The FIX Is In With Comey And The Pardons – & The Price Will Be Paid



When the people no longer have any TRUST in Government. And the Government looks upon the people as if the people work for them. And the people have nowhere to turn for JUSTICE & REDRESS . . . THE PEOPLE TURN TO THE STREETS.


When the People took to the Streets in France during the Revolution (1789 – 1799), and the Cobblestones RAN RED with the BLOOD of the Aristocracy and Bureaucracy, IT WAS NOT A ONE-OF, nor was it an event restricted to the History of that time.


I TRULY BELIEVE . . . that today’s Modern Aristocracy, who amongst them are Corporate, Entertainment, Intellectual, Bureaucratic and Government Insiders – would do themselves an INCREDIBLE FAVOR, if they were to shut-up and learn some HISTORY.

Before the Storming of the Bastille . . . Before the Barricades went up in Paris. And before the French Elitists were Dragged to the Dungeons, or Beaten and Murdered on the Streets, or met with the Guillotine – THEY WERE WARNED.


THAT SAID . . . I think it’s already too late, since the rot has become so deep, and has become so embedded within the Privileged Class . . . and so much a part of Our Society, that nothing short of a REVOLUTION CAN BRING REDEMPTION.

FRANCE FOUGHT THEIR REVOLUTION . . . in the LATE 1700’s – to win what America had already won and established in the somewhat earlier 1700’s, through the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.


1 – Throughout Europe . . . People were adopting beliefs, which extolled the Freedoms of The Individual.

2 – People throughout Europe, were reaching out for New Ideas and Friendships to other Countries and Cultures, leading to the exchange of knowledge, commerce and the concentration of wealth.

3 – There was a new way of thinking about the Control of the Church, Unfair Education, and the Servitude of the people to Government.

4 – People were Hungry for New Philosophies and Philosophers, waiting for nothing else but someone to lead.


IN ESSENCE . . . It was a time when the people had had enough . . . and needed nothing more than a Leader to RALLY the Masses and effect REAL & PAINFUL CHANGE. Eventually, that Leader was Napoleon, but before him, various Leaders inflicted the People’s Revenge.


1 – France was BROKE in the mid to late 1700’s from fighting wars, and financing the wars of others.

2 – There was little to no money in the Treasury. And the only International Wealth that changed hands were Debts owed by Paris.

3 – The people didn’t have jobs, they couldn’t put food on the table, and the cities and infrastructure were in decay.

4 – The people were already TAXED to the limit, with the only Monetary Resource left for the Government to latch onto, were the Wealthier Working Class, you know, just like Obama, Clinton and the LEFTIST Elitists who repeatedly CRY-OUT TO TAX THE 1-PERCENTERS.

5 – Where was the Justice . . . since the Insiders had various sets of Rules and Regulations . . . one for themselves – with the other for everyone else.

6 – The People were wholly divided between the ELITE & THE WORKING CLASS.


The Situation in France had become so Volatile . . . that even though the King and His Council, and the Estates-General, all of whom were in the mood to negotiate a New Form of Government with newly Proposed Freedoms, and a New Method of Taxation . . . THEY WERE A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT, since the people had simply had enough, and wanted more than JUST JUSTICE . . . THEY WANTED REVENGE.


FROM THE TOP DOWN . . . From the President’s Office to the Justice Department. From the President to the IRS. From the President to the FBI. From the President to Homeland Security and Border Patrol. From the President to the CIA. From the President to the NSA. From the President to America’s Military Leaders to Iran, ISIS, Syria, Iraq and Libya . . . IT’S ALL A MESS. And those are just some of the American Miseries through Government.


Think about all the people who have been taxed so much, that raising a family of FOUR with a family income of $100,000 before taxes, places that family into the Poverty Class, with virtually no means of saving for retirement.


Think about the Young People who finish University with a USELESS Degree, who in many, if not in most cases finish with a $100,000 Debt, and very few prospects for finding a job.


