The Fourth Estate Is No More – RIP



I’m tired . . . REALLY TIRED, and welcomed Yom Kippur this week, which Forced me to take a Day of Rest, without Banging on the Key Board, while searching without let-up for HONEST NEWS AND ISSUES.

YOU KNOW . . . the way that you’re also tired of all the BS, coming from every direction, knowing that in less than a month, the TRUTH of the FUTURE of America and the FREE WORLD will be decided, but not in the Traditional way we’ve elected people over the Centuries, but rather, by a DUMBED DOWN and IGNORANT ELECTORATE, Conned by a DISHONEST Media.

Because of Yom Kippur, these Days of Atonement gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I do, and how I do it. And as you probably read in my second to last Editorial, MY YOM KIPPUR PLEDGE to you and to myself, was for me to WRITE and DISSEMINATE Political Issues and Opinions until either my Physical or Mental Health would prohibit me from doing so.

THIS MIGHT BE HARD FOR MANY AMERICANS TO BELIEVE . . . but there are MILLIONS of Canadians who are so sickened by this American Election, for the same reasons Conservative Americans don’t sleep at night, because we too can see the Writing on the Wall if Crooked Hillary were to win.

PLEASE BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU . . . that MILLIONS of Canadians are so Stressed-Out because of the CORRUPTION in the American Media, much of it because it’s really not that much different for us from the CRAP we in Canada are spoon-fed everyday, that many of us simply don’t sleep well at night, waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop.


I grew-up IDOLIZING Journalists, even Two-Bit Writers, who wrote for Community Newspapers, because to me, Writing the Truth . . . about the News, Delivered with Measured Opinion for Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and Television, was SECOND TO NONE in the Hierarchy of things, which Measured A Person’s Moral Wealth.

I was always so enamored with the Press, that even in High School, where I assure you I didn’t shine, I became the School News Paper Editor, which turned out an 11×17 Legal Sheet, which was folded down to 4 8 1/2 pages, which were hand cranked in a Mimeograph Machine.

And when I went to University at night, because my parents couldn’t afford to send me during the Day, and I had ZERO expectations of guilting them into going broke so I could go to University like most of my high school friends . . . and I wasn’t about to take out a Student Loan instead of working, so I worked my way through University with a great day-job selling, while going through University at night, until I decided I had enough.

And even with a crazy schedule like that, and no real love for the University “Experience”, I still managed to find time to be one of the Editors of the Day Students’ Newspaper, and the Sports Writer for the Evening Students’ Newspaper. THAT’S HOW MUCH I LOVED AND RESPECTED JOURNALISM.

And when I see today, how the Media has become a Hive of Corruption, run by Mammoth Greedy Businesses, which sell-out the TRUTH for PROFIT and SPECIAL INTERESTS, where LIES & DECEIT are an acceptable and honed part of the game . . . IT SICKENS ME TO THE BONE.


WHEN I WAS ON THE RADIO IN MONTREAL . . . I was hired not because of any Radio Experience, of which I had none, but rather, I was hired because I wasn’t afraid to say what I thought or believed in. And I didn’t use PC Radio Talk Language with the deep voice and measured words.

I spoke to my audience as if we were all sitting around a table having a debate.

To give you an idea of how important TRUTH IN JOURNALISM IS TO ME . . . Part of my contract with the Radio Station, which was NOT NEGOTIABLE . . . I would have no SCREENER to screen the calls, and no delay from phone to air. And that I was free to say whatever I wanted. And within just one year, my Radio Show went from about 7-Thousand Listeners Quarter Hour Tuned . . . to over FORTY THOUSAND Listeners Every Quarter Hour Tuned, which was unheard of, but happened . . . ONLY BECAUSE the people wanted to hear the unvarnished TRUTH, which I delivered every single day.

A FREE PRESS . . . does not mean that the News Media should simply be FREE to spread LIES & INNUENDOS . . . no matter what the cause. A FREE PRESS doesn’t mean that the News Media should have the RIGHT TO WITHHOLD the TRUTH, because it doesn’t fit-in with their Narrative.

A FREE PRESS MEANS . . . that the News Media should have the UNRESTRICTED RIGHT to disseminate FACTUAL NEWS and HONEST OPINIONS, and not to be a SHILL for Political or Business Interests . . . PRETENDING to be unabashedly HONEST.


In Modern Times . . . but with SAME LEVEL OF IMPORTANCE as it was in the 1700’s, and in this case SPECIFIC to the USA, THE FOURTH ESTATE . . . was recognized as the FOURTH LEG OF GOVERNMENT, pretty much, the MOST IMPORTANT OF THE FIRST THREE.

It was the FOURTH ESTATE, the News Media, which from the very beginning of the US CONSTITUTION, had the Moral OBLIGATION to keep the First Three Estates (House, Senate & Judiciary) Honest and in Check, as the UNELECTED PEOPLE’S DEFENDER OF TRUTH & FREEDOM.

