They Just Don’t Build Them Like This Anymore


BEFORE WE GET INTO THE NEW EDITORIAL . . . A few of the Readers of seemed a bit uncomfortable with the way I described my feelings about Crooked Hillary in her moment of distress, and how I thought she was totally unworthy of our Prayers and Sympathy.

Some of the Readers said so in their Public COMMENTS and Private Emails, which they sent to me quoting the Scriptures to emphasize their views, so please let me set the Record Straight.

AND PLEASE READ WHAT I WRITE . . . and not what you want to read into what I write. I NEVER wrote or intimated that Donald Trump should have pounced on Crooked Hillary’s Illness. What I wrote . . . was that there was no necessity for anyone to FAKE their concern or their Prayers for Crooked Hillary.


“Either tell it as it is . . . or hold your Tongue – the People Deserve No Less”

I’M NOT THE NEWS MEDIA . . . I don’t write or speak in FEAR of being Politically Correct. I have ZERO concern about TOEING any Government Line. And I am not worried about OFFENDING Advertisers or LOSING READERS BY STATING THE TRUTH.

SO HERE IT IS . . . If you want the Varnished Truth, Politically Correct Thinking, and Measured StatementsGALGANOV.COM isn’t where you’ll find it. That’s the SHTICK of the Mainstream Media.

And Like it or not . . . THIS BLOG IS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, and will always try to present the UNVARNISHED TRUTH . . . and will ALWAYS tell it like it is.



I don’t know who recently wrote this . . . but to paraphrase:

We can’t Save the Moslem Population from Themselves . . . But we can Save Ourselves from “Them”.

When my FOUR Grandparents came to Canada from Eastern Europe MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO, they couldn’t speak English or French. And they had no idea what to expect vis a vis the Canadian Culture, Rules, Regulations and Laws.

They Were Religious Orthodox Jews . . . who were absolutely Observant, who educated their Canadian born children (my parents, aunts, and uncles) how to be Jewish, how to respect our Jewish religious rules, laws and customs . . . AND THEN SENT THEM TO THE CHRISTIAN Public (Protestant) School System, WHERE THEY LEARNED how to become ASSIMILATED Canadians, without surrendering who they were as Jews.

When World War II was declared . . . MY DAD and three of his Brothers SIGNED-UP TO FIGHTMY MOM SIGNED-UP TOO, who served on the Home Front.


CANADA WAS AT WAR. THEY WERE CANADIANS . . . Therefore, they were at War Too! And like the Patriots my Grandparents raised them to be . . . THEY SERVED.


My Grandparents, who moved to Canada without Marketable Skills . . . without Language and Communicative Skills . . . without a Government Safety Net – without Jobs, and no Promises for any measure of success, came to become Canadian Citizens, and raise their children to become Canadian Citizens – FULL STOP!


The Immigrants coming to Canada TODAY, and I’m specifically referring to Moslems, opposed to Asians or anyone else, are NOTHING like my Grandparents, or the other Europeans who flocked to North America in search of ONLY TWO PROMISES . . . the Promise of FREEDOM, and the Promise of an EQUAL CHANCE TO SUCCEED. That was it.

People like my Grandparents didn’t come to Canada . . . to Change Canada to suit their Customs, Laws and Religious Values from the “OLD” Country . . . THEY CAME TO BECOME CANADIANS! No less than the people, who flocked and sacrificed to become AMERICANS.

And if you find that I’m repeating this somewhat . . . it’s because I am, because nothing can be more important than preserving who we are, and the sacrifices that were made for us to be here.

My family didn’t come across the Ocean with Jacques Cartier. And I am willing to take bets that MOST American Ancestors didn’t come across the Ocean with the Pilgrims.

Both of our Countries are BUILT on Immigrants who became a MELTING POT of Canadians and Americans, both of which share almost identical Values, Laws, Customs, Food, Fashion, Entertainment, Education . . . ETC.


