Words Really Do Make A Difference


A CIVIL War is a CIVIL War. A REVOLUTION is a REVOLUTION. And never the Twain Shall Meet. I have never once extolled violence or encouraged a Civil War.

Larry Lehrman from Aventura Florida, who I am certain, meant well, wrote in the Comment Section of Galganov.com in the last Editorial . . . that I should be careful about using the word REVOLUTION in what I write, because it could jeopardize my entry into the USA. And I really appreciate his concern.


I have to assume that Larry Lehrman was probably alive when there was a significant FREEDOM and RIGHTS REVOLUTION in the 1960’s (July 2, 1964), when the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT WAS PASSED.

I doubt if Larry was alive when there was another major REVOLUTION, when on August 18, 1920, the 19TH AMENDMENT was passed giving Women the RIGHT TO VOTE.

And as a Canadian, I clearly remember when in 1960, Quebec threw out the Rule of the Catholic Church, and launched what is OFFICIALLY known as the QUIET REVOLUTION.

But . . . to keep it most current . . . I doubt if anyone reading this Editorial today, doesn’t remember the MUSIC REVOLUTION of the 1950’s when White Folk performed Black Music. And then in the 1960’s . . . when Britain INVADED America with the Beatles and so many others, ending American Rule over Rock & Roll. That was a REVOLUTION too.

What bothers me MOST however, is that Larry Lehrman, who lives in Florida, and is I assume an American Citizen, is FRIGHTENED for me, because of the things I write, for which I am GRATEFUL for his concern, but the sheer fact that Lehrman is FRIGHTENED for me, because I express my opinions, which in the United States of America is the FIRST CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEE OF FREE FREEDOM . . . is more than just somewhat disconcerting.


The FACT that Lehrman, and so many other decent people are FRIGHTENED to speak their mind, shouts VOLUMES about where we are today in our societies. I get it all the time from People in Canada and the United States, who are concerned for me, because of the things I Write and Say, and how I Write and Say them.

NOT ONLY SHOULD ALL PEOPLE . . . be encouraged to speak out, especially without fear . . . but imagine what our world would be like today, if going back almost 250-Years ago, Thomas Jefferson was FRIGHTENED to EXPRESSLY encourage American Patriots to SPILL THE BLOOD OF TYRANTS from time to time, to GUARANTEE the FREEDOMS of America?


I RECEIVED SOME DUELING EMAILS . . . started by a READER with a legitimate complaint about my use of CAPITAL BOLD LETTERS, which at the beginning, even IRKED Anne (my wife).

A couple of READERS suggested that I should NOT use these “expressions” . . . while more said that I should.


From time to time . . . I receive emails telling me not to write this way or that way. I receive advice from teachers and former teachers who also tell me NOT to use BOLDS and CAPITAL LETTERS. I even get letters from people who are bothered because of my use of DOTS . . . like those, and the use of DASHES – like this.

Some people get upset, because I use numbers like 1, instead of spelling them out as in ONE.

When I was in school . . . all the way back to Grade School, and then in High School too, my Creative English (English Comprehensive) teachers, enjoyed reading what I wrote, but not necessarily how I wrote what I wrote. But that’s the way I wrote.

Later on in life, I became a VORACIOUS Reader of various Genre, which included stories written by Writers who used Colorful Words and different ways of Expressing them.

ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE WRITERS . . . (and there were a few) was Damon Runyun, who wrote INCESSANTLY about America’s Mobsters, in CLASSICS like – Guys & Dolls, Little Miss Marker, The Lemon Drop Kid and more . . . much-much more.

He developed an incredible way of phrasing things and painting verbal pictures, which no one since, has been able to duplicate, because it was uniquely him.

WHEN I WROTE MY FIRST PUBLISHED BOOK . . . Capital Dickheads, it was about Canada and America’s Politicians, which was written during my LEFTIST days when Mulroney was Canada’s Prime Minister and Reagan was America’s President. It too was slammed for the Writing Style, but strangely, it still received more attention than it deserved for how it was written. Go figure?

I wrote a Play (Je Me Souviens un Place Pour Tous) – (I remember A Place For Everyone) about the duality of French/English Montreal, which was performed by the Late and Great Geraldine Doucet, which was a NOSTALGIC look back at the City from the 1950’s to the 1990’s . . . it too was panned for the way I wrote it, but was also discussed at length, BECAUSE of the way it was written.

THEN I WROTE A CANADIAN BEST SELLER . . . which went into three printings, was on the BEST SELLERS LIST for 13-Weeks, surpassing the Classic Novel (Barney’s Version), written by one of the World’s Great Writers . . . Mordechai Richler, who was so upset that I was Number ONE to his Number TWO, that he wrote a half page article, which appeared in Syndicated Newspapers across Canada, SLAMMING MY WRITING STYLE AND POOR GRAMMAR.

