In A Just Society – Trump Becomes President . . . Both Clintons Go To Jail


I DON’T HAVE TO WRITE A WORD . . . about the Debate Last Night (October 9, 2016), because if you have your own Eyes, Ears and Brain, you know that this was Trump’s Battle of the Bulge. And now he’s onto the PRIZE.

It seems that no matter how much the Evidence PROVES AGAINST Crooked Hillary – she is above and beyond INDICTMENT . . . no less than seems to be the Media.


SHEPARD SMITH OF FOX NEWS, was On-Air this past Sunday, on October 9, 2016 at 3:33 PM Eastern Time, repeatedly referring to the Trump Video Trash Talk, as SEXUAL ASSAULT.


I am 66-Years Old . . . I have been Married to Anne – my Beautiful wife for more than 43-Years, who is 65-Years Old, whom I have never cheated on, not even a little bit, not even close . . . who has forever heard me commenting from time to time, referring to women I don’t know, who we’ve casually seen at public places, and will NEVER know, who in my opinion were from being ATTRACTIVE, to being really HOT, where Anne would usually respond, by placating me with a yes or whatever.

And from time to time, Anne would ask me, if “HER’S IS BIGGER THAN MINE?”, to which the answer is always NO, as any married man would say, at least if he has a brain in his head. And if you’ve never had any type of discussion like this with your spouse . . . I don’t know what kind of marriage you have.

With all the KIBITZING Anne and I have between ourselves, we NEVER make comments about people, neither men nor women, who are less than “normal”.

SO . . . when I see, hear and read about all the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS about how men refer to women from time to time, I have to ask this question . . .

If women do not want to be OBJECTIFIED, why is there a TRILLION DOLLAR Fashion Industry, designed primarily to make women look SEXY?

I’m neither Blind Nor Stupid . . . and whether I love shopping with Anne or not, like most DUTIFUL HUSBANDS, I sit patiently, while Anne tries on clothes and comes out of the dressing to MODEL them for me, and look herself up and down in the mirror.

And while Anne is doing that, and I’m sitting there between wardrobe changes, there are other women doing the same thing, modeling for themselves in the FULL LENGTH MIRRORS, as they stretch, turn, inhale, check out their boobs and twist themselves to see how their backsides look in what they’re wearing. And from time to time, if there’s no BETTER HALF with them, I’ll give them a smile and two thumbs up. Only God knows how many PC LAWS I’ve broken when I’ve done that.

SO . . . If women don’t want to be objectified, what’s with all the machinations to buy just the right stuff to make yourself look HOT?


Megyn Kelly Of FOX News, has clobbered Donald Trump Repeatedly for Objectifying Women; OK, let’s say that’s TRUE, and Donald Trump likes looking at, and commenting about attractive women, which seems to bother Megyn Kelly, which confuses me . . . since Megyn Kelly always seems to present herself in an ATTRACTIVE if not SEXY way, especially last night during the Debate, while she was wearing a really LOW CUT DRESS, cut so low, that the material SHOUTED LOOK AT MY CHEST.


SO . . . BY SHEPARD SMITH’S CRITERIA – does that make Anne and I, by association, guilty of Sexual Assault, because of what Trump SAID . . . DID NOT DO . . . BUT ONLY SAID, which makes him guilty of SEXUAL ASSAULT in Shepard Smith’s Mind . . . so wouldn’t that make Anne and Myself GUILTY OF THE SAME THING, but only to a lessor degree, because we weren’t (aren’t) nearly as RIBALD, of what we might have said about the appearance of other women, as was Trump?

AND IF SHEPARD SMITH IS RIGHT . . . and based upon all the DETAILED reports of Bill Clinton, who actually FORCED HIMSELF ON WOMEN, to the point that he had to pay-off as much as $800,000 to make his REAL ASSAULT go away, on just one woman, which was only one of many who we know about . . . SHOULDN’T SHEPARD SMITH CALL BILL CLINTON A “RAPIST”.

TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE . . . Trump NEVER FORCED himself on anyone. He might have Trashed-Talked a bit or even a lot . . . so what? How does that make him GUILTY OF SEXUAL ASSAULT?