However . . . In the case of Canada, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau (from the late 1960’s), the father of current Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, decided that Canada should become MULTI-CULTURAL . . . opposed to being a Melting Pot, where we would have HYPHENATED Canadians, opposed to people who Identified themselves STRICTLY as Canadian.

In Canada’s case, where the argument could be made because of our Mutual Founding Fathers, Canada has French Canadians as a Legitimate Specific Tribe.

With Obama, and the Democrats . . . about 40-Years later – America is heading on the same Course, where people are now identifying themselves as belonging to their Specific Tribes.

In America’s case . . . African Americans, even though I am certain there aren’t enough Black Americans in the USA, who have any FIRST, SECOND, THIRD . . . ETC, generational attachment to Africa to make that claim, any more than I could call myself a EURO-CANADIAN because of my Grandparents.

WITH THAT SAID . . . even though there are two SIGNIFICANT groups in Canada and the United States (one each) who prefer to SELF-IDENTIFY, with one identifying with Language . . . and the other with Color – in all reality, we’re not all that different.


SO HERE COMES A WHOLE NEW CULTURE . . . which through their ISLAMIC Religion, has no REASON, and even less of a WILL – to become ONE OF US.

UNLIKE OUR GRANDPARENTS . . . They are not coming to our Countries to become ASSIMILATED – they are coming to ASSIMILATE us. And as I was just reading, Islam is the fastest growing Religion in the Middle East, Africa and Asia with nowhere for them to expand, where their numbers are predominant


THEY NEED TO EXPAND . . . They need food, water and stability in the lands that can accommodate their numbers, where they can IMMIGRATE at the expense of the CITIZENS to where they will establish themselves. And that means us.

BUT UNLIKE OUR GRANDPARENTS . . . they are not coming to be good Citizens, SWEARING AN OATH TO LIVE BY OUR LAWS & CULTURE.

To the contrary . . . they’re coming to Canada and the United States, specifically because of our MULTI-CULTURAL GENEROSITY, and our STUPIDITY to accept them AS THEY WISH TO CONTINUE TO BE.

Israel has a LOYALTY OATH for Jews, Christians, Arabs, Moslems and all else who want to be citizens of Israel . . . that they will recognize Israel as a Jewish State, and HONOR AND OBEY Israel’s Democracy with serious consequences if they don’t.

Australia has a LOYALTY OATH for all people who wish to become Australian Citizens.

Canada, until Justin Trudeau recently removed it, had a law that enabled the Government to REVOKE Citizenship from Landed Immigrants who violated their Pledge to abide by Canadian Laws.

AS I SEE IT . . . If we in North America DON’T want to wind up like most of Europe, with NO-GO-ZONES and SHARIA LAW for some, with a mix of TRIBAL Societies, then we better start to define who we are, and who our IMMIGRANTS MUST BECOME, because if we don’t do that NOW, it won’t matter a Hill of Beans in the longer run who becomes the President of the United States of America.

Because by then . . . we will have much bigger problems.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. agree with Teri love Cruz and west,but I would slip Trey Gowdy in to A.G. A man of convicition

  2. Right on Mr. G. I can’t understand what the hell is wrong with our younger people. And you know something, I’m beginning not to care any more – or at least trying not to care. They’ll have to find out the hard way and that definitely will be a hard lesson!

  3. Howard, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I sent a letter last week to a couple of Senators in Ottawa urging them to stop Trudeau from changing the Law that Canadian Terrorist shouldn’t lose their citizenship. I don’t know how to stop this Liberal Government who is bending backward to please the Muslim migrants, without any thought of the damage that may cause us as Canadians in the future. I am an immigrant myself but I do not ask Canadians to follow my religion or culture. Steve Acre,

  4. I SO agree with you, Howard! My father was 9 years old when he and his family moved to Canada from Europe. They all became CANADIANS! My father served in WW2 – albeit at a base in Canada because of his German heritage. All of the descendants of that family in Canada are full-fledged Canadians, following the laws of Canada. The current influx of immigrants in recent years seem to have no desire to become CANADIANS. They just seem to want to spread their HATE for us!!