Think about North America’s NEW ROYALTY & BOURGEOISIE, who are by Government Standards . . . TOO BIG TO FAIL, and then at those who serve at the Pleasure of the Politicians, who serve in Government Capacities, whether they Provide Good Services or Not, whether they actually do a job or do not do the job they’re paid to do, and even when what they do, as in Veterans’ Affairs . . . they far too often cause great PAIN, ANXIETY and even DEATH through incompetence and uncaring, they will all live a better working life and RETIREMENT than the vast majority of people who pay for their way through Our Taxes.


BECAUSE . . . when we read and hear how James Comey, the Director of the FBI, allowed Hillary Clinton to simply WALK AWAY from her HIGH CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS, as if nothing happened, and then PARDONED 5-People who could have led the FBI to INDICTING Clinton and her CO-CONSPIRATORS for crimes ranging from abuse of power, theft, conspiracy, lying to Congress – all the way up to TREASON . . . there is nothing left with which to wonder how corrupt, and to which depths the Judicial System has FALLEN.


And when people understand that there really is NO JUSTICE . . . or that Justice is not served on the High and Mighty as it is served on the rest of us, People will inevitably take Justice unto Themselves in ways we Dread to Imagine.

BEFORE I CONCLUDE . . . In a forthcoming Editorial, I intend to write why Black Lives Matter could very well contribute to the LAST STRAW ON THE CAMEL’S BACK, and how this IDIOCY will probably come back and Bite the Black Community in the Ass.

And how it could be the Final Spark to Light the Fuse.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My choice, who will not have GOP backing, is Dr. Carson. He has wisdom; faces impossible challenges with calm and intelligence and has already told us do not register your arms, how to make a workable healthcare program, what should be done re ISIS & other things. He may look sleepy, but is aware & capable. He’s our only real hope & people discount him because he’s not a politician. That’s one of the good things; he isn’t a politician or a self-seeker; he’s a patriot. He’s #1 in the polls.

  2. Howard, I think you are exactly right in predicting where all of this is leading. Have been saying for years now that if things don’t change radically “bullets are going to replace ballots” and everthing comes tumbling down into an abyss of anarchy followed by who knows what???

  3. Americans have HAD IT. I’ve had it with: Lying politicians. Do-nothing Republicans. High taxes – Federal and local. Political correctness. Liberalism taught in schools. A decimated military. Accusatory labeling as policy. Porous borders. Illegal aliens. ISIS. Attacks on the Bill of Rights. Race division. Failure billed as achievement. Supreme Court liberalism. Disrespect for law enforcement. Profiling made a crime. Money laundering. Iran. Profiteering by politicians. Obama/Hillary. GO TRUMP!

  4. I’m sure Comey had been talked to before his appearance. All you had to do was look at his face. He was shaking in his boots. He didn’t want to be the next unsolved murder in connection with the Clintons. Or risk harm to his family.

  5. BRAVO, Howard! I have been thinking for along time about the “R” word as possibly the only way we citizens regain what has been stolen of our freedoms. I recall during the American Revolution only about one-third of the people participated, so no one has to assume it will take a vast majority to make it happen. Let’s hope it occurs through the ballot box first.

  6. The world is in a MESS for MANY reasons, but one of the MAJOR ones is that “When man stops believing in GOD, he’ll believe in anything”, noted Phil Robertson. The ongoing DESTRUCTION of CHRISTIANITY is contributing to this MESS. God is CAST ASIDE because people want to SATISFY their SELFISH NEEDS–good or bad & whatever those are! Also, ALL LIVES MATTER! The BLM movement is a REVENGEFUL one in that it has become an ONSLAUGHT on POLICE OFFICERS! Freedom of speech does not mean DESTRUCTION! AMEN!

  7. When Trump wins the popular vote, but when Clinton becomes POTUS by buying the electoral vote, the revolution will start. Electors are not bound by the popular vote and it will be so easy to bribe enough of them for her to be elected. God save us all!

