Thank you all for your Yom Kippur Blessings and Good Wishes . . . they were as warmly received, in the same spirit as they were sent.


If you want to know where in the Ratings Fox News Stands on Sunday Mornings, amongst Political News Shows across America and into Canada – TRY DEAD LAST!

I guess the Arrogance and Sense of Self-Importance of Chris Wallace, who never misses an opportunity to either Slam or Embarrass a Conservative, has not been LOST on the people.

On the other hand, and on the other side, the Competitors to Fox News are far more Fair & Balanced on their Sunday News Shows, ESPECIALLY to Liberals, than Fox News is to Conservatives . . . At least in my opinion.

As Of Sunday, October 9, 2016 . . . For The Full Broadcast Hour – These Are The Stats.

1 – NBC . . . Meet The Press, had slightly MORE than 4-Million Viewers.

2 – CBS . . . Face The Nation, had slightly MORE than 3-Million Viewers.

3 – ABC . . . This Week, had slightly LESS than 3-Million Viewers.

4 – FOX . . . Fox News Sunday, had SLIGHTLY MORE than just 1.5-Million Viewers.

THE BIG PITY HERE . . . Is that when Fox News first came on the scene, they were Fresh, Bold and WERE PRO CONSERVATIVE, without being dishonest, and that launched them into the RATINGS WAR LIKE A ROCKET.

THE PROBLEM . . . is that somewhere along the way – someone at the Top of the Fox News Food Chain, whether Roger Ailes, who was responsible for creating Fox News . . . OR FROM THE TOP DOWN . . . from Rupert Murdoch and/or his sons, who somehow decided to go to this FAIR & BALANCED lunacy, which was neither Fair Nor Balanced, to pander to the LEFT in order to add more Viewers.


They didn’t get more Audience from the LEFT, since people, even LEFTISTS, prefer the REAL THING opposed to PRETENDERS.

BUT NOT ALL ON-AIR TALENT ARE VICTIMS . . . In all of Sean Hannity’s Years on Television, he is SKYROCKETING TO THE TOP like never before, beating out Megyn Kelly for Viewer Growth, especially in the coveted Demographics of 25-54 Year Olds, which is where the money is, and he’s second only to Bill O’Reilly.

And now that Greta Van Susteren is gone, and has been replaced with Brit Hume, who drags-in his old RINO Buddies like William Kristol to be one of his guest analysts, I couldn’t be bothered to watch. And I’m quite certain that many others share the same view.


I’m writing about Fox News in this Editorial to illustrate the enormous CHANGES THIS ELECTION IS MAKING. Whether Trump wins or not, which is now a real question, especially since the VEIL OF A FIXED PROCESS has been so thoroughly exposed, with literally 95% of the Media Against Him, even on Television Shows, which have nothing whatsoever to do with Politics . . . it’s becoming more and more difficult to see how Trump can SURVIVE this enormous and relentless ASSAULT. But I think he can. And I think he will.


Anyone who thinks that Trump is DONE, doesn’t have a clue, and is listening to the BS from the already Disgraced Media.

BUT WHETHER TRUMP GOES DOWN OR NOT . . . A whole LITANY of people, starting with the Politicians, ESPECIALLY the RINOS, and everyone of them, who didn’t throw their absolute SUPPORT to help get Trump elected . . . are DONE, DONE & DONE AGAIN.

The people have had enough. NOT ALL THE PEOPLE, since a huge portion of the people are DUNDERHEADS, who have no idea in which direction the Compass Points North, and don’t care. They have little to no knowledge of their Country’s History and the SACRIFICES it took to make the United States of America the GLOBAL LEADER IN FREEDOM AND SUCCESS THAT IT IS.

The IDIOTS who are blindly following a LIAR, CHEAT and NATIONAL EMBEZZLER in the name of Crooked Hillary, are following her off the Cliff. And the people, who are closest to Crooked Hillary, are just as bad as Crooked Hillary herself.

The RINOS are no different than the Democrats, and are no less DISHONEST and consumed with LIES . . . it’s just that they march to a similar but different PIPER.

AS FOR THE MEDIA . . . Because of this election, MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people will Tune-Out, Turn-Off and Stop Reading the CRAP, which is spoon-fed as Real News.


The World is BROKE. The Euro is standing only because there isn’t a European Alternative. Italy is the THIRD LARGEST European Economy, and Italy’s Banks are on the CUSP of FAILURE. And Italy is only seconds away from being the NEXT Country to leave the EU through Referendum.

Russia is spending so much money hardening its position in the Middle East and Ukraine, that it too is not nearly as FLUSH as it wants the world to think it is.

