We’re All Dupes . . . Because We Don’t Want To Believe The Worst.


IT’S TIME . . . WE EITHER STAND-UP OR SHUT-UP. Forget about the Media Created Political Noise, because this ISN’T a Realty Show or America’s GOT TALENT. This is for all the Marbles . . . IT’S FOR THE FUTURE OF EVERYTHING.


If Trump wins on November 8th, those people in the Republican Party, who have done everything they could to take him down with every SMEAR they can get their mouths to utter . . . will themselves be taken down.

And if Trump doesn’t win on November 8th . . . we will all go down.

This PRIVATE Conversation Trump had with a Member of the Media 11-Years Ago, says more about the lack of integrity of the people who have released it, than it says about Trump, who was feeling his Oats while TRASH TALKING.

It also says EVERYTHING there is to say about the Mainstream Media, who jumped onto this thing, as if it were the EXPRESS TRAIN TO GLORY . . . BUT, it’s also the DEATH KNELL TO THE RINOS . . . who have hitched a one way RIDE with the LEFT, and the LEFTIST MEDIA to their own PERDITION.


I have no idea if General Dwight D Eisenhower SCREWED around on his wife, slept with subordinates, and/or used Vulgar Language as he was planning and implementing the Invasion of Europe, or the Counter Attack to The Battle Of The Bulge. And what difference would any of that have made anyways to his ability to lead and win?

But what I do know . . . is that he wanted George S Patton out – because Patton was horrible for PR, since Patton was RUDE, CRUDE, IMPATIENT, INSUBORDINATE & UNFORGIVING.

Patton wasn’t like the other GENTLEMEN GENERALS, the likes of which were US Lieutenant General Omar Bradley and British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, both of whom played great to their Politicians and the Media, but were in all honesty, intimidated and stalled by the advancing German Military during the Battle of the Bulge.

The problem for Eisenhower, for the other Generals, the Politicians, President FDR and the American Media who HATED Patton because of the way he was, and wasn’t one of them . . . was that the US CHIEF OF STAFF . . . George C Marshall, knew that without the FIRE & VIGOR of General George S Patton, and the absolute Loyalty and Enthusiasm Patton’s Troops had for him, it was very possible that the Germans would have won the Battle of the Bulge.

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . The Battle of the Bulge was Hitler’s Last Stand, and was the difference between the Allies Winning the War, or Germany Surviving to negotiate a Ceasefire, since there were no shortage of Americans and Brits in High Places, who wanted the War to End, and not necessarily with the Germans being totally defeated.

I don’t know what was in the heart, mind and soul of General George S Patton . . . BUT WINNING WAS CERTAINLY NUMBER ONE, and to him, that’s all that mattered.


For in war just as in loving, you must always keep on shoving.

Or you will never get your just reward:

For if you’re dilatory in the search for lust and glory.

You are up shit creek and that’s the truth, Oh! Lord.

IN SHORT . . . General Patton wasn’t a NICE GENTEEL MAN, but his Troops would follow him to Hell & Back Again . . . and that’s all that mattered.

The enemy feared him. The Allies couldn’t keep up with him. And without General George S Patton, who was indeed RUDE, CRUDE, IMPATIENT, INSUBORDINATE & UNFORGIVING . . . the Battle of the Bulge would probably have been lost. But, BECAUSE of Patton, America WON the Battle of the Bulge, and because of that, and IN SPITE of all the people who hated him, especially the American Insiders in the Military, Politics and the Media . . . Patton guaranteed a substantially different outcome to World War Two.


Trump is RUDE, CRUDE, IMPATIENT, INSUBORDINATE & UNFORGIVING . . . just like Patton . . . SO WHAT? And just like the way the Insiders from the Political Class, the Elitists and the Media are doing all they can to DRESS-DOWN TRUMP; they did the same thing about 70-Years ago to DRESS-DOWN PATTON.

And just like Patton, who the FREE WORLD NEEDED MORE THAN EVER to win the War, and make the World Right Again, America and the World needs Trump to undo and correct the HORRORS the LEFT have PERPETRATED upon all of us.

The Battle of the Bulge was 7-Decades Ago . . . and now it’s our turn, because, if we don’t win on November 8, 2016, we will have lost our FREEDOMS for generations to come, with nowhere to go but to Dystopia and a World of HURT, as we wait for another Patton, Trump or Ayn Rand’s Fictional John Galt.

IF THE TRUMP TRASH TALK . . . is so important to you in making your decision upon who you will vote for, then your FREEDOMS and the FUTURE of your COUNTRY and the WORLD are not important at all.

