Who Cares About Trump’s Tax Returns And Personal Health?


THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS . . . are the Media. And amongst the Media, it is mostly the LEFT who care, and not because Trump’s Tax Returns amount to ANYTHING to the Electorate, but because his returns will give the Media a Wealth of Anti-Trump Ammunition no matter what they will reveal.

If Trump is not a Criminal, nor a Thief, nor a Con Artist . . . how much money he has, or doesn’t have, which he’s made in the Private Sector through LEGAL enterprises IS NO ONE’S BUSINESS.

WHETHER TRUMP IS A MULTI BILLIONAIRE OR NOT . . . Neither qualifies him, nor does it disqualify him to be the President of the United States of America.

Harry Reid is worth MILLIONS . . . so how did that happen, since he’s spent his entire life in Politics?

But so is Bernie Sanders . . . the Socialist (Communist), who is worth more than a MILLION Dollars, with not one, but with two homes, especially after he sold his third . . . and he too has never really been out of Politics.

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi and her husband, both of whom are worth a FORTUNE, and Senator Barbara Boxer, who too is worth over 1-Million Dollars, and Senator Dianne Feinstein . . . also worth Millions.

I don’t get it . . . How did all these people get so Rich SERVING the people?

AND THEN THERE’S CROOKED HILLARY AND BILL . . . who are worth at LEAST 200-Million Dollars, and probably a great deal more than that, when taking in their phony Charitable Clinton Foundation, which on its best day could never survive an HONEST Audit.

BUT SOMEHOW . . . The Media are all a-twitter about Trump’s Tax Returns, as if that’s the most important thing to the people of the United States of America?


So, I’m watching Trump travel every part of the United States of America Non-Stop. He is up before Sunrise, and goes to bed long after the Sun Sets. He doesn’t just make an appearance here and there, nor just now and then, HE NEVER STOPS MAKING APPEARANCES, often more THAN TWO A DAY.

How much More Health Information does the Media Deserve and Need to Know?

I’m 66-Years Old. I have recovered from an Aggressive Cancer. I suffered from Rheumatic Fever when I was a child. I had my Gall Bladder Removed when I was in my late 20’s. My Tonsils were removed when I was in my early 20’s.

Several years ago . . . I suffered from a TIA (Mild Stroke), from which I made a full recovery. I am also a Type II Diabetic on Pills, and a Morning Injection of Lantos (Insulin).

And I’ve been hammered more times than I want to remember from Riding Accidents, Hockey, Football, Karate and Only God Knows What Else.


If I was trying to get on a Football Team, or wanted to join a Running Team, or anything else that took EXCELLENT Health . . . I could definitely understand where my Health would be a REAL ISSUE.

But, if I wanted to run for Political Office, regardless of which Office I would want to run for, and if I had a sharp mind and an excellent Platform, I can’t see how anything that had to do with my Physical Health should matter.


As a matter of fact, I was on the phone yesterday with a FRIEND of mine, who just turned 77-Years Old, and he too has health issues. But, I would put him up against any man or woman half his age with no telling Health Issues, who doesn’t have Half his Smarts and Solid Judgment.

I have another FRIEND who is now in his mid 80’s, whom . . . without his help a couple of years ago, I couldn’t have financed my Legal Battle for Freedom of Expression. And at least several times a week, we speak over the phone, where I learn a great deal from his experiences in Business and Life. And he too isn’t without Health Issues, who too, I will put up against any man or woman half his age, without Health Issues who doesn’t have a smattering of his accomplishments and experiences.

AND AS I WROTE IN THE ABOVE HEADLINE . . . I’m Blessed with a variety of people I call my Friends, many of whom are as much as 15-20 Years younger than me, who help me stay young just by being with them, who too are smart and accomplished, who I would trust to make serious decisions, whose Health I have never questioned, and would never question.


Are you willing to deny yourself the BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB, because the Media WORMS its way into someone’s PRIVATE Health Records?

I know nothing about 84-Year Old Maricopa County’s Sherriff Joe Arpaio’s Health, who is as capable a person, whom I have ever followed. And if I needed a Law Enforcement Job Done, he would be amongst the FIRST people I would turn to, and wouldn’t give a Damn about seeing or reading about his Health Record.


SO HERE IT IS . . . I’m 66-Years Old, and you now have a solid profile of my Health. And in spite of all my Health Issues, I still get up early every morning. Anne and I live on a Horse Farm during the Summer, and in Austin Texas during the Winter, and from time to time I work on the Farm. Not as much as I would like to, but far more than a man substantially younger than me could keep up with.

