The Media’s Low Regard For The Intelligence Of The American Voter


It’s remarkable how little regard the Media has for the Intelligence of the American People. While it’s true, that there are Multiples of TENS of MILLIONS of Americans who are Sufficiently Stupid, so as not to be able to Walk and Chew Gum at the same time . . . CONVERSELY – THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WHO CAN.

So . . . when I hear all the Media, including FOX News, and even the Good Guys on FOX News, criticize and even disparage Trump, for going after the RINOS, the MEDIA and the ACCUSATIONS about his Character and Sexual Activities, as a waste of his time and effort, more or less playing into the LEFT’S hands . . . does the Media really believe the American People can’t absorb Trump’s REAL criticism of the LEFT, and the Corruption and Incompetence of the System, as well as Hammer Crooked Hillary for all she deserves?

EVERYONE BUT A DIMWIT . . . knows what Trump Stands For. He’s being SCREAMING it for MORE than a YEAR . . . In No Particular Order.

1 – Build the Wall.

2 – Extreme Immigration Vetting.

3 – Fair Trade Deals.

4 – Bring Jobs Back To America.

5 – Lower Taxes.

6 – Restore The American Military.

7 – Make the VA Competent.

8 – Support The Police And Enforce Law & Order.

9 – Rebuild The Inner Cities.


I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t heard this Message, which is both Clarity and Simplicity in Itself. And if you were to read it out loud, and if you didn’t rush through the 10-Points I wrote, you will find, that even with a slow read, it will take you LESS THAN 15-SECONDS to read and say it all.

SO ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL . . . When Trump stands before as many as TENS of Thousands of Supporters at each RALLY, many of whom, who have traveled over long distances, many more who have lined up for HOURS Prior to his speech, and many MORE in addition, who stand outside in either the Heat, the Cold or the Rain to hear him speak, is that what he should do, just speak to these supporters about these 10-Points for 15-Seconds, and then just move on to the next RALLY?

Or should Trump make it clear, in a Comprehensive Speech at EVERY RALLY, why America is FAILING, and who is responsible for it, AND WHY- AND HOW HE CAN FIX IT?

Trump is always disparaged for using TWEETS to combat every slight that’s made against him. WHY? Why shouldn’t Donald Trump use this Incredible COMMUNICATIVE Tool of DISSEMINATION to Fight Back?

Would the Media, including some on FOX News prefer that Trump would just keep his mouth shut and not FIGHT BACK? That he would not respond to OUTRAGEOUS Allegations, and hope that others would do it for him?

I’M QUITE CONVINCED THAT EVERYONE . . . reading this Editorial knows all about Trump’s Platform. I’m equally assured that everyone reading this Editorial knows as much as they need to know about Crooked Hillary and her many CRIMES against the People of the United States of America, plus her personal responsibility for much of the problems she created World Wide through her Global MALFEASANCE.


Do they want Trump NOT to respond to the many Media Driven SCURRILOUS Charges made against him, hoping that like snow, they’ll just go away when the weather warms-up?

Do they want Trump to JUST keep on selling his 10-Points everyone already understands and appreciates over and over again to distraction?

Do they want Trump to IGNORE the unbelievably bad treatment he has received and continues to receive from the RINOS . . . including from the likes of Paul Ryan, who passed the single Largest Spending Bill in American History, when he was elected specifically on a promise to the people . . . NOT TO DO THAT?

Does the Media prefer that Trump should pretend . . . that the Republicans haven’t been just as CULPABLE as the Democrats in the Gargantuan Failures of the United States of America . . . from Obamacare that they could have Defunded, to Unfathomable Taxes, to Criminal Spending, to Horrific Trade Deals, to the Loss of American Jobs, to the Flood of Illegal Immigrants, to the Mess in the Middle East, to the Erosion of the US Constitution . . . AND ON AND ON?


As I see it, it’s ONLY the Media, which seems to have a Problem with the way Trump Speaks and the things he has to say. Because from what I can see, Good Decent Caring and Fearful Americans are lining up by the TENS OF THOUSANDS to hear EVERYTHING TRUMP HAS TO SAY.

And if the Media thinks for a second, including many on Fox News, that the BIMBO Attacks against Trump should be ignored by Trump, then why are the Media making it into such an important and incredible Issue, INCLUDING FOX NEWS . . . every day NON-STOP?

The PROBLEM with the Media . . . is that Trump doesn’t play their game, won’t play their game, and is scoring points with an awful lot of people every time he opens his mouth and defends himself. And to the Media, that’s simply indefensible.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hi Howard,
    As usual, your newsletter is filled with FACTS. The world hates the Jews, they are jealous of the Jews because the Jews are hard-working, clever, and are productive members of society. Jews, generally, try to fit into established business practices, keeping their religious individual beliefs for their homes and temples. Keep up your good work. Looking forward to your next newsletter.
    John W. Rosen,
    Johannesburg, South Africa………..

