I wasn’t really planning on writing much about the Vice Presidential Debate, since VP Debates are generally not all that interesting or informative. But last night’s Debate broke the mold in several important ways.

1 – Tim Kaine . . . the Democrat, showed-up to throw all the dirt he could muster at Pence/Trump, even CRAP that was made up, with no thought about speaking on the REAL issues.

2 – Mike Pence . . . the Republican, showed up to go after as many of the issues as he could, specifically avoiding the CRAP Kaine was rehearsed to deliver.

3 – Elaine Quijan . . . the Moderator from CBS, who was formerly with CNN, showed up to Tip The Scales against Pence, for Kaine/Crooked Hillary. And if you watched the debate with open ears and a brain that wasn’t already FRIED for the LEFT, I need not explain myself in great detail.

THE BOTTOM LINE, is that the Moderator, like all the Moderators thus far, when it comes to being really FAIR & BALANCED, with the exception of Matt Lauer, who took REAL HEAT for not being a Crooked Hillary Surrogate, has been incredibly UNFAIR towards Trump, and less than BALANCED in how they have managed the questions, the time allotted to each Candidate, the follow-up questions, and the interchange between the Candidates.

4 – Goodbye to the PRETENSE of Fair and Balanced, when it comes to Trump with many of FOX News Pundits and Political Analysts . . . BUT SPECIFICALLY WITH MEGYN KELLY, who twisted herself into a pretzel last night, Post Debate, to create ways NOT to just hand the BEST of the Debate to Pence, and subsequently to Trump, but rather, to diminish the Pence/Trump Victory.


The Media has placed an enormous emphasis on how IRRELEVANT the Vice Presidential Debate is, and how a good Debate Night for Pence really doesn’t change anything.

SO IF THAT’S TRUE . . . why bother having the Debate at all? And why bother analyzing who won and who lost? And why would as many as 50-MILLION People even bother to watch . . . let alone stay up past 11:00 o’clock in the East, for the Post Debate Analysis?


Had Kaine done well, instead of coming off like a JERK . . . the Media would be all over it, showing how little chance Trump has to win the Presidency. But rather, because this was a HUGE Pence/Trump Victory, in spite of the Insults, Accusations and Innuendos flung at Pence from Kaine, and the unfairness of the Moderator, all of a sudden, this Debate has no importance whatsoever.

How the Hell did that happen?

SO LET ME TELL YOU . . . This Debate was EXTREMELY important in a gazillion ways.

1 – It stopped the Crooked Hillary Propaganda Machine in its Tracks.

2 – It OUTED the FACT, that Trump and his DEPLORABLE and IRREDEEMABLE Supporters are ABSOLUTE TARGETS of the Media and RINOS, including many on FOX News.

In other words . . . it’s the Entire Establishment of Insiders AGAINST Hard Working Decent People with solid Conservative VALUES.

3 – It defined the REAL TRUTHS & ISSUES, which highlight the absolute Failure of the Obama/Crooked Hillary Administration, and the FAILURE of the Presidential Years leading up to Obama/Crooked Hillary.

4 – Crooked Hillary Can Run . . . but she can’t HIDE from her record, no matter how she and her Sycophants want to make her campaign all about bringing Trump into their LEFTIST PIG PEN.

5 – Where Crooked Hillary is busy avoiding her Failures at Home and Abroad, trying her best to Skate and Obfuscate around her CRIMES and UNEXPLAINED fortune she and her Oversexed Husband have amassed, without building or creating a damn thing . . . Trump has drawn a CLEAR Roadmap on how he intends to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.


6 – Where Trump has laid out a REAL Plan to Grow Jobs, Eliminate most of the Suffocating Regulations, Make America more Energy Independent, Reduce Taxes for everyone including American Businesses, Rebuild America’s Military to the point where no one will want to mess with the USA, to Beating the Holy Crap out of ISIS, to SEALING the Border and Kicking out Illegal Immigrants, to keeping out People from Bad Moslem Countries, to EXTREME Vetting for all Wannabe Immigrants, to SUPPORTING AMERICA’S POLICE FORCES . . . Crooked Hillary wants to retain the Status Quo and Raise Taxes.