And what about how Dirty Bill Clinton VIOLATED a young impressionable Intern, by sticking his Fat Cigar where it didn’t belong, while they were in the Oval Office?


And where’s Shepard Smith’s outrage over TOO SEXED Bill Clinton, who REALLY DID ASSAULT at least one woman. Should Bill Clinton not be held to account for what he really did? And if so, why isn’t the word ASSAULT . . . not honestly substituted with the more appropriate word RAPE?

Or should Shepard Smith’s condemnation and derision be reserved EXCLUSIVELY for Trump, who neither ASSAULTED, nor RAPED anyone. SO MUCH FOR FAIR & BALANCED.

AND IF THE HARSH TREATMENT . . . of innocent women, who were VICTIMS of a RAPIST, SINCE RAPE IS DEFINED IN THE LAW, as an unwelcomed Sexual Assault through FORCE or SITUATION . . . how is that defensible by anyone, especially when caught RED-HANDED?

AND IF THAT WAS THE CASE . . . with PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, as it actually was, what does it say about Crooked Hillary, who hammered her RAPIST HUSBAND’S VICTIMS, all over again, just for being victims of her Predator Husband, by making these women look as SLEAZY as Crooked Hillary could, through private investigators, trumped-up sexual situations, and a Media SMEAR CAMPAIGN . . . as she possibly could?


WHY ISN’T SHEPARD SMITH . . . not going after Crooked Hillary for how she DEFENDED a 41-Year Old Man who RAPED a 12-Year Old GIRL, who Crooked Hillary Bragged and LAUGHED about GETTING HIM OFF THE HOOK . . . on what was basically BS Forensic/Science, and a huge SMEAR campaign against the 12-Year Old VICTIM, creating the false narrative that this 12-Year Old GIRL was begging for it. So somehow the Rape was her fault.

And by the way, this 12-Year Old GIRL . . . was BEATEN so badly while being RAPED, that she was in the hospital for a week afterwards. And as a result of the RAPE, this 12-Year Old GIRL could never have Children.

ANOTHER PROUD MOMENT FOR CROOKED HILLARY . . . who claims to be the DEFENDER of Children and Women.


I’m no Choir Boy, and I’ve done and said things that I wish I hadn’t done or said. But, I’ve never said or did anything close to what these men and women in Politics and the Media do and say everyday. And as much CRAP as I think I’ve seen, these Bad Actors never fail to LOWER THE BAR.

1 – I will never look at Government, the Media, or Elections as being HONEST to any EXTENT in the future. It’s not as if I wasn’t done with them anyway, but after this outright OUT OF THE CLOSET Experience we’ve all witnessed – SCREW THEM ALL.

2 – I will DEDICATE all of my WRITINGS and BROADCASTS from here-on-in, to the support of Independent Conservatives with Strong Moral Values, ‘cause what’s the point of defending BS?

3 – Because of this Election, I will be done with FOX News as a Primary Television News Source, with the exception of the Morning Show – Fox & Friends and their 6-O’Clock Broadcast with Bret Baier. And since FOX News fired Roger Ailes, and Daddy Murdock put his LEFTIST sons in charge, it isn’t worth the stuff found on the bottom of a Bird Cage.


But I also have no reason to want to be aggravated by the likes of . . . and in no particular order on FOX News; the Uber LEFTIST Geraldo Rivera who calls himself a Republican, the Smug Brit Hume, the LEFTIST Whining Juan Williams, the Consummate Insider Dana Perino, the less than Funny Greg Gutfeld, the Narcissistic Megyn Kelly, the Ass-Kisser who pretends to be Honest and Balanced unless he’s speaking to a Conservatives Chris Wallace, and Shepard Smith, who really doesn’t like Israel or Conservatives.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Re. Rod Packwood’s comment …… I totally agree with you, 100%.

  2. How many Ladies have participated in a Bachelorette party at the White Stallion Lounge? Here in South Florida, the more exposed female flesh the better. Most men have done trash talk during their lives. I agree, Gitmo for the Clintons, and off the TV for the clowns that you mentioned. The only one I listen to is Cavuto.