I AM NOT A GIFTED WRITER . . . and I am the first to admit it. But I am also not a PHONY. And from the time I can first remember, I’ve been criticized for how I write and express myself. And it is most unlikely, that I will ever be acknowledged for anything but a guy with a decent vocabulary with a story to tell.

AND THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME . . . So, if you’re looking for me to change the way I write, sorry, but that’s not going to happen. And to make certain that it’s NOT going to happen . . . ANNE TOLD ME SO!

TOMORROW IS THE FIRST OF TWO BIG DAYS in the Jewish Calendar, it is New Year for some 13-Million Jews from around the World, known as Rosh Hashanah, which represents the 5777th Year of Jewish History, Jewish Traditions, and Jewish Existence on this Planet, dating all the way back to Abraham.

I know that this is no reason for many to Celebrate, like the Nazis, the Moslem Nations that want to Wipe Israel Off The Map, and for a whole host of Europeans who aren’t all that happy that Hitler didn’t succeed.


They Came. They Tried To Kill Us All. They Didn’t . . . LET’S EAT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well, my favorite candidate at this time is Mitt Romney. He is a honest, educated man that does love this country! You will never be able to tell me he did not actually win the last election against B.O. B.O. had his thugs at the polls, machines were rigged, absentee votes from our military were no counted, and the list goes on. At least Romney can show you his diploma from school, high school and college. His voters registration card and birth certificate. He is the one.

  2. Yes ! Let’s eat. If no one agrees, they are missing out on a whole bunch of good conversation that goes with, ‘good eats’.

  3. Howard, I believe Mr. Lehrman has a point. The 1st Amendment IS BEING ATTACKED…most frequently under the guise of “political correctness” (censorship). When I read recently that when a high school student wrote an essay defending the 2nd Amendment that resulted in his being pulled out of classes, the police being brought in and forced to attend counseiing in order to remain in school…something is indeed wrong and the 1st is slowly slipping away.


  5. Howard, not only do I love your editorials, I love your sense of style, so much so that I find myself sharing your editorials on my Facebook page frequently. Your thoughts mirror my own and since your write so colorfully, I post them, because I hope they encourage much food for thought for those who choose to read your commentary, bold, caps and all! 😉

    L’Shanah Tovah, Howard, to you and yours. May 5777 be a sweet year for all!

  6. Mr. G – I learned a long time ago the message is more important than the medium used to transmit it. I’ve read your columns for several years now. You write what you write the way you write, as you stated, because of who you are – never, ever apologize for that. In my opinion this is why many of your readers continue to hunger for the message you present, warts and all. Again, a heartfelt thank you for your thoughts, opinions, and writings. God bless freedom, liberty and you for speaking it

  7. Your writing style is tops with me Keep it up and listen always to your inner voice!!!!! Marlene

  8. Love your writing style because I do the same. I was recently told that it was LAME to use CAPS, but that was because I wrote a Letter to the Editor, and I agree in that case. The BOLD words are more noticeable and ‘catch your attention’, so I DO use them in blogs/comments when responding to your Editorial. Considering our Country’s POLITICALLY CORRECT society, I do believe that Mr. Lehrman had your best interest in mind. Yes, “words DO matter”. Happy Jewish New Year, Howard! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. I really enjoy your style as well as your substance. Have restful and enjoyable holiday.

  10. I agree with ANNE…..DO NOT – DO NOT – EVER change what you say – how you say it.
    Most especially – ALWAYS highlight the salient points.
    When I read, I ALWAYS highlight KEY WORDS by underlining or color highlighting/
    Each and every word has a specific meaning. You made that clear with REVOLUTION …
    and you just scratched the surface.

  11. The best thing that you have ever written is when you said that when you do something , you stop to think if your dear mother would approve. There is no better way to honor your parent than to try and do the right thing so that the parent would be proud of you, you are the best. Vous etes les meilleurs


  13. I use dots…. and dashes— and CAPS as it is a way to be more….. expressive. YOOOOU are a man after my own heart !!! 8 )—-me with glasses smiling…….
    Keep up the good work!!!

  14. Howard don’t change a thing.. We enjoy the way you think and write. Thank you!

  15. Yes Howard, there are all kinds of “want-2B” police around us. They don’t like this OR that, so just have to complain! I wouldn’t have U any other way than how U R! Keep listening 3 Anne!

    More things to cause the “police” to gripe. 🙂 :o)

  16. Your writing style has never bothered me. In fact, I have learned to enjoy the violations of classic E.B. White writing style.
    For me, it’s your hair! Whatever…..