Because the FOURTH ESTATE was considered to be so SACROSANCT by the US Founding Fathers, to DEFENDING the RIGHTS of the People . . . Special Accommodations not made available to any other Institution in Government, or in the Public Sector, were GRANTED in the Constitution to the NEWS MEDIA.


THE FREE PRESS CLAUSE protects the right of individuals to express themselves through publication and dissemination of information, ideas and opinions without interference, constraint or prosecution by the government.

I don’t know who wrote the preceding, but what I do know, is that it clearly and fully enunciates the meaning and the importance of the First Amendment.

EVEN THOUGH . . . the FREE PRESS CLAUSE GUARANTEES the Dissemination of Truth, without FEAR from Government, what it does not Protect . . . are Lies and Defamation, which seems to me, to have become the BAILIWICK of the Modern Media.


I WRITE . . . because I see in Today’s Age, that people, more so the younger generation, are clueless to the ABSOLUTE IMPORTANCE OF A FREE & HONEST PRESS, to the FREEDOM of their FUTURE in our Society.

I WAS SOMEWHAT SHAKEN LAST WEEK, when more than several of the READERS of this BLOG expressed in the Comment Section, and in Private Emails, their concern for me, that what and how I write, might be enough for US Homeland Security to deny me Entry into the USA, when Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I cross the Border this November 1st, on our way to Texas.

This wasn’t the first time Readers of the things I write, and people who See or Hear the things that I say, demonstrated their concern for my Safety from the Government, even in Canada . . . which to me is a tragedy.

WHAT CONCERNS ME MOST . . . isn’t that I’m afraid of some kind of Retribution from Government – Canadian or American, since what I say is TRUE, HONEST, ACCURATE, & PERSONAL OPINIONS . . . all of which are neither Defamatory Nor Inflammatory.


WHAT I’M REALLY CONCERNED WITH . . . is that some people who read this BLOG, worry for me, because of what I write . . . that could get me into Serious Trouble with the Authorities . . . WHEN IN FACT, the Authorities should be the ones who WORRY MOST, that what I write could get them into SERIOUS TROUBLE WITH THE PEOPLE.

TO ALLAY ANY OF YOUR FEARS . . . Anne, Stryker and I crossed the Canada/US Border yesterday morning, for a Day Trip to North Eastern NY State. And we’ve also been approved, as always, to bring our Firearms (Pistols and Carbines to Texas) with us when we leave Canada for the Lone Star State this November.


DOING WHAT I’M DOING ISN’T EASY . . . It takes almost all my time and energy. And it gives me ZERO opportunity to generate Income outside of Writing, which is mostly used anyways to maintain the Costs of

AS PER MY YOM KIPPUR PLEDGE – I will continue to write no matter what . . . but you can make it an awful lot Easier on me with your support for this BLOG, and the things that I Write, Say and Do.


SO . . . IF YOU’RE NOT FINANCIALLY TIGHT, and if you SUPPORT the Efforts and Purpose of this BLOG, and if you think that what I write has MERIT, and want to make things Easier for me, I will be very GRATEFUL AS ALWAYS, for whatever SUPPORT YOU CAN MUSTER.

TO KNOW HOW TO SUPPORT GALGANOV.COM . . . PLEASE CLICK HERE . . . which will bring you to a Page on the Web Site, where you can Support through PayPal, or by Check Mailed to the Address that’s Posted.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You and a few Israelis are the only ones who’ve said anything. Media elie Hollywood Jews à la Howard Stern see that fame whore Sarah Palin & Pat Robertson as the “real threat”. I’ve always heard that Jews are geniuses but I’ve found that they’re
    Gullible fools, unfortunately.

  2. I can’t right now, but will later! Only a few weeks left of the campaign, and I’m throwing my extra change into that — but I do love reading your daily commentaries and thoughts, and I have to admit, I enjoy having the opportunity to add a thought here and there. So . . . on to Victory!

  3. Howard, I hear what you are saying – Loud and clear!!! Truthful press writings these days are far & few between. History isn’t being told truthfully, either! I am saddened by all of this, too. I am on the short end of life & I truly worry for the future of my children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren. This US election is very serious & will be life-changing should Hildebeast become President, the USA is doomed & probably Canada, too. I support you 100% & you are a very worthwhile investment.

  4. My original education was in English with a double minor in Journalism and Meteorology (Hs grad 1974 during H20Gate. I’m sickened by what passes for journalism. ANY reporter who digs out these scandals & reports them accurately would be the next Woodward/Bernstein: YET BOB WOODWARD DOESN’T EVEN CARE ANY MORE. Clinton wouldn’t have a prayer of winning for the LYING SCUMBAG MEDIA.
    I fear for the future of America. if Hillary is elected, America as we have known it is FINISHED. God Help Us!!!!