  5. You said it correctly, nevertheless some always want to read what they want to hear. When a country looses its sovereignty one might consider it’s the beginning of the end, for what country has survived under these circumstances? Roger M – USA

  6. I agree with the no sympathy, I believe she wanted no witnesses alive to her crimes of selling weapons in Libya. If you read the book 13 hours, you realized our people got out by calling our allies in Libya to come help, the military and state Dept had no problem leaving them there to die.

  7. What concerns me most about the influx of Arabs by Obama is that almost zero of the refugees are Christian. They are the most persecuted of all and likely the ones who would assimilate. Again, part of his plan to destroy the US to third world nation status. I all 87 years, I have never seen this nation so divided. Washington has become the enemy of the people who believe in and abide by the Constitution. The House and Senate don’t seem to care enough to act.

  8. Good to hear . I”am Canadian period… Where are my rights?I’am being sold down the river. Social re-engineering. We had better wake up and take our country back. God Bless Howard

  9. Its quite unfortunate that our leaders have embraced multiculturalism. Our history, traditions and way of life have become secondary to the culture and traditions brought to our shores. We are told to respect “their” past, but refrain from honouring our own else we are labeled “racist”, “bigot” or “xenophobe”. I long for the old days of non-hyphenated citizens who wanted to become part of our nations and accept our society as is. They knew where they were moving, so no excuse.

  10. Right on! My grandparents came from Poland and Russia prior to WWII. Like your’s they gave their children a Jewish education; however, they never spoke Russian or Polish in the house. They wanted their children to become Americans and not the hyphenated kind. A close friend of mine who is Mexican told me that most of the illegals she knows did not come to America to be permanent residents but, to improve their economic well being then to go home. They became trapped in the American dream.

  11. Moslems want to build a mosque in Newton County, Georgia. There is plenty of opposition about this, but the county commissioners want it to happen because of “religious freedom”. The commissioners are blinded by the same liberal brainwashing infecting our youth. The moslems there will not assimilate – they want the Christians to bend to their will.

    Howard, keep on writing and broadcasting the truth.

  12. Howard,
    I not quite done reading you column. But, I had better write it now or I’ll forget. I got to the point, “they need to expand……at the expense. Sounds like people already here in this country who are the “entitlement”. I deserve this because I am,,,,,,,,,,,. I’ve heared this started under LBJ and countinued to grow, more races, more religions and now a fake religion, Islam, which is an ‘IDEOLOGY’, a system of how people live under. And this Islamic ideology want the whole world.

  13. As for the main editorial, the problem, as I see it, with Muslims assimilating is that Islam is not only a religion but a political ideology

  14. I almost wrote yesterday agreeing with what you said. I think to know the Hillary is evil, corrupt, and a liar to now feel differently about her would be hypocritical. You were very plain in what you said. I didn’t like her when she was corrupt and well and don’t like her now that she is corrupt and sick.

  15. Yes, Canada is on the path of no return. Trudeau celebrating in a Canadian mosque with known terrorist ties. Made my gut wrench watching this useless idiot. And look at how the Moslems have infiltrated the US Govt. Huma Abedin, a recent Judge appointment by Obama. And I will bet anyone who wants to bet me that in time, it will be proven that Obama is a covert Muslim trying to do as much harm as he can to the US.

  16. Just plain and simply good reading and heart wrenching at the same time. Thank you!

  17. I am with you, Howard!! I believe jail or 6′ under is where Hillary belongs. I know she is a soul of God, but she can just
    keep coming back until she gets it right!!!! I am not a hypocrite. Sick or dying doesn’t earn any sympathy from me for
    evil people. Nothing is ever wasted, she will be used as a great example of a liar, cheat, thief, traitor and murderer.