China is ONLY as Rich as the amount of Cheap Crap it can sell to Europe and North America, but specifically to the USA, and whether Trump wins or not, China’s FREE Ride into the USA might pretty soon be an awful lot less than it has been over the years, since Americans will soon run out of money to buy the Cheap Crap, or start making it themselves.

Canada, which really isn’t a Global Player, as much as our Political and Elitist Class would like to pretend it is . . . has for all intents and purposes RUN OUT OF MONEY. We have and produce very little the World wants to Buy or Needs. And outside of what we sell to the United States at a BIG Profit . . . we are otherwise a Net LOSER to World Trade.

AND AS FOR THE USA . . . Because of the RINOS, going all the way back to both Bush’s in Office, Clinton, Barack Obama, and a FECKLESS Republican Congress (Senate and House), America too has RUN OUT OF MONEY, Honesty, Integrity, Values, and has become more DIVIDED in modern times, than it has ever been, since the days of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Never before, with the exception of the Civil War, have the American people been this DIVIDED, where the ISSUES and ANGER have been nearly as PALPABLE.

For the first time in my LIFETIME, I have never seen as clear a DELINEATION between the people, so much so, that I am ABSOLUTELY certain, that it will not end well, where HALF the population that does squat, wants to tell the other HALF how to live . . . the HALF which Creates Wealth and Real Jobs, which is Nothing Akin to the BIG BANKS, INVESTMENT HOUSES, WALL STREET, BUREAUCRATS, INTELLECTUALS, ASSORTED ELITISTS, THE HOLLYWOODERS, PERFORMERS & A PLETHORA OF OTHER SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHINGS, who add virtually Nothing to the Good of the Country and for the Good of the People.

AND LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . This great DIVIDE between the RIGHT and the LEFT . . . between the MAKERS and the TAKERS, covers the entire spectrum – from Politics, to the Work Place, to Entertainment . . . INCLUDING 95% OF THE NEWS MEDIA . . . all of which or whom will pay a SERIOUS Price if Trump Loses to a Thief, a Liar, a Cheat and a Traitor to the US Constitution . . . in the name of Crooked Hillary Clinton.

DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE . . . of counting out Trump, because the Media Says So. Trump is very much Alive, Well, Engaged, in the Fight, and on His Way to Victory.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, excellent fact-filled editorial. One thing for sure, the world is not moving in the direction of peace. At a time when major surgery (preventive unrestricted military action) is required to heal a cancer whose goal is the eradication of western democracies, the leaders of those countries are content to appease the incoming tide of hate coming our way with mere band-aid measures.

  2. Well put, Howard. It is a world war between the (moral) makers and the (immoral) takers.

  3. Howard, would that I could be as optimistic as you, but with the ignorance, and the gimmee, gimmee, gimmee attitude of so, so many, I fear for the worst. I will, though, keep hoping and praying that the deplorable, irredeemable rednecks are of sufficient number to save this country.

  4. Now Howard, I don’t know how you can be so hard on the MSM…..I believe they did a bang up job reporting on the devastating news concerning the theft of Kardashian’s 4 million dollar diamond ring. COME ON MAN….I can tell you right now it got more coverage than the recent deaths of more police officers being shot and killed by the thugs who are running our streets. Even sadder, the same followers of that tripe, are the very same ignorant ones who will vote for Hillary. God help us. Mary

  5. My wife and I are all in with Trump no matter what happens between now and the election. Unfortunately, the addiction of many in the US to keep taking in the lies of the Dems, the Media, and the RINO’s, remind me of a heroin addict’s behavior path to kicking the addiction. First, must come hitting rock bottom. As you say Howard, we are not there yet. If Clinton takes the election, it will not be long before both our countries hit bottom. God help us then. GO TRUMP, and take Clinton to Prison.

  6. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for always saying what I feel and believe from the top of my head down to my toes! I share you to FB hoping to reach someone that hasn’t read you before. Keep the faith and pray that “we the people” turn out the vote and give our country at least 4 years of recovery time. Sherry Fowler, Huntsville, AL, USA

  7. Clinton is evil ,a thief and extremely crooked. Mr. Trump could be a positive for America, time will tell. God tells us to only put faith in God himself, not man. God is the only answer to our problems. may we humble ourselves and bow down to His Glory. The name above all names.

  8. Maybe a bit off topic…..the networks aren’t the only ones trying to repress the real story. Yesterday at Yom Kippur services, the Rabbi first said that he wouldn’t risk losing our tax exempt status by making a political speech and then delivered a thinly-veiled blast against Trump and a love-fest for the Hildebeast! This is the same ‘Judas Goat-ism’ the rabbinate delivered before 2008! My gentile friends are astonished, as am I.

