Judenrat Amongst Us


I guess I was not quite as articulate in the last Editorial as I should have been, since several Readers were either unsure of what I meant, or just downright took it the wrong way.


This is perhaps how I should have written what I wrote . . . If I was standing with two people, one Jewish Person who was either a KAPO or a JUDENRAT for the Nazis, with the other being a Nazi . . .


IN OTHER WORDS . . . I would much rather kill the Jewish Traitor, than the Nazi, since there were far more than just a few Jewish Traitors during the Holocaust, who did the Nazi’s Business to SLAUGHTER 6-MILLION Innocent Jewish men, women and children.

Not to mention the other 6-Million who were not Jewish, but were perceived to be Political Enemies of the State, including the Mentally and Physically Infirmed, Unionists, Communists and Gypsies.


The way I see our current Societies in Canada and the USA . . . is through the eyes of someone who sees a huge number of our people, REGARDLESS OF RELIGION, RACE, GENDER – ETC . . . as SELL-OUTS, who have abandoned the principles of FREEDOM . . . as those, which had been CARVED IN STONE in the United States Constitution, and to a much LESSOR DEGREE in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which are far more SUGGESTIONS than GUARANTEES.

These FREEDOMS, which were at one time Carved In Stone . . . NO LONGER ARE.

BUT EITHER WAY . . . Most of us know the difference between RIGHT & WRONG, GOOD & EVIL, FREEDOM & SERVITUDE . . . yet we accept WRONG, EVIL & SERVITUDE as part of our Government, as if that’s the way it is, because that’s the way it has become, and that’s the way it will remain.

WHICH IS THE WAY IT WILL REMAIN FOR MANY . . . BUT NOT FOR ME, and it shouldn’t be for you either.


We don’t have to be silent, since I’m just one voice, but with a HUGE MICROPHONE in the name of all the people who read this BLOG, who listen to my occasional Broadcasts, and watch the even more occasional Videos . . . ALL OF WHOM CAN SPREAD THE TRUTH TO PEOPLE WHO CARE.


We are bearing witness here and now, to the Battle that has already begun, where it’s become between the MAKERS and the TAKERS, and make no mistake about it, to be a MAKER, only means that you pay your FAIR SHARE, but not in the way the LEFT think you should pay. And not in the way the RINOS think you should pay, but simply by getting up every morning to go to work, or by looking for work if you are unemployed for whatever reason.

YOU’RE A MAKER . . . if you don’t want to live off the DOLE, if you don’t think the Government owes you a living, and if you don’t think that people who work for what they get – should share their rewards with you because they have more.

YOU’RE A MAKER . . . if you think you should decide on your own life, and how to live it.

YOU’RE A MAKER . . . If you want to raise your family the way you want them raised, opposed to what the Government wants them to be raised.

YOU’RE A MAKER . . . if you believe in the Freedom of the Individual and support those who do.

YOU’RE A MAKER . . . if you believe in the ABSOLUTISM of the American Constitution as it was written, and as it was meant to be.


There was a time in my life, even though I NEVER LIVED OFF THE DOLE, or wanted to live off the DOLE, and never expected anything from anyone which I didn’t earn, when I believed in being generous to people who didn’t make the effort, and wanted some of what other people earned, and saw the Government as a friend instead of a FOE . . . THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW.


In my last Editorial, I mentioned the terms JUDENRAT and KAPOS, who were Jews, who helped the Nazis, which needs far more explaining . . . since there are JUDENRAT amongst us today, who are not necessarily Jewish. But rather, who comprise a wide and diverse swath through the various religious, gender and social strata.

BUT FIRST . . . The KAPOS were for the most part SELF-HATING Jewish Thugs, who treated Jews on their way to the Death Camps, or in the Death Camps, as badly as did the Nazis.

For their part, these were Jews, many of whom, were rejected by decent Members of the Jewish Community during better times . . . who by the “grace” of the Nazis, were able to exact their nefarious “revenge” on Jews who rejected them, for the privilege of aiding the Nazis, while receiving extra rations and some perks.

Some of the Judenrat . . . Simply complied to survive.

BUT NONE THE LESS . . . these Jews were SCUM – all of whom who needed a bullet.


