Sometimes . . . Too Much Simply Becomes Too Much

It's NOT Healthy To Be So Angry


EVEN THOUGH IT’S A GORGEOUS FALL DAY, which is picture perfect for a Ride on my Motorcycle, which got me debating with myself, should I Ride or should I Write?

I was having a hard time to come to a decision, because I want to do both, and there really isn’t enough time in the day for me to do both, especially since the sun sets early, and I don’t like Riding on Country Roads in the dark, when the animals are everywhere in harms way.

Given how Upset I am . . . I couldn’t NOT write today.

I’m so aggravated, that I decided to do both. I’ll Write this Editorial, AND RIDE A LOT LESS, that is if there will be any time left . . . since in my Mind’s Eye, and to My Way of Thinking, I could Ride the next Day when the Sun Shines, or not . . . but WRITING has become an OBLIGATION. And more than that, it is the BEST TOOL I have with which to FIGHT the LEFT, and the Disasters they are perpetrating upon all of us, which is more important to me than having a nice time on my BIKE.


Like most people in North America, I too am watching the News Coverage of the Hurricane that swept over Haiti, and is now hitting the Shores of America. And like many people in Canada and the United States, I too am worried about the people and our Friends who live on the East Coast – from Florida through to the Carolinas.

So . . . I listen and watch the News, as I hear and see the Pundits standing in front of the Ocean, literally ORDERING the people, in this case Floridians, TO LEAVE THEIR HOMES NOW, as if the Pundits have the right to be in the Storm’s Way, and no one else, especially the People who live there permanently.

It might not seem like a BIG DEAL to you, but I’m SICK & TIRED of the Elitists, from the Government to the Media treating people as if we are IDIOTS.

The Media and the Government have MORE than made it clear that this is a BIG BAD STORM, with sustained winds that will EXCEED 100-Miles Per Hour. And a Storm Surge that might be above 10-Feet.

GOOD . . . They’ve done their job. They told the people what to expect. And the Government made arrangements to help people evacuate who want to evacuate, and the Media made that information public . . . now all they have to do is SHUT THE “F” UP, and let the people decide for themselves, what they want to do about staying or leaving.

BUT N-O-O-O-O! Not these EXPERTS in making decisions for people, who they believe, are not smart enough to decide for themselves.

SO HERE’S A NEWS FLASH FOR ALL OF THEM . . . If they think the people are not smart enough to decide on what to do with their PRIVATE LIVES, even after receiving all the information and consequences that have been made public non-stop if they decide to stay, then these ELITISTS should also think that the people who decide to stay, should not be smart enough to VOTE.

I have a good friend who lives in Boca Raton, near some of his children, who decided to stay. They’re all staying. We spoke yesterday about him and his family hunkering down. He is fueled up with a generator. He has plenty of food and water. And he has candles, guns, and bullets in case of looters.

TO HIM . . . This storm is God’s Way of making him take a FORCED time-off from work. And I can assure you, that he isn’t alone, in spite of all the Pundits and Politicians who feel Superior to the Stupid People who want to make their own balanced decisions.


I AM FED-UP WITH TELEVISION NEWS, which to me, has become little more than entertainment of good-looking rehearsed people, who read off Teleprompters to look and sound smart, as they lecture their viewers.

I am so fed-up with all the Mainstream Media, so much so, that I prefer to watch Headlines, check for REAL News on more than a dozen good Websites, and when not watching, listening or reading the News . . . I am thrilled to listen to 50’s and 60’s Music instead of the never ending News Media Drama. Even while Riding my Motorcycle.

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA . . . is all about entertainment, ratings and revenue. The Truth and the Well Being of the People are DEAD LAST. So don’t be fooled, even by the few good ones on-air, who are there because the Program Directors are keyed to give the Impression of Fair and Balanced News.


Many of the Readers of this BLOG have expressed their serious concern, that Homeland Security might be monitoring what I write, and because of what I write or say on my Audio Blog, they might FLAG my Passport (Nexus Card) to restrict my entry into the USA.

This bothers me enormously . . . not because I’m worried about being stopped at the border, but rather, because we should NEVER feel that we should worry about the HONEST EXPRESSION of Thoughts and Ideas, because of Government Retribution.

And when good, decent, and intelligent people are worried about me, because of how and what I write . . . it says to me that Government INTIMIDATION has USURPED the FIRST AMENDMENT. And that’s a REAL Tragedy.


When LADY JUSTICE . . . who holds the Balancing Scales of Justice, is no longer BLIND, and PEEKS through her VEIL to see whom she is sitting in JUDGMENT of, and passes Judgment on WHOM . . . OPPOSED TO WHAT . . . that says that there is NO LONGER Justice in America.

