A Real Life Worth Living.


Shimon Peres, Past Prime Minister, Holder of Several Ministries, and President of Israel . . . just DIED at age 93, with much of the World Bemoaning the Loss. BUT I’M NOT ONE OF THEM.

Peres was the QUINTESSENTIAL POLITICIAN, who knew how to play the system BETTER than most, and as well as the BEST. He was one of those Politicians I can’t stomach, no matter where his or her type “serve”.

If there was a place for him to insert himself . . . FOR HIS NARCISSISTIC BENEFIT, he was always there, and was always convincing the LEFT that he was SACRIFICING for the COMMON GOOD . . . especially amongst SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL, where he served as Vice President.

So what should that in itself tell you about Peres?

Once the people had had enough of his Failed Policies, he was NAMED, not elected, but NAMED by the Prime Minister, to be Israel’s President, which is essentially a TITULAR Position to cut Ribbons, Host Government Parties and do PR.

And the reason Peres was Named President, was to finally shut him up, and stop him from inserting himself wherever he didn’t belong. But even at that, Peres wouldn’t stop. And even without Authority from the People or from the Government, Peres spent all of his Presidency undercutting the Conservative Government of Israel, wherever he could.

IN ABSOLUTE HISTORICAL HONESTY . . . Much of the HORRORS, if not ALL THE HORRORS that befell Israel since 1993, which became the beginning of a Decades Old Israeli Bloodbath, and still continuing, was almost exclusively because of Shimon Peres, who literally DRAGGED Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was Assassinated because of the FOLLY of Peres, to sign the TRAITOROUS OSLO ACCORD, which was responsible for TWO INTIFADAS and several Gaza Wars, leading to the MURDERS and subsequent miseries of THOUSANDS OF JEWISH ISRAELIS.


ISRAEL IS DOING GREAT . . . in comparison to most countries around the world, in virtually every METRIC we can consider, BUT NOT BECAUSE OF PERES – In all reality, Israel is the Global Powerhouse it is today, contrary to its Diminutive Size, IN SPITE OF SHIMON PERES.

WHY ARE WORLD LEADERS . . . so saddened by the loss of Peres? Because they’re all cut from the same Miserable Cloth.


On this Date, one of the FINEST WOMEN I ever knew, and could have ever hoped to have known intimately, passed away . . . she was my MOM.

Unlike Peres, and all the other “Famous” peopled who live, or have lived for the Limelight, Accolades and Rewards, my MOM lived for her Family and Community, with ZERO EXPECTATIONS FOR REWARD.

My MOM, who had High School Education, worked and struggled for whatever she had, was born in Montreal to Religious Russian Immigrant Parents. And when WWII Broke Out in 1939, my MOM signed-up and served on the Home Front.

When my MOM & DAD married after the War, she stayed at home to raise her Family of Two Daughters and One Son (me), who became the reason for her being. And even though my Parents struggled for the better part of their lives together, to make-it Financially, to keep a Roof over our Heads, and put Food on the Table . . . my sisters and I never Felt In Want.

And when we were frightened, or felt diminished, or threatened, or failed at something in school, we never felt that we should hide in fear from either of our Parents, but ESPECIALLY FROM MY MOM . . . who extolled the VIRTUES of Understanding, Patience and Forgiveness.

And even to this day . . . 29-YEARS after her Death, whatever I say, and whatever I do, I reflect upon how would my MOM HAVE JUDGED MY ACTIONS. And if what I did or said would have Pleased her at the Least, and would have made her Proud at the Most.

My MOM taught us the VALUES that are so miserably lacking in today’s society. She taught us CIVICS, Personal Responsibly, that No One Owes us Anything. That Hard Work is a VIRTUE. She taught us HUMILITY, RESPECT, and how No one Is Better than anyone else regardless of Religion, Color, Ethnicity and Gender.

SHE ALSO TAUGHT US BY PERSONAL EXAMPLE . . . how to be sympathetic to people who have less, or who are in one way or another infirmed.

My MOM was in every way an extremely HUMBLE person, yet, when she died, and when we planned her Funeral, I wondered if anyone would even take the time and make the effort to show-up to pay their Last Respects, other than for Family and Close Friends, so my Slightly Older Sister and I wondered whether we should reserve the Smaller Funeral Chapel, or the Large Funeral Hall that sat many Hundreds of people.

And because of our DEEP RESPECT FOR OUR MOM and her Memory, we opted to reserve the Large Funeral Hall, even if it sat mostly empty.

SO HERE WAS THE SCENE SOME 29 YEARS AGO . . . My DAD, Sisters, Brother-In-Law, Anne, and I sat in the Mourner’s Box, watching the Large Funeral Hall FILL BEYOND CAPACITY, to STANDING ROOM ONLY, so much so, that people were standing outside the Large Hall, who came to pay their last RESPECTS.

I sat there with Tears Streaming Down My Cheeks (just as I’m tearing-up writing this recollection now), as I recognized all the “LITTLE PEOPLE”, who by the HUNDREDS came to say their Last Goodbye to a PLAIN LADY, who had an unbelievable influence on their lives.

