If the Politicians and the Media can’t simply tell the TRUTH, the way it really is . . . they should just SHUT-UP.

I have been watching and listening to the Media and the Politicians speak about Crooked Hillary’s Illness, WHATEVER IT IS – since she’s such a LYING Piece of Crud, she will NEVER TELL THE TRUTH, and neither will her Sycophants.

BUT THAT’S OK . . . because that’s who Crooked Hillary is, and that’s what Crooked Hillary does . . . SHE LIES.

BUT . . . It bothers me to no end, when Politicians like Trump, Newt Gingrich, and the Media, like the Morning Show on Fox News, which I really like, all say that we are concerned for Hillary Clinton’s Health, and wish her well, and can’t wait until she gets back on the Campaign Trail . . . and in the words of Newt Gingrich – “She’s in my Prayers”.

WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP . . . They HATE Crooked Hillary. And they should HATE Crooked Hillary for all her LIES, and all her CHEATING, and all the LIVES she and her Oversexed Husband ruined on their way to the TOP, and for their Obscene ILL-BEGOTTEN Wealth.

Instead of delivering the BS, about feeling so sorry for Crooked Hillary, and how she’s in their PRAYERS, say it like it is . . . THAT SHE’S A DEPLORABLE WOMAN, who has so screwed-up the world that she was entrusted to make better as the American Secretary of State, that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people are being slaughtered throughout the Middle East, where the entire Region is a Tinderbox just waiting for the spark, mostly because of how she screwed-up everything she touched, because she was more focused on making money than doing her job.

JUST TELL THE FRIGGIN TRUTH . . . Crooked Hillary has not just helped let Iran off the Hook, but gave them the nascent tools to fully empower and incrementally help them grow to continue and increase their WAR on the WEST and FREEDOMS, while helping them put Israel into their Nuclear CROSSHAIRS.


It’s interesting how when asked . . . NOT ONE OF CROOKED HILLARY’S SUPPORTERS, can or could point to JUST one real Crooked Hillary ACCOMPLISHMENT that could be attributed to Crooked Hillary when she was the Arkansas First Lady, the US First Lady, the NY-US Senator, and the US Secretary of State.


MORE TO THE POINT . . . there are so many negatives surrounding Crooked Hillary’s life, from the time she was a University Student writing about her HERO Saul Alinsky, the SELF-HATING American Socialist (Communist), to her early days as a Lawyer Wannabe, who failed her first Bar Exam, and after finally passing the exam, was later FIRED by the law firm for whom she worked . . . for UNBECOMING behavior as a Lawyer.

We can also point to how she was so proud to defend a RAPIST of a Beautiful 12-Year Old Girl, who she got Off The Hook on a Plea Bargain, and later in life Laughed About It. And how she somewhat wiggled her way into the defense of two Black Panthers, who were on trial for torture and murder, who also beat the rap.

We can point to multiple Crooked Hillary scandals such as . . . White Water, Travel Gate, Insider Trading in Cattle Futures, and the Clinton Foundation, which has garnered BILLIONS of Dollars in mostly UNACCOUNTABLE Money.

AS A US SENATOR FOR NEW YORK STATE . . . even though Crooked Hillary takes all kinds of credit for a host of things, there is NOTHING that corroborates any of her claims.

AS THE US SECRETARY OF STATE . . . EVERYTHING she touched has turned to CRAP, leading to a series of long term disasters the world will have to deal with in one way or another for generations to come.

EVEN EUROPE IS SUFFERING . . . from the Invasion of Moslems, because of Crooked Hillary’s Middle East Policies . . .

And then there’s Benghazi and the BIG LIE about the Video.


My feeling is simple . . . If you DON’T despise Crooked Hillary, and DON’T wish her ill, you have no right to be campaigning against her, or pretending to be a Fair & Balanced Journalist.

Crooked Hillary called half the people who support Trump DEPLORABLE . . . BUT TRUTH BE KNOWN, that is a MONIKER that suits Crooked Hillary to a “T”. Not only is she DEPLORABLE, but she can easily be described as being a Despicable, Criminal NOT FIT TO WALK THE STREETS IN FREEDOM.

The fact that Crooked Hillary was even allowed to enter the campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America, after all of her lies, deceit and purposeful MISHANDLING of American Secrets . . . should have INDICTED her.

But, because of her GRASP OF POLITICAL DIRT . . . FBI Director James Comey, the Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and President Barack Obama, all carry the STAIN OF CROOKED HILLARY, and have become IRREDEEMABLE as the result.

SO FOR ME TO HEAR . . . these Politicians and Media cry their CROCODILE TEARS for Crooked Hillary, it bothers me more than just somewhat.


As far as I’m concerned . . . Crooked Hillary Can & Should Rot In Hell, where she belongs and deserves to be, for all her LIES, and the way she used, misused & abused America and the American People.

