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This gives me extraordinary PAIN TO WRITE . . . But in the Past, SILENCE got SIX MILLION of my co-religionists slaughtered . . . And now, LEFTIST Jews are at it again, supporting a Candidate who would do us in as quickly as she can look at us.


I write this, because my FREEDOMS in Canada, and the FREEDOM of Expression in the United States of America, gives me the RIGHT to express myself, and the OBLIGATION to Fight to the Death to protect this RIGHT.

I AM NOT RELIGIOUSLY OBSERVANT . . . But I am 100% Jewish. I was partially educated in a Montreal Yeshiva (Rabbinical College), but was also educated in a Christian Protestant Environment, and while growing up, I spent a great deal of my time with French Speaking (Quebec) Catholics . . . so I have no reluctance to claim some level of authority on the subject of a variety of cultures.

WHILE GROWING UP IN MONTREAL . . . I was equally comfortable in the midst of Jews, Catholics and Protestants. Just as I was absolutely comfortable amongst French, English, Greeks, Italians, Asians, Blacks and others – BUT I NEVER FORGOT OR QUESTIONED WHO I WAS.

WHAT I QUESTIONED WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING . . . at least not until I got much older, was – NOT how Europe allowed and participated in the SLAUGHTER OF 6-MILLION JEWS, but rather – HOW DID 6-MILLION JEWS WILLINGLY WALK THROUGH THE GATES OF HELL?

My Canadian Born Father was a FIGHTER . . . My Canadian Born Mother was a FIGHTER. My Dad’s Brothers and Sisters were FIGHTERS too. They grew up on the TOUGH STREETS of Montreal, where you used your FISTS to stand-up to the bullies, or you cowered behind the people who would.

I GREW UP THE SAME WAY . . . But not on the Tough Streets of Montreal as my family had done, where being Jewish meant you were a target. I grew up protected in a safe environment, amongst civilized people, and in the midst of NON-JEWS who had little to no enmity for me. But, from the time I could comprehend, I understood that 6-MILLION JEWS were slaughtered in Europe only because they were Jews.

And from Time-To-Time, when the rare occasion arrived, when I had to FIGHT because of Anti-Semitism, I ALWAYS gave better than what I got.

And from my earliest memories, I saw the photos of Dead Jewish Men, Women and Children, including the Rotting Piles of Human Flesh, which the BUTCHERS didn’t have time to bury, and the Burnt Skeletons that were still in the Ovens after the Liberation of the Death Camps.

I WAS TOO YOUNG TO GRASP . . . the correlation between those who were SLAUGHTERED because they committed the CRIME of being Jewish, to the FACT, that had my family and I been in Europe at that time, we too would have been amongst the SLAUGHTERED Piles of Rotting Flesh, or a Skeleton in an Oven.



For Jews everywhere – life is EPHEMERAL. It doesn’t matter how much Money we have or don’t have. How many Awards we’ve won or haven’t won. How much Property we own or don’t own, how much Political Influence we have or don’t have, how much Humanitarian Good Work we’ve Committed . . . and on and on. Life for the Jewish People is always just a matter of time . . .

Because . . . whatever we have or we don’t have – ALL OF IT CAN BE TAKEN AWAY, INCLUDING OUR LIVES, just as swiftly and as assuredly as it happened throughout Nazi Europe, not much more than just 70-Years Ago.


AND FOR SMUG JEWS WHO SAY IT CAN’T HAPPEN TO ME . . . It has happened repeatedly throughout our entire Jewish HISTORY, as recently as the Spanish and French Inquisitions, the Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian POGROMS . . . and even in Canada and the United States of America, where just up until the 1960’s, there were University Quotas on Jewish Enrollment, where the few Jews that were let in, needed much Higher Standards than anyone else.

There were Restrictions on where Jews could live and stay in Hotels. There were whole communities that restricted Property Owners from selling homes to Jews, and there were Clubs and Public Areas that banned Jews from stepping foot . . . and so on, and so on. AND THIS WAS EVEN AFTER THE HOLOCAUST.

AND BY THE WAY . . . As a Jew – I don’t need lectures from Black Lives Matter.


Because you might be a RICH Jew, or a University Professor, or a Lawyer, or an Accountant, or a Successful Business Owner, or a Banker, or a Ranking Business Manager, or a Wall Street Investor, or a Hollywood Mogul, or a Famous Entertainer, or a High Tech Guru, or a Major Property Owner/Developer – DOES NOT MAKE YOU SO SMART, so as not to see, nor does it make you IMPERVIOUS to the HELL of a repeat of the HOLOCAUST . . . because you’d be amongst the first to be rounded-up . . . just like they were in Nazi Europe.