  2. I held my nose and sent my ballot in for Trump because I care about the Supreme Court and the future of America. I worry about Trump’s temperament and thin skin and his ability to bring back some decorum to the White House. The only choice I had in this race to clean up Washington was Trump. Can he do it? I don’t know, but the alternative sends chills up my spine.

  3. Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average american. That’s why the media can get away with anything. This morning I read that CNN (Clinton News Network) said that it’s illegal for me to read the emails from Wikileaks. I had to wait until CNN and other media told me what they said and what they meant. I don’t think so.
    Everybody! I’d like it were you to vote for Trump, but in any case, VOTE.

  4. Today Trump showed that the women that accused him some type of sexual assault were not true by people coming forward and witness the lies. This is a program to destroy Trump and I am sure more to follow. The democrats and the Clinton’s will do any thing illegal ,now can you imagine what Hillary will do if elected.

  5. I am picking up good vibrations that Trump is working the “Social Media” communications tool very effectively to combat mainstream media efforts that continues to slander and belittle him. Using it effectively reminds folks of the wicked witches lack of a platform plan, her disregard of common decent values and her incompetence with her lack accomplishments while Secretary of State.. GO TRUMP/PENCE and take Hillary to prison in 2016!

  6. The Donald must feel like the smallest kid in his class who is constantly being bullied by all the big kids in the school. Hopefully a majority of aggrieved parents will get off their butts and march on the school with pitchforks and torches, if you get my drift. A huge comeuppance is overdue.

  7. I, too, have real concerns about Trump’s decorum as President (as I’m certain that the press and entertainment media will continue to disparage his every move). However, I truly believe that the USA (and, Canada, for the same reasons) is at a critical point in history where our best immediate hope for positive change is to elect Donald Trump as President in November. The alternate choice might very well begin the end of the USA as our Constitution defines her.

  8. So I read that WikiLeaks is showing that Donna Brazile while at CNN leaked questions that would be asked at upcoming town hall meetings to the Clinton campaign. And, of course, soon after the DNC was forced to fire Wasserman Schultz, Brazile becomes the interim DNC chair. The media here is nothing more than a true extension of the Democrat party. Nothing you read can be trusted. Average Americans ARE too stupid to differentiate news from biased crap. Why wouldn’t the media have low a regard?

  9. Bimbos were waiting to come out for their Minute of fame…..they were waiting in the hall to speak even before the second debate. Trump was set up by the moderator at the second debate when he went after Trump 4 times until Trump stated that he did NOT GROPE ANY female in his life. He wanted that as he already had some of these women lined up to accuse Trump. I DO NOT BELIEVE ANY OF THEM. How about Bills actual proven attacks and Hillary going after these women with legal action and a big payof

  10. Think back to 2008 and 2012. Both Macane and Rommy had the perfect oponant in Obama all they had to do was talk about and put in thier ads, the contrations in what Obama was saying. Both said nothing and in fact complimented Obama which is what a good liberal progressive should do. Trump takes no prisoners. and the liberal progressive stance can not take any light being shined on it.

  11. In the above comments, there is concern about Trump’s decorum. Have you ever heard Hillary’s decorum? Every other word is F…..k. The way she slams the Secret Service Agents guarding her is disgusting. I want a President who is going to say it like it is without all the political garbage and deception. I do not know how Trump is going to do as President, but, I know what Hillary will do, she will destroy our Country by opening up the borders to over 600 million people.

  12. I’m not so sure they don’t deserve it. Look at snowflakes in college these days “traumatized” by seeing “Trump” written in chalk. Really? REALLY? That’s the future of America? My husband has a point when he blames bicycle helmets for today’s useful idiots. I never had a bike helmet and neither does any other smart person I know, but John maintains that bicycle helmets prevented the stupid kids from dying in bike crashes and they bred so we now have second generation morons.
    He’s got a point

  13. What really bothers me is the fact that the media, print or electronic, doesn’t cover the news, because they think they are the news, and only report what they want to print.

  14. The entire Washington Establishment and their cousins The Media know that “Chain Saw” trump is going to have a
    field day in cleaning out that rotten bunch. They may need to get a job, how dreadful.

  15. My comments are only two. 1. Don’t believe ANYTHING the media says. They are scripted by the Clinton machine. 2. Vote Trump, and encourage everyone you know to do so also. The future of our Nation will depend on this election.

  16. There is a saying that goes: “When you are up to your ass in alligators, it is difficult to remember that your initial objective was to clean out the swamp!” Americans today are under the influence of “Mushroom Management” (keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit)! Things about Obama were “hidden” from the public, but many things about the Clintons have been too! Does it matter where the information or “facts” come from? Do Americans only hear the truth from Canada or Russia now?

  17. Many times I have wondered if we Americans are as dumb as many like to paint us. I voteing for Trump eventhough I’m wondering if he really has a chance. I know that IF HRC gets to the WH she sure won’t stop or even slow the march of people from “other lands” arriving on our shores. I still remember all the things that were required from my Danish wife before she could come here. Took five years to become a citizen.

