Forget The Polls . . . And Think Wagging The Dog



The coming Hurricane is somewhat like the Election . . . it will be devastating to an enormous number of people directly in its path. And it will also bear Financial Consequences to all Americans away from the East Coast, who will nonetheless pay for its devastation in higher insurance rates raised throughout the country, in order to balance the costs of the impending destruction.

BUT UNLIKE THE ELECTION . . . there is no stopping this Weather Onslaught, while for the Election, the pending DISASTER, if Crooked Hillary is Elected, will be 100% MAN MADE. And will cause incalculable damage to every living and breathing American, and those who aren’t even yet born.

NOT ONLY THAT . . . People around the Globe, especially in Canada and Israel, will pay a Steep Price with Crooked Hillary in charge, with the LEFT running the show.


No one has to explain to me . . . how Barack Obama’s APPROVAL Ratings are in the Mid 50-Percentile, when almost THREE QUARTERS of the American People think that everything in America is heading in the wrong direction . . . from Obamacare, to Jobs, to National Security, to Immigration, to the Cost of Living, to Racial Dis-Harmony, to the Fight Against TERRORISM . . . and on and on – because I know why.

NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN WE HEAR . . . that Obama has spent nearly 1-BILLION TAX PAYER DOLLARS on Public Relations, just to make the people believe that he is doing a good job. And slightly more than 50% of the stupid people believe it, even though they know that America is heading down the drain.

THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A SECOND . . . Only a FOOL really believes that the Media is IMPARTIAL in this Election. The Media is owned by HUGE MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATIONS, with tentacles all over the world, all of which have an awful lot to lose if the INSIDERS lose the White House.

WE ALREADY KNOW . . . that just about every Media Report that is published in Print and on Television is heavily SLANTED in favor of Crooked Hillary. And we also know, that much of the Horrible News that’s “UNFIT TO PRINT” in Publications like the New York Times, which SLAMS Trump, whether TRUE, Slightly TRUE, Possibly TRUE or an OUTRIGHT LIE . . . is passed off as the GOSPEL, while Crooked Hillary’s HIGH CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS, are ignored as if they were akin to J-Walking.

And how many TV Debates do we have to watch, to know that the Network “Moderators” do everything they can, NOT TO APPEAR to be wearing cheer leader uniforms for Crooked Hillary, while they PUMMEL Trump, or in the VP Debate with Pence, where they all but sat with Kaine, while they pretend they are Fair & Balanced, which is a JOKE and an INSULT to what used to be a PROUD Profession and the GUARANTOR of FREEDOM.


WE KNOW . . . ABSOLUTELY – that the Media are anything but OBJECTIVE or HONEST, and as part of America’s WORLD OF BIG-BIG BUSINESSES, the Media have a great deal to lose if Trump becomes the 45th President.

AND PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS . . . The Media isn’t just the Media. The Principals and Shareholders of the Media include Major BANKS, HEDGE FUNDS, WALL STREET, and a myriad of other SUPER WEALTHY INVESTORS, which also include offshore Gazillionaires like Saudi Arabians.

KNOWING THIS . . . And knowing that the Media control the FLOW OF INFORMATION, including POLLING, and who Creates the Polling Questions, who gets to ask the Polling Questions, who is asked the Polling Questions, and who interprets the Polling Question Answers . . . how can anyone with a decent BRAIN believe in the Objectivity Of The Polling Answers?


The Nazis were able to convince not just the German People, but Nazi Supporters everywhere, that theirs was a Just and Noble Cause through Propaganda.

We know that the Japanese did the same, convincing MILLIONS of Japanese people to Slaughter others, including themselves on the behalf of the Emperor, based solely on Propaganda.

WE ALSO KNOW THAT MOSLEMS . . . are turning out Hundreds of MILLIONS of BELIEVERS, perhaps more than 1-BILLION to the cause of the spread of Islam and Sharia, because Propaganda makes them Believe.

One of the most recent examples of Propaganda exposed for what it was on live TV, which we were all treated to watch in Real Time, was when BAGDAD BOB was convincing the Iraqi People, that the American Invaders were being Massacred at the Bagdad Airport, just as American Troops were literally Strolling down the Street in full View of the people On-Camera, right outside the studio where Bagdad Bob was spewing his lies.

We all thought it was funny, ‘cause nothing like this could ever happen in our FREE Countries, because our Media is Fair, Balanced & HONEST.


MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . The Good Guys – the USA, have used Media Propaganda to the HILT, through Planted Newspaper Articles, Movies, and vast Enterprises like Radio Free Europe, which helped take down Communism after WWII.


I imagine that many of you, if not most, remember the movie WAG THE DOG, which featured Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman, who were assigned the project of creating a Massive LIE, in order to Create a Diversion from the Sexual Misconduct of the President, just two weeks before the Election.

Even though this never happened (at least I don’t think it happened), it is 100% TRUE though, that this TYPE of Propaganda HAPPENS EVERY DAY.

