYING and DECEIT.

BUT YOU CAN ONLY GO SO FAR ON YOUR OWN LIES . . . so, surrounding Crooked Hillary is an Army of LEFTIST Skilled Liars including the Media.

FOR EXAMPLE . . . I watched an interview with Admiral John Kirby, who is the Spokesperson for the State Department, over the FBI Document, which showed State Department BIG WIG, Patrick Kennedy, OFFERING A BRIBE TO THE FBI, if they would RECLASSIFY Crooked Hillary’s Emails, so as not to APPEAR THAT THEY HAD BEEN CLASSIFIED.


INCREDIBLY . . . The first answer out of Kirby’s Mouth in the interview was that it never happened, the next words were to blame WikiLeaks for Propaganda, but this came from the FBI, not WikiLeaks, with the third iteration being, that EVERYONE HAD IT WRONG . . . and it was the FBI Agent(s) who offered the BRIBE.

Then I was listening to FOX BUSINESS on Sirius/XM Radio at around 4:30 yesterday Afternoon, when I heard an Interview with a LEFTIST Schmuck, who is always on Fox News as a Guest, I don’t recall his name, but he is a smiley Black Guy who talks like a Machine Gun, never giving a straight answer. But then again, that could describe just about any Black LEFTIST on Fox News. BUT I DIGRESS.

The Conservative guest was DEFENDING DONALD TRUMP’S claim of Voter FRAUD, and Voter INTIMIDATION on behalf of the LEFT. I don’t recall his name either. But what I do recall, is the discussion was over the JUST MADE PUBLIC Videos of Democrat THUGS . . . who arranged, planned, recruited, paid and executed VIOLENT TACTICS at Trump Rallies, including the NEAR RIOT in Chicago, when Trump called off his Rally, in fear of having his supporters hurt.


EVEN THOUGH THE VIDEOS DIDN’T LIE . . . The Black Defender of the LEFT, rattled-off the LEFTIST mantra that the Videos were FRAUDS, just as they claimed the Videos were FRAUDS about ACORN in the early years of Obama’s FIRST TERM, and the Videos were FRAUDS about Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts.

THE LEFTIST LIARS OUTDID THEMSELVES . . . by planting the seed, that it could have been Trump’s People who FIREBOMBED their own Campaign Office in North Carolina, opposed to the REALITY that this was most probably a LEFTIST HATE CRIME.

And then there’s Obama, who yesterday, called for Trump to STOP WHINING, and go campaign, while Obama CLAIMED WITH FULL AUTHORITY that there is NO CHANCE FOR VOTER FRAUD IN AMERICA.

I assume that if you’re reading this BLOG, you probably know that Obama made the same claim about his support for the IRS, when the IRS was OUTED as being Politically DISHONEST in NOT providing Non Profit Status to Conservative Organizations, when Obama said to Bill O’Reilly during a Taped Interview . . . That there’s NOT EVEN A SMIDGEON OF CORRUPTION” against the IRS.


For years . . . the LEFT, which was spearheaded by Obama during his First Term, almost right from the beginning, pushed for America to REENACT THE BROADCAST FAIRNESS DOCTRINE, which was part of the FCC’s Mandate, which was REPEALED IN 1987, to FORCE Radio and Television Media to offer Political Balance on their Airwaves, which to me, and to anyone else who understands the importance of a FREE MEDIA, was nothing but an attempt to KILL Conservative Broadcasters.

AND NOW THAT WE CAN SEE BECAUSE OF TRUMP . . . the unbelievable BIAS & DISHONESTY of the Media, INCLUDING what is manipulated on Facebook & Google . . . it has to send shivers down our spine, because he or she who CONTROLS the Media, CONTROLS THE GOVERNMENT, meaning there is no longer a reason for the LEFT to want the Fairness Doctrine, since it would go against their agenda.


If Donald Trump wins or loses this election, both options which are very Plausible as of now, but if he loses, which according to all the Polls and Media seems to be a real possibility, the American People will become the SERFS of Big Government, Big Business, Big Labor, Big Academia and THE TYPE OF CORRUPTION, the likes of which the World hasn’t seen since the Fall of the Roman Empire.

DONALD TRUMP . . . if he doesn’t succeed to the White House, has already done something I don’t believe anyone else would have ever been able to have done, which is to EXPOSE HOW CORRUPT THE SYSTEM REALLY IS – from the Media to Congress, and from the White House to the Justice Department.

DONALD TRUMP . . . in his INARTFUL way, has awoken a Spirit – not just in the United States of America, but rather throughout the Entire World, of people who have taken for granted that they CANNOT have FREEDOM without making the EFFORT & SACRIFICE.

Trump has shown that at least Half the Population in the United States of America are either UNINFORMED IDIOTS, or as Crooked and Uncaring for things that are . . . JUST, HONORABLE, & NOBLE – as long as they get theirs, while the rest of us PAY THEIR PIPER.


