Trump Should Not Fight The RINOS – YES HE SHOULD!


I clearly remember several years ago, when John Boehner, then Republican Speaker of the House, who became Speaker after the Democrats, under Nancy Pelosi FELL in the 2010 Election, when Boehner, under a lot of pressure just before he was FORCED to resign in 2015, for not even coming close to living up to the Promises he and the Republicans made to their ELECTORS, when he said . . . “DON’T CALL US RINOS”.

BOEHNER . . . Hated being called a RINO, because it was exactly what and who he is and was . . . A REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY!

That was at the same time when Paul Ryan . . . RELUCTANTLY (supposedly) became the House Speaker for the Republicans, to the great pleasure of MOST Conservatives, who believed that under Ryan’s leadership, things in the House would Change.

Before I write about Paul Ryan, and why I believe he deserves all the DERISION Trump throws at him, do you remember all the times over the years, when I’ve written that the Democrats and the Republicans were effectively just different sides to the same coin?

Yesterday . . . I wrote that the only difference between the Members of Congress in the House and in the Senate, between Democrats and Republicans . . . really only came down to which PIPER they Marched to, which wasn’t said as a casual comment.


As usual, Boehner TEARED-UP during his farewell appearance before Congress, before handing the Gavel to Ryan, and seemed to Ride into the Sunset. So let me tell you what was lying in wait for Boehner in the Sunset.

BOEHNER WENT FROM CONGRESS . . . to becoming a serious player in the THIRD LARGEST LOBBYING FIRM IN AMERICA. The Firm that makes HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Dollars Lobbying people like John Boehner used to be. This massive Lobbying Firm is called Squire Patton Boggs. Look it up, it is incredibly impressive and powerful.

Boehner also makes a Ton of Money sitting on the Board of Reynolds American, which is America’s Second Largest Tobacco Producer. These things don’t just happen in a vacuum.


SO . . . You have to ask yourself this question . . . why would such a Huge and Powerful Lobbying Firm like Squire Patton Boggs, hire the Former Speaker of the House? And why would the Former Speaker of the House go to work for a Lobbying Firm that Manipulates the Government and the Political System?


After Ryan became the Speaker of the House, to the great pleasure of the Republican’s Conservative Supporters, a strange thing happened on the way to the Capital Building, Ryan FORGOT whom he represented. And he FORGOT the PROMISES he and the Republicans made to the People for him and them to get there.

Under the LEADERSHIP of Paul Ryan, his House passed the SINGLE LARGEST SPENDING BILL in American History, effectively giving Obama everything Obama asked for.


When asked how he (Ryan) could have possibly BETRAYED the Republican Base in this Manner, Paul Ryan explained that he had NO CHOICE, that the deal was more or less made before he took Office.

SO . . . not only did Ryan LIE to the People who got him and the rest of the Republicans Elected to the House, he also INSULTED their Intelligence by sloughing the BLAME onto the man (Boehner) who was no longer there, who set off into the Sunset, to do exactly what the American People HATE THE MOST.


I understand why Ryan and MOST of the Republican House Members and Politicians in the Senate don’t want to support Trump. It isn’t because of Trump’s BOORISH Behavior, or Braggadocios Temperament, or Trump’s History with Women, or because he doesn’t want to release his Tax Records . . . It’s because Trump knows who and what the Politicians are, AND HE’S NOT ONE OF THEM.

AND THEY’RE TERRIFIED . . . justifiably so, because, if Trump becomes President of the United States of America, and does even a Fraction of what he is Promising to do, THEIR GRAVY TRAIN will come to a SCREECHING HALT, because the HUGE LOBBYING FIRMS, just like the one Boehner has joined after leaving the HOUSE, will have no one to Lobby, and no one to spend their MILLIONS of Dollars on, buying Votes and Favors.


The system really is RIGGED . . . from the Top-Down. The Tax Codes are the Piece of Crap they are, because they are set-up by the High and Mighty, so they don’t have to pay Taxes, while the Lowly Peons, who the Politicians like to call the Middle Class, who can barely make ends meet as it is, pay the shot for everyone.


IF CONGRESS REALLY WANTED TO CHANGE THE TAX CODES . . . and make them really FAIR, so that RICH and WELL CONNECTED people like Crooked Hillary, her DEPLORABLE & IRREDEEMABLE Husband, and her Spoiled Rotten Daughter, would pay no less and no more in Taxes on a Percentage Basis than anyone else in the United States of America, they can do it with the simple signing of a Pen in Congress.

