And so are the Democrats . . . They’re Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

PAUL RYAN, Republican Speaker of the House, and other likeminded RINOS have grasped onto the TRUMP Potty Mouth Tapes with all they have, to HELP TRUMP LOSE the Election to Crooked Hillary, because he and other Republican ELITIST Insiders WANT CROOKED HILLARY to create her ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.


Have you ever wondered why, with a MAJORITY in the House, and a MAJORITY in the Senate, with every PROMISE made under the sun, to KILL OBAMACARE, to ROLL IN SPENDING, and to BEEF-UP THE MILITARY, none of that happened after the Republicans won the TRUST of the People, and Obama nonetheless got all that he wanted?

IF YOU BELIEVE THAT THE REPUBLICANS . . . did all that they could to STOP Obama from Crapping all over the House, the Senate, the Constitution and the American People, but couldn’t stop him because of the Constitution and the Rules of Government, you’re as BIG A FOOL as the people who will vote for Crooked Hillary.

ISN’T IT INTERESTING . . . How Pelosi and Reid did whatever they wanted when they held the House and the Senate? But Ryan and McConnell can’t seem to do Diddlysquat?

It isn’t because the Republicans can’t, it’s because they won’t, since these Republicans are beholden to the same SPECIAL INTERESTS as the Democrats. And they don’t want an OUTSIDER, especially an Outsider HARD ASSED TOUGH GUY BUSINESSMAN to become the President of the USA.

Especially a Guy like Trump, who has over the past year built up a visceral DISDAIN and perhaps HATRED for these BAD ACTORS, since Trump takes it personally, as he should.

DON’T BE CONFUSED . . . this election is not a CIVIL Contest amongst gentlemen and genteel women, who are campaigning by the Parliamentary Hansard Rules of Debating, between similar, yet different Ideologies, on how to govern America that will be best for the People.

THIS IS A DIRTY FILTHY FIGHT IN THE MUD . . . for one side who thinks the people who MAKE things are there to serve them. And the other side who thinks it’s time for the People to claim their COUNTRY and FREEDOMS Back.

Perhaps Trump didn’t enter this contest to become the CHAMPION OF RESTORING AMERICAN FREEDOM . . . but that’s what it’s come down to, and that’s who Trump has become.

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . there is no level TOO LOW, for the LEFT, the RINOS, the ELITISTS and the MEDIA TO STOOP . . . to stop Trump from SAVING AMERICA FROM THEM.


EVERY GUY I KNOW HAS TRASHED TALKED . . . at one time or another in their lives . . . EXCEPT ME and most of my Friends, because in my case, My MOM always made it clear to me, that I have Two Sisters, and I BETTER Treat the Girls I go out with, the same as I want the Boys to Treat my Sisters who go out with them.

But I haven’t always been the nicest guy. I never physically abused a girl. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to have casual sex with most of the girls I dated under the false pretense that it would be a meaningful dalliance, for which I now feel somewhat guilty, since it wasn’t what my MOM would have wanted for her daughters.

But that was a long time ago . . . and it was what young testosterone laden guys did. And will continue to do until the end of time. Besides, the sex was always a two way street by mutual consent. But I still feel guilty for leading the girls on.


MOST GUYS . . . Especially with an abundance of Testosterone, like to Trash Talk in the Locker Rooms, at the Bar, at the Karate Dojo, and on the Field . . . BUT NOT JUST GUYS.

WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES . . . Isn’t it a JOKE, how all of these so many Hollywood Women and On-Stage Female Performers who support the LEFT, but particularly Crooked Hillary have SCREWED THEIR WAY TO THE TOP, and their fans have no problem with it.

I wonder how many of the Female Pundits and Hosts who are so outraged at Trump, have screwed the Producer just to get themselves on camera? Isn’t that the claim against Roger Ailes of FOX News.

I clearly remember . . . AND MORE THAN ONCE – when I heard GIRLS Trash-Talking Too, comparing the size of the Boys they date, and I don’t mean Height, Girth, or Weight. SO WHAT? That’s what healthy sexually interested girls and boys talk about.

