Overheated My Ass



The First Time Crooked Hillary Collapsed . . . it was attributed to a Brain Concussion. Then, when she was seen stumbling, it was attributed to dehydration. Then, when she coughed relentlessly during a speech, it was because of allergies. And now that she collapsed at the 9/11 Memorial . . . it was because of Pneumonia.


I know NO MORE than you do, about why Crooked Hillary Collapsed at the 9/11 Memorial. But what I do know, is that Crooked Hillary and all the people around her, including I’m certain, her personal physician . . . all of whom are Pathological Liars, who will do say anything to OBFUSCATE the TRUTH on her BEHALF.


What bothers me far more than Crooked Hillary’s INCORRIGIBLE DECEIT . . . is that the people who aggressively and passionately support this LYING & CHEATING Piece of Work, either don’t know that she is so CORRUPT, or know it, BUT DON’T CARE, which makes them just as bad, if not worse.

The fact that Crooked Hillary is so close in the POLLS against Trump at this stage of the campaign . . . isn’t a statement against Trump, as much as it is a FULL-BLOWN INDICTMENT against the FOOLS who willingly and knowingly support an AVOWED UNTRUSTWORTHY LYING CANDIDATE.


Because Crooked Hillary has nothing of consequence to run on . . . she has to create a way and a means to DISCREDIT her opposition, and to do that, she and her CABAL have CREATED the ALT-RIGHT, which her LEFTIST Media Cheerleaders have grabbed onto, but can’t seem to make stick.


The ALT-RIGHT, which bears no resemblance to Crooked Hillary’s WORN-OUT RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY, which served her so well over the decades, are CONSERVATIVES like me, who have utterly and entirely REJECTED FAUX Conservatives like the RINOS in the USA, and the PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVES in Canada.

Crooked Hillary doesn’t really explain who the ALT-RIGHT are . . . other than to say that people like me, and probably like you, whom she considers to be the ALT-RIGHT, are the ALTERNATIVE to “normal” Conservatives, who in the past Crooked Hillary used to RAIL AGAINST AS BEING THE PERSONA OF EVIL, but now, she thinks she can either court the RINOS, or split them off from Trump.


Even though it was Crooked Hillary and her Campaign Team who CREATED this Straw-Man (Alt-Right), she and they weren’t wrong.



IT SEEMS TO CROOKED HILLARY . . . that anyone who wants to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, by defending America’s Sovereignty and the FOUNDATION of the US Constitution, which all the Good Brave Men and Women SACRIFICED so much for over 250-YEARS, gave EVERYTHING they had to create the country Crooked Hillary and her Oversexed Husband have literally RAPED for their benefit, are somehow DEPLORABLE.

Isn’t it interesting . . . how Trump is Traveling the USA NON-STOP, telling everyone who will listen, at various HUGE RALLIES, two or more per day, made up of Rank and File American Supporters, EXACTLY HOW HE INTENDS TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, while Crooked Hillary travels the breadth and length of America, speaking to PAPERED Audiences and Hotsy-Totsy Hollywood Types, Wall Street Investors, Big Unions, and Big Business Donors . . . looking for Contrived Supportive Media and Obscene Amounts of Money?

IF CROOKED HILLARY . . . thinks America is still great, let her explain the following:

1 – Why are about 90-Million Americans, who could work, out of the Work Force?

2 – Why are almost 50-Million Americans on Food Stamps?

3 – Why are so many Black American Communities DYSTOPIC?

4 – Why are so many in the Black American Community Protesting against White America?

5 – Why are American Students so far behind Students from around the world?

6 – Why are what used to be American Jobs no longer in America?

7 – Why is the American Middle Class about to go Extinct?

8 – Why do less than 10% of Americans have any good regard for the Government?

9 – How come the Majority of Americans are opposed to ILLEGAL Immigration?

And those are just a few of the questions I would pose to Crooked Hillary.


This ELECTION is not just about choosing a New President . . . and anyone who thinks so, should think again, because this Election to choose the 45th-President and Commander-In-Chief . . . is an election to decide upon the FUTURE of the United States of America, and the rest of the World.

This election has divided the people 40/40 . . . with 20% being Undecided or Independents, who have to either keep America as that DISTINCT & EXCEPTIONAL Shining City Upon The Hill . . . or watch America become just another Failed State Dictated to by GLOBALIST BAD ACTORS.


When Black People and White LEFTIST Idiots March together Against the Police in the RIDICULOUS Black Lives Matter CRAP – shows who the Anti-American IDIOTS are.

When Professional Athletes and Hollywooders decide NOT TO STAND for the Red, White and Blue, or defend those who won’t, or those who DISPARAGE the Flag, it shows the level of Anti-American DEPRAVITY, which has permeated the PRIVILEGED CLASS.

WHEN I HEAR, SEE, OR READ . . . the people who BELITTLE the American Dream, especially by appearing to be so level-headed and open-minded through their LEFTIST IDIOCY, all I see are people who have lost their RIGHT to enjoy the Greatest Country that has ever been. And have no idea what it has taken for this incredible country to develop into the UTOPIA it has become for everyone who wants to be a part of it.

