Before I write another word . . . Thank You to everyone who sent such nice letters about the Anniversary of my Mother’s Memory. They all meant a lot to me.

AS FOR THE CELEBRATION OF THE LIFE OF PERES . . . Please understand this:

By the time the Media will get finished EULOGIZING the life of this LIFE-LONG Politician, most of history will show him to be a Great Leader and Humanitarian . . . AND THAT’S WHY THIS BLOG IS SO POPULAR.


Sitting Presidents like Obama, and ex-Presidents like Clinton and Bush, will fly to Israel for the Funeral of Peres . . . Mostly to be seen RUBBING Shoulders with Power Brokers. In the case of Obama and Clinton, it’s also a great deal about Politics and the American Jewish Vote.

Prime Ministers and Ex-Prime Ministers, and even some Royalty will go to the Funeral. And many more will send representatives and their “HEARTFELT” condolences . . . giving in death, the type of attention and Adulation Peres sold his Soul and the SAFETY of a Nation to have in Life.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . The men and women who will be coming to Israel to LAUD Shimon Peres are no different than Peres himself, who lived off the System, doing all he could to stay part of the System for as long as he could . . . BECAUSE IT WAS ALWAYS ALL ABOUT HIM . . . just as it’s always all about them.


Men and Women in High Places NEED to be SEEN. They NEED to be HEARD. And they NEED to be IMPORTANT, or at least FEEL IMPORTANT . . . and they NEED it for as long as they can string it out. Power – and the Prestige of Power is INTOXICATING & ADDICTIVE.

And that’s why on February 27, 1951, the United States of America thought is was important enough to pass the TWENTY-SECOND AMENDMENT, Limiting Presidential Terms to NO MORE than TWO TERMS PER MAN OR WOMAN, to serve in the White House as the Commander-In-Chief.

Even though FDR was the ONLY President to have ever served more than Two Terms in the White House, the Wisdom of the American People, through their Congress, realized the FOLLY of giving One Man or One Woman TOO MUCH POWER OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO SHIMON PERES . . . who in his entire adult LIFETIME, moved in and around the SEAT OF POWER, making him ENTITLED to the Accolades, Perks and IMPORTANCE of Power, when in REALITY, he might have been one of the WORST Leaders Israel had ever known, tied with Ehud Olmert, who is still languishing in an Israeli JAIL, for his Crimes Against the Jewish State . . . AND IN SPITE of what the LEFT, the MEDIA, and PEOPLE IN POWER would have us believe about PeresPeres was all about Peres.


IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER . . . Current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Served Israel in Combat, as did Ariel Sharon (General), who literally saved Israel from defeat during the Yom Kippur War.

Yitzhak Rabin (General), who was assassinated because of Peres, Commanded all Israeli Soldiers, who was also amongst the FIRST to lead Israeli Troops through the Jerusalem Gate to the Western Wall during the Six Day War.

And Ehud Barak, also a General, distinguished himself in Battle as an extremely Heroic Commando.

AND THEN THERE WERE . . . Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, both of whom, were Commandos, who led Israeli Fighters, even before Israel had a Formal Army, in Battle against All Comers, including the British who sided with the Arabs.


Shimon Peres was busy LYING on his resume, creating the myth that he was A SOMEBODY IN THE ISRAELI NAVY, when in all TRUTH, he was a NOBODY, beyond being a CLERK helping to recruit 17-Year Old Combat Soldiers, while REAL Israeli Men and Women did the actual FIGHTING.

And as hard as anyone can try, and believe me, I’ve tried . . . there seems to be absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Shimon Peres ever saw COMBAT, let alone led men or women into Combat where he participated.

And for any Israeli, especially at the age of Peres, to know that he never physically FOUGHT for Israel, truly says something about Peres, since VIRTUALLY every Israeli has Served in Combat, from the Pre-State of Israel through all the Wars.


Shimon Peres was a PHONY, like most of our Politicians, who was given the keys to a Great Nation, based upon his LEFTIST Dreams of Hope, Change and LIES, who wanted to be seen by the whole World as a Philosopher King, with the Smarts and Exceptional Judgment of a King Solomon, no matter how many times he screwed-up. And no matter how many times Israelis had to pay for his EGO in their own blood.

AND HOW DID PERES GET AWAY WITH IT? . . . Israel is no less INFECTED with a DISHONEST LEFTIST MEDIA than are Canada and the USA.

BY GIVING LIE TO THE MYTH OF PERES . . . Men and Women, who were able to Manipulate Peres at the UN, in Washington, and throughout Europe for their own POLITICAL GAIN, give themselves a Tremendously Undeserved Accolade, where No Tribute Is Deserved.