For anyone to even suggest that this Debate wasn’t Important, and that Pence didn’t WIN IT BY A COUNTRY MILE . . . is either a Fool, A Liar, a RINO or a Democrat.

Not ONLY did this Debate take the wind out of Crooked Hillary’s Campaign Sails, it also set-up the coming Sunday Debate between Trump and Crooked Hillary, where I am as certain, at least as I can be, that TRUMP is going to give Crooked Hillary the Comeuppance she so rightly deserves.

I’m hoping the best is still yet to come . . . and have little reason to suspect otherwise:


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. In Germany, prior to WWII, the civilians, and in particularly, the Jews, were disarmed, and like lambs to the slaughter, they acquiesced to those laws. Here in the US, and in particular, Texas, we will NOT be disarmed. The time has come to buy guns, ammo, and food for the coming bad times. If they come for me under laws that single me out, I will not go peacefully. I will sell myself dearly. There’s no doubt that they can kill me, but they won’t do it easily.

  2. The debate was a farce, with the usual two against one & Pence the target. Pence kept his temper & came across as the only honest & intelligent person there. True to Democrat moderators, this one interrupted and talked over Pence when Kaine wasn’t fast enough doing that. She never interrupted Kaine, whose facial exercises were sickening enough without his lies & innuendoes. They call him a clown, but he is not funny. Just abusive and stupid. It wasn’t a debate, it was a farce.

  3. Kaine predictably and repeatedly reverted to the obviously rehearsed and juvenile accusation that Trump didn’t pay his “fair share” of taxes. Poppycock! Anything to divert the narrative from the essential point that Clinton is a crook and should not be permitted anywhere near the Oval Office.

  4. Pence impressed me as usual, but Kaine came across as such a rude loud-mouthed bumbling dolt I couldn’t stand to watch all of it. As much as I despise the Clinton’s I’m surprised Billy Boy would have gone along with an idiot like that…didn’t realize he’s become that stupid…perhaps dementia is setting in. Hope they show more of Kaine…it will help Trump!
    Jeff Grimord

  5. You are right Howard, it was 2 against 1 and Pence still looked presidential and Kaine looked like the clown he is. I can’t wait till Sunday when Trump takes it to Hillary!

  6. As I watched Kaine interrupt Pense numerous times with the moderator staying silent, I found myself yelling “shut up” at the tv. I found Kaine to appear as a backyard Bully and then smirk about his interruptions as if he accomplished something. The only thing tha he accomplished was to show the kind of fool he is. I admire the way Pense handled himself and stayed cool under these circumstances.

  7. I didn’t watch the debate but Mr Pence has more than impressed me with his presence and presentation. You talk of the failed Obama/Clinton presidency and the fact this was a VP debate without a mention of Joe Biden. We here in Canada we once had a politician who became known as Joe Who. Biden has always been Joe Who. Me thinks Mike Pence will not be a “Joe Who” but rather a functioning VP that the American people will be proud of. Calm and articulate

  8. Trumps tax returns keep coming up and his lose of $1 billion. He rebounded from that to be very successful. Hillary said They were flat broke when they left the White House. POTUS was paid $200000/year + $50,000 expenses. So, if they were flat broke, then that doesn’t say much for her or Bill’s ability to manage our escalating national debt when they can’t manage their own finances. I would guess that 99% of U.S. citizens would be thrilled to try and live on that income and expense account.

  9. There was only one professional adult leader on stage who was calm, honest, direct, and Vice-Presidential last night; PENCE!!! Kaine’s lies, rapid interruptions, twists, smoke and meaningless points were all a farce from the Left, Dems and the Moderator! Mr. Trump.., please take a lesson in leadership debating from Pence’s performance last night. Use it to your advantage and as an example…, Then take Killary to task Sunday. GO TRUMP! Don’t embarrass like Kaine did last night.., PLEASE!!