There were 6-MILLION Jews, many of whom, who were really Smart and Talented, who in one way or another were all of the ABOVE . . . BUT – who were either Too Stupid, Too Greedy, Too Full of Themselves, and/or Too Cowardly to see it coming, and be ready to do whatever had to be done to STOP IT, FIGHT, OR RUN . . . so they did neither, and they and their loved-ones died.


In all of Europe . . . Just before the Holocaust, there were slightly less than 10-MILLION Jews. After the Holocaust, there were slightly less than 4-MILLION Jews.

And in all of Europe TODAY, there are about 1.4-MILLION Jews, with the majority, LITERALLY HALF – living in France and England, with the MOST in France. And even though the European Jewish Population throughout the rest of Europe is sparse, ANTI-SEMITISM IS RAMPANT.

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . the BDS Movement isn’t about Israel, it’s about UNABASHED HATRED FOR JEWS. And for all the LEFTIST Jews who participate in this OUTRAGE, they are helping to FUEL THE FLAMES of the next HOLOCAUST.

I was just reading a report, which focused on the American Jewish LEFT, and their absolute Commitment to the Democrat Party, which has embraced BDS and Black Lives Matter. And how some Jewish Neo-Conservatives have openly announced their support for Crooked Hillary, because Trump Stands in the way of their RINO Entitlements.

NOT ONLY ARE THEY BACKING THE WRONG HORSE . . . they’re backing the Horse of Armageddon.

But as I wrote earlier in this Editorial . . . HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, and what I am witnessing is the answer to why more than 6-MILLION Jews didn’t FIGHT-BACK some 70-YEARS ago, because some 70-YEARS ago, they were probably behaving the same way as they’re behaving today.


The speech was at a Synagogue in an Upper Income Community in Montreal, where quite a few (elderly) Holocaust Survivors came after the War. Virtually all of them came to Montreal, just as Jews who survived the Holocaust arrived throughout North America, with literally nothing but the shirt on their back, and HORRID Memories of unthinkable cruelty and loss.

They came alone, to a strange land, where they had to start all over again from scratch, while dealing with the HORRORS of what they went through. Yet, they came, worked hard, raised families and prospered.

So . . . here I was speaking before hundreds of people, many Holocaust Survivors amongst the crowd, where I was speaking about Ethnocentric Nationalism in the Province of Quebec, and the Anti-Semitism that walked hand in hand with this type of Nationalism.

And even though there were many Holocaust Survivors in the audience, I made it clear, that CAPITULATION to any form of RACISM IS NOT AN OPTION, and trying to live on your knees is not living.

And during the Q&A portion of my speech . . . one of the Holocaust Survivors stood and asked this simple question:

“What would I have done, if I was in Europe during the Holocaust”?


If I was confronted by a KAPO (a willing Jewish helper of the Nazis), or a JUDENRAT (a Jewish conciliator who helped organize for the Nazis, in the idea of appeasing the Nazis for the Common Good), and a NAZI . . .


NOT ONLY IS ANTI-SEMITISM ALIVE AND WELL IN EUROPE . . . it is alive, well, growing, and becoming MAINSTREAM throughout North America. It is Permeating like a Disease throughout our Universities, Unions, Social Groups like Black Lives Matter, the Green Parties and the Democrat Party.

AND WHEN IT HITS THE FAN . . . as it will, because it always does, and History never Lies – The first to feel its wrath, will be the JEWISH IDIOTS, who think for some reason they would be immune, because of their SPECIAL STATION IN LIFE, or because they didn’t identify with Mainstream Jews, or rather encompassed the Groups, which stood against the Jewish People in the Guise of Punishing Israel, for the way they imagine and have created the myth about how Israel is mistreating the Palestinians.


AS I SAY – THAT WHEN IT COMES TO CHOOSING SIDES . . . Anne and I have already made our CHOICE long ago – and have chosen to stand with REAL CONSERVATIVE JEWS & REAL LIKE MINDED CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS, and to HELL with everyone else who thinks that APPEASEMENT and the LEFT are the way to go.

And anyone who thinks that ALL JEWS are LEFTISTS, and all Jews support the Democrats, they are as wrong as are the people who think that all Jews succumbed to the Nazis during the Holocaust, since many didn’t. Many saw the writing on the wall and got out when they could, while just as many fought from the Beginning to the End.


