So . . . Trump lost slightly less than 1-Billion Dollars in and around 1995, not suggesting that close to a Billion Dollars is pocket change, which according to the New York Times, Crooked Hillary and the American LEFT . . . is the story of the Century, justifying why not to vote for Trump.

TO ME . . . the story is not that Trump lost close to 1-Billion Dollars, but rather, that not only did he make it back, but that he INCREASED his personal wealth, and the wealth of his companies a whole lot more.

THE FACT THAT DONALD TRUMP . . . lost close to 1-Billion Dollars doesn’t say anything negative about Trump’s business acumen, as much as it says about the Economy and/or Fiscal Events at that time.

And if the New York Times, Crooked Hillary and the LEFT want to start throwing “Bombs” at Trump, because his Company lost some BIG MONEY, are they also going to start going after people like Warren Buffet, who is a big Crooked Hillary Supporter, who also lost about 1-Billion Dollars not all that long ago?

AND IF THE NEW YORK TIMES . . . including Crooked Hillary and the LEFT want to really delve into monumental Financial LOSSES . . . perhaps Crooked Hillary would like to explain the LOSS OF SIX BILLION DOLLARS from the State Department, when Crooked Hillary was in charge, which the LEFT and the Media seem not to care anything about.


LET’S FORGET FOR A MOMENT . . . about the Crooked Hillary Lies and her CRIMINAL ways of making money, and focus on what might be a much BIGGER Problem.

I had a discussion the other day with a Forty-Year-Old American Woman, who I know extremely well, who is well educated, comes from a Privileged Home, and has a responsible upper management Job in New York City . . . who will vote for Crooked Hillary come Hell or High Water.

And in our discussion . . . I asked her if she was aware of the DOCUMENTED LITANY of Lies, Crimes and Misdemeanors of Hillary Clinton, to which she said yes. I continued by asking her if she thought the accusations against Crooked Hillary were UNTRUE, to which she said no, as far as she knows, they’re all TRUE.


SO THEN I ASKED THE BIG QUESTION . . . “If you know and accept all the Horrible Things that are said about Crooked Hillary, HOW CAN YOU STILL VOTE FOR HER”?


There is no comeback for this type of “ILLOGIC” . . . other than the Problem isn’t with the Crimes of Crooked Hillary, nearly as much, by any stretch of intelligence, is that they are with DUMBED DOWN PEOPLE, who in my less than Humble Opinion . . . ARE NOT MENTALLY FIT TO VOTE.

The fact that Bright, Well Educated and otherwise Intelligent People like this youngish woman can dismiss these HORRIFIC TRUTHS about Crooked Hillary, says to me how far America (Canada too) has fallen.

The fact that the Justice Department, from Eric Holder with Fast & Furious, to Loretta Lynch with her Private Airport Hangar Meeting with Bill Clinton, to James Comey, Director of the FBI, with all the EVIDENCE he and his Team simply DISMISSED as not being sufficient to INDICT Crooked Hillary, tells me that the PROPHECIES of great men and defenders of LIBERTY, the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and the other SIGNERS of the US Constitution were absolutely PRESCIENT.

SO MUCH SO . . . THAT EVERY AMERICAN, Canadian too, should read and reread the many Letters and Quotes written and delivered by these GREAT MEN, who  FORETOLD the TRUTH of the American Future in speeches, Newspaper Articles and Pamphlets . . . starting with Jefferson’s TREE OF LIBERTY.

If Conservative Americans are depending upon ENTITLED VOTERS, Ignorant of American History, Ignorant of World History, Ignorant of Current American Civics, Ignorant of what created the FREEST Country the World has ever known, and Ignorant of what FREEDOM REALLY MEANS . . . to do the RIGHT THING for America in this coming election – THERE IS NO FUTURE FOR AMERICA AS IT CURRENTLY EXISTS.