  10. Not only was it 2 against 1, flipping channels after the debate I saw the same with the discussions. Eric Trump even pointed that out while being interrogated. His answers were perfect and tongue-tied the questioners. When he put out zingers, the response was “We are not here to answer your questions”. CNN had 6+moderator against 2 for Trump. Fair, isn’t it? Next moderator is Anderson Cooper: talk about a loaded deck. Sadly, the media is pushing who will win, just as in Canada. Oh well…

  11. Pence was awesome! What I loved best was this morning going to Tim Kaine’s Facebook page and reading the majority of comments stating how bad he was. I was shocked. I read through quite a few and there were maybe one or two saying Tim did a great job! All the comments were on how rude he was and what a poor performance.

  12. Kaine looked like the “Mad Hatter” without the hat. A completely transparent phony. A crackpot. Pence did a great job considering, but he should have embarrassed Kaine by telling him to stop interrupting and start behaving respectfully. Pence also should have been more aggressive about the Iran debacle, citing the fact that their ballistic missile program is being expanded and that they cheat, lie & deceive to achieve their goals including development of the a-bomb.

  13. Imagine Hillary’s election and THEN Hillary’s early demise to any one of her many illnesses, primarily any one of several brain diseases, IMAGINE A PRESIDENT KAINE,,,my God if this doesn’t convince at least several million immediate transfers to Trump, the U.S. AND the World are done for! Remember GORE…and Edwards, they were in fact contaminated and should have been confined, maybe contagious from their association with the Clintons…BOTH NUTS! Bud Farrell

  14. A golden moment from the Vice-Presidential debate last evening —

    Regarding Kaine’s contention that Trump will create a “deportation force” to forcibly remove millions of illegal immigrants — “Senator, we have a deportation force,” Pence said. “It’s called Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.” For the first time in their history, their union endorsed Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States.”

  15. I watched the Jays-Orioles wild card game. It was much more interesting and had a great outcome for Jays fans!

  16. I am beginning to wonder, if, the MSM can analyze anything of the news! I personally have questioned most of the newspapers & TV stations/channels since the Vietnam War. However, I honestly did not think it would be this bad, in the future. Yet, here we are – Lying MSM is rampant & one can not trust any of them. I thought one new TV Cable/Satellite News Channel could maybe do it – Nope, they are failing as well. Bad President, bad Congress & bad MSM – The US is dying right before our eyes.

  17. Mike Pence was a genius last night. He politely allowed Kaine to repeatedly interrupt so that the voters could see what a rude, crude, unattractive jerk that he is. Now, all that is required to make me mad is to hear his voice or see a picture of him. I lived in VA for 5 years. For Kaine to be elected there, the mentality of Virginians must have diminished tremendously during the last 50 years. He and Hillary are the perfect match for the ticket of undesirables.

  18. Meaningless Debate….??? HUH…don’t those ignorant voters realize that buffoon Kaine would be 1 stinking heartbeat away from becoming the President of the US if Killary keeled over. Anyone who thinks the VP is a meaningless position needs to read up on Lyndon Johnson and the messes a VP can create when the P croaks…OMG…the thought of uncle Joe as P is scarey….so glad the O did not croak and hopefully he won’t for the next 3 mos.

  19. Kaine simply memorized and regurgitated the junk his handlers told him to say – and repeated the crap incessantly. He also showed what an uncivilized jerk he really is by constantly interrupting Pence no less than 70 times. Pence kept his cool, stated facts with honesty, and represented his ticket with real class. The comparison between these two was quite evident. Pence would be entirely qualified to step into the Presidency if needed. Kaine? Not so much.

  20. This was a classic, an intelligent, successful, knowledgable Person wasting time with a Clown. Add to that Queen Quijano,
    one wonders how she has got this far in life, and you have the haves v the have-nots. It is clear that the Conservatives
    are never going to get a fair shake in todays Media. If Trump stays on course for the next session, he needs to get super
    tough with the H lady and mow her down once and for all.