Who will not go gentle into that good night.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ronald Reagan said you support the candidate of your party who has the best chance to win in the end. Unfortunately, Romney has proven he is not that person.

    Historically, individual European countries have only cooperated with others when it was in their individual benefit. With all the pressures bearing down on individual EU members, it just a matter of time before some of them will no longer see a benefit in EU membership and bail out.

  2. To point out relatively recent anti-Jewish bias-at a barber shop opposite Eaton’s College St. store in Toronto in 1956 was a sign “Gentiles only”. As a practicing Christian, then & now, I did not frequent that vile place.


    I don’t understand Howard, you wouldn’t shoot him?

    Ted Walker Oakville Ontario Canada

  4. Well stated Howard! I for one would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

  5. I was told just about 50 years ago, that unless I’m willing to die for the principles & morals I express, I’m not ready to live by them. I too, always wondered why over 6 million men/women walked through those gates. BUT I wasn’t there!BUT I Will Never Forget what I learned & I can stand next to anyone and say from my heart “NEVER AGAIN”!We Americans have abdicated our principals, our morals, our minds and wills to what has been termed “POLITICALLY CORRECT”! WHAT A MESS we have caused!!!

  6. You are bang on, 100% right. And yet here we are, the world all ready and willing to forget the whole damn thing. Take it out of schools and lets not offend the Muslims. Why? Muslims have no part in it. What’s their stupid and bigoted claim? Perhaps we should forget WW2 also, as the two are greatly connected. You know what, lets just ignore all of history while we’re at it, because select groups of us get their feelings hurt and others are too stupid to realize its importance.

  7. I am first Generation Canadian born of Survivors of the Holocaust, ex Montrealer separated from Quebec living in Ontario in full agreement with you. This American election will be the pivot point in World Politics and we will either descend into economic hell or have a fighting chance at redemption with Trump. Our system in both Canada and the U.S. has been corrupted by our current leaders and Big Business that are only interested in lining their pockets.

  8. God Bless you and your family Howard. Nobody should be targeted by anyone because of race or religion. We grew up at the end of WWII hearing of the holocaust and still find it hard to believe today. As time goes on it seems anyone rather Jew of Christian has a target on them to silence them of any reference to God and religious values. Like you we will continue to stand and NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT. Thanks for today’s reminder to STAND FIRM. -Thurman & Bev

  9. The worst anti-Semites are Jewish anti-Semites, I would put first in line is George Soros, (“the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country”). His record is appalling: Gives billions to left-wing causes; Influence on U.S. elections; Wants to curtail American sovereignty; Currency manipulation; Environmental extremism; Delusions; supports Black Lives Matters, gives money for the destructive demonstrations and will give any thing to keep Trump from being elected.

  10. I don’t understand it Howard. Why would a Jew support Obama/Clinton? Obama has repeatedly emboldened America’s enemies i.e. Iran, undermined America’s friends i.e. Israel and of course diminished his own country. It was refreshing to hear Stephen Harper be unabashedly a supporter of Israel unlike the current prime minister. I miss that candor. Luigi Montreal

  11. “J.David Innes, Sudbury, Ontario” … Although I retired 18 years ago and now live on Gananoque Lake, I think close to where Howard lives, I was born a WASP and lived in Toronto most of my 72 years. In that period of time I never saw a single episode of anti-Semitism. Perhaps that’s because I always lived in WASP neighbourhoods where Protestantism has always been the biggest defenders and supporters of Jews.

  12. I was born into the communist system ( I know about the Holocaust only my parents – both Auschwitz survivors ). I came to Canada 25 years ago. The system ( doesn’t meter Nazi, communism, etc) is not working from one minute to the other but slowly prepares for the final attack, in this cause annihilation of the Jews. In Czechoslovakia they where able to kill the top leaders (Jewish )of the communist party – doesn’t count that those leaders had power to deal with the KGB, the police.

  13. I agree with Tom that first in line is the KAPO George Soros who willingly sold out his people in the 2 world war. Look up his history during that time and later, he is a piece of work.

  14. Howard I believe that Hil’Liar’y Clinton has became a symbol of and to the Liberal Democrats. Hil’Liar’y represents every aspect of the Evils, perpetuated against the Christian society of America. Note to all America is turning away from God. Murdering babies can not be excused by giving it a medical term. Sodomy can not be excused by Legalizing their act in marriage. The sheading of the Innocent blood has brought the cry of Rachel upon the land. The abominable acts of Sodomy is a curse as well.

