If after a LIFETIME in and around the Socio/Political Process, Crooked Hillary still needs to PREP for her Debate against Donald Trump . . . GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

If Crooked Hillary tries to play the Woman Card against Trump, because he might be too aggressive during the debate, just think about how Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher dealt with Tough Guys. I followed both of their careers in Politics, and never once heard either of them make WOE IS ME reference to their GENDER. I should also include Indira Gandhi with the other two, who also showed toughness in the face of real challenges.

BUT CROOKED HILLARY IS SPECIAL . . . and spends more time reinventing herself, than she spends defining what she really stands for, that will make America Great Again.

I guess Crooked Hillary thinks more of the same that is crushing the American People and SCREWING-UP the World is the way to go.


Unless there’s a Real Breaking Event between this Editorial and Monday Night’s Debate, my next Editorial will be published on Tuesday, after Trump leaves the Witch from Chappaqua in a Pool of her own LIES & DECEIT on the Debate Stage.


THE WAY I SEE IT . . . All Trump has to do to EVISCERATE Crooked Hillary on the Debate Floor, is for Trump to be himself . . . to use his time during the Debate to PROMOTE the things he has been PROMOTING from Day One . . . which is all that it will take for Trump to Make America Great Again . . . including:

Putting America First, Building The Wall, Leveling The Trade Playing Field, Creating Jobs, Appointing The Right People To The Supreme Court, Promoting All Forms Of Energy, Lowering Taxes, Make The Government Smaller & More Efficient, Turning Education Back To The States, Eliminating Corruption In Government, Restoring The Military, Cleaning The Insiders Out Of Government . . . ETC.

And if Crooked Hillary tries to get under Trump’s Skin with Personal Assaults about his Taxes, a few of his Failed Businesses amongst HUNDREDS of Success Stories, he should just let her have it.

And if the Moderator wants to pull a CANDY CROWLEY on him . . . LET THE MODERATOR HAVE IT TOO – WITH BOTH BARRELS.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Of the 100-PLUS MILLION PEOPLE, who purportedly will be watching the Debate, NONE OF THEM IN APPRECIABLE NUMBERS, will be watching because of Crooked Hillary.

AND . . . I would be willing to bet, that this Debate will be so HUGE, that the 100-MILLION NUMBER OF VIEWERS, will relate ONLY to the USA, with ZERO consideration for Global Viewers from South America, Europe, the Middle East, the South Pacific, Africa and Asia.

I don’t know anyone in Canada who isn’t waiting on pins and needles to see this debate, and watch TRUMP-BE-TRUMP, which will become the Single Largest Television Debate in World History . . . ONLY BECAUSE OF TRUMP.


I read all the Comments . . . and just about all the Emails I receive. And because I am swamped with Emails, I will say this again. If you send me more than a few sentences, I won’t read it, simply because there is hardly enough time in the day for me to read the volume of opinions and information that is already sent to me.

AS FOR THE COMMENTS . . . I read all of them, and in most cases, I’m impressed with the knowledge, opinions, quality of writing and respectfulness of the writers; but yesterday, as it has happened several times in the past, one of the Commentators suggested that if a person DOES NOT believe in God, he or she CANNOT be a Moral and Ethical Person, with Strong Principled VALUES . . . which bothered several of the Readers of this BLOG, more than just somewhat.

SO LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I BELIEVE . . . I know a lot of people, some who are as DEVOUT as you can imagine, whom I wouldn’t trust to hold an empty wallet. And I know many people who are not BELIEVERS, who I would trust to care for STRYKER.

IF YOU WANT TO GENERALIZE . . . and sit in JUDGMENT of people based upon how you BELIEVE people should BELIEVE . . . YOU’RE READING THE WRONG BLOG.

I JUDGE A PERSON BY HIS OR HER CHARACTER . . . not by how He or She wears His or Her Religious Beliefs on His or her Arm for all to see.

Matthew 7:1 . . . “Judge not, that you be not judged” . . .

I have CLOSE FRIENDS, who I would go to Hell with, who are DEVOUT Christians. I have CLOSE FRIENDS, who are DEVOUT Jews, with whom I would not hesitate to stand with under any circumstances. And I have CLOSE FRIENDS, who are Atheists, who I respect, trust and would STAND with as I would, with any of my Christian and Jewish Friends. So what does that say about me?