The Fact that James Comey of the FBI, Eric Holder (past Attorney General), Loretta Lynch (current Attorney General), Susan Rice (National Security Advisor), Lois Lerner (retired from the IRS), Hillary Clinton and her ENTIRE Entourage, PLUS Barack Obama and more BAD ACTORS than I can list, have repeatedly and BRAZENLY LIED to, and have CHEATED the American People, as they TRAMPLED on the Constitution, and displayed total DISREGARD for the Separation of Government with IMPUNITY from Justice . . . It also CONFIRMS that there is NO LONGER JUSTICE in America.

And when the people CANNOT FIND REDRESS IN THE COURTS, for crimes committed by the Government against the people, what alternative exists for the People? WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER, WHICH FEW DARE TO SPEAK.


I recently saw and heard a Television Ad by Crooked Hillary, where in the Ad, she says (to paraphrase) . . . that as President of the United States of America, I want to instill SOLID VALUES in the Thoughts and Ideas of Young People.

This is like Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin and an embarrassing number of other REAL BAD ACTORS all saying . . . all they want to do is teach the young people about HONESTY & INTEGRITY.


WHO THE HELL DOES SHE THINK SHE’S KIDDING . . . with her LIES about White Water, her LIES about her Cattle Trades, her LIES about Travelgate, her LIES about the Women her Sexual Deviant Husband Attacked and Abused, her LIES about coming under Sniper Fire in Bosnia, her LIES about Benghazi, her LIES about the Mohamed Video, her LIES about her Email Server, her LIES about not having Secret Information on her Server and Smart Phones, her LIES about leaving the White House DEAD BROKE AND IN DEBT, her LIES about the Clinton Foundation . . . and so many other LIES, that it would take a book to catalogue them, including the Kitchenware and other things she stole from the people, when she and he left the White House.

Are those the kind of VALUES Crooked Hillary wants to Instill in America’s Youth?

Believe it or not . . . these are just the Tip of the Iceberg. And tomorrow, regardless of what the weather will be like on the East Coast – I intend to write MORE about the Tip of the Iceberg, which is slowly but certainly sinking the SHIP.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are absolutely on target! Now, the Taliban have been “royally” declared to be “armed insurgents” to give O the ability to swear he is not negotiating with terrorists. Don’t overlook the fact that people with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are now part of White House Staff. Nancy Pelosi has put an MB on the committee in charge of “homeland safety” and another on the committee in charge of U. S. education. His declared interest is in making our public schools like the madrassas. Th

  2. Howard, the real point is that all of these lies she tells are so easy to reveal. I think that she has mental illness! Lies about her name, lies about her grandparents, Benghazi and sniper fire! Only the mentally ill would for all intents and purposes, SEEK to have their lies revealed. She’s trying to have herself impeached already! And, Bill just slammed Sanders for voting in favor of the 1994 CLINTON crime bill! Is he senile?!? He’s denouncing Hillary AND himself! Nuts!

  3. We no longer have a free press in the United States. Instead we have a propaganda ministry for the liberal agenda.

  4. Speaking of truth—30,000+people at the Trump 3rd ally in Prescott Valley, AZ—few protesters—-ALL listening to truth. WE against them—and YOU, Howard–thank you for the truth. We will prevail…I know it.

  5. And I thought I was depressed about the state of the nation before I read this!! Now I know I am depressed!!

  6. We are so close to an “Ineptocracy”-(in-ep-toc-racy) it is scary!! That is; A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers. From my POV, we will see if in November, that descriptor applies to the USA. GO TRUMP and take Hillary to prison…, PLEASE!!!

  7. Howard you are spot on about all that Hildabeast has been saying, I still think that “most” Americans are able to look thru all that she says and know all the lies. I’m on Floridas west coast so no sweat with the hurricane just a few winds. Guess we didn’t rate the Govs order to leave our homes……………LOL

  8. If the elected officials don’t tell people to leave, they will be ostracized because they “were callous and didn’t care about the welfare of the people”. Either way they’re not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

  9. You’ve likely read H. L. Mencken’s “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless seriesof hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”. He died in 1956, he would be amazed at the vicious betrayals and avarice of our currrent ruling class.

  10. Roger above and Howard all over…so pleased to see “NO SWEAT” in relation to ANYTHING. With that and the TRUTH.. we WILL prevail, it has seen me through a great deal in my life since1952 over Korea and I will pray now as I did then, sometimes desperately, that the truth and decency will once again prevail for all whom associate with both. GOD will not countenance those knowing they are lieing and violating his commandments…DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR”!! Bud Farrell

  11. Spot on Mr. Galganov. We are in for rough and tough times. I believe that this all part of Gods plan and in the end those who are faithful and endure to end will triumph. Good over evil anytime. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

  12. Based on the last two presidential elections, over half the electorate has proven itself too stupid to vote! Armed with this knowledge, our leftist corrupt government believes it has an easy mark in dictating our every move. So far, they seem to be batting 1000! God help us turn this around in November or we are done!