  15. Haim Saban, Israeli Billionaire, worth over $3 billion, according to Forbes. Currently, HE’S HILLARY’S #1 CAMPAIGN DONOR!Saban says HIS GREATEST CONCERN IS TO PROTECT ISRAEL. At a conference in Israel, Saban described his formula. His three ways to influence American politics were: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and CONTROL MEDIA OUTLETS. This, in spite of the disrespect towards Israel by BHO. Saban exposed the buying of personal favors as his true highest priority.

  16. What I don’t understand is the leftist Jews I know have all made the pilgrimage to Israel. I don’t get it.

  17. I have never understood Christians being anti-semetic and worshipping a Jew. All Americans better wake up. Trump called the attack in NJ and NYC a bomb. Hillary said we need to wait to get al the facts. We have the facts. WE ARE AT WAR WITH THE MUSLIMS!! PERIOD. The so-called “good” are just waiting until the “bad” bring us down so they can be the heads of the Caliphates. We are being led to the slaughter and Trump is our only hope and truth speaker and leader.

  18. Edward Walker, I believe you didn’t get the entire sentence. Reread it and understand what he is saying. We have to wake up, see what is going on, and fight it with all our might.

  19. I have wondered about this madness for at least six decades. Approximately 70% of American Jews vote for the Marxist Democrats, the very party that would annihilate them in a heartbeat if they were in total control. These Jews are not only stupid, THEY ARE INSANE!!! I cannot come to any other conclusion. It takes an especially screwed up mind to maintain this kind of mental sickness. It will never end, and neither will anti-Semitism. We stand with you and Anne!

  20. No matter who you are if you don’t have intelligence and common cense and money is your God then you are domed.
    A vote for hillary will lead us down to the destruction of what this country was once.If you can name one commendable thing she has done ,I doubt it.

  21. Raised in the 1930s in a Jewish neighborhood in West Philadelphia, Pa; the FARRELLS with the Rubens (daughters Shirley and Bootsie), Sauls (daughters Naomi and Jewel), Nathans (son Leonard), Krafts (daughter Elaine) and Silvers (son Herby), as immediate neighbors…the best friends my parents ever had! I remember them very well AND what their families went through during WW II…and then again South Koreans in 1952! I Will stand with you Howard!
    Bud Farrell B-29 Gunner, Korea.

  22. Read it again Ted Walker. The conciliator would be the one dying. I have a hard time believing that Jewish people can be so attracted to the Dumbocratic Party as they the Dums have so shown their dislike for Israel that it basically is as plain as the nose on your face. The Bill Whittle you tube piece is an eye opener to the part history in the US. Everyone should take the time to watch it, even the Black Lives Matter Aholes.

  23. I had the pleasure of scrubbing with a physician, who fought all during WWII, against the Nazis. After the war, he came to the USA. Lived in one the Jewish Communities of New York City then finally came to Calif. In fact, most of the Jewish surgeons I worked with were first generation Americans. Their parents came from Eastern Europe and Russia. Trust me, they were very patriotic & were not politically correct! They couldn’t understand the Leftist Dems Jews, either. This was back in the 1970’s.

  24. We can say the same thing about Catholics and Protestants. The Dems and Liberals are leading the charge for abortion. I believe this is a scourge on all of America including Canada. Most of what the Dems and Libs stand for is completely contrary to the teachings of their religion. So Howard or others, can you tell me why they continue to vote for them?
    I have debated this with some of my Catholic friends, and they don’t seem to care!

  25. AMEN Howard!! AMEN!!! One of the best you have written. Thanks you sir!

    I will try to help you understand…
    ONE Nazi, ONE Capo (Jewish traitor) ONE gun, ONE bullet. The NAZI lives and walks away….and the CAPO, JEWISH
    TRAITOR TO HIS OWN PEOPLE,…gets popped. There is nothing worse than a worm who tries to save his own skin
    perceived enemy.

  27. Several years ago I was eating lunch with coworkers – one of whom was Jewish. She made the comment that for years (in the past) she’d been a member of a Christian denomination church choir. She further commented that she was sure all those good Christians she sang with each week would’ve been just floored to know they had a Jew amongst them.

    I’ve kicked myself for years that I wasn’t faster in responding with “Why? Jesus was Jewish.”

  28. As a person whose background is almost exactly like yours, except that I have found my way to live in the USA, I have a one word comment on this editorial: Amen, Brother. AMEN.

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