I WON’T EVEN SAY THAT TRUMP SHOULDN’T HAVE SAID IT . . . since we all say things we very often come to regret later on. But, what Trump said was in a PRIVATE Conversation that had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the well being of America. LET ME REPEAT THIS . . . PRIVATE!


Donald . . . If you’re reading this, which I totally doubt that you are, let me give you some UNSOLICITED ADVICE, just like you receive from millions of others; but this is solid advice.

YOU APOLOGIZED . . . IT’S DONE – No one got hurt because of what you said. You didn’t CHEAT the Nation or LIE to the House or SCREW with the Justice Department and the FBI. You didn’t LIE to the people, CHEAT the Market through Shady Cattle Trades, and you didn’t DESTROY THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST, while empowering Russia. You aren’t responsible for the BENGHAZI SLAUGHTER. And more than 300,000 men, women and children didn’t DIE because of your decisions . . . AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE.


This is Trump’s CHANCE to put all the DIRT behind him to a Nation that is FAMOUS for accepting apologies for personal Transgressions, but not so accepting of apologies for LIARS, CHEATS and people who will SELL-OUT A NATION.

ALL TRUMP NEEDS TO DO . . . TO WIN BIG – is to take a Page out of Pence’s Debate Strategy on Sunday, and IGNORE the Moderators as if they are on the Debate Team for the Other Side, which they will be . . . and attack Crooked Hillary for all that she said, did, and didn’t do over all the years she was in Government, and even before.

I wasn’t pleased last night when I first heard the News about what Trump Said more than a Decade ago, and like most people, I too had a sickening feeling in my gut, and was full of despair. But then I went to sleep, and woke up after some reflection and thoughts, especially with the LEAKED NEWS of Crooked Hillary’s Wall Street Speeches, where she revealed herself to be the LYING PIECE OF CRAP AND SCUM she really is.

LET ME REPEAT THIS . . . Trump has Crooked Hillary on the ROPES, and should ignore what the Media wants to focus on – AND SIMPLY BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HER WITH THE TRUTH, ABOUT WHO AND WHAT SHE IS. And don’t stop until she stops moving.

And if the people want to VOTE for Crooked Hillary, because they’re offended by something Trump said more than TEN YEARS AGO, that is and was NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS, or because they don’t like Trump’s attitude, but they’re NOT OFFENDED by the way Crooked Hillary has LIED, CHEATED and SCREWED the country, and will sell the country out if she wins the White House . . . so be it, and let them live with their own conscience.


If Trump wins, which I am still confidant that he can and will . . . I want to see the men and women who claim to be Conservatives, but are really no better than the Liberals . . . to have their comeuppance.

As I see it . . . If Trump wins, Ryan and McConnell both have to go, with several dozen more just like them, because they’re the problem . . . they’re not the solution.

There’s everything Riding on what Trump Says and Does this Sunday, and as far as I’m concerned – IT’S HIS TO LOSE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My compatriot from Ottawa, Rod Packwood, said it the best, IN ONLY 29 WORDS: in saner times, Obama and his minions would already have been judged and hanged for HIGH TREASON.
    These days, I am taking high doses of Churchillian writings and biographies as an antidote, before the sky falls on our heads once again.

  2. The frustration that comes with years of wasteful spending and phony promises by the Republican party has long ago passed my personal red line. If Trump loses because of the Rinos, I will after 50 years being a registered Republican go to Independent.

  3. What a picture that the media, e.g. CNN, are painting of The U.S.A., for the world to see; a picture of degradation and
    pettiness. Only Canada is as bad. We can only hope that Mr. Trump wins.

  4. Thank you for trying to make these voters to consider the outcome of these rhino’s actions .And these goody 2 shoes females can talk just as off color as this People are so narrow minded but they best think of what is best for our country

  5. When I read the news yesterday about Trump’s potty mouth trash talking I thought about things I said and did in my teens and 20’s and how sometimes I wake up in the night and think oh man I wish I hadn’t said or done that! But then I think well I’m forgiven and a more mature person now and the words of Christ to the group of men getting ready to stone the adulterous woman “he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

  6. Howard, you are 100% on the mark with this editorial. 100% Correct. These holier than thou hypocrites should have a good look in the mirror and be careful what they say, ’cause as the saying goes: “what goes around comes around”. If the Witch brings this B.S. up at the debate Trump must have no mercy on her. He must hit her hard and fast, and include her husband the pervert Bill as well.