If you want a PERFECT and INARGUABLE Example of something like this REALLY having happened to SAVE an Election for an Incumbent President and all the Key People around him, just 4-Years Ago . . . THINK BENGHAZI AND A TOTALLY IRRELEVANT VIDEO.


TRUMP Rallies happen just about everyday, and usually several times a day, when THOUSANDS, and very often TENS OF THOUSANDS of people turn out to cheer Trump and his Message of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

At the same time . . . Crooked Hillary has very few Rallies, and when she has them, she attracts very few people, mostly in the hundreds, and even at that, the audiences are “papered”, which are held most often in friendly Universities, where she and her handlers know they will not be panned.

For the longest time, Trump made a point . . . of POINTING out how the Cameras covering his Rallies, REFUSED to show the size of his crowds, and only showed a portion of a crowd, when a HECKLER was either active . . . or was being escorted out, preferably while being roughed-up.

THE REASON FOR THIS IS SIMPLE . . . the Media do NOT want to show the TRUTH of the ENTHUSIASM for Trump, because ENTHUSIASM becomes CONTAGIOUS.

AND THE LAST THING THE MEDIA WANTS . . . is for their POLLS show the ENTHUSIASM for Trump that really exists beyond the Rallies, for the same reason.

The Media will DEMEAN and DIMINISH Trump to the fullest extent of their ability, by LYING, CREATING TRUTHS THAT DON’T EXIST, and by WITHHOLDING THE TRUTH OF HONEST POLLS, or by CREATING POLLING TRUTHS that are fabricated by how they create the POLLS, which can limit the ENTHUSIASM for Trump . . . to what the Media believe is a manageable level.


As I’ve written repeatedly . . . this election is not about Trump versus Crooked Hillary. It’s about the INSIDERS versus the PEOPLE.

It’s all about the MAKERS versus the TAKERS. And it all comes down to one thing:

To what extent are you prepared to fight to save your FREEDOMS? I’ve made my choice, which you read here on this BLOG . . . virtually every day.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great post! You told the truth. Most people do not realize that when America went to Bosnia it was because the Bosnian Christians were winning the civil war. We went to help the moooslimes.

  2. What a GREAT ariticle!! I am so thankful for your words!! You are so correct!! This American appreciates your insight and your stating it so well! Linda

  3. As I’ve said before, you cannot trust the media’s “polls.” Just recently, here in Arizona (Prescott), Trump drew THOUSANDS of people to a rally – and Prescott is not that big a burg. Some comments from those who attended reflected the observation that folks there really wanted to see him, and participate in the full-speed-ahead movement that is in fact sweeping the country right now. The enthusiasm factor is huge, and should result in massive turnout on November 8. Hillary sucks big time.

  4. The old adage , 3 monkeys see no evil ,speck no evil,hear no evil.,this is just the opposite with the free press. I take what
    I hear on TV,read in news print with a grain of salt .I don’t want hear someone’s view of what is happening .There are a few reports that report the news and are not opinioned,

  5. It’s called courage, Howard, and unfortunately, it is in short supply…..even for many just to speak up. Let’s hope we have a lot of company this time around. EVERYTHING is up for grabs. I continue to remind myself…..The Marxist Democrats are EVIL, and they have no limit to their GREED…..PERIOD! How fortunate we are to have your comments!

  6. Clinton and Sanders cancelled a joint rally because of lack of interest — and when only a small number appear, like the 1200 or so that appear — I believe that most of them were paid to show up.

  7. HRC has few rallies because she feels that the election has already been decided by her bribes and that they are paying off.

  8. Trump is double digits ahead. I stopped and got gas at Costco in Florida last week and a lady asked where I got my Trump bumper sticker and I had more so I gave her one–and the floodgates OPENED! People waiting in line were getting out of their cars and coming over to me asking for Trump stuff and I gave away everything I had and told the rest of them where the office was when I ran out. NO WAY IN H-E double hockey sticks IS HILLARY AHEAD AT ALL. It’s a straight up lie.

  9. The problem in North America USA/CAN. is the whole population has been brainwashed by the left wing media for so many years that the millennials do not know how to decipher truth from BS . the education system has been pushing left wing BS since the 70’s especially here in what was once known as The True North Strong and Free [Canada] It is know called the True-Dough North not free…

  10. MY disappointment is that Trump didn’t “negotiate” a better situation for debates… like maybe no media involved. Surely there are a plethora of intelligent people who follow politics and have the presence to run a debate!
    Vickie McCoy

  11. Have you checked out what is happening in Calif. with the illegals, and the all out effort to get them drivers licenses, with that they are given a voters registration form, and will be voting for Krooked Killery. I just saw a very interesting video about the “enemies within”….by a guy named Trevor Loudon. If anyone can watch this and say everything is fine…is ignorant and that is the mentality that is sinking this country. The millennials will get what they deserve.

  12. Perhaps our greatest concern should be massive voter fraud which we know the left is capable of as no tactic is so low they will not stoop to it! I don’t know how we would combat this as the fox seems to be watching the hen house!