THE DEBATE TONIGHT . . . and whether Trump comes out like a Defensive Wimp, much like he was during the First Debate, because of really bad advice from his ADVISORS, or he comes out as Donald Trump, TAKING NO PRISONERS, making no excuses, and offering no apologies for wanting to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, much like General Patton did when he CRUSHED the World’s Enemies during the Battle of the Bulge, in spite of all the Insiders who Opposed him . . . it will be a defining moment in the Direction, the Future, and the History of America . . . and for all those in the World who are prepared to Fight and Die for Freedom.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your history is exactly correct. History always repeats itself because the leaders never read history. Oh it’s coming Howard, it’s coming!
    Larry Camp
    Graham, Texas

  2. I just wish you could be on stage tonight and read this write-up. I believe it would destroy the media.

  3. Truer words were never spoken….We’ll know the answer tonight when the show goes on with the Witch. Trump needs to crush her, the left and the Rinos! Comparison to Patton is right on point (in fact, there was speculation that he was assassinated since the car crash that sent him to the hospital was just a fender bender) A friend of mine used to say that you can’t fix stupid and that certainly applies to millions of voters!

  4. Hmm, “trash talk” compared to Crooked Hillary’s acceptance of Bill’s trash behavior when President? And then there are comments by Clinton White House staffers about Crooked Hillary’s “trash talk” during the Clinton tenure.

  5. The Democrats prove, continuously, that they don’t have a “leg to stand on” regarding the ISSUES. Hence, this is why they continue to ATTACK Trump’s CHARACTER–not his POLITICAL VIEWS. Each candidate’s character has already been IDENTIFIED, so WHEN will the debates start FOCUSING on the ISSUES? Hillary is a VICIOUS LIAR who has already begun to DESTROY America with her past TRAITOR TACTICS. Remember, WHOEVER wins the presidency will be CHOOSING the SUPREME COURT JUSTICES! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. There is not one person alive who has said things they regretted years later. Trump is no exception. What I am so amazed at is the furor the Republican leadership is doing. What matters to me is Hillary has done over, and over again lying, deceiving and stealing the minds and hearts of our naïve young. Not what she said. What she has done. That is beyond forgiveness. Soros is the puppeteer and Hillary just dances. GO TRUMP…, setting the stage to take Hillary to prison tonight…, PLEAESE!

  7. Great editorial. Trump must be TRUMP and go for it tonight. Forget the smug self-righteous wimps(AOs) Who cares what he said ten years ago. I wonder how much the sleazy little dirt diggers are getting paid to dig up this rubbish.

  8. I guess these sanctimonious hypocrites that work as news moderators, who are so critical of Trump’s language don’t watch some of the programs their companies broadcast after 8 pm. If they are so offended by Trump’s language why are they not offended by programs such as “Two Broke Girls”, “Anger Management” and reruns of “Two Men and a Boy”.

  9. You see die hard Trump supporters are just as loyal to him as Patton’s troops were to him. They have already been shouting down Paul Ryan and Bill Clinton (which I’m loving every minute of). It will be interesting to see what their reaction will be if Trump doesn’t win. I think we are getting closer and closer to the precipice of the dreaded “R” word.

  10. Amen.. It is a shame that the electorate is not as informed as even the Canadian readers. I wish they could legally vote here. They care about the long term effect on both countries and ultimately the world order…

  11. I love what you wrote about all of this. So what happened ocwe 10yrs ago in a bus who cares about men talking? If women & holier than thou men care get a grip. Don’t tell me you men do not talk like that in bed with your wives & if you say you don’t wow you must be something very boring in bed. Get a grip country we cannot let that woman win this election are we have LOST our Country. Go Mr. Trump if you need to be harsh than be so sir.
    Jacqueline Turley

  12. To resurrect an old book title, we’ve become a “Nation of Sheep”, especially the “Rino Party” & corrupt media. Expect to hear a lot of booing at tonights debate and wouldn’t surprise me if they’re coached to do so before it begins. If the country is looking for a saint they better consider the Hildabeast’s actions since day #1 of her career, before Trump’s careless words over 10 years ago.

  13. “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time!” Abraham Lincoln was right. Despite the manufactured side show of Trump using disrespectful language (Hillary has done provably worse – ask any Secret Service agent), the American people KNOW what’s important – defeating Hillary. If she gets in, the U.S. is doomed to perpetual corruption and the loss of the Bill of Rights. We recognize an irrelevant “issue” when we see it!

  14. FABULOUS writing, Howard! We are being subjected to multiple shocks as we witness the scum tactics of Hillary Clinton and her cohorts. As a woman, I was surprised to hear what Donald said over a decade ago, but those words were not meant to be heard by women, just as all of us are careful at which time and place we say certain things. My focus is on America and the strength Donald will bring. While I wasn’t meant to hear those words, I do like that he isn’t “wussified” by Political Correctness.

  15. I already know what will be his answer on the case of his derogatory comments he made some 10 years ago: “I apologized for those comments, now will you Hillary apologize for those comments you made on some 12 years old rape victim 30 years ago and to all those women you intimidate because your husband Bill Clinton raped them and abused them.” This will definitely turn the table on crooked dems and their MSM butlers.

  16. Great writing Howard and SO correct!! I will be sitting on the edge of my chair tonight and HOPE that Trump really puts the screws to the Hildabeast…… can’t wait.

  17. Leadership is by an individual with vision and goals, not by someone through committee and a vague plan, let’s make North America Great Again

  18. Great article. So sick of all the experts in the media. Hope Trump knocks it out of the park tonight. GO TRUMP!!!!

  19. Just an idea. If every one of your followers would take your blog and write an editorial from it perhaps that is one way we could spread the word. I do that often and most of the time they print them. It is hard as I can only use 350 words but it is very doable to get your points across.