1 – Trump has all but admitted that he screwed-up BIG TIME at the Debate, and has all but PROMISED that it won’t happen again. AND I BELIEVE HIM!

2 – Even though Trump didn’t have his best Hour at the Hofstra Debate, the People are still with him FOUR SQUARE, mostly because they’re vehemently opposed to Hillary Clinton.

3 – The People want REAL Change, and are 100% going to Ride the Trump Train all the way to the Finish Line, and that’s a GREAT thing.

Maybe a majority of Americans love the Obamas . . . BUT SO WHAT?

The Obamas have hit the Hillary Clinton Campaign Trail with full GUSTO, with nothing of merit to sell or offer the people. In every poll across the Full Spectrum of American Voters, the American People are NOT SATISFIED with the way the Nation is going.


The vast majority of the American People are NOT HAPPY with the Economy, not with the Job Situation, not with the Cost of Living, not with the cost of fuel, food and lodging, not with the Racial Divide, not with National Security, not with Law and Order, not with the Fight against Radical Islam, not with the situation of Illegal Aliens . . . and on and on.

The people might like Barack Obama . . . because to many of the DUNDERHEADS, who seem to think he’s a Likeable Guy, they want to see and hear him perform, but they certainly don’t like where America is today under his leadership.

So let him Campaign for the Witch of Chappaqua, and provide Entertainment to the Ignorant Masses, since so many Americans seem to like REALITY SHTICK OPPOSED TO THE TRUTH. But they also want a Better America.

AND I’M BANKING . . . that more than half of the people have had enough of the REALITY SHTICK BS . . . and are more interested in the REAL World, since PRETEND & PROMISES does not put food on the Table or a Roof over your Head.

And it shows in the Massive Crowds FLOCKING to all the Trump Events, which to me, is more indicative of where this Election is going, than it is to the easily FIXED Polls.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. No to Bush, Christie, and Romney and of course Hillary… you other candidates who are true conservatives, get your act together and get out there and strut your stuff. This country needs a leader…a real one, NO LEFTIES NEED APPLY!

  2. Trump can be his own worst enemy, where his mouth leads his brain. That’s what I like about him! and so do the majority.
    Lets pray he makes it! The alternative is beyond contemplation.

  3. Howard,
    You are the voice of America,and frankly the world. As I mentioned yesterday,a very Happy,Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family.

  4. I talk to a lot of people every day and I am very vocal about being a Trump fan. That said of the maybe 200 people I’ve talked to / emailed over the past month there are 3 that are as much for Hillary as I’m for Trump.
    I believe the Trump fans are silent for the most part just going to pull the Trump lever ASAP.

  5. Lester holt moderator of this weeks Trump/hillary debt interrupted hillary 3 times and Trump 32 times plus let Hillary go over the time limit on every question but not the Donald. The fix was in and i wonder what the payoff was for holt. This why I don.t believe what is reported in the news

  6. I traveled in Israel during the 1980’s & 1990 & thought Peres was great, as people seemed so happy. Now I realize that politicians eulogize one another because they need to do that to continue their “profession” against the people they con into voting for them. The Clintons are the worst. Trump, never a politician, is the hope of us who see the truth of politics here. He was blindsided at that fake debate. Holt interrupted him every time he tried to speak the truth. Hillary cheated, as always.

  7. Hi Howard….it sounds like your mom was just like mine and it was great to read your words concerning her and your respect, appreciation and love for her…deservedly so! Thank you for another hard hitting, worth reading perspective on Mr. Peres and especially the US political scene. I couldn’t agree more with your analysis of the ‘Trump Syndrome’ and what ‘the People’ are trying to say…in spite of the controlled media and political elitists! Humans haven’t changed much since ‘time began’!

  8. I like your reference to Hillary as “The Witch of Chappaqua,” but for effect I much prefer “The Bitch of Benghazi.” Just sayin.

  9. So Howard, tell us all how you really feel about SHIMON PERES! GRIN!!! True that OBummer had an inbox from hell in 2008. But unlike a real leader, he failed to right the ship. PERES, OBummer and The Crooked Liar From Chappaqua are all cut from the same B.S. Political cloth. They say anything to get elected. It is a power game to them. Unlike Reagan, and I hope Trump, these 2 leaders actually do lead, have done good, and tell it like it is. Go TRUMP!!!; and please take Hillary to prison.

  10. Hey Howard
    Regarding your comments on Peres and his military service……two things come to mind. I have clear memories of sitting with my grandmother, during WWll, as she knitted socks for soldiers. My own daughter served 3 tours of Iraq and was blown up twice. Neither of them pulled a trigger but did they help the war effort? Do not belittle anyone who puts on a uniform, all service is invaluable. BTW, I’m a volunteer at a VA hospital. Many of the vets have injuries, few were in combat!

