THIS SUNDAY, AT SUNDOWN . . . Jewish People, and some Sects of Christianity will be celebrating THE 5,777TH YEAR of the Jewish Calendar, starting the Jewish Holy Week with Rosh Hashanah . . . ending it with Yom Kippur (October 11th/12th), the DAY OF ATONEMENT, when Jews from all Corners of the World will stand before God, asking for FORGIVENESS for anyone whom we might have Transgressed against.

So . . . If I don’t write another Editorial between now and Rosh Hashanah, please accept my BEST Wishes for everyone to benefit from what will hopefully be an Incredible Jewish New Year.


IF CROOKED HILLARY, which is a term I can use again, because Trump seems to have Rediscovered his Way, and has gone back to calling her exactly what she is . . . THINKS that she has a chance to increase her lead in the Election Campaign . . . SHE HAS ANOTHER REALLY BIG THINK COMING!

WITH ALL OF TRUMP’S GAFFS, Misstatements, Narcissistic Statements, and Missed Opportunities during the FIRST Debate with Crooked Hillary . . . is still leading where he should never have been leading – it’s most likely GOOD NIGHT IRENE for Crooked Hillary, because that’s all she wrote.

IF AFTER . . . All the Media LIES and Distortions against Trump, and all the Hollywood and Entertainment Types for Crooked Hillary, and all the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS the Crooked Hillary Campaign has already spent on SMEAR Ads against Trump, has barely moved the needle up for Crooked Hillary, Listen Closely . . . Because you can hear the FAT LADY BEGINNING TO SING. Which doesn’t mean Crooked Hillary and the LEFT can’t still STEAL the Election.


AS I SEE IT . . . With all the Media and Polling Lies, and all the ONE-SIDED Slants in Favor of Crooked Hillary, the people should grasp the NEW REALITY . . . that this Election is not about Crooked Hillary Versus Bombastic Trump – It’s ALL ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE versus the CORRUPTION of the LEFT, the INEPTITUDE & DECEIT of all Governments . . . and the Battle Between the MAKERS and the TAKERS.


This Election isn’t nearly as much about choosing the 45th President of the United States of America, nearly as much as it is about DEFINING THE FUTURE of America and the Rest of the World.

THE DEFINITION OF DYSTOPIA . . . Is when all Law and Order, Social Services and Regard for Civil Rights and Liberty BREAK DOWN into Lawlessness, where everyone is out for themselves, where Gangs and Mobs RULE the Streets.

A perfect example of Dystopia . . . is what’s happening today in Syria, where the GANGS with the BIGGEST GUNS get to eat and sleep, where all others less empowered live in Fear and Peril.

IN ALL ESSENCE . . . This Election will DEFINE the credibility of two great Masterpieces of SOCIO/POLITICAL Writing, going back some 60-Years.

THE QUESTIONS . . . Was Ayn Rand RIGHT as to how she perceived the Future in her Novel Atlas Shrugged? And was George Orwell RIGHT when he wrote 1984?

I BELIEVE BOTH OF THESE FUTURISTS . . . were right in their assessment as to where society was going, with the only question being . . . WHEN WILL WE GET THERE?

IT’S FASCINATING TO ME . . . to Read the most exciting Books, to See the most exciting Movies, and to Watch the most exciting Television Programs, which are all based on the premise of DYSTOPIA, acted out by SUPER WEALTHY PERFORMERS, who in REAL Life, DETEST the kind of people they PORTRAY in their specific Media.

TO GIVE YOU AN EXAMPLE . . . Actor Liam Neeson, who in each of his Block Buster Movies, which are ALWAYS about one form of Dystopia or another, is never seen without a GUN in his hand. And he is always seen as the INVETERATE GOOD GUY, slaughtering his way to Justice and Redemption.

HERE’S ANOTHER EXAMPLE . . . Jennifer Lawrence, who Played the Role of Katniss Everdeen in the HUNGER GAMES, in the VERY DYSTOPIC portrayal of a near Future World, where she had to use her Bow and Arrows to LITERALLY MURDER her way to Freedom for herself and her people.