ENTITLED PEOPLE . . . who get far more from the Government than what they give, who are IGNORANT of who REALLY pays for their ENTITLEMENTS, will never surrender their FREEBIES, which means that Crooked Hillary Just Might Win.

Which means that the long Overdue Revolution . . . is just about upon us.

It is no laughing matter, how we as a FREE and EDUCATED People, who have been born into Freedom, especially being the Children and Grandchildren of the Greatest Generation Ever, which saved the world from the Nazis and then from Communism, have allowed our Government to promote through our System of Education, a Society of IDIOTS, bound and determined through their IGNORANCE, to destroy the World our Parents and Grandparents left us to give to them.

THESE DUNDERHEADS . . . who are entering their Middle Age, and those who call themselves MILLENNIALS, and those who are still in their “FORMATIVE” years, are creating the PERFECT Conditions for utter DYSTOPIA . . . and don’t have a clue.

I never thought that I would live to see the day, when the PROPHESIES of Brilliant Futurist Writers, the likes of Ayn Rand and George Orwell would ever come true.

AND I NEVER THOUGHT THAT I WOULD SEE THE DAY . . . when a well educated, well employed person, a person who was raised in a household where Hard Work and Real VALUES were important, who in her early Forties would entirely DISCOUNT the HORRIBLE MALFEASANCE of a Candidate, such as Crooked Hillary, as being INCONSEQUENTIAL to earning her vote.

I TRULY BELIEVE . . . that this type of attitude, which has become prevalent with perhaps as many as HALF the North American Population, and certainly amongst the VAST Majority of the Media . . . Screams MORE about the Voters, than it does about the Arrogant, Incompetent and Crooked Politicians they vote for.


There is a Documentary Movie by Trevor Loudon . . . called “ENEMIES WITHIN”, which Names-Names of people in High Places, who are enemies of the PEOPLE and the American System of Government, which has taken Patriots nearly a Quarter of a Millennium to Create.

The Executive Producer of this Documentary is hoping there will be a large number of people who would see this film before the Election, in the hope of changing minds and empowering those of us who care about FREEDOM, to do all we can to push the TRUTH.


1 – Please remember that I read all of the Comments. And, I can tell you in full Honesty, that I am most impressed with many of your Thoughts, Conclusions and Presentations.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. At what point does the US Congress skip over the notion of an Impeachment process and go straight to charging Hussein and his entire White House staff with Treason?

    RP Ottawa

  2. I am a well seasoned citizen. Having read a reasonable amount of history and observed some, I feel that electing Clinton substantiates my feeling that the western world is in free fall. Electing Trump may not solve anything but at least it will indicate that the masses may be realizing something is not right

  3. Howard the logic of the women who would vote for Clinton is no different than the idiots who voted for True-Dough” because he has nice hair” We are screwed in Canada only hope Donald brings out the heavy hitters and disgraces the witch, bring on the sale of Uranium One to the Russians.

  4. just the other day I re-read “1984” and though a little off on the century , it sure had some serious and viable comparisons to today’s world and the one Hillary and Trudeau plan to usher in. N America is long overdue for some serious strife , the equivalent of WWII . Not something we have ever experienced in our countries but seemingly one our citizens are allowing our governments to lead us into . So be it .

  5. Article V of the U.S. Constitution could forestall the revolution many of us potentially see in our immediate future. A Convention of States to address amendments to limit the power of the out-of-control federal government, can return the Constitutional power to the People and to the States

  6. I still have faith god will take care of this mess if we keep working and trying He helps those that help themselves . We got to keep working for Trump

  7. If this 40 year old N.Y. woman loves hillary the only reason she is voting for her ( and admits she is a liar,crooked ,etc.)
    then she needs her head examined.If this was a man instead of this head job I doubt he would vote for Hillary.
    I have a close friend also my doctor who once told me that 50% of his patients were nuts,his exact words.