  3. I used to be confused as to why only certain people were “outed” as rapists, etc. Then, I grew up, paid attention, & learned that the Left EVERYTHING…were the difference. I, too, am tired of the BS, am happy you will stop this stuff & concentrate on things IMPORTANT to conservatives…like ONLY THE FACTS AND TRUTH. Thanks, Howard.

  4. I remember well when Romney took a dive in the second. And with him, the Ryan fellow.
    It was so obvious that we had some good laughs here as we watched.
    That is what the so called republican party fellowship want to do again.
    Mr. Trump is still well based to win pending stuffed ballot boxes and tampered computer records.
    As to the “media”, waste of time to interface with that.

  5. Howard, you said it ALL! First, I watched FOX Business News with Lou Dobbs & Cavuto who are very FAIR and SINCERE with their viewpoints…can’t stand Kelly anymore. Second, TRUMP was the WINNER last night. It was BRILLIANT to have the 4 victims sitting in the front row facing CROOKED HILLARY! The best parts of the debate was when TRUMP told her he would JAIL her, plus if he becomes President, he will assign a SPECIAL ATTORNEY to investigate her LIES about her EMAIL situation. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. WOW….. you nailed it again! and I couldn’t agree with you more regarding FOX news….

  7. We don’t have any television in our house, just to keep the sewage spigot locked shut. Maybe we can talk Rush Limbaugh into starting another cable news network, under his EIB (Excellence in Broadcasting) banner. And Roger Ailes could join him. This really is an “us vs. them” election: we deplorables vs. them in the Ruling Class. And the big risk is that whoever we elect tends to be absorbed by the Ruling Class. Mike Pence is one of the few who seems to have resisted that so far.

  8. If women claim to be offended by some locker room banter, then where the hell are the 80 million women who bought 50 Shades of Gray and couldn’t get enough of it?

  9. Well written Howard …One problem we have here in Canada is we only have three networks who are all gushing left wing Liberals the CBC is bought and paid for by the Liberal party by way of Canadian Taxpayer $$$$$ to the tune of a Billion Dollars a year this monstrosity should be sold off, imagine what True-Dough could do with an extra Billion , more than likely give it to that cesspool called the UN so he would be in line for some posting when he gets the boot next time .

  10. Howard, your spot-on. Horrible Bill’s sexual exploits, FOX News failures of a bunch of their broadcaster’s to be Fair and Balanced, and the reality that only Brett Baier’s evening news is worth watching for the truth, I agree and have for years. Trump crushed her and her oversexed husband Bill last night. Trump did not embarrass his supporters. He stayed the course, stopped the bleeding of his campaign, spoke truth and shredded her. Go TRUMP!

  11. I am for Trump,but lets face the fact that Hillary will get the black and latino vote as they know that the democrat’s will still give them the free stuff .It will take some thing that hillary has done not yet freported that will bury her that truns the tide
    for the Donald.

  12. Trump looked bad defending himself and repeating phrases. He was a joy to behold when he attacked both Hillary and her team (Martha/Anderson)

  13. I am disgusted by both of them. I think Americans are waking up to the MSM. If you are a liberal what ever you say or do is fine because you are far more superior in IQ and compassion than a conservative. Everything is so corrupt and there is no decorum left. I am so sad for my country. Nothing will change until the people are ready to clean out Washington and change the way things are done. Term limits in congress would be a great start. Our laws are no longer applied equally.

  14. Megan Kelly was wrong on Trump last night and Laura Ingram stood up for Trump against Megan Kelly’s comments.

    Don’t forget Lou Dobbs. He is right on Trump for the right reasons. Dobbs is on the Fox business channel.
    And don’t forget Judge Jeanine Pirro– she is a strong conservative– called Trump out for his lewd comments but spoke very strongly for his platform and supports him vigorously.

  15. Shep Smith, like all liberals live by their own code of double standards. What is so amazing is…..they don’t even realize how absurd they sound. It’s like they must practice in front of a mirror where they only see and hear themselves….completely removed from reality.

