Whatever Happened To Honesty, Integrity & Principles?


Whatever happened to Loyalty, Patriotism and Honor? And when did our countries become so divided between the MAKERS and the TAKERS, that those who create real things have become the ENEMY, while those who leach off the MAKERS have become the VICTIMS?

And what will it take to swing the Pendulum Back, to where our countries will be in balance once again?

I watched a few minutes of Shepard Smith on Fox News at about 3:00 o’clock Eastern Time (October 17, 2016) yesterday, who went out of his way for the better part of a segment to DISPEL the Notion put forward by Donald Trump, that the Election is Rigged.

Smith laid out the argument . . . that there is NO CHANCE FOR FRAUD IN THE FORTHCOMING ELECTION, in perfect LEFTIST Propaganda, by quoting past Elections, where similar claims had been raised by Candidates of other Campaigns, which proves squat.

SO LET ME SAY SOMETHING TO SHEPARD SMITH . . . beside the fact that I have an extremely low opinion of the man, who I believe is without question, one of the CROOKED MEDIA, who slants the News to Fit his Narrative, whether it is to make Israel look bad . . . or Trump look like a Chump.


There is no question whatsoever . . . that the Democrats are the DIRTIEST Politicians to have ever held office . . . or who have run for office in the United States of America. I AM UTTERLY CONVINCED . . . THROUGH FACT – NOT FICTION, that the Democrats have used, and will continue to use, EVERY DIRTY TACTIC IMAGINABLE TO HOLD OFFICE.

There are no shortages of publicly accessible Videos, Documents and Recordings that verify just how LOW the Democrats will CRAWL to get what they want, to the point of doing SERIOUS HARM TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and to anyone else around the world, which or whom get in their way.


Whenever a LEFTIST is confronted with the TRUTH and FACT about anything they’ve done, which is NEFARIOUS, they brush it off, as if it is either no big deal, or it’s part of a Right Wing Conspiracy, or they simply DENY, DENY, DENY, or they Turn the Tables, and make Scurrilous Accusations against the ACCUSER(S).

The perfect example . . . as we all know, is how Bill Clinton LIED to Congress and the American People about NOT having Sex with a Young IMPRESSIONABLE Intern in the Oval Office. And then, as we all know, Crooked Hillary went about the task of trying to destroy the Accusers, and paint all the CRIMINAL episodes of her Husband, as part of a VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY, which no one has ever proven to exist.

And even today . . . when this issue is brought up about her Rapist Husband, Bill Clinton ignores it, while Crooked Hillary sloughs it off as if it was no big deal, and that it was yesterday’s news . . . SO LET’S MOVE ON.

In the meantime . . . the CROOKED MEDIA, gives Bill Clinton’s CRIMES a pass, even though Bill Clinton was impeached by the House and lost his License to Practice Law as a result of LYING about this Horrible CRIME against WOMEN, and a CRIME against the American People for DEFILING the Office of the President.


The day doesn’t go by, when I don’t receive an avalanche of information . . . that according to the senders – I MUST WATCH, READ, OR LISTEN TO IMMEDIATELY, but there’s only so much time in the day, so I can’t possibly review EVERYTHING.

UNLIKE OTHER PURVEYORS OF NEWS AND VIEWS . . . I do not have the monetary resources, or the Financial BACKER to hire a staff in order to sift through the volumes of information, which comes my way . . . So I do it all by myself.

That said though . . . there are several important sources I am connected with, which Provide Valuable and Solid Information and Perspective at home and abroad.

I’M NOT COMPLAINING . . . Nor am I feeling Sorry for Myself. What I am “saying” . . . is that there is probably some really good “STUFF” that falls to the wayside, but every now and then, I receive something that Captures my Interest, which is what happened to me yesterday . . .


I WENT TO PO BOX 17 YESTERDAY, which is the Galganov.com Mail Box, which I visit about once a week. And in the PO Box, there was a VIDEO, sent to me all the way from Encino California. Usually, when I receive Videos, I’ll read the “Jacket”, look it up online, and from that information, I will determine if watching it is worth my time.

BUT I DIDN’T DO THAT WITH THIS VIDEO . . . Instead, and for a reason I cannot explain, while having a late night snack, I asked Anne to insert the Video into the Player, and saw an incredible EXPOSE on the Democrat Party, the Communists, the Moslems and Crooked Hillary.

In terms of the BIG PICTURE, I didn’t learn anything much. But . . . in terms of DETAILS, I learned more about facts, places and people than I ever imagined.

I SUSPECT . . . that everything on the VIDEO (ENEMIES WITHIN), and in accompanying books with the Video, is either 100% Accurate, or close enough to being 100% accurate, as to have REAL & IMPORTANT MEANING.

In essence . . . the Video I saw last night, even though none of the substance of it came as a shock, it nonetheless sent shivers up and down my spine, knowing that the people who run America and my Country as well (Canada), ARE PEOPLE WE SHOULD LIVE IN FEAR OF.