  7. Fine and dandy as we all preach to the converted. Trump has to nail Hilary with all of her garbage, head-on, at the next debate. It’s the ‘undecideds’ that need to be coaxed off of the fence. Let’s make them run from Hillary screaming and yelling instead. Trump had his myriad golden openings to totally annihilate Clinton but for some odd reasons gave her a ‘hall pass’ each and every time. Why? It was the bloodbath we all hoped for yet he failed to deliver. He needs to do this to ensure a win.

  8. For Trump it is this terrible locker room trash talk which makes him unfit for office. For Bill Clinton it was just sex, by the president in the oval office with an intern. And then he lied about it. But all that is OK because he is a democrat.

  9. Right on saying republicans are no different than democrats. I’ve been saying for forty years that there are 535 bodies in DC as crooked as the executive branch who have been promising the “people” since George Washington, and seems that nothing is accomplished. So Mr. Trump is in for a hard ride. However, there might be one or two legit republican and those on the fringe. Keep up the hope for America. Thanks Howard.

  10. This is not Trump’s first hard ride. He knows how to win and he will on Sunday.

  11. Right on. Many years ago, while dressing in the junior high and high school locker rooms, working in a foundry, serving four years in the Navy, working as a resident assistant in a men’s dormitory, etc., I heard such language fairly regularly among the guys. While I also was brought up in a family that wouldn’t tolerate such talk, I never felt offended. It’s part of the game played by guys who are normal. Trump’s apology was appropriate for anyone who was truly offended. Let’s move on.

  12. It doesn’t matter what trump says or has said. The media will find a way to turn it around. If he saw a child being dragged into a lion’s cage at the zoo and punched the lion in the nose and saved the child, the media would report that he attacked an african-american and stole it’s lunch.

  13. HILLARIOUS & the ESTABLISHMENT continue to ATTACK Trump’s CHARACTER because they have NO POSITIVE RECORD to stand on regarding the ISSUES-AT-HAND. Trump’s vulgarity isn’t anything that most guys haven’t done in private…not that it’s right, however. Hillarious’ OPEN VULGARITY towards the SECRET AGENTS while in the White House wasn’t any better! At least, Trump didn’t ALLOW people to be MURDERED [BENGHAZI] and LIE about it. Hillarious has also SOLD OUT AMERICA with her EMAILS! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  14. Message to Trump campaign: immediately change theme song to “Harper Valley PTA”

  15. One of your best ever editorials Howard! How long will it take before we see many of the Rino snakes begin to openly campaign for Hillary…many have been waiting for this kind of an excuse. Short of some kind of major blunder…Trump will prevail. Wonder how he will deal with them once in office???

  16. Excellent words Howard….you brought reality to the issue. This is about giving America a chance to move away now from the lecherous hordes….including the rhinos….who now control Washington. If this election was only about known moral issues the Clintons would have been ousted from Washington…and one of them jailed….long, long ago.

  17. This tenderloin flambe was set out on the Bush poison platter. Billy must be quite the boy!

    As most of us know, men AND women participate in locker room trash talk. Listening to Geraldo castigate Trump was a monumental hypocrisy! Multiply that by thousands of drooling liberals and get your ears ready.

    Trump talked ‘guy talk’ — Bill Clinton raped women and Hillary villified her husband’s victims. Keep it in perspective — Trump isn’t running for God, he’s running for president.

  18. Whenever I think of Hillary Clinton, her unforgettable response to what happened in Benghazi …. “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE???” …. rings through my brain. It made a great deal of difference to the families of those who were killed!! I sure hope and pray that we can FINALLY see the end of the Clintons in politics!! Especially HILLARY!!

  19. And….this too….shall pass.
    Am praying to the GOD that makes all things possible, and praying…Trump…prays for himself too.
    THAT…is what will make the difference. Peace!
    Best wishes to you, and your family.

  20. Billary has her millions through her sell off of the american dream to foreign interests Let her go and leave and may we never hear from her again. and may she rest in peace!!!