  9. I gave up on Fox news several months ago but occasionally watch Hannity. Megan Kelly’s smug know it all expression and comments about Trump finally did me in. Dinesh D’Sousa’s movie Hillary’s American is on Redbox now and its excellent! The sordid history of the Democrat party in the movie from Andrew Jackson who beat and bedded down his slaves, Trail of Tears, etc. to Woodrow Wilson’s treatment of blacks and of course the KKK who were all democrats is very enlightening!

  10. I’m hoping for a miracle because I don’t want to have to lower my flag to half staff if Crooked Clinton succeeds in her quest for POWER…and that is what this all she is in it for. A promise was made back in 2008 and let us HOPE for CHANGE, meaningful CHANGE, and that promise does not come true. Considering the future of the nation is at stake this is a most important election and it’s a matter of CHANGE or more of the same.

  11. Bravo, bravo, Howard! Once more, this is your best ever editorial, you outdo yourself each time. Totally agree with you about Fox News, with the stellar exception of Sean Hannity and most of his guests. Chris Wallace, son of Mike, still carries proudly his Democrat card, it shows more and more, and I prefer the other scoundrels, at least you know what to expect from them…

  12. Given the recent, across-the-board, unanimous media onslaught to vilify and crucify with questionable anecdotes of his bad behavior, Trump is effectively dead as a candidate in my opinion. This obvious display of power by the “progressive’s” control of the media, Rinos, members of the judiciary, Congressmen, entertainment industry and a myriad of others is astonishing.

  13. Agreed HG Unfortunately I believe Trump is now completely aware of the powers that oppose him and to what levels they will stoop to win the election . He has managed to create an opportunity for the “we the people ” to at least voice their discontent with the political system as it exists around the world – change will NOT occur – the pendulum has swung too far and been STOPPED.

  14. You are 100% on the ball Howard. Now we heard to day that 3 women have come out of the woods and claim that Trump
    sexually assaulted them ,one going back 35 years ago. This smells like another hillary campaign set up.,The Demacrats will go to extreme to win, just imagine what hillary would do if elected.

  15. Another great editorial Howard!! When I open my email I look for your editorial first, keep it up.

  16. “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”–BUDDHA. One thing for sure is that TRUMP has SURPRISED all of us in one way or another. TRUMP is NOT a LOSER! The ESTABLISHMENT [RINOS, Liberals, Lying, Self-Serving Politicians, etc.] FEAR him because they KNOW that he will SEEK the TRUTH, i.e., UNCOVER their LIES! His rally crowds are a great indication that he WILL win. He is also surrounded by a very EXPERIENCED group who knows the TRICKS of the TRADE. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  17. Perhaps, Howard, we should establish the “Rumpelstiltskin News Award” for the news outlet that best “spins” their trashy news into fools gold…. I haven’t watched any of the alphabet news networks, nor Fox News, for many years now. That is why I rely upon you and a few other sane sources for a civilized and rational slant on what’s going on around us. Keep it coming.

  18. I totally agree with the gentleman from Sandy Springs, Ga. Megan Kelly started out just great , but success went to her head and now she has gone over to the dark side in attacki9ng Trump. One of the “believable” women on her show last night who talked about Trump groping her on an airplane said it was okay that he touched her on her top but when he went below her waist, that was a no no– wow so touching above was okay– not very reliable person.

  19. I think cable news is on the way out. I watch most Trumps rally’s live or from the archives at Right Side Broadcasting.they are the only ones to show the crowds at his rally’s even though Mr. Trump asks all the other cameras to turn. When you see 10, 000, 20, 000 and
    30, 000 supporters it is amazing. It is a movement that has not been seen before.

  20. The news media are now pulling out all the stops, auditioning as many potential Trump accusers they can pry and bribe out of the woodwork. It’s a desperate attempt to derail the freedom-from-corruption movement that is sweeping the country under their very eyes. It’s obvious, transparent, and so dishonest. We are mad as hell and are not going to take the liberal BS any more. The media collusion with Hillary is only making us dig in our heels more forcefully to see Trump elected!

  21. If Hillary wins, we will have a revolution. The real Americans will not put up with any more. If Trump wins, we will have riots as he will run this government like a business (something new) which means most of the worthless jobs in Wash DC, held by contirbutors, family and lobbyists will be closed. Welfare, food stamps, subsidies, etc. will be greatly cut back. LOCK AND LOAD, they are coming to your neighborhood to steal and rob and kill if necessary. They won’t and can’t work.