Neeson and Lawrence are Household Actors who have made their FORTUNES extolling EXTREME Violence in Defense of Freedom against the ABUSES of the State and State Actors.

Both of them stand as CHAMPIONS for the LITTLE GUY, using whatever means was necessary, generally the most Aggressive and Violent Means Imaginable, to FIGHT for the GOOD, opposed to the EVILS of Government, yet – Both of these Actors are so FAR TO THE LEFT, and pro government, and Pro Crooked Hillary, and against the People who in REAL LIFE, fight for Good and Justice, and INDEPENDENT Freedoms, including the FREEDOM to own and have Guns, as is prescribed in the Second Amendment, that in all Reality, Neeson and Lawrence should actually be portraying the Villains they fight against in their movies, since they support these VILLAINS in real life.

AND THEY’RE NOT ALONE . . . since what I just wrote . . . describes almost all of Hollywood, the Entertainment Industry, and the World of Academia.


When wearing a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN HAT, is a guarantee to get beaten up if it’s worn in the wrong neighborhood isn’t DYSTOPIC, what is?

When MEGA-MILLION Dollar Athletes, Performers and plenty of Politicians REFUSE to stand for the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance . . . isn’t that DYSTOPIC?

When almost 50-Million People live off Food Stamps, and probably MORE than half the population don’t Pay Federal Tax, and there’s CARNAGE on the Streets in Black Communities, and when one Faction (Blacks) think their Lives MATTER more than all the others, and at LEAST half the Nation believes they’re entitled to have what other people have worked for . . . THAT’S DYSTOPIC TOO.


When Politicians and Friends of Politicians who make and enforce the RULES create a SEPARATE set of RULES for themselves, above and beyond the reach of the People . . . THAT’S DYSTOPIA.

When the President of the United States of America FLOUTS the US Constitution with near impunity from the Congress, and the Attorney General selects who is to be Judged, and who is not to be Judged because of Political Status, and the Director of the FBI does no differently for the same reasons, and the IRS OBSTRUCTS the Equal Treatment of Corporations applying for the same Status under the Law, and PUNISHES those who stand up for their FREEDOMS . . . THAT’S DYSTOPIA.

WHEN PEOPLE RIOT IN THE STREETS . . . burn down buildings, beat up journalists, destroy private property, close down roads, highways and bridges, loot businesses, attack the Police, and then BLAME the Police for doing all they can to Maintain Law and Order . . . THAT’S DYSTOPIA.

When the Courts don’t PUNISH the Lawless, but instead . . . INTIMIDATE the Men and Women in BLUE, who are entrusted to maintain the Law on the Streets . . . THAT’S DYSTOPIA.

When the Government creates SANCTUARY CITIES for people who have broken the Law by ILLEGALLY being in the United States of America, and helps the Law Breakers to live normal lives in America, even to the point of helping them to vote . . . THAT’S DYSTOPIA.


It doesn’t matter who will win this coming Election, although it will be very PREFERABLE if it’s Trump, but regardless of who wins, the DAMAGE ALREADY INFLICTED UPON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . . . is already so significant, that nothing short of a Revolution will set things right.

AMERICA IS BROKE . . . It’s become a DEBTOR Nation. The Judeo/Christian Values, which America was built upon, are under Constant Attack. The FACT that our entire Social Structure, and the FREEDOMS of Individuals to pick and choose their own LIFESTYLES, and the Lifestyles they wish to participate in, including something as basic as Gender Preferences for themselves and their children has become ILLEGAL, should Shock all Freedom-Loving-People.

THE FACT . . . That the way our children are taught and raised by the State in the Schools, instead of by the Parents in their homes, should TERRIFY all of us, but that it only TERRIFIES a few of us is shocking in itself.


WE’VE CROSSED THE LINE . . . And if there will be any hope for us to return, it won’t be through the Current Political Process. And it won’t be through the Current Concept of Political Correctness.

WHEN THE PEOPLE . . . will vote for a SCRAG like Crooked Hillary, who is a known LIAR, Cheat, Abuser of the Public Trust and utter INCOMPETENT . . . you have to know, that these people will never be satisfied with TRUTH & CONVICTION, and that the ONLY way to defeat them, will never be on the Political Battlefield, since they Outnumber the RIGHTEOUS amongst us, it will be in the MIRE of their own Ineptitude, Stupidity and GREED.

