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No matter what the Mainstream Media is throwing at Donald Trump, and no matter what Republican SNIVELING INSIDERS are saying about how they can’t support Trump, which is repeated NON-STOP by the Mainstream Media . . . it seems that what the Main Stream Media is PEDALING against Trump, is falling on Deaf Ears, since the NEW MEDIA being Disseminated on SOCIAL MEDIA, such as, is RESONATING with the Majority.


Forget about just CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, some of FOX News and Late Night Talk TV . . . it’s also MAINSTREAM Television Shows, which are working hard to deliver ANTI-TRUMP INSULTS and NEGATIVE TRUMP INNUENDOS into their Stories, with Snide Remarks about Making America Great Again.

We should have seen this coming, especially at the beginning of the past few Television Seasons, when a HUGE Emphasis on PROMOTING Gay and Lesbian Relationships have become a Standard in Family Television, as if this is a NORMAL Thing.

WE ALSO SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING . . . when on Television, not just on the Mainstream News Broadcasts, but on Television Series Shows, which exhibited an extremely PRO-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT BIAS . . . making ILLEGAL Immigrants, a Sympathetic Lot, akin to Refugees who fled from heinous discrimination and threats from their societies.

THE PROBLEM IS . . . these ILLEGALS never left their countries of origin, such as Mexico, because they were FLEEING from HORRIBLE DISCRIMINATION or Threats of Violence against them, because of their Race, Nationality or anything else that defines LEGITIMATE REFUGEES. They came to America ILLEGALLY . . . let me write that again . . . ILLEGALLY . . . in search of better times.

So . . . when popular Television Shows Characterize ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in such a SYMPATHETIC Light, and make the authorities who want to keep ILLEGALS out of America, as being akin to American Nazis . . . what else could we expect from a DUMBED-DOWN Society of Voters, who probably couldn’t tell you who wrote the Bill Of Rights? Or when the Civil Rights Act was passed by Congress? And which Party voted for the COMPLETE EMANCIPATION OF BLACK AMERICANS & OTHERS?

I WOULD BE WILLING TO BET THAT ALMOST NO LEFTIST . . . could tell you that the DEFENDERS of Black Emancipation before, during and after the Civil War was SPEARHEADED by Republicans AGAINST the wishes of Democrats.

I WOULD ALSO BE WILLING TO MAKE THAT SAME BET . . . that these same LEFTISTS don’t know that the KKK was the ESTABLISHMENT of the Democrats.

AND GOD FORBID . . . that these LEFTISTS for Crooked Hillary, who support all the CRAP Anti-American and Anti-Freedom Movements like Black Lives Matter spew, should actually see which Party has fought for EQUAL FREEDOM for ALL AMERICANS, and which Party FOUGHT AGAINST EQUAL FREEDOM FOR ALL AMERICANS.

AND THEN THERE ARE THE STUPID FEMINIST “COWS” . . . and before you get upset with me, I apologize to COWS, who support Planned Parenthood, which Crooked Hillary extolls as a Great American Institution, and its Founder MARGARET SANGER, as one of the GREATEST Proponents for Women’s Reproductive Rights, who was ESSENTIALLY A MONSTER, whose entire goal and RAISON D’ÊTRE, was to ABORT as many BLACK BABIES as she possibly could.

MY FATHER . . . who was born in Montreal in 1918, was raised on the Tough Streets, where the Immigrants First Moved when coming to this City, as a Jew, had no choice like all other Jews in this environment, had to PHYSICALLY fight against Anti-Semites on a Regular Basis.

AND AFTER GOING TO WAR IN 1939 . . . My DAD was recognized as a BONA FIDE Canadian War Hero by his Canadian Officers, and by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, for Bravery Multiple Times Above And Beyond The Call of Duty. He was a Tough Guy.

My DAD Taught Me Several Important Things About Fighting:

1 – Learn How To Fight.

2 – Try NOT To Fight when you can Walk Away.


