You Have To Be Deaf, Dumb & Blind Not To See


Anne and I decided as a last minute decision on Monday, to pack up the small RV we have for commuting here there and around, but most specifically, with which to travel between Ontario and Texas, which is a trip we will begin on November 1st.

In the meantime, we drove Several Hundred Miles North West to the Muskoka Region, which is famous for the Algonquin Provincial Park, where communing with Nature is just as easy as being there.

Unlike most areas where you can plug your equipment into various outlets and receive decent WiFi, in the Muskokas, that’s just a rumor, but it didn’t stop me from Writing and Publishing Editorials, using my Smart Phone for a Hot Spot, just as I’m doing now.

And as for receiving the NEWS, and being able to read Newspapers, listen to Television and Radio Broadcasts . . . NO PROBLEM – Thanks to Smart Phones with decent Data Plans and an APP to Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, which links me to EVERYTHING I want to follow.

As a matter of Exciting New Technologies (at least to me), when Riding my Motorcycle, I have a Helmet that incorporates an Israeli Made Communication Technology called SCALA RIDER, which links me Wirelessly to my Smart Phone, which then links me to Sirius/XM and a window to the World. It also links me by Voice Recognition, to SEND, RECEIVE, ANSWER AND HANG-UP Telephone Calls from anywhere around the world, no different from the phone you have in your home, or you carry.

And we thought things were moving at the speed of light when we no longer had to share a phone (Party-Line) with the neighbors.

The great news (amongst others) about all of this . . . is that when Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I head off to Texas, I will continue to listen, read, watch and WRITE.


So . . . even though I was deep OUT OF THE TECH WORLD, in the beautiful Forests, Streams, Lakes, Rivers and Hills of the Muskokas, I was never out of contact with the News. And was absolutely aware of the plethora of outrages, which should have troubled all of us more than just somewhat. So I guess there’s no rest for the weary, which in my case is a really good thing.

So here we are . . . here and now, in a gorgeous RV Park in Ottawa, with me sitting at a picnic Table in the Forest, Writing and Publishing . . . God Bless Technology Used For The Good of Society.


1 – Obama stood before the United Nations ENDING his International Comments as the President of the United States of America . . . the same way he STARTED.

OBAMA SCUMMED-OUT AMERICA . . . by saying he couldn’t fix all that was wrong with the USA. He LIED about his Accomplishments as the US President. He LIED about America’s position in the world today, nearly 8-Years from when he took Office. He LIED about the state of the World since he became the Commander-In-Chief. He LIED about the Global and American Economies, in addition to other LIES and UNTRUE INNUENDOS.

2 –Obama held a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu in NYC Yesterday (September 21st), where the Israeli Prime Minister LAUDED THE PRESIDENT for being one of Israel’s Greatest Friends, which saddened me considerably, since the TRUTH is absolutely to the Contrary.

But, unlike Obama . . . Netanyahu LOVES his country more than Obama LOVES his own (which still needs to be determined between America or Kenya), so much so, that the Israeli Prime Minister will do and say whatever has to be done and said for the BENEFIT of Israel, including STROKING THE EGO OF A NARCISSIST like Obama, to get what Israel needs in Defense.

3 – NORTH CAROLINA BLACK RIOTS . . . Starting with a Black Moslem, who on Camera (National Television), EXHORTED the Black Community IN THE NAME OF ALLAH AND MOHAMED to Riot . . . not in so many words, but with a meaning that was without question.

And during the RIOTS that caused Multiple Police Injuries . . . one BLACK MAN in the melee was Shot in the Head by someone in the Black Mob, so I guess BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER when Black people kill their own, unless it’s a Black Cop doing what she was trained to do.

4 – MORE THAN 1800 IMMIGRANTS, who were ORDERED to be DEPORTED from the USA, were instead given CITIZENSHIP . . . and where’s the outrage.

5 – I was listening to a Television Interview (debate) on FOX News between a LEFTIST, who supports open Immigration of REFUGEES, against a Conservative (Sebastian Gorka), who IMMIGRATED FROM ENGLAND – THE LEGAL WAY, becoming a US Citizen, who is a renowned expert with a Doctorate in the Study of Armed Conflicts, who also serves as a noted Consultant on issues of American National Security.

AND DURING THE “DEBATE” . . . The LEFTIST made the point that America must be OPEN to everyone, and pointed to Gorka saying; “As a REFUGEE, America took you in”.