  20. It is amazing how the BS pinko media look at the promotion of the female and queer populace while they shit on Trump for being a male, just doing the male thing. Yeah a male. The media pinkos got the drama queen elected in Canada and are dead set on repeating it again down there. I hope the citizens of The United States of America make America great again in Nov. and show the pinkos of the media the way out.

  21. The word is REPENT! You can’t change your past. You can change the future and that is what Donald Trump is intending to do. These people that are living in the past need to understand, “people do change.” How many of you out there have had to change something you did? You can’t! You can do things different from this day forward and we must give
    Donald Trump this opportunity. He is intelligent or he could not have accomplished what he has accomplished.

  22. AMEN! And HEY…Donald was a DEMOCRAT eleven years ago. I’m a woman but know men often talk trash or get braggadocios with other guys. Good for Melania standing by her man. I bet Ryan and the other RINOS that ran away like little babies have things they’ve said that would embarrass them IF they had been recorded. Trumps words didn’t kill 4 Americans but Hillary’s actions did! Open borders & other things H proposes are anathema for America! All “deplorables” are with him! TRUMP MUST WIN

  23. As usual….You nailed it, Howard! We are at war, and EVERYTHING is at stake…..EVERYTHING!!! At least half of this country just doesn’t get it. Talked with a law enforcement officer yesterday. He told me if HRC wins everyone he works with thinks it will be time for a revolution. It’s amazing how many patriots are using that word.

  24. General Patton was typical of the audacious warrior who is revered by many and tolerated by superiors during wartime, following which they become an embarrassment and are generally sacked or moved aside for less aggressive men. Many details of General Patton’s fatal car/truck accident in December, 1945 are unclear, but appear to lend credence to an assassination.

    As a Marine, I do not often tip my had to any Army men, but Patton was different and I cannot praise him enough.

  25. According to the Pew Research Center, only 19% of Americans say they trust the government, down from 73% in 1958. For politically engaged republicans, trust is down to 6%. That in a nutshell explains the Trump phenomenon and the disintegration of the republican party.

  26. I deplore the Nazi Media, traitorous RINOs, Killery and American Sheeple demeaning a good, decent man like Trump. There isn’t anything this man could say that isn’t eclipsed by all the evil Killery and her lecherous husband have done. For 25 years Trump has made a success of his business and employed thousands. For 25 years the Clintons have been on the taxpayer dole, lived like royalty and wound up multimillionaires. Truman said it: They are not honest!

  27. Spot on, Howard . . . as usual.

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

  28. I see Mr.Trump as “The Executioner” of the corrupt system we call the current US Government. The executioner is usually an ugly,smelling man in old clothes with a few teeth missing and a foul mouth. You do not get the Catholic Bishop to chop heads off. I believe that sitting in the big chair in the oval office has a awesome influence on the President You will see a metamorphosis of him into a great man of the caliber of Ronald Reagan. Some republicans pols are hypocrites. They have their whores

  29. Good one, Howard. The real truth lies within the conservative voters who tend to be sanctimonious. They tend to believe that everyone in the US can attain their description of moral behavior & actions. Being 100% anything is a total impossibility!!! What Trump said was only words, which can “hurt” you, but they are NOT actions like Bill Clinton did – The MSM & the Demo-rats will never admit that, either – – – Besides this is Soros’ game & I hope that Trump’s team realizes this.

  30. If they would have just left Patton alone and do what he really wanted, there may not have been a Berlin wall and a cold war. Just sayin……..

  31. It’s past midnight, the night of the debate, and the Donald knocked it out of the park! Just as you said, Howard, he was his true self, took no prisoners, and acted like the great General. Of course the Leftist media spun it all into the negative, but they’re running scared. Wonderful editorial about Patton. Thank you so much. I wish the whole county could read your blog, your editorials, especially the brainwashed Millenniums. God speed…..

  32. We in America seem to have become an emasculated Nation. Neutered comes to mind! Mind you not all but the majority seemed to have settled for being Monday night quarterbacks! No risks, all talk! The Loyalty demonstrated by Patton’s men is all but gone.The Loyalty to one another from what I’ve witnessed in my circle of life, seems gone. Dog eat Dog, PC, Naive, Ignorance, has replaced, Loyalty, Patriotism, Responsibility, Integrity, Bravery, Sacrifice, Love for our fellow man & Country!

  33. The debate is over, Trump was the winner if you are honest about it. Still, this morning, all the media, particularly CNN can talk about is “The Tape”. What’s more important, the tape, or making America Great again? For those who can remember, our Pierre Trudeau was no choir boy, wife cavorting with the rolling stones while he dated a number of women.

  34. She is so cool, so poised, so smooth, so honed like a well oiled machine..and a machine she is. I watched the debate last night. I can see how the uneducated, naive and lets play nice (but you can hit below the belt just don’t get caught mentality), populace who will be voting can’t see through her. The saying “if you don’t believe in something, you will fall for anything” is an indictment on the voters of the past many years. My husband is a WWll veteran. God be with all of us. Mary

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