I Ride my Motorcycle over Long Distances. I shoot Pistols and Rifles. And I take a Backseat to no one. AND I WRITE THIS BLOG NEARLY EVERY DAY.

MORE THAN THAT . . . I am also in the process of Writing Short Stories, and Developing a Course in how to be a Successful Blogger, so other Conservatives can do what I do.

AND WHEN YOU DECIDE TO SUPPORT THIS BLOG . . . Please tell me how my Age, Wealth (or lack thereof), or Health Issues CONTRIBUTE – as to making your decision in whether to support or not to support.

LIFE IS A CRAP SHOOT . . . and if you are willing to wait for the Perfect Mate, the Perfect Deal, the Perfect Business or the Perfect Candidate amongst all other things . . . you’ll be waiting beyond your lifespan, ‘cause life doesn’t work that way.

SO REMEMBER THIS . . . all this NOISE about Tax Returns and Health Records are Meaningful only to the Media, so they can CREATE SENSATIONALISM to feed to the feeble minded.

But in 100% Reality . . . these issues are meaningless to whether the man or woman RUNNING CAN DO THE JOB, unless in Crooked Hillary’s Case, her Health Issues are so outwardly transparent, as to continuously cause her to Collapse, have Severe Coughing Spells, and in her own words . . . KEEP HER FROM REMEMBERING serious Facts, as those she told the FBI, so as to give Pause to the Voters.

IN MY LAST EDITORIAL . . . I wrote that I am NOT Politically Correct. That I am not in the least bit concerned about Government Rules and Regulations about Freedom of Speech. And that I will not WRITE to placate Readers or Advertisers, of which there are very few Advertisers, and of the few, they advertise mostly as a way to SUPPORT THE BLOG.

SO . . . if you can visit their ADS, and link through their ads on the Right Hand Side of this Page, you might find a Service or Product that could be of great interest and benefit to you.

IN THE MEANTIME . . . If you think that what I write makes a difference, and is worth supporting, and if you can afford it . . . this is how to help me to continue to make a difference.


Thank You!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. While I respect your views on so many issues, Howard, I honestly believe that Mitt is nothing more than a politician . . . not unlike John Boehner. I have family in Massachusetts. lol

  2. Howard, How nice that your blog popped up first thing this morning. What a nice way to start the day. You always say what you think and keep us all updated on what is going on in this wonderful political world we are living in right now. Am so sick of the media going after any little bit of nonsense instead of reporting what is really important. Hoping and praying that Trump makes it this fall and we can get the USA back to becoming the wonderful country we remember growing up in.

  3. Honesty & straightforwardness very much an asset to ones being. Howard, you exemplify it to the nth degree and we who are ‘your friends’ appreciate you for it! Many of us in North America just wish some elected by us to office would take your lead & at least show us more often their integrity as it relates to we who put them in office (and in other words) elected (hired) them! And with that & in most cases, as you show us – wealth or health of their own – IS NOT OUR BUSINESS! Thanks.

  4. The book you write should be about an inspired young person entering politics and those who turn new politicians into influence peddlers

  5. Howard, you should check into the Trump Foundation before you talk about the Clintons. At least the Clintons donate to their foundation (1MM) last year when Trump has not made a donation to his since 2008. He also takes a tax deduction on donations which he gives out which is illegal. His donors are casinos, night clubs and also special interest groups. Trump will never reveal his tax returns even though the head of the IRS has stated he is free to do so. B. Carroll. Pierrefonds.

  6. I’m sure it’s NO coincidence that the investigation into The Trump Foundation’s donation history was launched in NY state. That’s the state that was dumb enough to elect crooked Hillary as their senator even though she didn’t live there.

  7. The media was all hung up on Sen. John McCain’s health too when he ran against Obama 8 years ago. They used that as an attack to discredit a most likely very capable man for the job. They said his health couldn’t survive his stint in office and got mindless people to buy it. Why? Based on what? Because he had white hair? That’s stupid. And yet lo and behold here he is. It would seem the media turned out wrong again.

  8. Most of the media appear to have no moral compass. The more trouble that they can make, the more money that they can make, and to hell with everyone else!

  9. The Clinton Foundation spends 6% of it’s donations on helping people–the rest is salaries, private jets, admin costs, etc. so they can live the 1% life. Trump has already stated he “fights like hell” to pay the least amount of taxes possible–as we ALL do, so his tax return is irrelevant–I don’t care what he pays–I care what I PAY!!