TRUMP ISN’T BEING CHEERED BECAUSE HE’S “THE DONALD” . . . Trump is being cheered because he ISN’T AN INSIDER and he ISN’T CROOKED HILLARY. So he shouldn’t act as if he is either.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Was that not the most idiotic thing you’ve ever seem a President of the United States do? Whatever… you know that’s his peeps, his electorate!! I share your feelings regarding to what is happening to our great nations, however I’m not ready to throw in the towel. I think if we can make the right choices in 2016, we have a chance at maybe turning this country around. Call me an optimist, but damn it our country and Canada is worth the effort!!! If we’re not successful in 2016, we’re toast!

  2. They are doing what is required to keep the media from vilifying them endlessly. It is the lesser evil.

  3. Hey Howard! Friday at 5pm. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Trump Rally in Boca Raton. Glades Rd. just east of I-95. You can stay at my house. As Bob Barker used to yellout: “Come on down!!!”

  4. Jesus said, ““You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” If we end up being just like them, what have we accomplished?

  5. Right on again, Howard! NO one has the COURAGE to speak the truth like you do. The woman is pure EVIL….period! She among others like her all deserve to rot in hell. They are the scum of the earth, and that they have the support to the degree they do tells us the danger Western Civilization is in and how sick much of the “Civilized World” is thanks to drinking their lies.

  6. It occurs to me that Hillary may try prolonging her illness(es) in order to avoid debating Trump (Sep. 26). As a matter of fact, physicians often prescribe rest of a month or more for pneumonia patients. She could then bank on the sympathy vote and seek admiration for “continuing under adversity.” The real situation is that Trump has plenty of ammo to DESTROY her in any debate. She has more baggage than an airliner, and he can easily expose her. Pathetic ploy, but she’s way capable of doing it.

  7. It was 78 degrees in NY when she “overheated”. Viral Pneumonia can be contagious. They will say and do anything to get her elected. It will be Bill’s 3rd term if they succeed. Every word out of their mouths is a flat out lie or has a double meaning.

  8. I’ve no use for Hillary Clinton & her ilk. But, instead of condemning those saying they wish her well or are praying for her seem to me to be practicing 1 Timothy 2:1-3: “[Pray for All People]. 2:1 First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, & thanksgivings be made for all people, 2 for kings and all who are in high positions….”

    Doubt she’d return the favor, but still….

  9. What is the possibility of the Pres somehow manipulating her illness to extend his tenancy in the white;
    house to “save the republic” from one-party rule?
    John Ross

  10. Keep on keeping on Howard! I just finished Hillary by Victor Thorn. About the sixth book I have read on the Clinton’s. They are so vile it makes you sick to think Billary could get back in the White House. The are evil through and through. Trump has to win or this country is doomed under these sleaze balls.

  11. Geez Howard , tell us what you really think! I hope that Trump is able to speak after these few days of nice comments because I wonder if he’ll have a tongue left he’s been biting it so hard for the last 2 days. If he said what he thinks on this he would lose more votes than he could ever win.

  12. Somebody clue Joe Biden!! As an avowed conspiracy dude, I think this may be part of a deal to pardon both Bill and Hillary Clinton and let them move operations to the Grand Caymans, before Trump eats them alive with the “silent majority” and goes for prosecution and jail time, and let’s “Crazy Uncle Joe” inherit the earth!
    Blessed are the stout of heart for they are in deep kimchi!!

  13. Regrettably, the corruption is everywhere in America, North and South America. I believe that “The Donald” is capable of
    “making America great again”: ALL of America.

  14. I smell a rat. Without a doubt she is the most dishonest person on the Planet, a crook an directly responsible for many deaths. However, lurking behind the curtain is one than is NOT to be trusted, HUSSEIN OBAMA. He has not finished the take over by his Muslim Brothers of this Country. Could this be a planned event to keep him in the WH for additional time?
    Neither of these two and others, have any interest in what is good for the USA and its people.

  15. it also says in the good book Speak the truth in love and that’s what you’re doing Howard Keep it up When you speak the truth you give the person you speak about the option of seeing the truth whover they may be So keep it up Speak the truth shout it from the rooftops to the lowest valleys Wayne

  16. It’s considered the height of bad manners to kick or attack a documented sick person and if Trump attacked her now the press would come to her defense and so would a lot of people who don’t even like her. Scum that she is, she’s still a human being (barely) so we have to be polite. He’s demolishing her beautifully when she’s well so no need to kick her when she’s got “pneumonia” (which is BS, she has Parkinson’s). Still alive despite Obamacare and the best efforts of my doctors, you 2 be safe!

  17. Knowing what they really think and say of her, I read their “hoping” her well, pray thoughts as all tongue in cheek. Like “wink wink” comments.

  18. I can’t even blame Hillary’s “condition” on Karma…..but it is well known that that which is rotten is rotten inside and out.