  8. Some luminary observed that, over the past 3000 years, the average life of a democracy is 200 years. The U.S.A. is
    250 years old. Hmm …

  9. Right ON, Howard – RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that most of the older citizens of the USA & Canada are fed up completely! We grew up with parents that lived through WWII & they were very Patriotic which I think led to us be just as Patriotic. My generation, the Hippies, screwed it all up by using the slogan – Make Love – Not War! Of course, no one ever wants war, but it does happen & we need to be prepared. In 1941 they were NOT prepared & look what happened …

  10. Howard.How could you have missed it?President Donald Trump will start to turn things around.There is hope.Things will get better in the USA.I know they will.I can not speak for Canada…I do not know.Donald Trump has been selected by God to save this country.HE has always had HIS hand on North America.You watch and see! He is the TRUMP card in the deck of Bridge cards of the USA.He is the “DON,”the strong man like in the Mafia.(DON Corlione).Keep the faith man!! Better days are ahead!!

  11. HG, incredible eye opener! PAULINE M DEMERS, I have always enjoyed your strong submissions, except for a portion of today’s. Are you telling us that all Atheists and Agnostics are EVIL, without any exceptions? If so, please start with Googling Atheist and Agnostic Nobel Laureates. Then, do the same with Celebrities.

  12. John Smith, where did Howard say all atheists & agnostics are EVIL? I will say they ALL are EVIL. Just because someone has knowledge in one area whether physics, chemistry, acting, etc. does not make them good. There is good and there is evil. Evil is what is morally wrong and hinders the realization of good. These people are for wealth and power and they do not care who they hurt and those Howard is talking about in my opinion are EVIL, but that is NOTwhat he said in this editorial

  13. You’re spot on Howard, but importing Muslim terrorists and creating chaos to the point of being uncontrollable that around
    election time,martial law could be declared and Obama stays in office for the foreseeable future. Then more havoc to the country until the general population have had enough. There has to be a leader and we have many who could organize the overthrow. Once Trump is in office things will turnaround however and that’s what most of us are praying for. Keep it up! Good writing

  14. You sound like we should over through the U.S. government,Howard like the french did 300 years ago. A lot of good it did for france today,when there are more mosques then church’s and they are killing Jews with bombs as well as non muslims.
    .Lets hope the Donald becomes President our we really may have to have a revolution to save our country.

  15. Howard, you called it as it is, the writing is on the Wall. The people are fed up with their Governments and as history repeats itself there is only one way to change it. Fight for it
    Steve Acre

  16. Par Eubank, read John Smiths note again. He addressed his comments to Pauline Demers not HG. This whole days blog seems to fit into the religious bracket where Christians think they are a supreme institution. I am an atheist who has as good a moral hold on my life as you holier than thou-ers have. Don’t equate religion with goodness, it doesn’t work that way. Good is a personal thing

  17. I have NEVER seen my country so DIVIDED IN My LIFE!It’s heart wrenching!I was told years ago that”Your not ready to live for what you believe in until you are ready to die for that which you believe in.In my growing up years, there were no Italians, Jewish, Irish, Afro, Polish, Hungarian, German Americans!We were AMERICANS FIRST who happened to be the before mentioned! Issues, prejudices, problems YES,BUT in it all, there was UNITY, PATRIOTISM, HONOR, RESPECT, FAITH IN GOD that is not seen today

  18. You wrote so eloquently exactly what so many of us fear but know is coming. So many with their heads in the sand can’t be bothered with reality. Thank you for your blogs, I read every one.

  19. As usual, I agree with your thinking. I can only hope that Homeland Security in their preparedness to destroy any physical effort by the people, will be as inept as the rest of this establishment They have stockpiled enough hollow point ammunition equivalent to the needs to fight an external war for decades. They have procured thousands of fully automatic rifles. The various arms of the U.S. Government has undergone training in anticipation of internal conflict. Why Jade Helm?

  20. Again – you are saying what I’ve been thinking – about a possible revolution! If Clinton wins-that is a huge step in the revolution direction. People have had enough from the top to the bottom. The ‘polls’ are not telling it like it really is. I’ve heard from both sides Dem/Repubs they are voting FOR Trump but NOT discussing it. The ‘silent majority’ will NOT be silent in this next election. The revolution ‘seeds’ have been planted. Hillary would be the water that sprouts the seeds.

  21. I don’t know why I feel so happy about Trump inviting Gennifer Flowers to the debate I almost choked from laughter.

  22. Need to get your posts, particularly this one, seen by more. May I have your permission to copy and post on FB, including your authorship? Your succinct blogs are point on and brilliant. As always, thank you enormously!

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