SO WHEN YOU QUESTION THE INTEGRITY & VALUES . . . of people based exclusively on their Religious Beliefs – YOU’RE QUESTIONING MY INTEGRITY & VALUES TOO. And that says a lot more about you, than it says about the people you are so quick to dismiss, simply Because They Don’t Believe The Way You Believe.

SPECIAL NOTE . . . Someone asked if it would be OK to foreword my Editorials, and or put them on Face Book. ABSOLUTELY YES, as long as – not so much as a comma is added, changed, or taken away . . . and Full Accreditation is given to


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Dr. Ben Carson, raised in the inner city of Detroit by his single, illiterate mother went from being a “horrible student with a violent temper” to become a world famous pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital at age 33. See the movie, “Gifted Hands”, starring Cuba Goodings, Jr. as Carson. He is the only Candidate who can heal and unite America.
    The feministas will vote for Hillary for one reason – because she is a woman – ignoring the fact that she is a deceitful, conniving liberal.

  2. The character of a person, as well as their integrity and values is how I have always chosen FRIENDS. Not on their Religious Beliefs. I may NOT always agree with a person, but I RESPECT them IF they have earned that RESPECT by how they conduct themselves. Thank You again for your editorials. SPOT ON !!

  3. Howard,

    Your ethnicity and/or religion have no bearing on how you are perceived by your supporters; at least not those that I know. Your knowledge, ethics and character are what keep you in the spotlight and have us looking forward to your next editorial. Keep up the good work!

  4. It is not what a man wears that count, it is what is INSIDE a man that counts. From what I have seen of you so far, I would trust you with my life and that of my families which is close to 100 lives. I have been posting your Editorials on Facebook through your web site since I first received them. God bless you and yours.

  5. Howard, As usual, your eloquence & knowledge shines thru. I completely – Donald needs to just be who he is, and he will CRUSH crooked Hillary. Well said.

  6. I love Ted Cruz…and when I saw the Donald crucify him and his family with LYING TED etc., I lost all respect for him. Will I vote for him…I won’t know until I walk in to vote!!! I’m weeping today!

  7. You said it, Howard. It’s CHARACTER that counts in measuring anyone’s worth (or worthlessness). That’s why I expect Donald Trump to march roughshod over Hillary in tomorrow’s debate. On a scale of 100, I’d rate her character as ZERO. I hope and trust that he will point this out, with examples, and not let her attempt to obfuscate the importance of that with petty insults. If he does that, Hillary’s finished.

  8. Only GOD and His Son knows a person’s heart. You are 100% correct! Trump certainly believes in GOD and Pastor Jackson had enough faith in Trump to anoint him. I believe the prophecies are right and Trump will be president.

  9. BINGO! Everything that has needed to be said about Trump has been said, especially about his treatment of his Republican opponents. At some point one has to make a decision about voting for him or not voting for him. The undecided all know they have that choice. This will be the most important election in 150 years; there could not be more at stake! Choose well. Wasn’t it Jesus who had something to say about….Forgiveness?

  10. This election is the most important one in my 79 years, we will either have more of the same only worse with crooked Hillary or turn things around with Trump. I wonder if Hillary will be able to handle 90 min. without a break.

  11. Not so fast! Hitlery is a polished and practiced liar. She is not just perceived but KNOWN to be an irredeemable reprobate, yet she has eluded prosecution for 35 years in the public eye, literally flaunting her corruption. Incredibly, her poll numbers favor her over The Donald. If he does not bring his A game to the debates, she may well better him at what she does best: deceive the low-information voters.

  12. amen to blessing not cursing anyone !! People are waking up and becoming ‘eyes that see and ears that hear’ another AMEN
    We had a GREAT time yesterday in my town of 5k+/-. After 4 hours trying to get people to not honk but STOP and get signs, they suddenly slammed on their brakes to come into the little GOP office, as the TRUMP 28′ advertising motor home pulled through !! Maybe they thought President Trump was here LOL.
    we have several clintonistas here.. oh well

  13. Howard, you are incredibly effective!!! What a cherished soul you are. Tomorrow I want to see Trump smooth, ice in his veins, with a deadly aim, and no bullets left in the gun. Witchillery has given him plenty of ammunition. I know he has a plan and I hope it includes showing the world he also knows how to use calm deadly words. I want her humiliated and her deceitful character laid out for the world to see. No sympathy, no forgiveness, there will be no need for a second debate. GO TRUMP!

  14. Anyone can claim to be anything. The way a person lives and conducts themselves reveals their proof of character. As a Christian, I am very disappointed and offended by the misrepresentation of Christianity in the misinformed pious comments of those who said nonChristians cannot have moral character and integrity.

