There’s No Hollywood In The Real World


Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt & the Millions of FOOLS who worship them . . . says more about the American People (Canadian as well), than the American People would like to believe about themselves.


Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie want everyone to know . . . they are the quintessential conscience of mankind, who know best about how we should behave towards the planet, and how we should live our lives according to them, as they live in the lap of EXTREME LUXURY, while they travel near the speed of sound to the Fanciest Places on Earth, in their PRIVATE FUEL GUZZLING JETS.

SO LET’S SEE . . . Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are worth a Mega-Fortune from the Sales of Movie Tickets, Videos, Products and Royalties they earn from PRETENDING ON SCREEN, which it seems to me, has become more than enough to give them Socio/Political Credibility amongst the IGNORANT Masses.

BUT IN REALITY . . . outside of PRETENDING to be Heroes On-Screen, and using their Notoriety to LECTURE the rest of us on how WE SHOULD BEHAVE . . . what have they really done?

BRAD PITT IS A MARITAL CHEAT . . . He was married to Jennifer Aniston, who he CHEATED on for Angelina Jolie. I know what that makes Brad Pitt – but I also know what that makes Angelina Jolie, since Jolie was the OTHER WOMAN, who KNOWINGLY slept with a MARRIED MAN, making her just as WRONG as Brad Pitt.

We also now know from Angelina Jolie . . . that Brad Pitt is a DRUNK, a DRUGGIE and an ABUSIVE FATHER. Wow – what a great role model, with which to lecture the rest of us.

AS FOR ANGELINA JOLIE THE TATTOOED LADY . . . who is all upset, because Pitt CHEATED on her with another woman, just as Pitt CHEATED on Jennifer Anniston for her, how much sympathy should we have for the woman who CUCKOLDED Jennifer Anniston?


I couldn’t give a RAT’S-ASS about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston and the HORDES of other MOVIE & ENTERTAINER PRETENDERS, the Ultimate PRIVILEGED Class, most of whom BELIEVE they’re the Smartest People on the Planet, because they believe their own phony image . . . BUT I DO CARE A GREAT DEAL . . . about the people who will make their decisions on what these BAD ACTORS SAY, since those decisions AFFECT THE REST OF US.

So . . . if all these people are so SMART & COMPETENT, and hold such passionate positions, why don’t they simply stop FLAPPING THEIR JAWS, and put their money, their time, and THEMSELVES up for Public Office, where they would have to either PUT-UP OR SHUT-UP.


I’d like to see how these SMARTEST & MOST CAPABLE PEOPLE ON EARTH, you know, The Legends-In-Their-Own-Minds, how they would stack-up in a real campaign, where they would have to perform without Script Writers, Directors and Editors to make them look perfect. Where there would be no Second, Third or how many TAKES it would take in a live debate to get it right.

I’D LOVE TO SEE ANY OF THEM . . . especially in a ONE-ON-ONE against Donald Trump, who is the REAL Deal, opposed to these phonies who are Created Caricatures, who really don’t exist Off-Screen or Off-Stage, whose great accomplishment is PRETENDING.


COME THIS MONDAY (SEPTEMBER 26TH) . . . Donald Trump is going to DEMOLISH CROOKED HILLARY in the First Debate . . . AND SHE’S SCARED WITLESS about it . . . with good reason.

And with all the Pre-Debate Studying, Rehearsing and Preparation, which Crooked Hillary is subjecting herself to instead of campaigning, it will not change the TRUTH, that she has nothing to say about making America Great Again, and in defense of any of her CONTRIVED SUCCESSES, which were in all reality and honesty . . . GROSSLY FAILED POLICIES, which have done Enormous Harm to the World and the United States of America.

WHAT CAN CROOKED HILLARY POSSIBLY SAY . . . about Benghazi, the Emails, the Lies about the Emails, the Syrian Red Line, and the Clinton Foundation, which are just the Tip of Crooked Hillary’s Mountain of LIES and ABUSES.


It’s Fascinating . . . how so many, if not the Huge Majority of PUNDITS who have been as Wrong As Acid Rain when it came to Donald Trump’s SUCCESS as a Candidate, all of a sudden, ALL KNOW HOW TRUMP SHOULD BEHAVE AT THE DEBATE.

That Trump shouldn’t be too aggressive. That Trump shouldn’t attack Crooked Hillary. That Trump should just stick to the facts . . . and on and on.


I would be willing to BET . . . that I have DEBATED in MORE Real Debates, than MOST people have ever DEBATED in North America, especially where winning or losing held real consequences, which gives me the CREDIBILITY to write the next paragraph it deserves.

This is going to sound somewhat egotistical . . . but I have NEVER lost a Debate. Not even close. And the reason why I never lost a debate is simple. I knew exactly what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it, without caring in the least what my opponent was going to say.