  13. Tax and grab is all the politicians know. Justin the little PET is now going to follow exVP Al Bores (yeah Bore) advice and tax carbon, completely oblivious to the fact that CO2 is and has been the biggest player in sustaining ALL life on earth. Then we find out that the taxpayer is on the hook for upwards of 100 million dollars to pay the female victims of abuse by their male counterparts in the RCMP, even after numerous complaints were filed. Give me a break. Lefties????

  14. In order for the TRUTH to prevail, we need LEADERS who will PROMOTE the TRUTH. The ESTABLISHMENT fears a Trump presidency, and they SHOULD. Trump said that we need LAW and ORDER in our Country, and he’s right! We now live in an ANYTHING-GOES SOCIETY, without any JUSTICE, i. e., there are no repercussions for those who don’t follow the LAW–especially the GOVT. ELETE! Establishing a little bit of MORALITY in this Country wouldn’t hurt either! Let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. FYI: The sun just peeked out from behind the clouds. We are ok here. Prayers to those who had/are having/will have a more dangerous experience than we did. I have high confidence that Hurricane Matthew is Jewish. After his trip up the east coast, it seems like he will be coming back to Boca Raton for Yom Kippur 🙂

  16. There is one thing missing from this blog about hillary and bill . People who know to much and secrets of the clintons have
    all died in accidents .heart attacks and suicides. Seams like the Jack Kennedy cover up of deaths. Being a politician has
    now become lower then a used car salesman.

  17. Hillary Clinton lies – about anything and everything, so long as it might help her in some way. Telling the TRUTH would hurt her, every time. Can any thinking American actually vote for this miserable negative example by conning themselves into believing that she would be GOOD for America? Trump isn’t perfect – one of his foibles is speaking his mind. It’s also one of his strengths. He says what he believes. He wants to make America great again. Let’s give him a shot – Obama/Hillary failed.

  18. There is only one thing we all need to remember:
    “Liberalism is a mental disorder …”

  19. It is beyond me how so many people in this country can be fooled by the likes of the Clintons. So many dumb asses in this country believe her crap. Either we keep her out of office, or just maybe we deserve what WE let the Bozo’s in Washington do to us. We have to know that they will never vote themselves term limits. Let’s just vote every incumbent out of office every cycle….

  20. If you like “real” music, you might listen to my program on CKLU 96.7 locally & on line at 1:00 p.m. Fridays–my sister listens from S.C. I call it “Bring Back The Memories”–music from the late ’30s to the early ’60s. It’s relaxing & at my age I remember when music didn’t insult the senses.
    Dave Innes

  21. The idiots have not realized that we have a COMPLETE bunch of crooks at the top. You have every right to be worried about not being allowed in the US. We all have seen what was done to Denish D’Souza in retaliation for his movie about Obama that turned out to be true. Lots of gangsters!!! And they are about to vote for president: a crook, a thief, professional liar, murderer, cheat. Her husband taught the kids about blow job, she is going to complete the training of this generation.

  22. Great article today Howard. I just want to bring up something about Hillary, but I’m not hearing very much. Is it true that she lost, can’t account for or misplaced 6 BILLION dollars while she was Secretary Of State? If this is true we need to be shouting it from the roof tops. IMHO it is probably in some numbered bank account overseas, Edgar Sellers

  23. As someone who spent most of my life in Florida, I’ve been through several major hurricanes. I appreciate what you’re saying about the govt. and media. Do you know why people DON’T evacuate? Because once the storm passes, the govt. decides WHEN/IF you can go home. So, like your friends, you prepare for the worst and pray for the best. I would not stay in a house that was on the beach, but I’d think twice before abandoning my property to the looters and thugs that come after the storm.

  24. My best way to stay sane is not watch any TV news until 11 (& I usually go to bed at 11). Nor do I have a radio on – would have to find it. Too much junk & commercials. Get my news off internet; I get to select what I want to read. HRC is pathological liar so believes her lies as truth I reckon. If she gets in ofc, perhaps Galgonov’ers should all build a walled community and be self-sustaining. It will be like the show “The Walking Dead” where no one is safe without knives, guns & lots of ammo.

  25. If you are anything like me, your rant has made you feel sooooooo much better! 😉

  26. Of her, their, lie(s) about, LIES about leaving the White House DEAD BROKE AND IN DEBT, salar of US retired Presidents…….$ 450,00 / year for life.

  27. Couldn’t believe CTV National News last night. They talked about how Trump made lewd comments about women ten years ago in a private conversation, but didn’t mention anything about the Wikileaks on Hillary. I think our leftist Media are scarier than any politician.

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