It was great as a SOUND BITE if you were a JERK, or the FOX News Moderator, who didn’t immediately CORRECT what is the DIFFERENCE between a REFUGEE and who is a LEGITIMATE IMMIGRANT.

6 – I would include the New York and New Jersey Bombings in this Short List, except why bother, since Political Correctness invites far more of the same, where between the White House, the Justice Department, the FBI and much of Congress (the Senate and the House), one should never speak poorly of Islam, even when MOST of Islam would like to either MURDER or SUBJUGATE us to their beliefs and way of doing politics.

7 – Which brings me to the last item on this Short List . . . POLLING.

DON’T BELIEVE THE POLLS . . . if a Poll is showing Trump slightly ahead or just EVEN against Crooked Hillary, chances are, the numbers are substantially higher for Trump than are shown. And I do mean SUBSTANTIALLY!

When you hear or read the POLLS on the Personalities of the Candidates, between Crooked Hillary and Donald Trump, specifically on Trustworthiness, Honesty and Ability . . . DON’T BELIEVE THEM, unless they really FAVOR Trump, which for the most part they don’t.

THE POLLS ARE ONLY AS ACCURATE . . . as the questions being asked, and the way the questions are asked. And to whom the people are, who are being asked the questions. And who’s determining the answers.

Make no mistake about this . . . THERE IS NOTHING THE LEFT won’t do or say to STEAL this election by all Means Possible. Including . . . LYING through their teeth wherever they can, STUFFING the Ballot Boxes, having ILLEGALS Vote, having one person Vote Multiple Times, to screwing with the technology of the Voting “Machines”.

Now . . . doesn’t this sound as if I had a relaxing getaway? Strangely enough – I did.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m so glad a few mentioned Trey Gowdy. Every time he speaks, he commands respect. As an aside; he seems to suffer from a hair identity crisis, because almost every time I see him, his hair style is different. I also like Rand Paul, Cruz and Allen West. I like what Dr. Carson says, however, he appears sleepy, like Perry Como.

  2. You Have To Be Deaf, Dumb & Blind Not To See
    Voter fraud doesn’t exist Howard, and these are not the droids that you are looking for.

  3. Howard’s comment about not believing the polls is right on the money. NBC just ran a poll that (all of a sudden) shows Hillary ahead by a noticeable amount. Let me see now. Trump’s crowds at rallies are CROWDS; Hillary’s are neighborhood socials. He is outworking her across the country by an order of magnitude. His supporters are enthusiastic; hers are tepid. What event caused her NBC “spike” in the poll? NBC (Nobody But Hillary) conducted it. Simple explanation: it’s a SHAM.

  4. As I watch what appears to be, sadly, the demise of two of the best democracies in the world (The U.S.A.’s and Canada’s),
    I am heartened by the thoughts that “beneficial dictators” (Trump and an ethical Canadian) will save them.

  5. Amazing the Pres is aware of nearly 100 people were recently killed by suicide bombers outside a church in Pakistan . In Iraq, killings and car bombs continue to be a terrible part of life.
    Al Qaida has splintered into regional networks and militias which doesn’t give them the capacity carry out attacks like 9/11, but does pose serious threats to governments and diplomats, businesses and civilians all across the globe. But no concern about what is happening here, & what to do about it.

  6. I absolutely DREAD the thought of Hillary becoming president. And in this day and age of voter fraud …. anything could happen! I sure hope Trump wins by a landslide!! And here in Canada we have pretty boy Trudeau spending Canada’s money left, right and center as he travels here, there and everywhere …. sort of like Tinkerbell!! God help us!!

  7. Your dedication is awesome, Howard…..and greatly appreciated!

  8. Aside from talk radio, because radio is a medium that speaks instantly to the people and who people can easily turn off or change, the overwhelming majority of media (including entertainment) is leftist. It is for this reason conservatives and conservative values will always be the main target or object of ridicule and exposure from media, and why liberal and leftist ideals (even the dumb ones) will always be portrayed as noble and in the forefront as greatness.

  9. Have a safe trip! Barack HUSSEIN Obama is EXITING the presidency, as he entered it–by APOLOGIZING for AMERICA! Also, like begets like, so both Hillarious & BHO have served each other well. They have also continuously LIED to the PEOPLE! Very FEW POLLS can be relied upon if at all! Many people fear to say that they are voting for Trump–unless the other person admits it first. Again, the FIRST DEBATE will “tell it all”. TRUMP WILL CRUSH HILLARY–that’s if she SHOWS UP at all! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  10. When Trump wins by a landslide of popular votes, HRC will buy her way into the presidency by rigging the electoral vote. Electors are not bound by the results of the popular vote, nor are they immune from accepting bribes.