THE HOLOCAUST ERA JUDENRAT . . . thought they were doing GOOD, instead of empowering EVIL. They saw themselves as the LEADERS of the Jewish Community, who, by their SELF-PERCEIVED BRILLIANCE (in themselves), many of whom were Intellectuals, many more were Community Organizers, with many more being Leaders of Synagogues . . . who in their Self-Importance called the shots.

AS A MATTER OF HISTORY . . . The Chief Rabbi of Berlin was a JUDENRAT, who thought he was doing good by telling the Jewish People of Berlin and Germany, that he was negotiating with MR HITLER’S TOP REPRESENTATIVES, and if everyone just complied, and listened to him . . . everything would become better.

And that was while Jews from all over Germany were being HERDED like Cattle onto the TRAINS TO PERDITION.

The JUDENRAT thought they were so much SMARTER than everyone else, that not only did they comply with the Nazis, they outdid themselves – by . . .

1 – Making Lists of all the Jews in their selected communities.

2 – They Listed the names, ages, genders and addresses to where the Jews lived.

3 – The Lists included Skills each Jew had, and very often their perceived wealth.

4 – In addition to the Lists . . . the JUDENRAT held meetings with their Community Jews, convincing them, just like the Chief Rabbi of Berlin, that they should NOT RESIST, and that the JUDENRAT had everything under CONTROL.

5 – They convinced TERRIFIED Members of the Jewish Communities, who were desperately in search of Leadership and HOPE, to take just what they absolutely needed to the trains and other forms of transport, and leave the rest for when they returned.

6 – And then the JUDENRAT organized the LISTS of people who were to get on the Cattle Cars to Perdition when their names were called.

And for those few who would not COMPLY for the “Common Good” . . . there were the KAPOS.


TODAY’S JUDENRAT . . . are amongst us. They are the LEFT, who think they’re SMARTER THAN ALL OF US.

TODAY’S JUDENRAT . . . only follow their Religion of SELF-PERCEIVED INTELLECTUAL SUPREMACY, because of their wealth and Position within Society, knowing in their hearts that they are RIGHT, while the REST of us are WRONG.

And that INTELLECTUALISM . . . and those who support the Intellectuals in Government, and in taking and expecting things that don’t belong to them, are the SOLDIERS of TRUTH and WISDOM, who should LEAD, while the rest of us should FOLLOW.


HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF . . . So when do we say no more?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I voted for Romney also but later found out he is also in with the Elites and so would be dictated to like Obama.
    The only candidate that i know now that is not in with a group of corruption is Ryan Paul and his father Ron Paul.
    But I think they are way too honest to get any type of support from the wealthy who buy votes.

  2. Howard, I am with you all the way. One Judenrat who is now a Billionaire who supports the PLO and Hamas is none other than George Soros, the Jew who helped the Nazis loot Jewish Art.
    Steve Acre

  3. Howard, thank you for the history lesson. I happen to love history because I know that history repeats itself. I do believe this is happening today, it does seem like the 1930’s all over again!!! I agree with we must have a voice in what is going on with the USA & Canada. The EU has many, many problems & all they seem to be doing is sticking their heads in the sand. In North America we must not do that, we must be alert & protect our precious freedom.

  4. I would think that the time to say no more, is upon us. If people would just wake up to what the left is about to do to us, we could put a stop to their intent with a single vote from the millions that generally sit home and think that things will take care of themselves. If they don’t partake this time around they will live to regret it for decades to come. I can’t imagine how any Christian in the United States with children could ever consider the Liberal agenda.

  5. Twenty five thousand years ago Toba, an Indonesian volcano exploded and the result was mankind nearly became extinct, those that survived we the meanest, nastious toughest SOB’s walking on two legs. It is estimated that only a thousand or so survived. This is documented in our genes. They are “our” gene pool, if you ask me this explains everything and does not bode well for us.