  21. The media has forgotten the 3 active FBI and NY state investigations into the Clinton Foundation; the decades of caught lies; the flip flops; Bill’s catting around; lawsuits; criminal charges with suddenly dead witnesses against the Clintons; et cetera. Drag up anything from decades ago about Trump and the press go wild. Its a stacked deck. Don Lemon of CNN is a perfect example: 4+him against one Trump supporter and he never lets her finish her sentence. Its now Hillary’s destiny to win.

  22. I hope Trump cuts the scumbag off at the knees. No one has had the balls to do it, and she is long overdue to be called out as the phony, fraud and criminal, guilty of treason that she is. Trump needs to get real tough with this trash, then hopefully after he is elected, he’ll do the same with the so-called GOPers. The USA needs a total makeover reminiscent of our Founders once again! Thanks, Howard, for telling it like it is… usual.

  23. Right on Howard, we males, now in our golden years all said and did some things we wish we hadn’t in our teen years, but, as you say, ” The testosterone made me do it” It is clear a whole bunch of takers are determined not to let Trump upset their comfortable lifestyle sucking off the system. We can only hope Trump has learned something about debating if he watched his VP Pence and will deliver a stellar performance, knock out blow to Hillary on Sunday.

  24. Talking about trash mouth. Each of the 6 negative books that I know of written by those who worked for the White House when Billy was President, specifically say what Hillary ‘s foul trash mouth has said. Her expletives make Trump’s sound like kindergarten playground comments. She was brutal and has a favorite word that she spews as easily as she lies. I have not heard of one book written by any of Trump’s past employees saying anything bad about him.

  25. Jeff of Galveston is so RIGHT ON about the media! Trump does indeed have to pull out the stops on Sunday, and once again remind America or the absolute ineptitude of Hillary to lead. He may not be ideal, but Trump will also deal with the RHINOS effectively, I think, once in office. Thanks again, Howard..for knowing what is REALLY going on in politics.

  26. Hello! The democrats have dug up dirt on Trump where he once was a potty-mouth, gleaned from what he thought was a private conversation. You know what? This is a very transparent DIVERSION from the real issues of malfeasance, which revolve like a hurricane around Hillary. Let’s not talk about her corruption, lying, violating secrecy laws, and stupidity. Let’s talk about Trump saying locker room words 10 year ago. Nice move, democrats. We all know this for what it is – diversionary B.S.

  27. All I can say is after this election if Clinton wins, is, Have you bought enough ammo?

  28. It appall me that the 600,000+ people in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina without heat, light Air Conditioning, and adequate Hygiene facilities, not to mention sufficient food, and water are deprived of this “sewer socialism campaign”! This is worse than a food fight in the Cafeteria, and they are, while suffering under Hurricane Matthew, being upstaged by TEN YEAR OLD “LOCKER ROOM” talk. Is anyone seeing how “Crooked” and her minions engineered this kind of CRAP?
    GROW UP!!!

  29. Since the Dems like to bring up things from the past to trash Mr.Trump He should remind the people that she was fired from the Watergate Committe for lying. She was hell bent for leather to impreach Nixon so she made false statements. The Committe chairman said she could not be trusted. When did hypocrites become so holier than thou. Billie

  30. Great article yesterday and today. 100% correct in what you said. Hope Trump “socks it to her” in the debate. Shutter to think of that woman in the White House again with her family and her lies. Guess they have run out of things to throw at Trump so have to drag out words from 10 years ago. Seems even the Rhinos want to hand the job to her. Very disappointed in some that we once respected. WAKE UP AMERICA. GO TRUMP!!!!! Thurman & Bev

  31. It is a shame that our once great country is now so fraught with idiots that we must worry about a locker room conversation changing the course of the country’s leadership! Isn’t it strange that these same phony hypocrites on the left who are denouncing Trump seem to have no problem with Slick Willy’s antics while in the presidency? I wonder how JFK would have fared if held to the same standards today’s media imposes on the conservative right!

  32. OMG… I love you! I’m sending/posting this everywhere. I’m praying Donald Trump sees it! Thank you for bringing all back to reality!