I also would NEVER allow myself to be knocked-off balance and away from my purpose. And perhaps even more than that . . . I gave ZERO QUARTER to my Opponents, and NEVER shied away from taking them down.

AND I NEVER LIED . . . I never exaggerated, or assumed anything that wasn’t what it really was. And as I see it, neither has Trump, who has made his position as clear as is possible, on how he intends to make America Safe Again and Great Again.

Trump has spelled it all out in an enormous number of Speeches, Interviews and Rallies he holds throughout the country, in contrast to Crooked Hillary, whose Claim to Fame is that she’s Hillary Clinton, who is STUDYING and REHEARSING for the DEBATE, which to me says . . . that she at this point in her far too long career has no clue as to how she intends to make America Great.

Because . . . if after MORE than 35-Years being as political as she has been, sitting in the Arkansas State Governor’s Mansion as the Arkansas First Lady, in the White House as the American First Lady, in the US Senate as the Senator from New York, and as the Secretary of State . . . that she still has to study to defend her positions and EXTOLL HER OWN RECORD, she is simply the wrong person for the Job, and if Trump does what I think he will do . . . Crooked Hillary better be prepared to be led like the goat she is to be slaughtered.

I can’t wait for Monday . . . How about you and the other 100-Million?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Of this gaggle of potentials, Huckabee is probably the most intelligent and the best debater, however the election of a Preacher Man is doubtful. To me, it boils down to 3, Kasich, Walker and Carson. The rest are a waste of time and all have problems. It would also depend on the running mate, VERY important. Condi anyone?

  2. I cant wit until Trump wins the election then visits Canada and meets with out part time drama teacher/ snowboard instructor PM who has done nothing in his life but spend other peoples money and BS the ignorant into believing HE IS THE SECOND COMING..Trump will humiliate him..

  3. I am hoping that “Wild Bill” will somehow get caught in the offal of these debates and get hosed out of the country in the cleanup! This draft dodger deserves a haunting visit every night from one of our troops lost in Vietnam…and the ghosts of those “lost” in their Presidential corruption coverup!
    Bud Farrell B-29 Gunner Korea

  4. Most Hollywood move and TV so called stars have all come out in support of Hillary. That shows you how much intelligence they have.

  5. I hope and pray that the American people can “see through” Hillary and see the TRUTH! God help North America (and the world!) if Americans are foolish enough to make her president! As a Canadian, I dread the thought!

  6. These PC “actors” only repeat OTHERS lines even when they talk politics. They DO NOT think for themselves. Sadly, neither do the ones who follow them.

  7. Howard…Sure hope you are right…I have stuck with you for about the last nine years and I have been looking forward to 9/26 for over a year…I received a cartoon this week that showed the debate with Trump at a podium and Hillary in a hospital bed…very funny!…I can’t wait for your editorial on 9/27!

  8. Donald Trump has indicated that he plans to treat Hillary with respect, which is proper. But I have no doubt in my mind that he can and will tear her to shreds on her disgusting record of neglect, stupidity, corruption, ineptitude and malfeasance in every job she’s ever held. She will undoubtedly pander shamelessly to every faction she can (with the notable exception of the NRA). I can hardly wait to see Trump rip into her! This debate should definitely accelerate the coming landslide for Trump.

  9. I was on the forensic team in High School, and learned the importance of getting all your facts documented, substantiated and having “knock outs” if you were challenged. Formal debating is pretty much ancient history, BUT What we really need, on stage, with the facilities needed are expert neutral fact checkers who are quick and accurate and empowered to hit the button and challenge BOTH debaters in the event they are wrong, or exaggerating the items being stated as fact.
    See you tuesday

  10. You’ve touched on my favourite topic – Hollywood and the real reason why the USA is on the verge of destruction. The pastime of watching movies is changing our society’s morality, sense of honesty, integrity, humanity and everything that makes us respect ourselves and the society we live in. We are told that it’s OK to be deceitful, immoral, antisocial & anti-family because that’s what they’re shown as role models. Unfettered, uncontrolled freedom with no guidelines – that’s the culprit!

  11. I cannot wait Trump is elected and our beloved sh…ck PM is emigrating to Island as he promised….

  12. Trump won’t have to SLAM Clinton because she’s already SLAMMED herself! Trump is UNPREDICTABLE; no one knows or can even ANTICIPATE what will occur in the debate! He did say that he would RESPECT her–until she ATTACKS him; he WILL defend himself–as he should. Trump will be ready for her and her insults. HEALTH-WISE, she appears to be VERY FRAGILE, so one WONDERS if she’ll be able to last for 1-1/2 hrs. or will even attend. Will she be able to face the REALITY of the TRUTH? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. This just in: If presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton slips into a coughing fit or any other medical crisis during Monday’s high-stakes debate, she will have to power through, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned! “There are no commercial breaks,” a commission source explains. “Period.” Debate moderator Lester Holt does not have the authority to cut away from the stage during the epic 90-minute showdown. And microphone audio for either of the candidates is not to be manipulated.