I DON’T SUSPECT THAT TRUMP . . . is really going to mess all that much with the TAX CODES, but with him, who knows?

I DO KNOW that Ted Cruz was keen on wiping out the current Tax Codes, as were a few others, who campaigned for the Nomination to lead the Republican Party. And in the case of Cruz, I am absolutely certain, that is one of the reasons amongst others, which is why his own Republican Establishment SHUNNED him, because Cruz wasn’t their Team Player.

BUT CRUZ IS OUT AND TRUMP IS IN . . . and I assure you, that the Republican Insiders want Clinton to win far more than they want to see Trump in the White House, because Trump owes them NOTHING.

SO . . . when so many of the Media, and many of the Republicans suggest that Trump should ONLY be aiming his guns at Crooked Hillary, and not be firing at his own, THEY’RE AS WRONG AS ACID RAIN. Trump is FIGHTING against everyone but the People, since everyone but the People have reason to see Trump Crash & Burn.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There is no question in Eretz Israel as to who our worst enemies are.
    Mr. Obama’s administration are inimical against non Islamic people everywhere and ALL of his activities are centered on promoting the Islamic cult of death.
    They allied with unJewish renegades everywhere.
    Added to the Islamic forces armed camp passing as the US “consulate” in Jerusalem, he has for long financed sabotage, bribed and bought the worst unJews in place here to do his bidding.

  2. You are so right about this as usual. I hope people will join with me in boycotting the National TV news? shows. Maybe if the ratings go down on ALL of them, they may get the message that; We, the people, are fed up with them and the elected officials who are destroying America and what she stands for.

  3. AMEN!! It seems that the political ads I see about the incumbents; be they Republican or Democrat, are all about how they have made the system in Washington work for them but not the people. And, like Boehner, when they ride out into the sunset, no one needs to hold a tag day for them. They are usually better off than they were in power, which begs the question how much money were you really making as an elected official.

  4. Mr. Howard
    How very truthful you are about All of what you have written once again. I am close to tears reading this sir due to the fact that at surly ONE time in America it was not as corporate as it is now sir. It breaks my heart that our country and the people we have elected are so crooked and they want to put into office again the Clinton’s. It is very scary the devil seems to be working so very hard. God help our country and your beautiful one sir. Have a great week end.

  5. Thank you for posting the truth. I am so disgusted with Paul Ryan and the rest of the RINO’s
    How can Trump not be elected? When he has a rally, thousands show up- when
    Killary has a rally, she barely gets a few hundred attendees. Why does the media
    keep reporting that the polls show her ahead? Just to keep the undecideds at
    home, of course.

  6. For all his flaws, Trump the OUTSIDER will be remembered as the godsend who exposed the incestuous relationship between the DemonRats and the corrupt mainstream media.

  7. If Trump is elected, I expect violence on a level which we haven’t seen in many years, if ever. The surrogate thugs of Black Lives Matter and others will raise holy hell. With the cops on edge and somewhat demoralized, this could get really ugly. They have too much to lose to let it go quietly.

  8. It is so utterly clear that the media is “piling on” Donald Trump and giving the Shrill a pass. They can’t shut up about about his alleged indiscretions, but never mention Hillary’s Wikileaks emails. Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Rhino’s and many more are all crooked! So thrilled that the people don’t buy the lies! TRUMP/PENCE 2016

  9. What is obvious to me, a 74 yr old HS grad with NO formal education other than “life”, Term Limits for Presidents may be the saving grace that has kept this country from imploding, while the lack of the same for all who have held and continue to hold Legislative positions, may well be the reason it is imploding. Only God can turn it around, but with God’s help, Trump can do it if given the chance. I will do my part by voting for Trump, warts & all. Mary

  10. Spot on Howard!!! I remember when there really was a difference between the Democrats & the Republicans, of course, that was 50 years ago. At least Georgia has one Senator who isn’t a RINO. He wasn’t a Politician when elected – He was a Businessman, who saw what Trump is seeing. He is supporting Trump & hopefully, if Trump is elected Sen. Perdue will gladly work with him. He is trying to tell the Senators – Four words that tell the truth – We Can’t Afford It!!! Good advice.

  11. A toast to all the Pharisaical RINOs, I’m sure that none of them have any skeletons in their closet. Wake up, with Hillary we know what she wants to do to this country, with Trump there is a possibility we may last a few more good years left.
    Thanks Howard for all the good input.