  11. Term limits must be extended to the Congress, State, and City Governments. No retirements because it is a part time job; two terms and back to your career job. No Lifetime retirements after a few years in government “service”.

  12. You said, “Maybe a majority of Americans love the Obamas . . . BUT SO WHAT?” Where are they? In my world, I don’t know one person who loves him or his wife. And for good reason! I can’t stand him and turn him off every time he comes on the radio or TV. And most of the people I know feel the same way.

    God bless you, Mr. G! Keep fighting the good fight!

  13. Obama’s only legacy will be he was the first Black American President. Maybe that will be enough to make all of his lawlessness and mistakes mistically disappear in the History books. If race becomes his legacy, as I suspect it will, then perihaps there is a form of RACISM going on that is different and distinct from the concept of that word most people have.


  14. Tend to agree with Bob Driscoll on term limits for Congress as well as prez. As for retirement, they can pay into SocSec and whatever other private retirement (IRA) they choose like most folks. If all the attractive perks (something for nothing or very little) weren’t there, we might get people truly wanting to serve THE COUNTRY and not themselves. It would eliminate a lot of Progressives/liberals. Might even get back to original Constitutional values.

  15. People are ANGRY for all the reasons listed above. Hence, they prefer that Trump be more ‘forceful’ than what he was in the first debate. He needs to CONFRONT Clinton re: her LIES, especially about BENGHAZI! Obama has RUINED our Country and Clinton would follow suit. The crowds at Trump events appear to be an indication that he will win, BUT both Clinton & Obama are DEPENDING on VOTER FRAUD for him to lose; THEY will use their POWER to do so. Is the VIDEO GUY still in PRISON? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  16. Many politicians make it so easy to despise them… few have any principles or integrity. I sure would like to see Trump lower the boom on evil Hillary….with a smile on his face. She is more than deserving of being sloshed around in the gutter where she has lived her entire life along with her “husband”. We might not hear the cheers if the debate is held again at a Marxist oriented college, but we’ll know in our hearts they are loud and clear.

  17. Seems as though Hillary has a lot in common with Peres always moving from one political job to another while really not accomplishing anything but chaos along the way. Keep your eye on the Allen West story. He is scheduled to speak at St. Louis University and just like David Horowitz is getting flack from the University faculty and the Moslem Student association. Horowitz was cancelled due to Cair and the Moslem student association. West may be cancelled also.

  18. Here is our choice: a rough-cut diamond or a polished CZ…Hopefully, we will not elect a counterfeit.

  19. If you look back at 2012, nearly everyone Obama stumped for -lost their elections. I say -LET OBAMA STUMP FOR HILLARY!!!!! And, I DO believe that Trump HAS learned his lesson. He will NOT let the next opportunities go by.

  20. I am sick to death of Hillary’s campaign ads against Trump–just character assassination and nothing else. I am sick of taxpayer’s paying for Obama’s month away from his office to campaign for Hillary and using AF1 to do it. More taxpayer money being wasted by this faux president. And even if Trump is ahead in the polls, what dirty tricks won’t the Dems play when they count the votes? Nothing more corrupt in the US than Soros, Obama and the Clintons. Talk about a basket of deplorables!

  21. I am in complete agreement Victoria! Hopefully Howard’s blogs will not be censored in the future. We have lost so much of our free speech. Trump 2016!

  22. I think Donald’s biggest problem is that he tries to justify everything that is said about him. He would do better to ignore those things…like the Miss Peggy deal that Hillary resurrected. Trump gave credence to it when he tried to explain it the next day! Donald! Please just ignore those things that are thrown out by Hillary or her henchmen of the liberal media. They can’t find anything really bad so they look for anything from the past, to try and bait you. IGNORE THEM

  23. Eve gave motherhood a bad beginning and many mothers are in lockstep with her. They lie,cheat,and dishonor God with their life style. But through the generations God has given us wonderful Mothers and we indeed are blessed. I know, I had one.Billie

  24. I see where Hillarious has offered Billy BJ a postition in HER government, as the man in charge of a manufacturing renaissance. His is a pro at making teflon, as nothing sticks to him whereas his associates seem to go to jail all the time, either that or they seem to end up dead for some reason. And the stupid lefties buy that crap, even as she spews it out. Was it not the Donald who is championing the manufacturing renaissance?

  25. The left will never give up the gains they have made, they don’t have too. They are unafraid of doing whatever they have to to keep it. The question is to how committed are we to the Founders creation.

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