AND EVEN THOUGH I’M HOPING FOR THE BEST OUTCOME . . . I won’t hold my Breath, but will rather prepare for the whirlwind that awaits us all, since half the people who really matter are beginning to speak, while the other half who should really hear, are refusing to listen.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Unfortunately, our system has evolved into a popularity contest. The dems say what the masses wish to hear, irrespective of their intent. The masses consistently buy into this because they are looking for “something for nothing”. Free health care for everyone who is too stupid or lazy to find meaningful work. The safety net has been lowered to the floor.Even so, they vote for free food and other benefits without proof of effort or attempt to raise skills to acceptable job levels. Breeders.

  2. “This election is… ALL ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE versus the CORRUPTION of the LEFT, the INEPTITUDE & DECEIT of all Governments . . . and the Battle Between the MAKERS and the TAKERS.”

    Man, if that ain’t the truth! I’m worried that if Hillary wins this one, it will be the last one for America.

  3. As usual you are reading things very clearly. When you think about the degree to which the Left has attained power, it seems impossible that electing a normal President or establishing a Convention of States will get us back to where we belong. If HRC wins the election we can bet she will double down on Marxist totalitarianism, and as you have already said it leaves us with only one potential solution that was sanctioned by our Founders. Even if Trump wins the Marxists will continue to persevere

  4. Sir:
    Wishing you and your family a beautiful New Year.
    Shalom to you all.
    Friendship Always
    Jacqueline Turley :))

  5. “Democracy : the authority of the crowd” (Plato (c.425–347 B.C.)). Average life of a democracy: 200 years. Age 0f The U.S.A. democracy: 250 years. Age of the Canada democracy: 149 years.

  6. The great Daniel Greenfield echoed your sentiments when he said, “Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.” The late, great William F. Buckley, Jr., also nailed it when he said, “The trouble with fascist governments is that they always make war on their own people first.” Howard, you share a pedestal with Greenfield and Buckley. Hitlery said that the next 40 days will determine the next 40 years. Let’s hope this period brings about the demise of DemonRat fascism in America.

  7. There is no doubt there will be a revolution If Hillary wins the real Americans will revolt against her socialist/communist take-over. If Trump wins, the welfare, illegals, entitlement people will revolt when he cuts back all the give aways. No choice but to “LOCK AND LOAD”. As we say “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS”. We can still get out of the union immediately when we find it necessary.

  8. Howard when you speak of a revolution in the United States ,are you suggesting of by force ? I hope not as you can be indited if you cross the boarder into the U.S. Watch what you say as it is the third time you have suggested a revolution and some one will be reading your blog.or report you.
    Happy and health Rosh Haashanah to all

  9. Good ALWAYS wins over evil … The Bible is playing out before our eyes … Thank God … God is in control … Just hang on for the bumpy ride …

  10. I watched the debate the other night. I’ve about reached the point I can’t stand the sound of Hillary’s voice. God help North America if she gets in!! However, here in Canada we have our own problems with ‘pretty boy’ Trudeau! God help us!!

  11. Thank you for listing the symptoms of our dystopic disease one by one. We marvel that anyone could have supported Hitler and the actions that oozed like pus from the wounds kept alive by the infection of his evil philosophy, yet here we are, seemingly dulled and oblivious to the same evil in a country that has known greater goodness and freedom than anything known in Europe.
    We bring upon ourselves the self-destruction evil gleefully offers. Why? We are shamefully blind as we choose not to see.

  12. Howard, I love you dearly but would it be possible to leave all the emboldened capitals before they drive me up a tree? Not to mention the ink it will save me, because I print all your editorials.

    I’ll lay odds there are a lot of your readers ready to agree with my suggestion, and enjoy your thoughts more.

    Joan Harding
    Lascassas, Tennessee

  13. Brilliant editorial. The fact is, people are lazy (and stupid). They will go towards the easiest method and take the path of least resistance every time. This is for their own nations, communities, jobs, relationships and sadly, their own lives. Their attitudes and opinions are no different. It is simple and easy (and requires little thought) to go for the free-for-all’s anyone offers. Its much harder to build or maintain something of substance.