  8. Howard, there is no explaining the stupidity of some people and the US is no different than Canada in that respect. The ones that elected Obama and Trudeau are just an example of the something for nothing crowd and they are getting larger every day. Someone said that true democracies only last 200 years or so and the US is now at 250 years so what comes next I don’t know.

  9. Ultimately, nothing less than civil war will straighten out this mess. That’s how bad it has become. Call it a major housecleaning, to get rid of the trash that is taking the country down.

  10. As you write Howard; “through our System of Education, a Society of IDIOTS, bound and determined through their IGNORANCE,”; can and might; “destroy the World our Parents and Grandparents left us to give to them.” My takeaway is validation our education system is failing and is corrupted. Our education systems, with the decay of the family, may just be the root cause of us unable to select great leadership this time around. SAD it is! We may be headed for some really tough times as un-prescient.

  11. Howard, I, too, have some intelligent female friends who have high moral/ethical standards who plan to vote for HC. WHY???Worst reason of all-she is a woman! YIKES! That is the same as voting for Obama because he is black. Neither choice is based on qualifications or desire to have the best representative American who is honorable, trustworthy, standard-bearer for our country. How sad for all of us and the world!

  12. If Hildebeast is elected, we will hear the death peal of Freedom & Liberty. Everything our Founding Fathers fought for will have been in vain.

  13. My friend, an 83-year old woman, very smart, brilliant career as an engineer, very logical, sane, down-to-earth and all that that implies. She is voting for Hillary and it makes me crazy! I sent her your article from yesterday, which I thought was just brilliant, and have not heard from her since. She’s probably mad at both of us and, of course, is probably more than ever determined to vote for this evil woman. I will NEVER understand–NEVER!

  14. Several decades ago it became only too obvious that Liberalism, as Marxism was known then, was a serious mental illness. Often when I made that claim I was told I was the one with the problem. It was about that time common sense suffered its demise, also. Seemed like it was something in the water. America took a big turn into the Age of Insanity, and here is where it has led us. If you are a reasonable, rational person it is impossible to understand. WHO could POSSIBLY love HRC?

  15. Unlike the lady who said that she would vote for Ms. Clinton because she “loved her”, I don’t profess to love Mr Trump, but I
    would vote for him because he is The U.S.A.’s and Canada’s last hope of survival.

  16. I’m 80 and remember very well the crimes of the Clintons since the ’70s, with Hillary always dead center.
    When I hear women say they will vote for this cold, heartless criminal, I think I know then why women had to fight so hard to get the right to vote. Men didn’t trust their judgement, and these “educated” women of today are proving them right. As a woman, I am ashamed of these ignorant dunces, these dingbats.

  17. We have been given many blessings through the great freedoms we have had. “To whom much is given, much is required.” The PC dupes in this nation will suffer and will be too dumb to figure out what happened. The ignorance of so many astounds me and is frightening. Thanks for your work, Howard and all the comments here.

  18. Howard, thanks for the heads up on the movie, “Enemies Within”. I have ordered two copies and will send one to a friend in Canada who sees the true picture in both countries. I have a Millennial daughter who would no more vote for Killary than for Stalin, who sees her for exactly what she is. Women who vote for Killary in spite of her record, just because she’s a woman are a disgrace to our gender. The Dems are tops at the spin game, the Reps are inept at running any kind of winning campaign

  19. Are the people really becoming ‘well educated’, or are they being brain washed by liberal teachers? I believe every person should read “The 5000 Year Leap” by Cleon Skousen. I think every high school graduate should not be allowed to get a diploma without passing a test on this Principles of Freedom book.

  20. Howard, I really hope that Trump’s advisors will use a historian like Gingrich to give speeches, because the way he presents history and what might happen in the future is second to none. People are still hypnotized by Obama and all the free bees they get from the Government, they want to continue this charade of entitlements until the cow is dry of milk. People should read the book or see the movie, Animal Farm. God help us from these people. Steve Acre, Canada

  21. Gracious, I would much rather be labeled one of ” those basket of deplorables” than a dunderhead any day of the week. It truly baffles me with their “what difference does it make” attitude that they have adopted from the queen herself. I shake my head in disgust. She is truly going to take us into the very abyss of hell with all her nonsense. Honestly I want to go to sleep & wake up when she is out of office in 8 years. God help us all! Please save us from dunderheads!