  17. Since this blog today quotes my last e/m about your statement of revolution in the U.S. As a veteran i toke a oath to protect the constitution and this still stands today .I still serve as volunteer in the military and every one should volunteer in some way in a hospital or to other types of public service.
    A Happy Rashanah to all and peace on earth.

  18. In the mid-seventies I picked up a book by William Faulkner in a sale bin titled “Pylon”. ONE SENTENCE RAN FOR A PAGE AND A HALF! Personally, I think he was probably a drunk, but he was a success! He described the morning light coming in through old smoky windows by the ceiling of an airplane hangar as “slant-shades” of green colored light. Never forgot it! Memorable. A blessed Rosh Hashana to my Jewish friends who celebrate it, and to people like myself who just like to anyways!

  19. I received an “F” on my first two college creative writing essays,AND I’m proud of them! That is when I made the decision that style and grammar are fine, but I write because of WHAT I have to say, NOT the precise format as required by the “powers that be” in the writing world. I write numerous articles for newspapers, magazines, and the like, and as far as I am still concerned it’s the content and the story that capture an audience,….not the CAPITALS, PUNCTUATION, and other stuff that count!

  20. You know only too well no matter what we say, write or do there will ALWAYS be those who are critical. Screw ’em all! We don’t have to change our personalty’s or live our lives to satisfy ANYONE else so long as we maintain the Golden Rule. Keep on truckin’, Howard. And a Happy New Year to you and Anne. May you both enjoy only the best that life has to offer.

  21. Thanks for the laugh. When I was in grade school in the early ’40. I had a spelling test from one Nun and got several correctly spelled words marked wrong. I am left handed and in those days liquid ink was used in pens meaning if I held my hadn as righties do, I would smear the still wet writing. My Mother chose to visit her and put her foot down. I still write that way and appreciate my Mother’s intervention. Yes, the grade was corrected. My Mother was of Irish descent.

  22. Well I received “A”s in MY first two College English Comp courses (one Short Story writing) upon my RETURN from the service and a B-29 combat tour over Korea, after leaving college with an All University average of MINUS -.666…with a grading system including TWO levels at which I could FLUNK! “E” which was a Minus 1, and an “F” which was a minus 2… and I don’t give a shit WHO DOESN’T LIKE what I said then or NOW…BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER! HA!
    Bud Farrell

  23. Howard just keep writing as you always do, if someone doesn’t like upper case and writes about it I think they had better get a life. I;m on Stan Dziuba side, I’m 82 and have ALWAYS said what I wanted without hurting anyone. If you go this far in life you should be able to do what you want…………………. THERE !!!

  24. CAPITAL LETTERS sure get your attention that’s why I like them. An old IRISH saying: WISHING You always walls for the WIND A roof for the RAIN Tea beside the FIRE the LOVE and LAUGHTER of those you hold dear. May your two days be blessed and may you have many more. I’m with the FEW FOUNDLING FATHERS Revolution brings good results.Billie

  25. Howard, YOU write the way I talk….or … I TALK the way you write. Either way – emphasis IS EMPHASIS! And…we have a REVOLUTION in my house ..regularly..when it needs to be cleaned. I know about ‘revolutions’ – they are terrific!! Don’t change a thing..NOT A THING!! and…thanks!

  26. Remember Howard, opinions are like ARSEHOLES….. everyone has one. I appreciate the fact you are not intimidated by the PC cops….neither am I. I LOVE and PASS on your articles to others of like mind. GOD BLESS YOU FOR TRYING YOUR BEST TO OPEN SO MANY SEALED SHUT EYES….OUR GOD BLESSED NATION IS IN GREAT PERIL. Shalom and Happy Hanaka.

  27. You write, we read and learn, works for me.
    I was not born a Jew but I love to celebrate the Lords Feasts every year. Will go to the top of a hill and blow my shofar tomorrow, or maybe this evening.
    Shabbat Shalom my friend. Enjoy the holidays.

  28. You started this blog saying A civil war is a civil war, I would correct you it depends on who is writing the History. The so called America Civil War was not. It was a war of aggression, perpertrated buy the north wanting the money raised by Taxes on the export of Southern Cotton. If you know your history the Southern States had every right to leave the Union!

  29. “..it’s the content and the story that capture an audience,….not the CAPITALS, PUNCTUATION, and other stuff that count!”. Thanks Tom Corcoran – you hit the nail on the head, as Howard does every day! HG, keep up the good work – the areas of concern that you constantly cover is what keeps me reading your blog daily and making me think! And you can be sure it will continue to!! To you and Anne, may 5777 bring you all of G-d’s blessings…Shana Tova!