  19. Politics are still politics. If Trump said the things about Hillary and her so-called illness that you said, he would be tarred and feathered by the liberals and media. He said a polite “get well” and left it at that. This woman is evil and I do firmly believe that we need to “Leave her to Heaven” and let the Lord take care of her. Seems like he is doing it.

  20. I don’t cry any tears for Hildebeast & never will!!! I don’t wish her dead, but, should she be – There will be no tears!!! As far as I am concerned, the Clintons can go to hell, literally. All of them are despicable & disgusting. Could I be any plainer? I simply detest the Clintons with every fiber in my body.

  21. Can not add to your blog today,my feeling’s toward hillary and bill are the same as yours. hillary LTT (lier,thief,traitor )
    do not pass go,go straight to jail ,max prison in Colorado.

  22. It actually pains me, the number of people to whom I have to explain the difference between the corrupt lying treasonous bitch Hillary and Donald Trump. No one is a saint with lily white hands, the Donald included, however when his missteps and character flaws are compared with those of Hillary, he’s a virginal choirboy. I think all of us past the age of 9 know that not one Republican truly wishes Hillary well, but to speak ill of her would give the leftist media more reason to vilify them.

  23. I too agree with Charles Orr. Not all of the future issues/problems with Iran can be laid at Hillary’s feet. Kerry is really being ignored but he was totally into the mission & it was he who did the negotiating (with Obama’s script I’m sure) with Iran & other nations for Iran’s deal. Kerry ceded a great deal to Iran, at great cost of US & others’ future. Don’t doubt for a heartbeat it was all about getting Iran their frozen money back. I wouldn’t doubt too that it was paid back with interest.

  24. Tell me what you really think of Hillary, Howard! Great blog, as usual. Not fit to be elected dog catcher! Cough, cough.

  25. I do not wish to judge Mrs. Clinton, but it is quite obvious that she is possessed of an evil spirit. She worships the false gods of Money, Wealth, and Power. I read that she was raised in the Methodist Faith, so she should know that you cannot serve both God and “Mammon” — (the personification of riches, avarice and worldly gain.) She needs prayers, to save her immortal soul. She must never become President of the U. S. God will not be mocked!

  26. Negative Karma,of which Hillary has a huge mountain, can manifest as ill health, including death.

  27. The TRUTH is the TRUTH whether one agrees with it or not…and the TRUTH is that HUSSEIN OBAMA & HILLARY have RUINED our Country! They are both LIARS and insult our INTELLIGENCE by continuing to make FALSE PROMISES to us, while only serving THEMSELVES. They are part of the ESTABLISHMENT! Re: BENGHAZI–whatever happened to the guy who was jailed for the “phony video”? Is he out of jail? Does anyone know? Vote for TRUMP to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” America MUST be SAVED! AMEN!

  28. I hear what you are saying but for me and I hope the others too, I believe we should hate the sin, not the sinner. That’s why I pray for her health. I don’t like her one bit but I could never wish her any harm. Just my three cents!

  29. I had a horrible thought that maybe all of this is planned. Maybe Hillary has been ill for a long time, but they thought she would be a shoo in regardless. Then if she gets in and becomes incapacitated, guess who runs the country… not the vice President, because the President is still alive. But Bill Clinton! It’s the only way he can be president again, and he wants to be in that White House again! Scary thought, but remember Woodrow Wilson’s wife!

  30. Some of this came in the open when Hillary was being interview & 4 a short-moment started into space.
    With all of the lighting at her speech on the final day at the DNP convention, her daught escorted her off stage for a moment and then came back more alert.
    Michael J Fox, has Parkinsons, and needs to stop and take an inhaler to clear his mind. And there has been talk about the definite similarities Hillary has. So all of stumbling, coughing and pneumonia has a strong case of being cover-ups.

  31. I prefer being just a tad more blunt, BUT YOU WON’T PRINT WHAT I WANNA SAY!!!!!

  32. Here is a thought and a follow up question. 1 Would the election go ahead or be suspended if on Election Day Hillary resigns because she is to ill, or is killed or certified incapable..would Obama enact emergency powers and stay on as POTUS. 2 What if Hillary gets elected through cheating, then before being sworn in she gets sick, dies or gets killed. Nobody can become POTUS through succession as no one was sworn in. Obama again does stay on. CONSPIRACY THEORY BUT I WOULD NOT PUT IT PAST THEM.

  33. Joel Goldman is correct. No one on the right really wishes her well, well enough to destroy the United States. They/we/I all want her gone, either to prison or worm food, but we don’t want to express that because it would provide fodder for the leftist news media.

  34. Can not agree with you Howard, not this time!. Trump has make nice with comments about Hillary’s health or he will start another downward spiral in the polls. Every body knows what he really thinks about Hillary, but it would be political suicide for him to say it. The betting odds in London for Trump to win the White House have gone from 3 to1 for Trump a month ago to 1.5 to one now. The 2011 prophecy from God by Mark Taylor about Trump winning is unfolding before our very eyes.
    Yes! Yes!

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