As you all know, my opinion of Megyn Kelly has gone from GREAT, when I first noticed her on Fox News, to DREADFUL, as she morphed into becoming a Big Star and a Television Legend in her own Mind.


Megyn Kelly, couldn’t wait to EMBARRASS Donald Trump during the Debate she moderated. And she takes every opportunity she can to Demean Donald Trump on her nightly show, even though she pretends to be Fair & Balanced, which she is not. And she is Sanctimonious about all of it.

SEVERAL YEARS AGO . . . A YouTube Video came out of Megyn Kelly having a conversation with Howard Stern, who in my opinion is a Media Bottom Feeder, nonetheless, she went on his show, and chatted with Stern as if they were great old-time friends. I defended her for doing that Interview, because I thought the criticism against her was unfair.


In the Interview, this Woman who is so critical of Trump, and how he speaks, and what he says, and how he says what he says . . . spoke to Howard Stern about her BOOBS, the size of her BOOBS, the SEX she enjoys with her SECOND Husband, The SEX she enjoyed with her SECOND Husband while she was in her THIRD TRIMESTER OF PREGNANCY, and the SIZE of her SECOND Husband’s PENIS.

How Classy Was That?


So . . . the next time you hear Megyn Kelly, this Self-Righteous Piece of Work Demean Donald Trump, just think of this Howard Stern Interview, and how Megyn Kelly spoke about things NO Married Man or Woman should ever speak of in Public.

Anne and I have been HAPPILY Married for more than 43-Years, and if I spoke like that about Anne . . . Or if Anne spoke like that about me, it would be a Marriage Ender for both of us, because of a little thing called RESPECT.

And I assure you, neither Anne nor I are PRUDES.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If you haven’t read William Shirer’s “Berlin Diary” you should. It is a series of entries written as a news and radio correspondent in Berlin during the 1930’s, giving a contemporary documentation of the rise of the Nazis, including the beginnings of media suppression and violence against classes of citizens (mostly Jews) in Germany. He later went on to write “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”, the first part of which was based upon his personal experiences.

  2. The only Fox personality I listen to is Cavuto, the rest are jokers. The way they are going, when the “Election” is over
    the will cease to exist.

  3. What’s happened to “Honesty, integrity, loyalty, and patriotism”? Millions of people from different cultures with different morals and different values have been allowed to come live in nations where these “values” used to prevail! Today, “lying” and “stealing” are “acceptable” in the American culture (just like in Mexico and Middle East)! Almost everything British taught Americans is being rapidly replaced by Hispanic values and Spanish language! Lots of “two-faced” liars without consciences!

  4. Howard, you asked, “Whatever Happened To Honesty, Integrity & Principles?” Well, we can all THANK Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah for the DESTRUCTION of our Country’s MORALS and RESPECT! To think that CROOKED HILLARY, Obama’s CO-HORT, has a chance to become the President of the USA is very SCARY–considering what SHE represents! God help us all—and I truly believe that HE is the only ONE who can save our Country! Also, pray for TRUMP to WIN, or we will be DAMNED! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  5. Hi Howard. You don’t speak/write much about Canadian politics. I’m curious ….. how do you feel about our ‘illustrious’ Prime Minister????

  6. “Whatever Happened To Honesty, Integrity & Principles?”…They got thrown out along with facts, logic, reason, common sense and moral absolutes, or were traded in for moral relativism and a liberalism that is more Marxism and degeneracy! Speaking of which, have you been following the persecution of Judge Roy Moore, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama? He wrote the definitive book on the separation of church and state.

  7. Bicycle Helmets. LOL

    The Podesta emails are unreal and laying bare the machinations of the Democrats and Hillary and shows them for the utterly corrupt scumbags that they are.

    The video by James O’Keefe and project Veritas is NAUSEATING and enlightening, but most of all, it is ENRAGING. This is NOT the America I want for my family, friends or for me. I am disgusted beyond words and furious about the corruption and that the biased media is SO COMPLICIT. I could just SCREAM.

  8. You pointed out the possibility of voter fraud in the coming election. Last pres. election here in our county we had one precinct posting 115% voter turnout. Of course it was mostly democratic votes and the candidate won! After the vote we had the voter registrar coming to our group and try to defend the outcome. He had a hard time, but would never admit voter fraud! I will still vote, but know it might not matter much. We all know the outcome.

  9. Pauline, Obama only is carrying on what was laid out for him by BOTH parties!!!!!! Our country is in serious trouble, I only hope we can over come it short of a revolution but it does not look good.

  10. Always well said and accurate, Howard. Democrats, including Hillary, are not Dems… Leftists…to be sure…which includes: Marxists, Fascists, Communists, Socialists….all pretty much the same for sure, and Hillary’s idol is Saul Alinsky. They all have but one plan for America….DESTROY HER and create a One World Governance with the evil ones in full control. If she could hand over the USA to the madmen and women she would go down in history as the greatest woman who ever lived.