And if you’re convinced that Fighting is your ONLY Option – Hit FIRST, Hit HARD, and Hit until the other side Stops Moving. AND FOLKS . . . That’s the kind of world we’re living in today.

SO GIVEN ALL OF THAT . . . The Conservative Social Media, along with Conservative Talk Radio, is HITTING AS HARD AS WE CAN – AND IT’S MAKING A DIFFERENCE.


IF TRUMP WINS . . . as I still believe he will, it will be to a GREAT EXTENT because of his own incredibly Strong Character and Strength of Perseverance. BUT, IT WILL ALSO BE BECAUSE OF BLOGGERS LIKE ME, Conservatives on TWITTER, Conservative News Sites, Talk Radio, and a WILLINGNESS amongst the people who care, and who want to know . . . who disseminate the TRUTH.

It will also be because of some People on Fox News . . . like the Morning Crew on FOX And Friends, Fair and Balanced Hemmer & McCallum, O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Jesse Waters and a Host of their Guests.

I will also Point to FOX Business News, and Virtually all of their HOSTS, which makes a Big Difference.

And we can’t Discount Writers, Directors, and Producers like Dinesh D’Souza and Peter Schweizer. Nor can we Dismiss the Great Importance of Judicial Watch. And now there’s WikiLeaks.

In the final weeks of this campaign . . . IT’S ALL OUT MEDIA WAR, and we can’t stop FIGHTING, nor can we take anything for Granted. SO GO ALL OUT, Spread the Word, and be a SOLDIER FOR TRUTH AND FREEDOM, ‘cause you can make a difference.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your editorial are truly correct and so necessary for USA citizens to read.

  2. Nothing new with the Media, no surprise. “If Trump wins”, he has to, I do not want to even think about the consequences.

  3. Fox Business is way more conservative than the regular news and Jim Varney is a Trumpian–God love him! Shepherd Smith I’m going to slap the crap out of the next time I see him–he’s a male Rachel Maddow–a total ideologue with no basis of fact or concept of reality.

  4. I sure hope you’re right Howard, but I am finding that even conservative-oriented individuals around me are now succumbing to the alleged sexual assault charges. Personally, I am inclined to disbelieve them because I know many men guilty of the same “locker room” talk who would never seriously consider performing such acts. Even if there is some truth to them, this hardly distinguishes Trump from many previous presidents. I actually believe that women would be worse off with Hillary.

  5. The show “Designated Survivor” starring and produced by Keifer Sutherland is the latest in pro-democrat anti-trump propaganda on TV. It is blatantly obvious. Has anyone watched this crap?

  6. Howard, the Fox News & the Fox Business hosts you mentioned, I gladly watch. I prefer Fox’s Business News hosts for after debate comments. It seems as though the Business people “get it” & know just what is at stake for all of us. They know that most of the Western Countries want a Global Financial setting, where it can tell every country what they can or can not do. This concept is totally against everything our US Constitution stands for. GO TRUMP GO!!!

  7. I am still a firm believer in the “Silent Majority”, and I believe Trumps allegations of voter fraud, corrupt politics, and the Elitist rule of the “serfs” of America. Hillary can’fix squat unless “George Soros” approves it!
    Folks, we are watching a LIVE coverage of “Les Miserables” in real time unfold ! Step up to the barricades and VOTE for your freedom for the last time! Perhaps ever!!
    Check the recent Senate vote on the UN gun control and ban . 46 US Senators agreed with passage

  8. Howard I’m just watching Hillary Clinton It seems there are two different people talking one much younger than the other l have questions on what is going on One minute she is ok then she ages 15 years Seems incredible to me

  9. My fear is that hrc has bought the electors. Even when she loses the popular vote, the electors, who are career politicians, will give her the 270 votes she needs to become potus.

  10. I support Trump, but part of me hopes he loses,- to win the election is to lose. The US governments at all levels, are so corrupt, that I doubt that Trump could clean it up. If the economy crashes, it better be on the heads of the dems than on Trump. I regard the Republicans as corrupt as the others. They could have defunded Obama’s illegal schemes, but chose not to. A tremendous crash that destroys the whole system & makes them start over is the only way to save Western civilization.