  22. How did the NY Times obtain a copy of Trump’s 1995 confidential tax return? Obama used the IRS to go after conservatives and groups he didn’t like, so could the IRS have leaked Trump’s return for Hillary? Obama acts above the law. Just wait for Hillary to take over the throne. Right now 3 federal and 1 state investigation of the Clinton Foundation; why is the media so silent? Hillary does something nice for the Saudis, $20 mil donation. Media? Crickets.

  23. It is amazing how the truth can be brought forth to the American public and yet they willingly and wantenly support the left wing. It’s like the lady you mentioned, what can you say or do when people just willingly ignore what they know to be true? May God have mercy

  24. I dread the thought of HC becoming President …. I don’t know if it makes me more angry, fearful, or sickened. We have truly become a nation of idiots if this comes to pass. As with you, Howard, I have a close girlfriend my age – 71 – who said to me the other day that “any woman who votes for Trump is nuts!” Well, she’s coming next week for a visit, and guess what I’ll be wearing ….. my “Trumps Basket of Deplorables” shirt! I may be old, but I still like a challenge!

  25. Yes, I know all that, “… but I love her and want her to be president.”

    You can fix lack of information, but unfortunately, YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID. Too many STUPID people are voting for Hillary in spite of the incredible number of proven instances where she lies, is corrupt, inept, and tries to cover her butt by compounding her lies.

    It’ makes any intelligent person want to vomit. If any of you Americans don’t get into high gear, shame on you! At the very least, VOTE! America’s at sta

  26. Some

    Some women of today are very much like Eve. They tasted the fruit (feminism). Stay at home Mothers were beneath them
    Let someone else raise the children. Follow us to Paradise and we will rule the world. But that old saying still goes. The hand that rock the cradle rules the world. So take that you lovers of hrc. Billie


  27. Your lady friend demonstrates the rule applied by most: “because I’ve always voted that way”!
    Clinton can do whatever she wants. Her “base” will vary little.

  28. I watched the U.S. V.P. debates this evening. Just as children are a reflection of their parent’s teaching and examples so are these two candidates a reflection of their Presidential running mates. Hillary’s guy was force fed the Progressive B.S. and spewed it all over us. No real thoughts just cover up, lie, overwhelm. Clinton/Kaine: partner’s in crime. Trump’s guy is an adult with a thinking brain…very articulate, ready & able a good match for TRUMP. TRUMP/PENN: Cleaning up the mess

  29. Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard wrote a very interesting piece titled “The Case For Trump” about a letter he received from a close and respected friend outlining the reasons he was voting for Trump. As you are aware BK is an avid supporter of the “Never Trump” coalition and it must have killed him to publish it. All of these Never Trump nuts who were for the most part Cruz supporters do not realize that any person, man or woman could be subjected to the onslaught of the DNC/Clinton Machine.

  30. The many electors that we have in this Country voted not once but TWICE for an individual 10 times worse that
    “Tramp” Hillary. Look what we got and he still isl at the destruction of this Country.

  31. With the coming election Americans will have the choice of voting for the destruction of the county, Hillary, or the continuation of freedom such that it is. Hopefully Trump will make it better.

  32. After all of the info came out about Bill Clinton & his libido and Hillary standing by her man, the dunderheads voted for him anyway, not only once but twice even after he defiled the white house with his libido…says it all. The character, morals & ethics of a candidate running for the highest office in this nation no longer matters. If we don’t do away with the Electoral College…a moral, ethical & trustworthy candidate will never get elected again. The majority does not rule any longer.

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