  22. The great divide wasn’t started by Obama, but he certainly has made the division so wide that it will never be healed. He has even made the division between races even wider. Hillary’s socialism will be the undoing of our great nation!!! You’ve heard me say this before… get out the vote, and pray at the same time!!!

  23. Glad Hannity is rising and O’Reilly is in good shape. Megyn K. has a repertoire of practiced facial appearances; sympathy, interest, shock, derision, etc,. The body language showing her predatorial stance was during the first debate when she attacked Trump — hunched back, snarling face and the ultimate — her lips contorted into a parallelogram over barred teeth. How can anybody even do that? Maybe she has scales under her frock — Megyna the Primordial!

  24. Trump is up against carefully contrived lies with despicable actors who will perjure themselves to bring him down. An 80 yrs woman claims she was groped by an octopus on a plane and only now tells the world! Unbelievable, it’s either untrue which it has to be, or she was groped and you can guess why she didn’t scream. Lets get back to the real issues USA and the winner WILL BE TRUMP. CNN Don Lemon, and Anderson, let go, get your heads out of the gutter.

  25. Thanks for your editorial. so right. I did not get big news stations till this year, I have found LOU DOOBS on Fox B. I like to hear him and his guest. HIS opinion on Paul Ryan was great. and I do believe Trump will win, even if the crooks fix it wrong. After election I will not watch BIG NEWS again only local stations.

  26. I hope that when Trump get’s elected, and I beileve he will realized the clean-up of this country has just begun when he takes the oath of office. WE, yes WE the people are going to have to clean this mess up that we alowd to take place. Trump will open the doors for us to do it.

  27. Again.. Another fantastic editorial. The Trump movement is basic. We must take back our country from the elitist of both parties. Both are and have been rotten. The Contra Mena airport program is mind blowing to me. It involved the Governor Clinton’s administration and CIA, FDA, and other agencies as needed.

  28. Unless Hillary’s meds fail her at the next debate and she locks up, its a fix for her. Trump has been hammered by the media and by his party. Pulling jock talk from 11 years ago can sink him, yet nothing wrong with Hillary’s public history of lying and thieving. Now, in a matter of hours, suddenly all these women come out of the woodwork accusing Trump of everything. Interesting timing. Hillary stayed with catting Bill, stomped for Bill and voted for Bill. No right to complain about Trump.

  29. Excellent, Howard. I love your optimism about Trump. I would like to share it and I remain hopeful. My gut will not cooperate, but how sweet it will be if he pulls it off. He’s not taking any of their crap, and I love seeing that. The next debate should be a barn burner. Maybe they will have to take her offstage on oxygen! You know The Donald wants this one so badly he can taste it. It would also be nice to see the traitor Wallace carried off as well.

  30. We also need to consider the baggage that Hillary would bring with her,
    Uma, Cheryl Mills, and whomever her choices would be for the
    Supreme Court, and bringing in refugees we can’t support. Trump would bring
    In conservatives like Ben Carson, Rudi Giuliani and other good people. Pence is an
    excellent choice for V.P.

  31. Howard you are RIGHT on the mark. Trump with all his faults understands the plight of America (the world) and what needs doing and soon. I believe with the help he KNOWS he needs he is the best one to get the job done. We are in for a long and hard struggle even with him there but at least we will have a chance for recovery. Thanks.


  32. Howard Sir
    I just love your editorials they are great, I pray Mr. Trump stomps the living day lights out of the Witch running against him.
    How can anyone run for President of the U.S. with 20 law suits against her?
    I hardly watch any New today for I know it is all going to be a line of Bright Sunshine lies. So, why bother to watch them?
    I use to love Fox but have to say I do watch it once in awhile.
    Again, sir thank you for your keeping us posted God bless you and Anne Happy Yom Kippur Sh

  33. The ‘polls’ are very wrong! There are millions in the USA who aren’t saying they will vote for Trump but they WILL. Fox, except for OReilly, Hannity,Dobbs. has lost my respect and my attention. Kelly should move to CNN where she belongs. The ‘media’ did not count on people actually waking up – ever. Well- the Liberal table is about to be kicked over big time. GO TRUMP!

  34. I am so disappointed in FOX News it could make a grown man cry. The US population has been so dumbed down and they are bombarded with so much liberal propaganda it makes me sick. I firmly believe there is no Republican or Democrat once these bastards arrive in DC. They receive their team jerseys and then exchange hats & seats at the end of each election. The cancer that has been eating away at our country for the last 30 yrs. has finally taking it’s toll,I fear this is our last chance to change.

  35. Watched Fox for years. No more except for Hannity and morning show. Dobbs on Fox Business is the best. Can’t listen to the stupid liberals they now feature. We need a straight conservative network. It will be a big winner. Trump can still do it.

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