  18. #1 – It is a blog (‘nuf said). My prayers are for God to do His sovereign will with us & Hillary, whatever it may be. Scripture tells us to pray for our enemies – but doesn’t tell us what to pray; so I keep personal desires out of it. #2 Madelene J Gilligan, Plantagenet ON, said she couldn’t understand the youth. Indoctrination at schools/colleges is retooling their thinking/reasoning (why do you think gov’t is giving grants & loans for college so all/most can go?).

  19. I don’t care whether they are Muslims, Mexicans, or whatever… if they don’t want to be here to assimilate into our culture and obey our laws, then they ARE NOT WELCOME. If they are already here and don’t want to become true Americans or Canadians… deport them now. They are multiplying in fearful numbers. We have to wake up and change our policies regarding immigration NOW before it is too late!!!

  20. Miami-dade has been a heaven for cubans for 40 years,many came under the wet/dry foot (i call it illegal immigration ) They have practically take over the political offices in most city’s and the county..We have always had corruption here put nothing like the last 20 years with many cubans going to jail.Many have been her for the 40 years do not speak english and courts have to have 3 interpreters notices are printed 3 languages including french for hatians.,anglos are last in population count

  21. Theodore Roosevelt in 1915. There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. The one absolutely certain way to bring this nation to ruin of preventing all possibity of it’s continuing to be a nation at all. More to the quote. There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American.The only man who is a good American who is an American and nothing else. As near as I can remember this saying is on the wall at Ellis Island. My ancestors go back seven generations. Billie

  22. With all her fame, wealth, power and influence, I would NEVER trade places with HRC for she is a lost soul about to meet her Creator. Very sad indeed. It does NOT please God to punish the unrighteous as the Scriptures teach us. He does what He does, not because He is vindictive, but because He is JUST. That does not mean He is happy doing justice. Justice MUST be done because of WHO HE is!

  23. Agreed HG It is as you say HOWEVER I think the answer is not to allow the European ( NATO ) model to replicate in NA . Once Lying HC is elected , in consort with Turdo in Canada , OUR governments will both adopt Europe’s failed assimilation of these people. I suggest we Hurry the process along and make it as bad as possible in the next ten years. Push the whole mess to the front of the line , address it , and push it over the cliff.

  24. Your analysis puts your finger on a profound difference in generations. I agree entirely.

    I wonder though how you respond to the fixation Americans seem to have that there are “good Muslims”” and no so good ones, with the left having an awful time saying Terrorist Muslim. Is there one in your opinion and what do we do about it?

    Don Kenney
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

  25. Howard, as usual your comments are right on the mark. I agree with your comments and try to repost you blog to FB but it doesn’t always work. My concern is regarding many of my shared posts depicting the events taking place in Europe which the main stream media does not report. When shared many of my FB friends do not make comments I wonder if they even read about what is taking place in our world. I would assume from the lack of response that they would be prefer to ignore the obvious .

  26. Right on the nail Howard, I’m with you all the way. At this moment we have one Canadian leadership candidate, namely Kellie Leitch who is prepared to say it how it is and wants Muslims vetted for ideology beliefs before being allowed into Canada. Needless to say, she is being called all the nasty names, just like Donald Trump. Leitch & Trump have understanding and vision of how dangerous Islam and Sharia is for North America and tell it as it is. Some of us do stand on guard for Canada and USA.

  27. Hallelujah – Pass the ammunition!!! On my mother’s side, my family goes back to 1742 or 1762. One of my …..Great Grandfather was one of General Washington’s bodyguards, during the American Revolution. So, my Americanism comes from a long line of Americans, period. NO hyphened American, either! On my father’s side, an Irishman came to the USA around 1880, probably had to leave Ireland due to fighting the English, banished more or less. :O) I am proud of being an American, period!!!

  28. Many of the EU countries have freely admitted that Multiculturalism DOES NOT WORK! Notably Merkel of Germany, who is quite frank and forthcoming about that. Despite her letting in over 1 million illegals last year alone.
    Multiculturalism? What that means is the establishment, by immigrants, of microcosms of their native countries within ours.
    “ghettoes”? Integration? Never!

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