  13. My hope is that all the hype of Hillary being ahead will result in Hillary voters thinking they don’t need to make the effort to go vote since she’s ahead and will win. On other side, hopefully it will result in every single person who wants Trump as prez. feeling they must get out to vote so he has a chance. AND Trump will win by a landslide – I hope & pray.. not to say I like everything about him but he’s the only hope we have of taking back our country.

  14. And where does the lovely Trudy and her carbon tax lie in all of this? Destroying Canada in the same way at a similar pace as obuma did to the USA.

  15. I am told that, over the last 3000 years, the average lifespan of a democracy is 200 years. Hmm … The U.S.A. is now 250
    years old. Canada is only 149, but is in worse shape than The U.S.A. I and other Canadians are opting for a democratic
    noöcracy (aristocracy of the wise) and have started to get one.

  16. BEST EVER, & your worst tops ALL other commentators. THANKS for telling the WHOLE TRUTH when it is VERY BADLY NEEDED. I’m a retired Professional Engineer. Counter to Marxist propogande claims, nearly all who I know are College Grads & 100% behind Trump; & DETEST Crooked HiTlary & the rest of her criminal libs. Not 1% of the college grads I know are radical left like HiTlary

  17. If a narrative is repeated enough times, whether true or not over time, it reaches the nirvana of truth from the receiver. That is the left’s strategy to control the truth. Perhaps brainwashing is now called journalism! I trust nothing I cannot see anymore. From all media outlets with one minor exception; Brett Baier on Fox News and his staff of the day, are the only ones I see that have it about right. GO TRUMP! Take Hillary to prison…, and don’t embarrass us on Sunday…., please!!!!

  18. What worries me most is that there is little penalty for ballot box fraud. Remember the poll worker who was so proud to openly state how many times she voted for Obama. To me, this should constitute a capital offense with no appeal. It is a premeditated crime which could affect the future of our country. Liberals will stop at nothing to impose their will on us.

  19. After reading your uplifting editorial on polling, it still scares me to think that the left will use every means at their disposal to win the election, including voter fraud!

  20. Howard I am so grateful for your writing as I use so much of it to write editorials which mostly get printed. It is the only way I know to help. Hopefully someone will listen to your common realistic approach. Thank you so much.

  21. Hillary supposedly has a 5% “large lead” yet when Pense was shown to have won the debate by a 6% lead it was “narrow”. Picking words to push an agenda. I’ve been viewing videos of anti-Trump rallies, and they are violent hate fests. When asked for specifics about Trump they had no response other than f*** Trump. Low information thanks to the MSM and its social justice warrior (leftist) bias. I’m afraid, with all the bias and lies, that Trump is pushing against an unsurmountable torrent.

  22. It is shocking to see some of the shenanigans that are supposed to pass as “debates.” Do educational institutions no longer teach the rules of debate? In the 1940’s when I was in grade eight in Toronto, we learned debating. The following year in high school, we practiced what we had learned, especially not to interrupt the opponent’s turn to speak. From where do they drag up these know-nothing moderators?

  23. Enthusiasm becomes contagious. Right on the money Howard
    It just needs a little more fule and the fat lady will sing

  24. Millions of Conservatives are praying daily that God protects Donald Trump and his family, as well as praying fervently for God to save America. Remember that HE is in control of all things! He sees the evil being perpetrated by the Left and will act to protect us, believe this. We must continue to pray and continue to pray after the election too. God desires that we return to Him. When we do, He will return to us…

  25. I agree totally with you! The polls are nothing more than a means to try to influence elections. No one wants to vote for the loser.

  26. You speak the truth, Howard and you are a great encourager. I have always enjoyed your column.

  27. Your readers should google “Trevor Loudon, The Enemy Within” and see just how much damage Obuma has done. Hillarious is complicit in it as some of it occurred while she was SOS. If half of what he says is true, we may have gone too far in the free democratic west already. There are more commies out there than you can count. Hell, Obuma even undid a contract with the Ukraine that Mr. Hillarious put in place while he sat in the Oval Office between BJs

  28. SPOT ON, Howard!!! It is blogs like yours, that save the conservatives thoughts & expressions! We need to hear the TRUTH, so that we can make sound, solid decisions, at the voting booth. My prayer is that ALL conservatives come out to vote so that Trump has a real chance of winning. Too many conservatives did NOT vote in 2012, due to propaganda by the LEFT MSM. This is how Obummer won the last time, along with voter fraud. Citizens just don’t get it – Voting is We the People’s VOICE!!!

  29. Let’s face it–most people have already decided whom they will vote for, and it’s no surprise to anyone that the mainstream media is LIBERAL. If the SIZE of crowds is reflective of who will win the election, then TRUMP will WIN BIG! One would hope, however, that his campaign people are FOCUSING on VOTER FRAUD very closely because it’s rampant! “Where’s the guy who was jailed for the BENGHAZI VIDEO? Is he out of jail yet? People are so-o-o-o TIRED of the Clinton LIES! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  30. HG, Superb editorial! Victoria Vicari, with due respect, in spite of many millions who prayed AGAINST Obama, he won not once, but twice. Prayer; is doing nothing and thinking you’re helping. Voting is is the ONLY way to be help our cause.

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