REMEMBER THESE WORDS BY BARACK OBAMA . . . If you want to keep your Insurer, you’ll keep your Insurer. If you want to keep your Doctor, you’ll keep your Doctor. And every Family will save $2500 per Year just by Following Me.


I’m in this FIGHT until the day that I cannot fight anymore. WHAT ABOUT YOU?


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Not only does history repeat itself, but even worse we don’t learn from its lessons

  2. The Left is of its father, the devil, the author of lies. This is a battle against the darkness of evil. That may sound over the top, but I don’t think so. The Left represents lies and deception, murder, extortion, enslavement of a large portion of the population and pushing for more, greed for power and money, corruption to the nth degree. How better to describe the activities of the Evil One?

  3. Dems and media (polls included) serve up smoke-screens to create fear and division. They are working overtime this election. I believe we are living in “the great deception” spoken of in the New Testament of the Bible, and that it began several+ decades ago. In my 74+ years I’ve not seen such division and outright hatred spewed; I don’t feel it was quite this bad overall back in the late 1950s to early 60s. And this division/hatred lies at Obama’s feet, from class to race.

  4. Thanks Howard. We’re in the fight with you. Trump has opened the eyes of those willing to look. As far as Obama telling Trump to quite blaming everyone, hasn’t he blamed Bush for every problem since he got into office. Am so tired of it all but still praying that Trump makes it to the White House while we still have one. GO TRUMP! –Thurman & Bev

  5. The Left was spawned from a lie, thanks to Karl Marx. What is scary is how successful his ideology has become, even in America by repeating the lies. Nov 8th will tell us everything we need to know about our future. Thanks, Howard, for everything you are doing in the attempt to save our country and yours.

  6. SPORTS are often used as an analogy for POLITICS! I guess it’s because they are BOTH GAMES! There are DOWNFALLS with both of them, however, and POLITICS is seeing its own right now. If it weren’t for TRUMP, the ESTALISHMENT & DEMOCRATIC GARBAGE would have never been disclosed…AND Crooked Hillary would be ‘well on her way’ to the presidency! SWAMPS & GARBAGE go good together, so it’s time for TRUMP to CLEAN IT UP! Interesting & surprising GUEST at the debate tonight! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  7. Well I’m only one but of the few hundred I know they are all on the Trump train but for about 2 or 3 with their heads in the sand so they can’t see what has and is going on.
    There are a lot of people who will vote Trump but are just not vocal about it.
    Donald Trump did not increase welfare to a record level for eight years.
    Donald Trump did not cripple our economy.
    Donald Trump did not increase our debt to 20 trillion dollars
    Donald Trump did not shrivel our military, and betray our veteran

  8. I fear that a darkness will fall over America if this evil woman is elected. I can see restrictions on individual rights being the order of the day. It will be Obama on steroids.

  9. Howard,I am with you and Trump until the end. I am still undecided on whether I will watch tonight’s debate since Wallace is moderating. I am not sure my blood pressure will take it and I don’t think my hubs will be happy with me when I throw a heavy object into the screen of the TV…adding a little levity…Mary

  10. I know that the MSM began lying, giving disinformation & stopped giving unbiased news, during the Vietnam War. I remember that Cronkite was one of the leaders, in the pack on this issue. He was regarded as one of the elites in the news business & almost everyone believed what he said. I did too until I saw what was being done to the Vets returning from Vietnam. From this time to now, the news is nothing more than rating numbers, not truthful reporting but what will get everyone’s attention.

  11. Yes Howard, it does look as if the “takers” might take the election, in which case The U.S.A. would descend into
    tyranny, followed soon by Canada. I still hold out hope for Mr. Trump, however, because there are probably
    still enough “makers” who will bother to vote.

  12. I don’t know why you spend an inordinate of time on the the deceitful Democrats.
    Trump has shown the “main stream” Republicans to be just as bad when it comes to keeping their places ar the trough.

  13. I see Trump’s rallies where thousands gather and cheer, after waiting hours for him to show up. And women—I and most of my feminine friends are on the Trump Train. Is that all an illusion? The talking heads are speaking as if tonight’s debate is the election. I don’t remember voting yet? Isn’t Nov. 8 election day? The overwhelmingly leftist and biased tv and press are trying desperately to topple Trump. Hasn’t happened yet. Chin up everybody!

  14. Khrushchev supposedly said something once analogous to “…we will bury you from within”. Sadly, I believe we are living during the time when this is coming true.

  15. I disagree that Hillary is a good liar! A good liar is hard to detect since they cleverly mask their deceit by throwing a few questionable rationales to mask their deception or sound plausable. Hillary just flat out lies as in “I never received or sent any emails marked classified”. Unfortunately some many hundreds were and that is only from what could be retrieved. Liar? Yes. Good liar? Not a chance.

  16. Voter fraud? More than any other past election. A short ride up I-95 is St.Lucie Country. in 2002 there were
    175,574 registered voters yet 247,713 voted a 158.85% turnout. It should be worse this time around. I
    predict that in any District where Voter ID is not required, she will win, where it is, she will lose. Just like
    Obama. I still remember the Bush – Gore circus, at least the free sandwiches were good.