  16. I watched the debate for a while. I saw Hillary with that smirk on her face. The moderator & others from CNN left a lot to be desired as well. It seems that the Eastern US press is as bias as the press in central Canada. ( the triangle of Ottawa, Toronto & Montreal ) Since you and I come from Montreal, The Montreal Star, CBC and radio station CJAD would always tell their audiences to vote Liberal. I also remember their bias towards the US democratic party Nothing has changed. Ray Moscato Calgar

  17. My-oh-my, Howard, how we think alike is truly amazing! “Screw them all” indeed. A near total lack of integrity and principles is part of the ordinary ideology of the Left and too much of the Right. Surely you have noticed how many of the elitists on the right have abandoned Trump’s ship when the going has become tough. What hypocrites! Nice to see him get tough with “Mommy dearest”. Stay the course my good man!!!!!!!

  18. I watched the debate last night. Trump lit into Hillary quite well, and she deserved it. She did the usual blah, blah, blah thing. A fly landed on her face. We all know what flies are attracted to. ‘Nuff said.

  19. I stopped watching Fox about a yr ago, but serve my husband his dinner on a tray in front of TV with BO,while I eat alone in the kitchen.I guess he hasn’t gotten a belly full yet. If she gets elected after all of this, our county is doomed..because all sense of decency & common sense are now a thing of the past…just like black and white TV. The future generations will be the true losers.They will never know the country you & I have been blessed to have grown up in. God have mercy.

  20. HRC is afraid…. very afraid. I hope MSM cover the footage of her cell door being slammed shut! Her facial expressions were a sign of obvious panic. She was on her heels all night. I was waiting for her to pull a Roberto Duran….”No mas”.

  21. If women in this country want equality with men at work, in combat, in sports and as President of the USA, why are they whining about men being insensitive and crude when they talk among themselves? Suck it up, buttercup, and learn to act like a strong, independent and able woman. You can’t have it both ways and be credible.

  22. Every time I think the news media CANNOT POSSIBLY go lower or be MORE BIASED, they UNFAILINGLY manage to prove me wrong-just like when I think Barack Obama cannot possibly further disgrace the office HE holds as well. Trump ripped her a new one and the victims of WJC’s assaults was masterful and I comment Kathy whose experience at the hands of Hillary had to leave lifetime scars. Hillary is total scum. Trump is the only chance America has for the future. November 8th 2016 will be historic 4 USA

  23. I was done with Fox about 4 years ago……they were neither fair nor balanced back then. A little over 2 years ago I cut the cable completely! Still not sorry I made those choices.

  24. I am not so much “horrified” with what Trump said, as I am appalled about the scumbag, who recorded the trashy conversation and sat on it for 11 years , until he could bring it out at this moment and make money selling it.. (Probably from the Clinton campaign.)I am sure all of us are thankful that there are not tape recorders following us around recording everything we say. Trump’s remarks were very immature and high schoolish ,but not earth shattering. Get over it! He’s still better than HRC!

  25. I’m leaving Fox too Howard. For a long time I have PVR’d The Five and O’Reilly and watched(skipping the depressing ads) each day but Whiny Juan and smug Dana have made me dump the Five. O’Reilly is the consummate pro and I still have a look but it’s a quick look. He is an arrogant jerk isn’t he? But Watters and Miller are worth a look.

    Where can we go? Sad.

    Robert Turnbull
    Richmond BC

  26. Howard, I am with you all the way. There is a saying (Birds of a feather flock together) just look who is the father in Law of Chelsea Clinton. None other than Ed Mezvinsky. A committed fraudster, was in Federal Prison for 5 years. I wonder what happened to the Billions of dollars donated to Haiti after the Earth Quake, and the person who is in charge of the fund was Bill Clinton? Steve Acre, Canada

  27. I agree that shepard smith is totally biased against trump and if I were fox he would not be long for that network. megan Kelly, I love. but she is also biased against trump and her spin last night was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe we both watched the same show.i think that she is also starting to look very trashy;which started with the first time her and trump squared up. whoever did her makeup turned her from a sweet,innocent looking beauty; certainly did a 360 on her. now she looks slutty,

  28. Eleven years ago Trump was a democrat, so he should get a pass for his comments.

  29. Megan Kelly, any respect I had for you up to last night, I regret, good-by and good riddance. And same for you Smith. The light is going out for Foxnews. Oh, did I love it when the crowd roared when Trump said that if he becomes President, both Clintons will be in jail. Trump, you blasted them away. And don’t stop!