  30. The content of the editorial is much more important than the style with which you write. Keep up the good work.
    John Athanasen (Girard, Ohio)

  31. HG, When YOU use caps and bold, it places the emphasis on those words, as if you were speaking, making it easier for me to absorb your message. However, you are in the habit of using the word, “opposed to”, when you mean “as opposed to”. This is very easy to establish by entering those terms in any search engine. As for STAN DZIUBA, look up, “Netiquette” and you’ll find out why EVERY word in a message should NOT be all Caps. “Life is merely a series of adjustments”.

  32. If you CHANGE – I might not read you ANYMORE – Eat well my friend

  33. HG …… I enjoy your columns for the same reason I enjoy hearing Trump. YOU’RE BOTH REAL!

  34. Don’t ever stop speaking up and out. I pass your Editorials to others and it sure has a lot of folks thinking WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Thank You.

  35. I have always been a student of good writing. You sir are a good writer….but that is not the point. Point is….ideas. What you do is serve as a reservoir of ideas…a mainspring of common sense. I’m sure no matter what any of us do, there will always be someone out there, so bent on being critical, that they miss the whole point.

  36. My computer programmer son told me that the use of capitols in e-mails indicate anger. I do not use caps for that purpose. So many grammatical rules have changes when I was in grammar school. Now we do not use caps when we used to. We do not always use spaces between words like in e mail addresses. I sometimes use a dash instead of a comma. I heard that cursive writing is on the way out.

  37. Your writing style is appreciated! It gives us readers your “expressions” and “emphasis” that plain ole words just don’t convey. As for the content of what you write – Thank goodness you aren’t afraid of the truth and the have the willingness to to let us know “how it is.” Stick to your guns! We all need to hear it, face it and live it.

  38. Howard, Your writing style is “get the point across”. At least when I read what you have written, I never have to go back and reread to be sure I understood it correctly. Now that’s a compliment!

    Have a good one.

  39. First, may you & Anne have a blessed Rosh Hashanah & feast. As for the sensitivities of differing folks about your writing, it makes me smile to read your reply. Why do individuals think they know what is better for others? (Sorry folks but it isn’t your right or your responsibility.) TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE, Howard. Who you are comes out in your prose. I happen to like your bold, caps, etc., because it helps understand the emotion in your writing.

  40. Good one, HG – Good one!You write like I think & speak. I YELL when I am passionate about the topic or angry. I love using … & —. I also do a lot of fiction reading, where there are many variations of how expressions of characters are written. I understood what you meant in regard to revolution. When I wrote will it be quiet or loud, I was speaking of calm, quiet civil protests & writing campaigns. Then there is the LOUDEST activity one can do – VOTE!!!

  41. Hi, Howard~
    i am an English major; grammar, spelling and punctuation are my forte. That being said, i appreciate your style. Yes, I may see an occasional mistake, but it’s rare. You speak exactly what is on your mind – how refreshing. You are not trying to be politically correct. You have messages to get across to your readers, and there is no doubt what you are thinking and wishing to convey. Don’t change a thing – keep up the good work! – Karen Altman, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

  42. Happy New Year, Howard, Anne, Stryker and the Cat! You never cease to amaze me with your brilliant editorials. Without the bolded words and caps, dashes and dots…how else would we be able to see the emphasis you’re trying to make? So I say keep on doing “your thing”…LOVE it! I have no doubt there will be a Revolution if the ballot boxes and whatever else the Left can rig in their favor for Crooked Clinton to win because We the People are FED UP and we’re not going to take it anymore!

  43. I think your writing style is the reason the VAST MAJORITY of us subscribed to your blog in the first place. Of course, also, being able to realize that your use of the word “revolution” is in no way actually encouraging the use of bloodshed requires the use of one’s mind (something the public school systems have successfully prevented people from doing). Keep on keepin’ on! Thanks

  44. I believe that it was Plato that said; “To avoid criticism, be nothing, do nothing, say. nothing.” Now to check who said it. Hmmm it wasn’t Plato. It was Aristotle. Oh well. I shouldn’t have written this.

  45. What’s interesting about the calendar year, I used the Genesis geneologies on a spreadsheet and Abraham would have been born 1948 years after Adam’s creation. NEVER CHANGE YOUR WRITING STYLE!!!! Unless you want to, of course.

  46. Howard, you, I and anyone has the absolute right to speak, write the opinion in the truth of an issue. But, when a lie comes in, as far as I am concern, unless a correction is made, it can go out the door. All said and and done, keep it com’in Howard!

  47. Howard I do not give a “Flying Fox Tail” of how you write etc Just keep up the good work. Mike

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