  11. We are only one executive order away from his declaring Hillary to be the president of the banana republic: “Estados Unidos”, formerly called The United States of America. Why have his followers commit many criminal acts of voter fraud when he can do it as legally as many of his other executive orders. We have a House and Senate which seem helpless or are complicit.

  12. I’m an immigrant, I came from Canada. My parents and grandparents were immigrants, they escaped Eastern Europe. As a child in Canada, I learned that there are two inviolable documents, the Old Testament and the US Constitution. Obama has failed to shred the Old Testament, not for lack of trying but has eroded the US Constitution. Should Hillary be elected, I’m guessing that we will see Charlotte on a regular basis.

  13. It is pretty evident that literally thousands of dead folk vote using absentee ballots. And, surprise, surprise, ALL of them vote democrat. At least in NYS, absentee ballots are amazingly simple to obtain and, getting more than one isn’t the least bit difficult. I’m quite sure I could get one for my Dad and Momand a bachelor uncle who lived with us his entire life. Dad passed away in 2001 and mother and the uncle before that, but they all would vote Republican, so why bother?

  14. So many points & solid ones, too! Typical of the BLM movement, even when basically the whole police dept. is black, they still yell Racists!!! The Left simply ignores the real truth & rely on their own “truth”, as they PC see it. There are more blacks in prison because they are committing the crimes, in their area. Most of the black crime is in the black community & spills out into the other communities due to their having more wealth. Black crime is really bad in Metro Atlanta.

  15. Once again, can anyone tell me how a mail in vote is verified as coming from a legitimate citizen? That appears to be the weak link in our voting system. Hard to detect fraud if you only have a paper ballot to look at.

  16. Wow, Howard. You are a wealth of information about the technology you use when you are ‘off the grid’! My husband and I are your age and have just recently gotten smart phones. The change came about when we found out we were paying more for our ‘not very smart’ phones than we would be paying for two smart phones and 8 gigs of data. Now we are saying “How did we ever live without a smart phone!” A recent trip out west opened our eyes to how much help they were. Thanks for the info.

  17. Sadly, the main stream media holds too much sway with elections. Stephen Harper was incessantly attacked by the left leaning press, who were upset he wasn’t left wing. When Baby Doc Justin Trudeau came around, basically an empty suit, the MSM went full throttle to get him elected. Now the US press (and Canadian for some reason) are going into full attack mode on Trump and his supporters, while declaring Hillary the only choice. I fear for the US. You know she lies when her lips move.

  18. I was thinking…. if there was a way for Donald Trump to set up a “voting” page where those of us who voted for him could go to say “I voted Trump” and they could see just how many did. Wishful thinking and not everyone would or could, but at least we’d know the truth!

    As always, I couldn’t agree with you more on all counts!

  19. If Americans do nort see that obama is muslim then they are blind. He has supported hillary in her run for president and you have to wounder what will be his reward. The U.S. and the world is facing its most dangerous period if hillary is elected,
    Wake up America before its to late.

  20. I envy you. But given the chance, I’d be leaving from MT to go to Canada. Guess the grass is always greener…

  21. As long ago as 1988 I personally saw tables set up in our grocery stores to register mexicans to vote. All they had to have was a driver’s license. That is not citizenship. I was in a grocery checking out. The man in front of me was obviously in charge of the three “girlies” with him. They all paid in food stamps. I told the clerk I could not believe this. She said he is a known Pimp from Matamoros (Mex). Let’s tell this to the mgr. “We have been told to shut up” MONEY

  22. It’s better to be a Trump “deplorable”, than to vote for Hillary who is “despicable”.
    I truly hope and believe that there is a “Silent Majority” who will vote for Donald Trump, perhaps a bit reluctantly because they are not absolutely convinced that he can and will turn things around, but that he is a much better choice than a deceitful, conniving, corrupt, scandal-ridden person as Mrs. Clinton. I pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire us to make the right choice for the good of America.

  23. My biggest fear is that even if Trump wins (which I believe is as you state – that the polls are fixed to favor Killary) is that Obama will declare a National Emergency – doesn’t matter what he makes up that the emergency is – and will be our Dictator. He has set in place Executive Orders (1000+) that bypass Congress and sets “the President” up to control everything. You give us a ray of hope in this mess, but I fear what may come to pass. I’m afraid it will be an actual fight for freedom.

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