  6. Howard it seems that Both Canada and the USA are suffering from the same Disease. Liberalism it is best described as agnosticism. Liberalism’s success compares best with the Catholic Cult of selling indulgencies. Which is nothing more than the act of determinism. Which is the devastation of Constitution or of God’s Holy commandments. Howard people of conscience and conviction of what is right must awaken. The cry of exhortation for restoration of our Nations must be heard across both our Nations

  7. I’m glad Steve mentioned George Soros. The man is a sociopath who (by definition) is void of normal human feelings. At the age of 14 he willingly assisted the Nazis in their ethnic cleansing of his own people, the Hungarian Jews. By his own admission he has always reckoned himself to be a “god” and today in his old age he spends his billions financing every cause destructive to Western civilization.

  8. YES! History does continue to repeat itself. Liberals and Takers live high until the coffers are empty. Then the voters, many of whom are takers themselves, finally decide to vote Conservative. Not because they like the conservative way but in order to clean up the Liberal mess and so the conservatives will be blamed for the hard times. It will never change.

  9. Glad you wrote both of these, Howard. Like Mike said, “Got it this time.” I’ve always been interested in the tales of and from the Holocaust. I used to read mostly all the pocket books I could find, Mila 77 being about the best one and the best author. I learned a little from them all. I could never figure out why they went like lambs to the slaughter when they outnumbered the Germans in many case 10 or 20 to 1 at close quarters. Why didn’t they make a stand? You have explained it well enough.

  10. Good job in explaining the Jugenrat and Kapos for those who did not know. When will our current Jugenrat and Kapos learn from history, or will they ever? We send our children to school to learn and also study history, but it is a shame that somewhere along their education they have become smarter and more intelligent that they forget about history and it keeps repeating itself. Keep up the good fight as I will also continue to share your blog on my 400 plus FB friends.

  11. As it has been said above; Gyorgi Schwartz a/k/a George Soros is a cancer metastasizing among us. A Jew who hates Jews is the worst, most evil, corksager in the world. He not only runs and owns Barack Obama, but also Hitlery Clinton. Now add to those “things” the official checkpoint “Snopes” which relies on Soros’ money to exist and you know NEVER to trust that site. I could go on and on, but in his case, words fail me. Obama, Clinton and Soros; may they have few worries and even less days.

  12. Howard, you wrote, “I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR TRAITORS AND SELL-OUTS”, and that’s the way it should be! America’s TWO greatest TRAITORS are OBAMA & HILLARY! They have DESTROYED America, CONTINUE to do so, and also have the NERVE to try to CONVINCE people [by LYING] that the LIBERAL AGENDA is the BEST! They are both leading us to a PATH OF DISASTER via a failing economy & a RADICAL ISLAMIC SOCIETY! For many reasons, they both FEAR Trump and want to KEEP HIM OUT of WASHINGTON!!! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. For the sake of making it today’s nomenclature I coined the name of unJews for that repulsive aggregate.
    UnJews are natural Quislings. Their flag carrier is a person who gladly helped the Nazis.
    And incidentally, as I warned a colleague considering hiring for a faculty posting one of those creatures. unJews are unfaithful as a natural state. Anyone who risk taking in such item will soon find out that the person will also betray the Gentile who adopts the trash.

  14. The Jewish community has all levels, just like any other religion, faith, or race. We have cinos (Christians in Name Only) who will scam you, steal from you, con you, etc. I had a couple in my church who pulled a Ponzi Scheme on me to cost me several hundreds of thousands of dollars. He had the #1 usher position in this mega church. They figure Church members are lambs ready to be led to the slaughter and are dumb and trusting.

  15. Hey Howard

    What you wrote was perfectly clear! To the list, I would like to add AIPAC, which actively campaigned for Obama the first time around and the 700 Reform Rabbis who signed the declaration of endorsement for him before his election in 2008. I don’t know how many ways you can spell ‘stupid’.

  16. Unfortunately, most ethnic groups have these people. They appear to be good people until we elect them and they go to Washington. Then they look out only for themselves and become part of “the establishment” so that they can become affluent. Trump doesn’t need the job to become affluent or powerful. He has an ego which will not allow him to fail us..

    I believe Bill Minatra is referring to “Mila 18”, circa 1961, by Leon Uris. The amazing Jewish resistance to the Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto

  17. The United States is in danger from so many within the government. Many organizations have been able to slowly work for the destruction of America, the Constitution and everything it stands for. It is only the voices of people like Howard that we know even a smidgen of the truth. Thank you Howard…..