By NOON Today, Anne and I will make the Trek to Montreal, to pay our 29th Visit to remember the day my MOM Died, in addition to all the other visits we’ve made to the Grave Site of my Parents, always Giving Thanks for the incredible GIFT they gave to my Sisters, my Brother-In-Law, to Anne, Myself and everyone Else who knew them, BUT ESPECIALLY MY MOM.

And in comparison to the Life of my MOM – to the Life of a Political Hack like Peres . . . THERE IS NO COMPARISON.

In Celebration Of An Incredible Mother & Great Memories . . .

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I live in Florida. I will not vote for bush the rino. Best combos for the Republican party are Cruz/West/Bolton/Gowdy, Walker/Cruz/West/Bolton/Gowdy. Anything with Romney or bush will lose.

  2. You are a beautiful reflection of your Mom’s values. God Bless you as you travel to her grave on this solemn anniversary.

  3. Howard,
    My mom is still with us but yours is a special lady in my heart now. My mom has all the same beliefs and virtues of your mom and being in her 80’s still adheres to them all. Only if there were someone like our moms to run for the presidency a lot of our problems would vanish. Peace unto you my friend, Mike Grunik

  4. BE BLESSED my friend, I too had a Mother that was always there for me and my 2 sisters!!
    Thank you for ‘reminding’ me!!

  5. Blessings to you Howard as you remember the Mother who taught you to be who you are today. Thanks for your article and have a good day filled with wonderful memories.

  6. my mom is irish roman cathoilic raised 17 kids the same as your mom…….. started in 1930 ended in 1955 with my youngest bro …………we milked cows hoed the garden collected the eggs washed the floors and did as we were told………….. we all ended up in Canada with good jobs cause we knew the meaning of work but we all worked no handouts

  7. I concur with my eldest daughter Elizabeth’s comments, as usual. In any society, there are givers and takers. Fortunately for us, there are families who exceed the average in giving and uplift all of us. Your is one of the best. We will say prayers today for your Mom, and ask her to do the same for us.

  8. There is “Magic” in the word MOM!

    I know how you feel!

    Ted Walker Oakville, Ontario, Canada

  9. Wonderful legacy, Howard. I feel sorry for those who have not had such a blessing. I know how you feel. And do not forget, Peres will have to meet his Maker. He’ll either need an enormous amount of forgiveness or be escorted to a special place in Hell.

  10. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories of your Mom. She was obviously a great influence in your life – a great blessing.

  11. There is one item our parents cannot teach us. That is how to deal with the loss of a dear loved one. Hats off to you Howard for making the trek to visit her at her final resting place. On Perez, he will be judged for his actions by a higher authority. I lost my Mom in 2006 at age 92. I know how you must be grieving.

  12. Am thankful you had a mother like I have. Have been caring for her for almost six years here at my home. She had a stroke, and cannot speak, and has dementia with other aliments. There are challenging days. With the good Lord, and the memories of everything she taught me and how she loved our family and others is my strength. You are describing your mother just as I would describe mine. She lives through you…her children her greatest asset. The greatest blessing is to love, and to be loved

  13. First, thank you for the Peres ‘history’ lesson. Besides your writing skills, you are a great ‘teacher’. Second, this particular Editorial is a very emotional one. You were very fortunate to have such a great Mom—as I was. Such mothers are never a complete loss, however, because of our great memories of them and, especially, the VALUES they have taught us. I do wish that more children would have such ROLE MODELS these days! Wishing you my sincerest sympathy & empathy. AMEN!

  14. I am sorry for your loss Howard. I have Yiskor for my mother this Friday,and all day today I keep thinking what would she say about the state of the world today,or the shape the US is in. Please you and your family have a happy and healthy New Year,and hopefully the world will be in a better place next year.

  15. Your cherished sentiments made me not only cry, but think of my mother. It is your extraordinary heart & compassion that has totally captured my respect for both you & Anne. Nope, you could never be a politician, you’re too honest & you care too much!

  16. My heart goes out to you. I to had a Mother like you. God bless all Mother’s who devoted their lives too their families and friends.

  17. A Wonderful Mom is the Best Blessing a kid can have, I had one, too. Thank you for sharing your devotion to your Mom, and realizing the great qualities she instilled in you. She would be proud you use those qualities improving our world, our lives, our future. Thank you, Howard .. Thank you! On Trump my prayer is, “He learned from this debate, and will SHINE in the next two!” Nell Hinson, El Cajon CA USA

  18. What a beautiful tribute. I pray for your continued strength, wisdom and peace.

  19. Howard May God continue to Bless your Mom’s Beautiful Soul…and ALL of the Souls who think of her today!! Bud Farrell

  20. Thank you so much for writing about your mom, Howard – truly an “aishet chayeel”. My mother, who just celebrated her 94th b’day and your mother are like mirror twins. I’m so blessed to still have my mother – she brought me and my siblings up strictly – always with love; taught us the best of life’s values; still adds her 2 cent when she think we’re going awry. She encourages us to live life well, earn what we get, and care for people as needed. A great woman! SHANA TOVA TO YOU AND ANNE!!