  14. Hopefully, it will be a fair debate without the “moderators” interjecting their opinions or providing defence for Hillary as happened for Obama when Romney had him on the ropes. That turned what was looking like a decisive blow into a defeat when Candy Crawley (?) decided to jump in and “correct”, incorrectly, the record. I do hope “What does it matter” keeps being brought up.

  15. Right on! Not only “AND SHE’S SCARED WITLESS” but all the Left has to be dreading this showdown – unless they can’t see past their own lies to the reality of what Trump will do to her. However, Obama has padded the future with his Executive Orders that give him the power of a Dictator – when Crooked Hillary doesn’t make it on Nov. 8th, it’ll be time for Obama to play the National Emergency card, declare Martial Law and become Dictator of the USA – so he can move us on into the One World Order.

  16. I’m not at all sure Hillary is spending all this time prepping. I can’t help believe that it is entirely possible that she has just found the perfect excuse to get away from the tedious and tiring campaign routine. It may or may not be her health. I guess we will find out sooner or later.

  17. Howard, you are so right: the Hollyrude folk and overpaid professional athletes are “legends in their own minds” – what little minds they have after all their indulgences.

  18. Just as a for instance about the brain power of Hollywood, Di Capprio while filming in winter in my home town of Calgary told the world the he had experienced global warming first hand. I still don’t know if the moron has found out that he experienced a chinook wind, a very common occurrence in that area of the world. I personally have seen the temperature go from -35 up to +50 in an hour. I can’t imagine how many dodos bought into it the BS

  19. So nice to see someone show the good sense to recognize a loser when they see one. I also think that someone with all the experience that Trump has will know what needs to be done to get us back being the great country we once were.

    Dale Oostermeyer, Spring, Texas posted on 9/23/2016 2/03/pm

  20. I hope Trump or the moderator, Lester Holt, will ask Hillary one simple question. It’s this: “If Chelsea Clinton was our ambassador at Benghazi back then and she kept calling into the State Dept for backup, would those requests have fallen on deaf ears?”

  21. In 1965, Paul Harvey recorded “If I were the devil” which pretty well depicts the current state of the U.S.

  22. Who cares x 2. The Hollywood perverts is the first. The second is the Debate. I will watch Football and read about the
    seance un the AM. Trump on balance SHOULD be elected but National Elections in this Country are not to be believed.
    To be sure it will be fixed and crooked. The question is that can the Dems. pull enough stunts to override the Majority?

  23. Obama and Crowley lied in that last 2012 debate, and Romney stood there with his mouth agape not knowing how to defend himself, even though he was right. Romney was a floor mop that night. I think that is why he attacked Trump during the primaries. On MOnday, if Clinton attacks Trump, I wonder if he will ‘lovingly’ pull a few memories out of his top hat, I’m sure the Clinton’s left trail of buried dirty deeds. How anyone could support Hillary and her bloody hands is beyond me.

  24. On the survey which I sent to Donald Trump; I told him, “Be yourself”.

  25. Haven’t been to a movie theater since Mel Gibson’s the Patriot was released in 2000. With only a few exceptions Hollywood is made up of a bunch of zero talent airheads that can’t act or entertain. The only thing they do is keep Thorstein Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class alive with their “conspicuous consumption”. And, Trump will win the debates, but the press will declare Hildabeast the winner.

  26. The only way that I can see HC winning is if the whole system is rigged, which is my big concern. They have their filthy hands in everything and it would not surprise me if right now they are deciding what cities, states, they should “fix” the most to get the best outcome, for them. And this electoral college stuff …. that is totally ridiculous … WE the people should do the voting and our voices should be the ones heard, not some “electoral college” group.

  27. Howard, am always on your wave link. There have been a few actors who have taken social responsibility….Shirley Temple (of all people), Fred Thompson, Clint Eastwood AND Ronald Reagan. Held public office. I am not sure but think they were all Republicans or Conservatives anyway. I am sure there are more, these just popped into my head. On the whole I agree that most actors spew PC BS constantly. It used to be that you did not cross the moguls….the Studios…and they were all commies.

  28. It might already have been said but that also reminds me of Leonardo Dicaprio and all the anti-oil, greener than green so-called Hollywood stars who want to tell us how to live our lives without oil but who have private jets and private boats that consume in one day what the average Joe consume in a month. Practise what you preach they said…not for them.

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