  18. Many worry about Trump’s TEMPERAMENT. If this is a problem/issue, then WHY has he been so SUCCESSFUL and why did he WIN the Republican nomination against 17 individuals? Are people confusing TEMPERAMENT with SPEAKING the TRUTH? Yes, sometimes, it’s done in a “BOLD & GRUFF” manner, but that’s because people aren’t used to HEARING the TRUTH! This is EXACTLY why CROOKED HILLARY, her CO-HORTS, the ESTABLISHMENT & the MAINSTREAM MEDIA are so AFRAID of TRUMP! Wait ’till the DEBATE! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  19. As a lifelong Republican I AM VERY Ashamed of the Party. I usually held my nose before & after the GREAT Reagan. TRAITORS like some Bushes, Kasich, Boehner, Ryan, McConnell & MANY MORE refuse to support the only non RINO in years for selfish ANTI AMERICAN reasons that are nearly a EVIL & ANTI AMERICAN as the criminal who Trump is running against.
    You, as a loyal Canadian are MUCH more “American” & have MUCH more respect for our near Sacred Constition.

  20. Great column. I wish all of the new media would put out a the simple list like you did. That alone could win the election. There is so much static in the media – we need focus.

  21. Perhaps the better, and more illustrative point is to try and list “Hillaries” point! (Misspelling intentional, there are 2 “Hillaries” we need to confront. The rudderless candidate Hillary Clinton, and the “Crooked Hillary”, both equally ignorant, and self seeking. I want to see Chris Wallace ask one simple question of both Candiates with a 45 second timer and no rebuttals, that is the real true story,….The Question, “Why are you running for President of the United States of America?”

  22. I agree with all you said, Howard. The only thing that might come in to question is the fact that Obama was elected twice which leads us to believe the electorate is comprised of over 50% idiots! Let’s hope a substantial number of these people are not idiots and were simply fooled by the pie-in-the-sky BS offered by the Obama campaign. We appreciate all you do. God bless.

  23. Politicians get elected and strong leaders who would act in the best interest of the people have difficulty. Politicians have the skill of being anything that the uninformed masses wish them to be and in many cases win on the basis of attractive appearance with zero regard to ability. Hillary is running on the platform: “It is time for a female president” without regard to anything else.

  24. I do not even watch Fox anymore or any of the other stations I listen to my radio and read what you write to all of us.
    It would not surprise me if Hillary would win this election people don’t seem to care she is crooked as they come. Why? Who the devil knows think they are all as nutty as she is Howard. Thank you sir for writing each day to let us know what truly is going on in our countries. God blessings to both of us.
    Take care you and your beloved Anne my best to you both.
    Jacqueline L

  25. Trump got the nomination as the voice of the people – not Paul Ryan, or John McCain, or McConnell or Romeny, et al, career politicians and the Establishment. The “Old Guard” Republlican corrupt (yes a lot of them) and Establishment are worried about their jobs. They should be as their voters are for Trump and not some power hungry politician who hasn’t done a flip for the publilc since they got in. Obama has had an easy ride. Thanks to Paul Ryan et al.

  26. I got and understood Trumps’s message on what he and his administration is going to do. What is the MEDIA’s problem? The man has been in business not at the TROUGH of America. If anyone can straighten out the VA it is TRUMP. He works with contractors, unions, administrators. It is called COMPROMISE. NOT ONE OF OUR LEGISLATIVE FOLKS knows how to do this. They can’t even get a BALANCED Budget worth SPIT. I am voting TRUMP. PERIOD Enough is Enough.

  27. Being a women I find the gentle sex quite disgusting at times so therefore in my opinion they should not be allow to vote unless they own property. Okay so that goes back to the Foundling Fathers. It was a good stipulation then why not now.
    For example they vote to raise our taxes because we own property and it’s only fair we should be taxed more. These women who vote for Dems want to be taken care of for life at our expense. Enough said. Billie

  28. I would only point out one inaccuracy in this editorial. In the beginning it is stated that the media has a “low regard for the intelligence of the American voter.” Clearly that is not the case at all. The American media has absolutely no regard for American Voters, American Citizens, nor just about anything American one can think of. Oh, but they do love the first amendment, which they evidently feel gives them the right to lie with impunity.

  29. The media is the worst of all. They ooze such vileness it makes a grown man cry. It’s all about their control. They can’t make Trump dance like a useless puppet like the rest of them and they hate that. Trump speaks in un-politically correct, un-liberal terms that they coined and it burns them to no end.

  30. I will never forget (nor should any other thinking patriot) US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s 12th hour comment on the Senate floor that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes. Of course the media ran with it and within days after the election when Reid was confronted with Romney’s tax facts Reid said, “He didn’t win did he?” Fast forward to today and never forget what Democrats are all about when it comes to their despicable, dastardly deeds desperately trying to hang on to power. Never!

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