  11. Loved Maureen Moss’ post, she must be new to Galganov.com?!?! :o)
    “No voter fraud”??????? Shepard Smith, another one, of several reasons, I stopped watching Fox News a few years back!

  12. Howard. I read on a blog the other day where someone suggested that if all those voting for Mr. Trump on election day wore RED, RED and more RED, while someone video taped all those coming and going, they MIGHT be able to figure out the TRUE numbers voting for Mr. Trump. I thought this was a great idea. What do you think???? Arlene Burch

  13. Reading your excellent article I was struck by the irony of the name of the leading democrat web site, “moveon.org.” That is exactly what they want us to do! Ignore the plethora of negative articles about Hillary (Which would be much greater if the media weren’t in the tank for her) and “Move On.” Of course her half wit followers don’t have to be told twice as they never listen in the first place.

  14. Like you, dear Howard, I also wonder about “What Happened to Honesty, Integrity and Principles”? It is not even a generational Credo, as a number of old geezers like me tend to assert…
    To Paul Branch, from Florida: you are right, Paul, about Cavuto, but I recommend two more shows: dear Shawn Hannity, and the great line-up at “Fox and Friends”, every morning between 3 to 6 AM, EST.

  15. I’m with Louise Zizka … Cavuto, Hannity and Fox and Friends is it for me. The rest are merely egotistical talking heads, parroting what the mainstream media has already said. Too bad Greta is gone … I know nothing of why, but she’s better off.

  16. George Wills – liberal-basically has been anti-trump-said yesterday that the 2008-2012 elections WERE rigged. The IRS held-up or denied a non-profit statis to conservative groups to keep them from working for the Repbups. THAT is a violation of the law – interference with a business. So-YES- rigged it was and IS. In Chicago-dead people regularly vote each election.

  17. When it comes to Honesty,Integrity.Principles(,FIP) the FBI director, attorney general,and obama have non. Now you wonder how many intelligent people have any faith in our government. Now comes hillary the world leader in FIP about the lows form
    of a human being.to enter politics and God help us if elected president.

  18. Honesty, integrity and principles died in our country when George Washington left us. Now we have to do everything in our power to SURMOUNT the media bias, voter fraud and no-paper-trail computerized voting machines that a 12-year-old could alter to give any desired result. Trump must win in a LANDSLIDE to counter the immense deck-stacking. Hang on tight, folks, because this election is a WAR between good and evil. No other way to look at it. Vote TRUMP and urge your friends to also!

  19. To paraphrase Trudeau senior “‘There’s no place for anyone but me and my partner in my bedroom’ Another quote “Vote early, Vote Often” was attributed to John Van Buren , 1810-1866 who was at one time the leader of “The Barnburner Faction” of the Democratic Party. And, nothing has to be said about the other proponent of “Vote Early, Vote Often” but Democratic Chicago mayor, for 21 years, Richard J Daley who was also the chairman of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee for 23 years,

  20. I wonder how many books will be written about this election? What a mess we’re in! Regardless of Trumps short comings, his biggest attribute is he is NOT a lying, scum bag, money grubbing politician. Hillary Robem Clinton is the picture child of what we hate about Washington. If her mouth is moving, she’s lying!!! If half of this country is willing to elect her knowing that she is a lying politician, we are in trouble.

  21. The “folks on the street interviews” that show most of those interviewed know nothing about politics or politicians, likely do not take the time to vote (at least we can hope). Most are too into themselves and immediate surroundings to care about anything but their small world. To me, the only way this election will result in what is best in this country is if God intervenes and makes it that way. Voter fraud has gotten worse with every election since Carter, if not before. God help us.

  22. Howard, I bet that Donald Trump would love to hear that tape about Megyn Kelly and Howard Stern. It seems we are running out of time to bring anything that will stick against Hillary, because she seems to have Teflon all over.
    God help us if she wins.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  23. “In 17 states and DC, voters can cast a ballot in person on Election Day without showing an ID document. These states have “non-documentary” ID requirements, meaning voters must verify their identity in other ways, such as by signing an affidavit or poll book, or by providing personal information.” NCSL’s.

    Really? Does that not make ‘election rigging’ possible and likely?

    Daniel Palladini
    Lancaster, Ontario

  24. It doesn’t matter what they say or do or insinuate or lie about or witness they produce or people that come forward we are voting for Donald Trump. Get these lowlifes out of the Whitehouse and out of our lives. The Clinton Machine is like a modern day crime syndicate, enough is enough……….TRUMP / 2016

  25. As one lady said: “I’m not looking for a role model … I’m looking for a leader”.
    Let’s keep praying for “The Donald” … he’s the only hope for the U.S.

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