  21. Killary picked a reflection of herself – a crude, rude, arrogant, lying BS-er. The Dems deserve that pair – the USA DOES NOT! If something happened to President Trump – the country would be safe AND PROUD of Pence to lead them. Kaine-fool that he is-thinks he was picked for his ‘expertise’ but he was chosen only for the VA votes. After that – he is useless to HC and the Dems. Kaine should return to the dark hole from whence he came!

  22. Proud of Pence, he is a real gentleman. One of the best reasons to vote for Trump.

  23. I could bare to watch for only fifteen minutes. In order not to get sick I tuned out. Kaine is an impossible low class Marxist fool and traitor to America. Pence is a true class act and the difference between them is astounding and obvious to any normal human. Hopefully it will make a positive difference for Trump. I just have to keep reminding myself that Kaine was elected governor and senator in Virginia. It’s nothing less than UNBELIEVABLE!! But it does tell me a lot about America now.

  24. The debate Kaine-Pence is like Ohio for instance, if Democrats had a chance of winning Ohio, MSM would say it’s a crucial turning point state. But since they have no chance of winning it and in fact, the democrats gave up on it, they are saying it’s a meaningless state with uneducated people in it.

  25. I agree that Pence did an outstanding job and won the debate hands down. In fact, I think Pence would make a great president. That being said, most great leaders surround themselves with the best of the best and the selection of Pence as his running mate shows that Trump is capable of assembling an awesome team and thus being a great president of the U.S.A. I hope that Trump takes a few debate lessons from Pence and comes out a little more professional & presidential in the remaining two debates

  26. Another great article Howard. How I wish we had Pence AND Trump in New Brunswick, Canada! We really need them here!

  27. Howard, I was really disgusted with thenV.P debate last night. Where on earth did they pick up this Biased female moderator? She should have told the Democratic V.P nominee if he does not stop bullying and harassing the Republican nominee, she should have thrown him out of the debate. It was just awful. I was proud of Pence that he kept his cool.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  28. I love reading the comments on your page. So great to be part of a deplorably tuned in group of like-minded of people!
    If this were Facebook every comment would receive a double thumbs up!

    Laurie Rigg Ancaster Ontario Canada

  29. Megan Kelly hates Trump and will do anything she can to help defeat him.

  30. Pence will be a great counter-balance for Trump; I only hope Trump makes use of that. Kaine showed the person he is; as a Virginian I would have been surprised had he acted otherwise. I think Pence showed how Presidential he would be if needed – calm, purposeful, & with heart. Like I said, a counter-balance for Trump. Hope Trump follows Pence example Sunday. But doubtful unless he shows more self-control & less defensive than we’ve seen to date. Dear Lord, calm Donald Trump w/inner peace Sunday.

  31. Thanks for not purging my name Howard. I look forward to reading the your post whenever it appears in my mailbox. It is without a doubt one of the best post on line, simply for the fact you tell the unvarnished truth. That’s a commodity hard to find this day and time. Although this may sound a little silly I watch the Lone Ranger and the Roy Rogers Show and read your post everyday. In so doing I call it a balanced day. I love it when the good guys win. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading !

  32. As you wrote of one of Trump’s issues, (to EXTREME Vetting for all Wannabe Immigrants). Trump needs to take a hard look at any Moslem that wants, screams, demands for their right, using their so-called religion, and deport them too before they become to radical. We may be amazed to see how many more who are willing to step-up and being bad Moslems.

  33. It is said to “never debate an idiot”! When viewing the debate, Mike Pence was most impressive with his performance, while Tim Kaine was a complete embarrassment to Hillary; he appeared to be on a “high”! Pence was very professional and was able to “put his message across” very well–& without any attacks. He is truly an ASSET to Trump! As for Ms. Kelly–can’t stand to watch her and listen to her hypocritical comments anymore. Vote for TRUMP to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! AMEN!

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