  11. Thanks for the financial reminder Howard. PayPal is on its way to you. Please…., keep writing the truth. Soros, Killary and OBummer may seem to be winning, but the people have yet to speak as a nation. If the Nation votes for HRC, then grab what you have and head for higher ground. The storm will soon come and it won’t care about either Canada or the USA. God help us if she gets in. Keep writing Howard!

  12. Mr. Howard
    I am so ashamed of my Republicans it is disgusting. Shame on them for not backing this man who would do his best to clean up this country. No, they don’t want to back him they too are filling their pockets with crooked money coming from the other crooked people. So, ashamed of them my heart breaks for the man who is trying all his best to do good. All they have done is throw crap at him. Wayne Dyson you see the Hillary’s double that is why it seems strange. No one seems to believe it

  13. We’re going to need a Detox Youth Movement to rid the kids of the Leftist Brainwashing they have silently been dosed with. Trump will rule for 4 years if… (I Hope)…he gets in. After that , the Leftist Kool-ade drunk kids of voting age will have more of a say with their vote.

  14. Howard, the whole world is mentally ill right now. The sanctity of the electoral process is very important. When they first started the provincial lotteries. they were accepted as a promise to raise money for community sports and such. BCs lottery commission was on the news the other night giving odds on the American election results. The thin edge of the wedge, if we allow this kind of behavior how long before the odds in our elections will be more important than the character of the candidates

  15. I hope I’m wrong but I rubbed my hands in glee in anticipation of the debates. I envisioned Trump eviscerating Hilary on each and every one of her transgressions, relentlessly, but so far he has given her some mild jabs and one big Hall Pass on Benghazi. Just as John Kerry got ‘swift boated’, Clinton needs to be Benghazied. ..and emailed etc. Not another Romney and McCain turtle job, I hope.

  16. Because of the liberalism displayed in almost all new shows the last several years, my wife and I don’t watch modern shows. We search out old sitcom reruns, and would rather watch episodes over and over than new shows which reek of liberal values. Thanks, Howard, for standing up to the liberal media and their trash platform.

  17. 1) Trump & Clinton SHOULD be tested for DRUGS, prior to the debate. 2) The mothers of the 4 BENGHAZI victims should be seated in the front row at the debate–along with some Navy Seals. 3) Hillary should be asked about the VIDEO which she blamed for the BENGHAZI event. 4) If the guy who was blamed for the VIDEO is available [? still in jail], he should be seated in the front row as well! As Clinton said, “AT THIS POINT, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?” GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. The number two democrat in the senate, Chuckie (don’t get between me and a camera) Schumer, didn’t know who wrote the bill of rights. When asked he said “Thomas Jefferson”, WRONG. It was James Madison and George Mason. Goes to show how much these people know.

  19. My wife and I stopped watching the crap on the T V years ago because of the agenda they were pushing. I have never seen anything like this in all of my 79 years. Nothing but lies from the liberal media and HRC.

  20. It’s crazy. The media, tv shows, talk shows, all of it, have become nothing but Trump bashing. Otherwise benign shows and media bits have suddenly become political, sending out an anti-Trump, pro-Hillary message. It has become this sick obsession at all costs. Makes me wonder what those pressing so hard are really trying to accomplish and why.

  21. Many thanks to you for these wonderful articles! I, too, hope and pray Trump wins. This would seem to be against all odds if you listen to the media and their slanted polls. But, as you have pointed out, the media in this country is not to be believed. If she wins, the anguish felt by a massive number of people worldwide will be overwhelming!

  22. Its the same here in Australia, so much negative reporting on Donald Trump, but so many people I talk to say ‘The Don’ is the ONLY hope for America..and many think the free world. obama and the rest of the world gutless, weak kneed politicians
    have us heading for oblivion. A similar thing is happening here in Australia and all the lefties are telling us we are wrong, we are racist and islamaphobic. We may certainly be in for some challenging times. ‘The Don’ must win!

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