  5. Dear Howard,
    I faithfully read, pass on your editorials via email to my entire address book, & post them on Facebook. I wish I could contribute financially to you but beyond my circumstances right now I just can’t. I pray for our countries and our troops, also for you & your wonderful family. May God forgive us all and Bless us once again. Thank you for all the time you spend for all of us. Be safe & God Bless…

  6. Thanks for the reminder Howard,
    My little cheque is on it’s way, and like you told me, I make no apology for it’s size
    Ted Walker, Oakville, Canada

  7. Howard, it is hard to say just WHEN the media went morally bankrupt. But, I thank heaven every day for your honest and open opinions on world stage matters. Without you, no one would know the facts. I am happy to send along what I can. We NEED YOU!!!

  8. Howard, your MORAL HEALTH is quite INTACT! Wish it were the same for our present political system & biased media! Your ‘writings’ give people the COURAGE to comment on your various topics. MORAL HEALTH is very scarce these days, thus this election is causing FEAR like we’ve never seen before. If CROOKED HILLARY is elected, AMERICA will be DOOMED! Canada will also be affected! Will Trump have another UNEXPECTED SURPRISE to be able to WIN? The NEXT DEBATE may be the answer! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. The “Press” won’t tell you that 20,000 people showed up for Trump’s Cincinnati talk this week with another 8,000 or more wanting to get in. George Soros is surely behind the recent ‘female revelations’. Media has been desperately trying to sink Trump and coronate Clinton. NYT and Washing.Post have lost any pretense of ‘honest’ reporting. Trust is GONE. Too bad there are so many uninformed, unaware, low-information voters. Go Howard! Go Trump!!

  10. It is a sad time when we can not trust our government or the 4th estate What we have witnessed this year by both major
    parties of down and dirty politics ,is what is the future of both Canada and The united States ?. Yes Howard as you have stated
    “its time for a revolution “not with arms but with votes and words.

  11. 20-30,000 faithful at a Trump rally is chump change compared to the tens of millions of low-information sheeple who are regularly bamboozled by the crooked enemedia. Donald has to PUMMEL the cackling harridan at the next debate merely by telling the truth. This is his opportunity to UNDRESS the shrieking shrew to a bigger audience than he would get with a thousand rallies. This is his LAST CHANCE to get out his message untainted by liberal spin. I hope he’s got his all ducks lined up in a row.

  12. There are three BOXES that have been influencing human events throughout history. The first is the SOAP BOX. This represents America’s First Amendment – the freedom of the press. The second is the BALLOT BOX. This represents free and fair balloting by the citizens of a country to express their collective will. If both those boxes become corrupted or rendered impotent, there is one box remaining. The CARTRIDGE BOX is the final option. I hope and pray that it does not come to what that represents.

  13. How I PRAY that the American electorate have the brains to see through Hillary’s WORDS to the TRUTH of the situation …. and realize how important this election is to the future of the US and indeed the world! North America NEEDS a strong leader in the US who has the brains and the HEART to do what is best for the country – and indeed the world! Sadly, at this juncture, Canada is a wipe-out on the world stage, so North America NEEDS a strong US leader. Go Trump!

  14. Give me about a week and a check will be in the mail. It won’t be a bunch, but it is what I can afford. Even AFTER this election, I will follow you and so will many of our Senior Citizens at our center as I copy, paste and share your editorials. And I agree…MASS MEDIA is NOT telling the TRUTH. They are propogating their own LIES and Connivings. I watched FOX this morning…and was SHOCKED. FOX actually SAID the media seems to be out of control. HOLY someone GETTING IT? This is

  15. I wouldn’t be so worried about Hillary being elected if it weren’t for the following:
    1. Our Supreme Court has become totally political
    2. The last few presidents have increasingly used executive orders to make law or subvert law
    3. The department of justice and FBI have been totally politicized-corrupted.
    4. The media’s mandate to keep us informed, and to do investigative reporting on all sides, is gone.

    All of this make the Congress irrelevant. By Vickie

  16. The Left has caused so much destruction in both of our countries……VERY SAD, thanks to no resistance but for Reagan. They live on lies! BTW….thanks for the reminder to support what you are doing. Forgetfulness has become only too familiar with increased age. 🙂 Give ’em hell, Howard!!!

  17. So true it pains me!! I am seriously thinking of re-creating a “Broadside” , as well as expanding my blog, to adequately address the U.S. situation and STUPIDITY of the leadership (lack thereof) in our country.
    My Concept is a Weekly “Broadside” with a lead article by myself or a guest columnist, and a layout to allow fellow patriots, to add several more articles and publish locally.
    Keep you informed as it goes along. We are back to the 1770’s as there is no ability to dissent left!

  18. It comes down to the State media vs. the free media. I wish the free media would network and advertise each other more.

  19. Howard, not only do we have a dumbed down & ignorant Electorate, We Americans have abdicated our RESPONSIBILITIES, SWALLOWED THE LIE FROM WASHINGTON AND BELIEVED THE MEDIA! It’s stated “WE THE PEOPLE” Well if the majority of the people want to suck on the nipples of Washington and BELIEVE a very clear BIAS MEDIA the inevitable will happen!I’m as sick of all the Corruption and BS as the next one! Remember,our Country “WAS”founded/grounded on”WE THE PEOPLE”! LOOK what WE THE PEOPLE have allowed!

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