  18. Let us not forget the first thing the governments of the world that work toward dictatorships do is disarm the populace. Do not allow this to happen!! They will get my guns right after the very last bullet has been fired. Vote TRUMP to protect the 2nd amendment.

  19. Why U.O.B. (Ugly Old Bastard) George Soros, hasn’t been expelled from this country, is beyond belief.

  20. I always say there’s nothing more our Goverments at all levels love to hear than when we sit around whining & complaining to each other about things we don’t like & say: “the govt should do something about it!”. That’s music to their ears cause the govt translation is “another valid reason for a treasured tax increase”. When I hear somebody say that, I tell them we are the govt. Howard as you have said many times, you don’t get the govt you want, you get the one you deserve.

  21. Your overview of the Judenrats makes me so very sad. However, the lady who mentioned the CINO’s raised a thought I have very frequently, which is HOW IN HELL CAN CATHOLICS AND OTHER XIANS FLOUNCE AND SASHAY THEIR FAT ASSES UP TO GOBBLE HOLY COMMUNION WHILE THEY VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS WHO SUPPORT PIERCING AND STABBING LIVE BABIES IN THEIR MOTHER’S STOMACHS FOR ABORTIONS AND BODY PARTS FOR SALE — AND MAKE ALL OF US PAY FOR THEM!!! Too bad Xianity went beyond the Jewish sect it was in ancient Israel

  22. We Say NO MORE on NOVEMBER 8, 2016 when we vote for Donald Trump…and Hillary Clinton and her husband are finally discarded. The beginning of the end of the LEFT’s lawlessness, and desire to destroy America!

  23. If Hillary is elected… she will possibly appoint the next four judges to the Supreme Court, your second amendment will be greatly curtailed (if not eliminated), the national debt will crush the US economy, and Texas will finally secede from the union!!! And we WILL close our borders!!! Get out the vote my friends!!!

  24. Howard, I enjoy your editorials and agree with most all of them. I am not silent and have been accused of being a racist and bigot by those elites that should know better. Being of Anglo Saxon ancestry I love a good debate and argument. But this goes beyond that. I am very concerned about what is happening. I have asked some of my debating foe if they have a picture of Neville Chamberlain on their walls.

  25. I hear you loud and clear. As a young teenager during WWll. the memories stay with me to this day. Some people are demons to the core and nothing we do can make them civilized. It’s just not in their DNA. Billie

  26. Howard, It is so sad to read about the J & the K who betrayed their own kind but it is even worse when we know that it is happening now – the whole of the Western civilization has been betrayed by their own kind. It is very difficult to understand how or why the Liberals think the way they do. Do they really believe that it is the right thing to do – to sacrifice their own kind for the “greater good”? For whose “greater good”? Unfortunately they have convinced most of our young!!

  27. I think that the underlying moral problem is that people are more scared of dying than wanting to live. I have told my grandchildren that if an attacker enters their classroom or wherever they are they should start attacking him with books, chairs anything that they can throw. If enough people do this they will take down the attacker. They must be brave or be hurt. In so many events there are more than enough people around to subdue the bad guys. But, they are afraid of dying.

  28. I just want to live long enough to see Donald Trump inaugurated as president of the United States on January 20 at noon. After that I can die knowing America is in good hands! If I have to vote by absentee ballot, I have instructed my husband to leave me on life-support till after midnight on November 8 (if needed) so that my vote for Trump will count! if by some miracle I get to vote for him a third time he’s got my vote in 2020 as well! I’ve been at Trump supporter since day 1.

  29. Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill, Hillary, and the biggest Judenrat of all Barack Obama. How many can you add to the list? Though not Jews they are just as sure traitors as the rats of old were. Even worse how many of your “friends” are. I have purged my list of friends for this very reason. Can’t stand traitors.

  30. How do we stop it? We have always been told voting is the way. That is not working. I will vote for Trump and so will millions of others but when millions of others can vote for a known liar, cheat, baby killing lover etc…it says the moral conscience of this county is gone, just as it was in every other society that has fallen. Appreciate you Howard. God Bless. Mary Bemis St. George Utah

  31. Why does the Mossad allow Soros to live, he is the worst of the worst. doing his best to bring down th USA.

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