  14. I keep asking people if they have read “Atlas Shrugged.” I usually get a blank look and a long……no. I read it in 1967 and again in 2012. I tell them…”it’s all in there…the same thing is happening and has been happening. So maddening to know what’s coming. I just wish there was a hidden community of makers in the mountains that I could fly to…!

  15. Who is John Galt?? That person better start reading….. Lock and Load that’s my kind of thinking
    Howard another great article, lets hope it sinks in !!!!

  16. I have a ritual every Presidential Election cycle. 1) I re-read Ross Perot book, “Not for sale at any price”, and then I re-read Lee Iacocca’s book, “Where have all the leaders gone”. They are parallels to EVERY SINGLE PRESIDENTIAL cycle since they were written! Perot railed about an inmpossible 4 TRILLION dollar defeceit, and Iaccoca ticked off alll the foreign diplomacies, and policy questions we are stilll dealing with today. The bottom line, we need a businessman dot fix our country!!!!

  17. May you and your family enjoy a sweet, healthy and happy New Year. Your most recent editorial above is outstanding and right on the head of the nail some idiots want to drive in to our country coffin.

  18. Sadly, because of Obama I think it is already too late. GOd only knows what he will do in the next 3 1/2 months. THank God we live in Texas! We will see how our state reacts as things worsen. it is a little hope!

  19. The first time I read Atlas Shrugged was just after it was published. I was quite young and knew next to nothing about anything, but even then it made me feel uncomfortable, a feeling I didn’t like or understand. Well, unfortunately, many years later I fully understand it and like the feeling much, much less.

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

  20. Hi Howard and yes I look forward to your blogs with bated breath and love your ideas but I agree with Joan above when she mentions the bold printing. I pass your blog along to Free Republic and twitter and that is the one thing we all agree on is the bold print.

  21. OMG – I never read Atlas Shrugged, didn’t know who John Galt was, but, I now have a very good idea what both are all about! Yes, the USA is in a heap of trouble & our Founding Fathers are definitely spinning in their graves! The issue is – Are you a Taker or a Maker??? We are reliving the 1930’s of Germany. Do we stand by doing nothing or fight for our rights, liberties & freedoms??? November 8th 2016 is a true turning point for the USA.

  22. Howard as always you hit the nail bang on, can not wait to see Trump win and then the —- will hit the fan, Treudope and Wynne better ready themselves for whats to come Mike

  23. The cacophony of every mainstream media voice bleating with their biased “news” reporting is making me ill. There are only a few honest voices raging against this thick brown tide of BS. My recommendation? IGNORE the media. Don’t accept what the lying robots are trying to feed us every day! Take charge! Tell ’em forcefully we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more! Get involved! Grow a pair! FIGHT BACK against crooked Hillary and her corrupt bottom feeders before it’s too late!

  24. Howard, after reading your definition of Dystopia,the comparison to Anarchy is uncanny.There’s not enough space to write it all, BUT for those who want to see how far these predictions go back. All one would need’s to do is read Paul’s 2nd letter to Timothy: 3rd chapter from verse 1 to 17.I just love how Paul states it, you (Timothy) have from your infancy have learned the Holy Scriptures. That’s the Torah! We as a nation have spurned, rejected what was Good & of God for what man says is good!

  25. I see so many articles about HRC, “winning” the election which to me is totally the wrong word. You can’t win anything
    by committing fraud to accomplish it. The term that comes to mind is stealing the office of the presidency. I consider
    the Clinton’s Grifters. The synonyms for grifter are; a fraud, scammer, con artist, con man/woman. Only they have taken it
    to a whole new level.

  26. Howard, I see your BOLD letters as emphasis the same as raising your voice when speaking. No problem for me. Women who vote for Clinton just because ‘she is a woman’ have no business voting. Gender does NOT qualify a candidate – any more than race should have qualified the sorry butt we have for President. And…revolution by words or actions is on the mind of thousands if not millions. Count on that.

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