  21. Howard, I have to agree with you 210% on Peres, however I want to point one thing, in the last war, when the world was busy screaming bloody murder at Israel, and journalistic hacks were trying to bait Peres on such accusations….he responded in the most stateman like way that “Israel just wants peace,” why do they want war.

    He was the most ideal to defend Israel under such a barrage of hatred.

  22. I definitely understand your loss as I tear re my own deceased Mom & Dad. I was totally blessed & well taught with principles.
    Mary Curren, Port Angeles, WA

  23. Howard, I watched the news reports last night and felt exactly the same as you. While I hate to see any person of peace pass away, Peres was never my cup of tea. The only thing worse than a left-wing Jew is an Israeli left-wing Jew. How delusional must one be to believe that a so-called two-state solution will ever bring peace to Israel. But as we all know, liberalism is actually a mental disorder that befalls individuals from all stations of life.

  24. Howard, Your mother is ‘alive’ in your memories and in the good deeds/thoughts you pass along to others. Lost my mom when she was only 58 so I truly know what a blessing it is to have a mom that made it to her 80s or 90s. All any of us can do is to live up to the principles they taught us and become decent, caring human beings. You have sent a good example!

  25. Godspeed to your and your wife on your trip to Montreal paying tribute to your mother. Be safe!

  26. I totally agree with you, Howard, about Shimon Peres, not a mensch at all.
    About your Mom, mine (who passed away in 1997) could have been her clone, your typical Yiddish Mame if there had ever been one. She gave me life a number of times: the first in Paris in 1940, and a few more times then on during the war, when my father and she always kept one step ahead of the Nazis and the French Milice, ending up in Switzerland, that we left in the Spring of 1945.

  27. Your eloquent tribute was uplifting. Reminded me of my mother who was a Holocaust Survivor. She died as a very young 88 still volunteering. At Toronto’s Holocaust Center I had the privilege to volunteer with her and teach the younger generation about the values we both learned from our mothers.
    Thanks. Your riding buddy; Andy

  28. I was very fortunate to have the privilege of being a “stay-at-home” Mom and raise my children all during their formative years. Sometimes it was tough to make ends meet, but we managed. I believe many of today’s mothers would love to be able to stay at home to raise their children. Donald Trump has suggested a means if he is elected, to offer child care benefits not only to mothers who work outside the home, but also to stay-at-home moms. It’s about time! That would be a real blessing.

  29. I also miss my Mom, she died at age 54. Most of all I miss my wife and pray for her everyday. At Marriage we joined
    together for 43 years, she was 67 when she died in her sleep. Someday we will be together again.

  30. What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Howard. My thoughts and prayers are with you. She’ll be with you as you stand at her graveside honoring her memory. Feel her love!!!!!! God Bless you and Anne. Marlene

  31. Howard the tribute to your Mom was very moving. I lost my Mom in 1987, she was 88. She raised me and my four older sisters alone. Our Father died before I turned six years old. She cleaned houses among other menial jobs before landing a good job at $.45 cents an hour. She retired at 65 after 41 years, All five of us got a good High School education and blessed her with 11 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. WOW! I didn’t mean to get carried away on this. Edgar Sellers

  32. What a powerful testament to your Mother. I am the woman today, due to my mother. I am still mentally strong & have good morals, conscience & becoming more humble. I see that I have done well with my own daughters. All 3 of them will always fight the good fight, when necessary. They are as opinionated as I am & that can be very good aspect to anyone’s person. They are knowledgeable & have never stopped learning, which makes them young, like me. :O)

  33. Howard, I still remember Mrs B holding court in her kitchen. I never think of her as being gone. As for Perez, for years I had been hoping that he would just be dignified and simply shut up. He was more of hinderance than a route for a solution.

  34. Howard…..What a beautiful honor you pay your Mother. You have to be very proud and grateful for such a caring and loving audience. We very much appreciate being a part of your “family”.
    We send our love….
    Boss and Shirlee Sutton, Modesto, CA

  35. Your mother sounds like my mother. We both are lucky to have great mothers who loved their children and gave up many things for their children. My mother raised 7 children with out our father and she turn down several times, a man with means who wanted to marry her even with her 7 children. My mother will always be with me just as God is with her and with me and all who believe in Him. God Bless all, especially moms.

  36. Congratulations on having had such a great woman for a mother, and so sorry that she died so young.
    She truly left her mark on so many people and her zeal for an honest government of the people lives on.
    May her vision never fail, and thank you for carrying on her legacy.

  37. Very moving tribute to your mom. You certainly have honored her memory.

    Our news media was, as expected, only quick to portray Obama as in deep mourning over Peres’ death. Without knowing enough about his history, i could only imagine what the truth was. Thanks for proving my suspicions were correct!

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