  10. About a month ago I read about a prosecutor beginning an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Apparently, this legals wiz has taken down many large companies breaking the law. Southern District of NY or something like that. So why hasn’t the press followed up on that or mention it once in a while? Well, because the deck is very stacked against Trump. Trump looks healthy; Clinton does not. Period. Trump doesn’t look like a liar; Hillary does. Period.

  11. I enjoyed your column this morning but, regarding Hillary’s health I’m not hearing anything about the black spot on her tongue. If you haven’t seen it you can google it and see for yourself. It is being described as being everything from cancer to the affect of lesbian sex. Edgar Sellers

  12. My strong suggestion is for the congress to pass a law requiring anyone running for a high level office; House, Senate, Executive, or Cabinet level first provide full disclosure of health and wealth. That might stop the silliness of demanding info or making accusations without facts. Personally it seems rather juvenile to be arguing about Obama’s school records and Trump’s taxes, and just as dangerous the public does not have full disclosure on those seeking office. States can also do it.

  13. The TRUTH is the TRUTH no matter whether one agrees with it or not. TRUMP’S donations are nobody’s business but his own! The IRS is renowned for having DIVULGED personal information about CONSERVATIVE GROUPS before, so WHY haven’t they done so re: Trump by now? Is it because they FEAR HIM and its repercussions? Due to her DECLINE in the RECENT POLLS, HILLARY & her CREW are DESPERATE and will use ANY INFORMATION, DO and SAY ANYTHING to ATTACK & DESTROY TRUMP! The DEBATE is NEXT! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN

  14. Am I the only one that finds it absolutely hilarious that the candidates that seek to hold the office of POTUS are having their medical suitability scrutinized by a tv doctor? Maybe Dr.Phil should weigh in on the psychological soundness of each candidate as well. Although Dr.Oz is a licensed practitioner, doesn’t the whole ‘reality blur’ of this just want to make you laugh? Is our dumbed down society really at such a low level? What’s next? Income tax returns to be analyzed on Oprah?

  15. With a smile on my face, Howard, it’s nice to see even though you are among the walking wounded, you manage to schlep along pretty good, man. 🙂 It is my contention that the evil core within HRC is finally emanating overtly, and it would not surprise me to see her have a resounding onstage collapse of monumental proportions. Her up/down swings are becoming more profound. How much longer are they going to be able to keep this piece of dreck upright…with pharmaceuticals? Pneumonia….my arse!

  16. The difference is that Trump earned his money, the politicians stole ours. This is just a ploy of the Media to divert attention from Hillary’s health issues (bad), her corrupt “pay and play” foundation, Bill’s very poor health (his mouth gapping open all the time shows a big problem. Ask any mental doctor), Hillary’s double personality – one for the Media and the other violent one for the Secret Service, household help, and anyone who crosses her, etc.

  17. Howard, I disagree on the medical records. President of the United States is a demanding job and, we, the voters have the right to know if the candidate is physically and mentally able to do the job. There is suspicion among medical doctors of the potential for Clinton to have an underlying medical condition. At times Hillary appears frail, sick and old (even at 68). Given the aura of mistrust that surrounds her, we need the whole story.

  18. Lets keep Crooked Hillary as the far left candidate as long as we can. The future of the free world depends on Trump’s winning. Surely the voters see through Hillary and see her for what she is. (This is less obvious in other possible far left candidates because it requires thought and the far left has slowly dumbed down our citizens/voters.
    I was sold months ago and Trump makes more sense every day, I totally agree with your rebuttals in the comments.

  19. Trump’s taxes would give me a headache! They won’t show his overall wealth and if he is any good at business and taxes, he probably made zero personally. Giving to your own charity to write off your taxes is kind of dishonest, but legal. That is the problem with the Clinton’s, giving to their own slush fund. Trump probably gives more away and doesn’t care about taxes, like Romney who gave so much away with no record.

  20. At least with Mr. Trump, he does not need to have his hand in the Honey Jar like the Clintons, and the present bunch.
    The Obamas have cost this Country an amount that we will really not now how much for their personal life style and
    believe me folks, IT IS NOT OVER YET.

  21. It would appear that HiLiarY; con all due respetto, might just be a tad of a lunatic. Now…how would I know? Watch her eyes as she speaks – once she does that; she lies. Stare at her mouth and watch carefully, for as she speaks, she lies. Watch as she chokes on her own hubris – for when she does that, she lies. In fact, she lies so fargin’ much – I don’t even believe that Billy Boy is her husband! And I’ll go you one more – how can a money-hungry broad like she wear only suits? Beats me!

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