  30. It’s maddeningly but predictable how the Left twists the facts to suit their agenda. The sun could be shining brightly and they wrangle, bend and manipulate the truth to convince the stupid that it’s actually raining. Aren’t we so sick of it? I’m still praying every day for Donald Trump and looking forward to his November 8th victory, which will be a testament to God’s gracious answer to our prayers.

  31. Once again sir I salute you for such a great editorial, I agree with you a hundred percent about married couples saying things to one another if they don’t wow boring couple.
    Mr. Trump said he was sorry what more do people want from him? Hillary has done so much more and her husband egad who needs to say more about Bill Clinton?
    Thank you Howard for your wonderful words of wisdom to us all.
    Jacqueline Turley

  32. Howard, you should be on Trump’s advisory team and help him win this presidency. None of your comments are ever presented in the newspaper, the internet news or on TV. One item you haven’t brought up. IE: When the Clinton’s were leaving the White House, they began loading furniture, paintings etc belonging to the White House onto 3 or 4 Tractor Trailers. They tried to leave with all of these items. The State Police however stopped them and took back all of the stolen items.

  33. As usual, love your editorials. Our thinking is so alike! Billy Bush is the cousin of Jeb Bush and we know the differences between Trump and Jeb Bush. Haven’t heard anyone comment on the relationship of Billy Bush and Jeb Bush and the tape? Just wondering…

  34. I totally agree with all the comments on M. Kelly. Even the way she dresses-prepared for a cocktail party-is not appropriate for a so-called professional commentator. She tried to trap Laura Ingram into making a negative Trump comment but Laura would not allow that to happen. Lost all respect for Kelly. Trump said what needed to be said about his tape/Clinton. Next debate-go even harder on the pathologic lier HC.

  35. Don’t forget Hannity at FOX! He has supported Trump all the way. Isn’t it funny how the Democrats will support Hillary no matter what she does while Ryan and other RINOS ran like little babies when the tape came out. I sent him an e mail and am now writing an open letter to him telling him that TRUMP is the Nominee and they better start supporting him.
    It isn’t their call to decide if they will or won’t support their Nominee!

  36. Add CNN’s Don Lemon to biased list. CNN’s “scientific” poll for who won the debate: 58% Clinton, 37% Trump, but admits more Dems in the poll. I bet it was 58% Dems & 37% GOP. Since debate its evil and bad Trump; not a negative word about Clinton’s lies, email, sex fiend hubby, indictable offences. Trump “stalking” her on stage (?) & talking over her. Not a word about interruptions when it was Kane doing it to Pense. I liked Trump pointing out C kept going overtime & he not given chance to reply.

  37. I’ll try this again as y/days got the heave ho. Trump happens to be a man in more ways than one. He also happens to be a “male” of the species and thats what males do. The funny thing about it is the females talk the same way when they are together. Its called boasting. The other problem is that Billy BJ, who has more notches on his gun than can be counted, going back to Arkansas, gets no reprimand from the media

  38. I too am giving up on some Fox shows I have watched for years, your insight is so good.
    What conservatives do you watch or listen to the most? I like Cavuto,Brett Baire and
    I read all your messages, thank you.

  39. Good one, again Howard! The real question is – Is there any real justice in the US or Canada, these days??? The Left is enamored of those who lie, cheat & promise the free goodies. It doesn’t take a real genius to see that those on the Right are vilified almost daily. I use to watch Fox News but, I rarely do these days. It isn’t “Fair & Balanced” anymore, in all honesty, it may never have been.

  40. I think you shoud note that the Mr. Bush of NBC that took the video eleven years ago and waited until a few days before the debate to air it, is a nephew of Geo. H.Bush, Sr. His baby boy did not get nominated and could never be elected!!! So much for all the corrupt politicians – both sides of the aisle. Now the RINOs who don’t want their playpen disturbed by Trump running the country like a business are trying to get him to drop out.

  41. Howard as I watched the debate last night lyning Clinton and the 2 left wing Trump hating moderators, and Ms. M. Kelly
    man o man does she really have it out for Trump. Fox News is not the same anymore.
    Still waiting to hear more about the last Wiky-leaks releases sure would be nice to see what they have on Hillary.

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