  33. It doesn’t matter what he said, he was a Democrat back then……’s all good.

  34. Another great editorial. By email, I get solicited for donations by R. senators and representatives. I respond by reminding them that they promise to get elected but don’t deliver. Thus, I only donate to Trump. He promises change for the better and hopefully he will get the chance to succeed or fail.

  35. Trump owned up to it right away and DID NOT LIE. I can tell you for a certainty that NOT LYING about this and owning up to it immediately is the smartest thing Trump could have done. This is NOT going to injure him as much as they hoped. Hurricane Matthew is big in the news and the latest leaks from Assange are giving a very good look into what a lying sack Hillary Clinton is.Trump showed America that he’s human, one of the boys and NOT A LIAR. That goes over in a big big way for American vote

  36. I have believed this from the start. Trump is a cut throat business man not a smooth talking politician. If he is elected we benefit in a way as important as keeping a conservative Supreme Court. He knows every top blood thirsty businessmen in the country. He’ll loose all the Carolyn Kennedy’s and other folks that are no more than political favors out of ambassador positions and replace them with killers. America needs a CEO right now not a weak kneed con artist.

  37. I had same reaction you did Howard, & same conclusion about bragging males & females – lots do it; means nothing for what country needs. Those running Congress (longevity & power-brokers) are no more than Progressive Republicans, not true conservatives. They are in it for the power & money they can amass any way possible. Just as all who go to church are not true Christians (even if they say so), not all who call themselves conservatives truly are. They got the name RINO for that reason.

  38. If only Mr. Trump would take the time to watch some videos of President Reagan campaigning, AND PAY ATTENTION TO THEM, he would be a shoo-in for POTUS. As it stands, I think he has let his mouth run loose too many times to win next month. I sure wish Mike Pence were the candidate. I want to be voting FOR someone, not just against Shrillary.


  39. I used to work with a group of women and when they were on their break they would talk a lot of potty mouth. At the time, I was a grandmother, and they embarrassed me! I wish that Trumps would bring up more of the trash that the Clintons have done and maybe bring Kennedy, (whom I thought was a good president) and Johnson, who was a horrible human being into the fray. Go Trump! God Bless the USA.

    Ann Brown
    Lake Toxaway, NC

  40. I totally agree with Mr. Driscoll ….. I long ago became an Independent, realizing that both parties were crooked. Since then, I actually lean more toward the Libertarian view.
    God help us with what we’ve done to this country.

  41. Love your editorials. They keep me going……….Since Hillary is claiming she now has a private and public life and Trump who said something in private life over a decade ago when he wasn’t involved in political life, where is the comparison? What she has done serving in the WH and her continued lies are absorb. And with her husband’s act while in the Oval Office of our WH, and if Hillary wins, he will be in the WH again as Sir Clinton?? Go Trump go! We need you!

  42. Just remember. Eleven years ago when Trump was taped saying those trash talk comments, he was a DEMOCRAT !!!!

  43. Ted Kennedy was a murderer and got away scott free his brothers had many women coming in the back door of the white house. Several mysterious deaths connected to the Clintons, not to mention all the other scandals mentioned.

    God please help us. We all need to be praying and sending a contribution to the Trump campaign. We must also all email and talk to as may as we can to educate and encourage people to vote in this election.

  44. Good one, Howard. However, I am afraid that Trump will go to Sunday’s debate, with his tail between his legs. Soros is playing very, very dirty in this election. This is how bad he wants Global Order. Hildebeast is not really that smart. If she was she would have been one of the best Secretary of State for the US & a good US Senator. Yes, she is as evil as they come, no mistaking that, but it is Soros who has been calling the shots, since, the 2008 election.

  45. All I hope for on Sunday is 3 things; 1) A sincere contrition from Trump..; 2) A complete smack down of Billary! 3) Trump not to embarrass those of us still loyal to him, his leadership and his vision. GO TRUMP! Then take Killary to Prison…., Please!!

  46. Kuddo’s Howard on your clear and concise appraisal of this situation. What’s that old saying, “keep your eye on the ball.”
    All this is more distraction by the powers in DC. They want us to lose tract of the end game. If we let them continue to write the narrative we lose our country.

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