    Keep up the good work, Howard.

  15. Howard, you have an incredible insight into human nature. I agree with your statements, and trust Donald Trump is also reading your blog. As one of his most enthusiastic supporters you deserve recognition for all the boosts you give him everyday . Let us all pray for his success tomorrow night when he is up against the devil disguised as a woman.

  16. My comments re: CHRISTIANITY, yesterday, were misinterpreted by some. NO affront was meant to Atheists, etc… My point was that CHRISTIANITY is being attacked as it’s never been before, & being a Christian, I resent these attacks. Thank you to those who realized my INTENT—I truly appreciate it! On another note, TRUMP will ‘hold his own” in the DEBATE, tomorrow. CLINTON is in for a “HUGE” surprise, one which she’ll never forget! We all want to see “AMERICA BECOME GREAT AGAIN”! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  17. Just one note – He who makes you mad has already won the argument!!! Think about that and you will see – When one finger is pointing at someone else – Three are pointing back at you! Trump must be careful to not lose his temper & to think clearly & concisely. He does have plans & some really good plans for the US’s future. I want to see how he will carry out his ideas & what he plans to do with Congress. Now – There’s a REAL mess – Congress!!! GO TRUMP!!!

  18. In a Regan debate – his comment “…there he goes again’ was heard far and wide. If/when Killery starts up with her diatribe, arrogance etc. I hope Trump will use her phrase “What difference does it make” to point out that all her 35 years in public service have made ‘no difference’. She also said “words count’ so how many dishonest words has she spoken to Congress, the FBI, parents of the Bengazi slain and the American people. I’m afraid her REAL expertise is in lying and hypocracy.

  19. What is the definition of a debate? One subject and the pros and cons speak. This won’t be a debate. They will change their answers to something else to avoid the subject. This has gone on for years. The truth will never be known.

  20. Personally I would use the time to recite her crimes which are many including violation of US law, blast her foundation, excoriate her record as a Senator and SOS, ask her where the missing $6 Billion is. Question her donations from foreign governments, pay for pay appointments and meetings. Then I’d give the list of potential cabinet posts of leading citizens. Lastly I’d question her ability to create jobs or even to stop the growth of the deficit.

  21. Agree with your comment no question. The problem we have here is the Liberal Machine. They are connected and and have the ability to illegally influence the Election. They will do whatever it takes to get a win. There are many incidents of how they can control the event. Of all of the I site the death of John Kennedy Jr. and the private plane crash that took his life.
    He was running for the Senate in NY, against who? Think about it.

  22. There are many who are Christian in name only. Like RINOS. This has given Christianity a bad rap. No one can force morality/faith on anyone else. That includes the government. God gave us free will to chose what we are and what we believe. I had a great-uncle who was a devout atheist and he was more morally upright than some “Christians” I have known. I am a Christian who realizes that I MUST work on MYSELF to be WORTHY of the name “Like Messiah” (Christian). It’s NOT easy. Bless u all!

  23. I have come to learn the character of an individual is clearly shown not when things are going good, BUT when things are coming apart.The character & heart of that person will clearly show itself.Let’s just use Job as an example.Judgment calls,decisions we make them through out our day.The “only”one who can make a judgement with an individual’s soul is God!I don’t care how much Bible you know!Being made in the image of God we’ve been given His attributes,it’s the sinful nature that screws it up.

  24. As for the Left’s and the media and those for Hillary, I’ll prophecy, if Donald, just be Donald and Hillary just be Hillary you know who will win but, flat-out won’t admitt it. Dahhhhhhhhhhhh.

  25. Totally agree with Hope Wozniak’s & Frank Canzone’s comments today. As for P. Demmers comments 2 days ago to mean anything offensive to anyone, I sure did not see it. Slow down folks. Before taking offense, read & re-read it & set aside sensitivities to look at it objectively. Most of us who read/comment here are pretty much of one mind on the major issues Howard writes about. Let’s not allow ourselves to get sidetracked. Keep up your good work Howard; we need your focus.

  26. No matter the result of this debate, we will get the best president money can buy.

  27. Howard, I know you are Jewish (so are we), but right now you are indeed “the Way, the Truth, and the Light” for many people because the media has become so biased! This next election is so critical for not only USA, but Canada and the world as well. Could get such that we are no longer able to “tell it like it is” here in USA. Thanks for all you are doing!

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