  12. TRUMP has oftened been RIDICULED for what he’s projected; however, most of the time, what he said was TRUE–most notably, that our political system IS RIGGED. Unless TRUMP is elected, this Country will be DOOMED! The RINOS are GUILTY of not supporting their NOMINEE because they ALL FEAR Trump! Trump deserves their SUPPORT! RYAN needs to go! “Politicians make strange bedfellows”, so wouldn’t it be something if Trump & Cruz would really “jive” in the future–to MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN? AMEN!

  13. The mainstream media hasn’t got enough credibility left to make poop stick toilet paper much less trying to
    “Bill Cosby-ize” Trump. Everyone I meet is insulted the media actually thinks they are even remotely believable
    At this point, they are nothing but shills for the amazingly corrupt scumbag Hillary Clinton. How stupid do they
    think we are? Apparently they think we’re stupid enough to believe them. To keep piling on like this they HAVE
    to be LOSING BADLY in the polls or else why both

  14. Those in congress have power. They want to retain that power. They will do anything to achieve that goal.

  15. This November is a binary choice. Evil or someone who is speaking and looking out for the American public. How dumbed down the American people have become under Soros, OBummer and the Clinton machine. Trump will get KS and my vote no matter what. GO TRUMP & PENCE.., take Hillary to prison…., please!!!

  16. Every evening I tune in to NBC News. Not because I enjoy it, but I want to chronicle their treatment of the election. As usual, last night, they took every opportunity to take snide, ugly and lengthy cracks at Trump, while ignoring the incredible corruption that surrounds Hillary Clinton. With them, everything else takes a back seat to throwing mud at Trump. It is SO obvious and maddening. They are not “newscasters,” they are SHILLS for the Democrat party. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Elect Trump!

  17. It’s “the best government money can buy”. EVERYTHING is a fraud! Who needs Democrat Marxists when there are an abundance of greedy RINO traitors within the GOP?

  18. Though out all the members of congress and start over . One term and your out ,no pension or health care,its time for the revolution of government,this goes for all state and local government. Politicians are no better then any one else.

  19. Both candidates are personally lacking to be good human beings. To continue Obama’s policies you know for whom you should vote. If you want to throw out the strength of lobbyists on K street, eject all the politicians in power for themselves and not the USA you know for whom to vote.
    In case you “forgot” what Obama has created in almost 8 years: worst race relations since Watts; Worst recovery from a depression since the 30’s; 1 of 5 families without a job; 43 million on food stamps;Obamacare.

  20. Effective October 27th our abbreviated subscription, from every day to just Fri, Sat, and Sunday, will expire…and so will our relationship with The Austin-American Statesman, the far most Liberal Rag of ALL of the Liberal Rags we have ever been virtually required to read in the absence of any other honest and objective newspaper…THROUGH THE PAST 59 of MY 83 years. I suggest that we have a read – OUT of every newspaper that doesn’t represent us fairly…BOYCOTT and BUST!
    Bud Farrell Austi

  21. Trump is the man for POTUS. BUT…I want to know WHY every mass media outlet and the majority of POLITICOS are so dead set against him when what THEY have reaped at OUR expense will come to a devastating end to the America we once knew if KILLERY is elected. THEY apparently are NOT farsighted. Their little fiefdoms will END. And all the money begotten will be worth NOTHING. Sooner then later THEY WILL PAY THE PIPER. I WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP and PRAY my prayers are answered.

  22. All Americans should read the email I sent to you Howard, regarding the ownership and entiltled employees of the US media. It is good reading. To follow another line of thought, they are still on Trump about him and the women in his life. My take—- Donald Trump, Alpha male BAD. Bill (BJ) Clinton, Alpha male A-OK. Oh to be in the media and tell it like it isn’t, without reprisal.

  23. Howard, once again you are as many have said, “spot on” however I is still a very problematic matter since I am certain that Donald Trump will win the majority of votes he does not have enough backing in the Electoral College to win the Presidency of the United States. We have seen that several times since I began to vote some 40+ years ago.

  24. This will not go well for anyone Trump will not become Pres . : votes will not matter , the media and the political system will not allow it HOWEVER this is the first Pres Election that was different from all those before it Seemingly “the people”
    want different and it will not be allowed to happen …

  25. I stood by Trump until today!! I have had it with him and his lying.

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