  17. You know how you know when Voter Fraud is rampant? When THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD SAYS IT DOESN’T EXIST! because we ALL know how honest, forthright and TRUSTWORTHY obama is. O’keefe is being called a fraud and his videos edited which is IMPOSSIBLE because there’s a digital COUNTER in the Upper Left corner of EVERY VIDEO SEGMENT that never misses a number so the VIDEO CANNOT HAVE BEEN FAKED. Creamer is Jan Schakowsky’s (D-IL) husband–and she kept her previous married name-she knows he’s scum.

  18. DO NOT BELIEVE THE POLLS. For one thing, they are provably skewed by weighting them with Democrat participants quite often. The “lead in” statements before a question is asked are often tilted to the left. I myself get deluged with phone calls from poll-takers. I now have call blocking on my telephone system. I cut them off and block those numbers immediately. I also block all 800 calls and all calls from area code 202 (Washington DC). So I’m “under the radar” but you can bet I’m voting TRUMP!

  19. Hey one minute please , why do we Canadians deserve Trudeau , and believe me he is more popular today than the day he was elected ( according to the media ) and the USA does not deserve Clinton ? Fair is fair !

  20. Forever Trump! This movement has reached beyond normal politics well over a year ago — it’s not going to stop.

  21. Digressing a bit to the Second Amendment, the founding Fathers understood the tyrany of government and specifically allowed for the armament of the people to be able to rise up against an intolerable government. This is why Hillary is against the private ownership of guns not gun violence. She and the left will use any excuse to remove guns from the homes of patriots.

  22. Trump needs to understand Saul Alinski’s “Rules for Radicals”. Obama used them masterfully. Hillary wrote her Wellesley thesis on Saul Alinski. They are being used and then reinforced by the press. Hillary has disappeared and Trump continues to be on the defensive, wasting time and effort.

  23. I watched Hannity last night and they had tapes of the Dems plotting voter fraud – on how they were doing it, etc. As you said “the videos dont’ lie.” Just shows that Obama was covering (again) for Crooked Hillary yesterday when he was whining about Trump “whining about voter fraud.” What a mess we have! Our only hope is for Trump to win the election.

  24. TRUMP WILL WIN – AMERICAN (NOT ILLEGAL) VOTERS WILL SHOW UP!!! If he loses, there is no doubt America will revolt. We will not live under such a crooked, corrupt, regime as hillary will continue. Yes, the votes are rigged. 30% or more are not citizens. They show a drivers license and get a registration. Foreign students, illegals, etc. all have drivers license. There goes your power and rights as a Citizen. VOTE!!

  25. To clarify what Nathan Holder mentioned above, N. Khrushchev said that the US is too powerful militarily to defeat. We will defeat them internally bit by bit without the Americans knowing what is going on. Unfortunately the major start began with the destruction of the family in the guise of FEMINISM in the 1960’s. They have infiltrated and have a stranglehold on the media, education, politics and every other area of America. Trump has to win or otherwise the US has seen the demise of democrac

  26. Typical lying Hillary will deny, deny, deny as her first tactic. Look for plenty of that in tonight’s debate in any of three ways. Evil Hillary will escape direct questions about her email scandal, Benghazi, her attacks on the women her husband abused and so much more, by: 1) Lying, 2) Diversion, and 3) Ignoring the question altogether. The root of all three is the LIE.

  27. Tighten your seat belt tonight… might be a bumpy ride! We can all root for the good guys to take back America. It’s time for more NONE politicians to be elected to office.

  28. exercise your franchise in both countries never forget your vote counts and its gives you the right to be a full and engaged citizen

  29. I’m with you, again! I’m with Donald Trump all the way to the White House. He’s going to win by a landslide. I think most feel that way that who have chosen him whether from the beginning or just getting on board. He’s really the only hope for America and all the deplorables.

  30. From where I sit in Australia, and the opinion of many of my friends here, and despite even what the Australian media is saying…the only hope for America and maybe the western free world is a Trump win. To ALL you people in the U.S. you put clinton in and your world will be such a dark place for so many years. Even predict that the coming election in the U.S. may be your last free election if clinton wins! God help us all!

  31. I, too, will support Trump to the very end, as if we do NOT elect him, the US is virtually done. And, IF crooked Hillary is elected because of the LEFT, then I guess we get what we deserve. God help us all.

  32. The gentleman from down under is right on, if Hillary is elected then all pretense comes to an end. Short of force of arms nothing can prevent the left from doing anything they want, “anything”. She will become Reich Chancellor with all the same prerogatives and cast of players. Congress is a joke, the Supreme Court mere lackeys, Justice? Sure in a pigs eye. That leaves the words of the preamble and the 2nd Amendment. Nov. 8th. Will determine our fate.

  33. I’m confused. The media keeps saying Trump cannot win because he can’t get 270 Electoral votes and HC already has over 300. Doesn’t seem very democratic to me if it’s just the electoral votes that decides who wins. Can someone explain to we folks in Canada please.

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