I SEE THE BATTLE ALREADY FORMED . . . between the MAKERS & the TAKERS. Those who will do whatever it takes to KEEP AMERICA GREAT . . . and those who will TAKE and SWINDLE everything they can from the MAKERS, in the name of their own MANUFACTURED IDEA OF DECENCY.

I SEE THE CULMINATION . . . of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and George Orwell’s Classics – Animal Farm and 1984. And now that the curtain is being lifted, and we can really see who’s who – it’s time for the American People to decide what kind of society and reality they want to live in.

AND NO MATTER HOW THIS ELECTION TURNS OUT . . . The fight for the Heart & Soul of America will just be getting underway, and the Revolution will be long, costly, and extremely unpleasant.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Romney showed he didn’t have what it takes when he let Obama slide over Benghazi on the 3rd debate when he had him by the short ones. Ted Cruz is our guy all the way. Listen to his dad speak and you’ll see what “yearning to breathe free…” really means; and the apple fell very close to the tree. Ted Cruz and Allen West in 2012 to save America.

    Teri Newman, Belleville IL
  • If you get a chance, look up (UT Chancellor, a Former Admiral, Asks Athletes to Stand During National Anthem). You can google this and see the complete statement. This statement should be read by/to every student and athlete in the US and Canada.

    Richard Polson, The Woodlands, TX
  • I gave up believing anything Hillary says years ago. She is a pathological liar, and so are the sycophants who support her. You can always tell the Democrat on a talk show panel: it’s the one who lies, makes excuses, and bends over backwards trying to make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear. You said it all brilliantly.

  • I viewed a video of Hillary made in 2008. Besides the fact that it showed proof that she was lying at the time, there was the coughing. Not as bad as today, but clearly she had problems. If it is an allergy as she claims, she can use a puffer, allergy pills, and some puffers have steroids to help rid you of the congestion. Anyone see her with a puffer? But today all I hear about is how brave she is being sick and soldiering on, and fake negative stories about Trump.

    Stephen Eisenberg, Montreal, Quebec
  • “Democracy: authority of the crowd” (Plato). In The U.S.A. and Canada, we have 2 “crowds”: the makers and the takers.
    In Canada the takers now have the authority. Please, U.S.A. makers, take the authority!

    Arnold Eyre, Ottawa, Ontario
  • You’ve got it right again, Howard. As the old football coach said….”It ain’t rocket surgery!” And BTW just between you and me….Everyone around crooked Hillary knows exactly what they are doing and they are all lying worthless traitors. Fifty years of indoctrination in our schools has created an overabundance of useful idiots willing to sell us down the river.

    Don and Jeanne Glass, Sun City West, Arizona, United States
  • The choice between two Presidential candidates has never been clearer. In sum: We have one candidate who is a terrible failure; mean, lying, corrupt, vindictive, aloof, power-mad, lawless and greedy. She has, as her one notable achievement, avoided criminal jail time through political cronyism. On the other hand we have a dynamic, energetic leader who gets things done, a business success with proven executive skills, who wants to guide America’s return to its hallowed roots. You choose, folks.

    John Marshall, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Polls be damned. Who is paying for the vast majority of these polls – the main stream media. Do they tell you what questions are being asked or who represents their sample groups

    Lawrence Alexander, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
  • I would think that her doctor would not lie about her having pneumonia. Doctor have a code of ethics. Am I wrong about this?
    Comments welcome.

    George Pecoraro, Lower Burrell, PA
  • HG regardless of being an “Alt-Right” your “All -Right” in my books keep up the good work.

    Bruce Caskenette, Cornwall Ontario
  • She has Parkinson’s disease. I’m retired medical, that seizure she had with “cold chai” comment was a straight up Parkinsonian seizure & the smaller one she had at the balloon drop at DNC. Every neurologist in America recognized it, that’s what started this health conversation, and Trump calling her out while making solid policy speeches and is turning away more people that Hillsy can ATTRACT! Lovin’ it! Just want to live till 3 pm 1/20/17 and see the inauguration of President TRUMP!

    Teri Newman, Belleville IL
  • The temperature in NYC at the time she left was 80 degrees. Actually it was very comfortable. Everyone around her had jackets on and not just the Feds. Its going to be a lot hotter where she’s headed.

    Bob Driscoll, Woodland Hills, California, United States
  • NBC Shuster reported that the DNC is discussing HRC’s replacement. Bernie Sanders SHOULD be the replacement, he didn’t give his delegates to her, but I suspect the Democrats want Michelle Obama — which would be more nightmare. And, BTW — Clinton was knocked out cold yesterday — did you notice not only her collapse in front of the car, but also how her right foot literally dragged. IF she had pneumonia, why beckon the child and HUG her? Pneumonia is horribly contagious!

    Nadine Battaglia, Lake Luzerne, New York 12846, USA
  • I sincerely hope that HRC does not drop out of the race for POTUS. Whoever is selected to replace her will get the sympathy vote and the dems will be in office again. DJT can defeat HRC but he doesn’t stand a chance against sympathy.

    William Dyson, Fairburn, Georgia, United States
  • I just read ” CRISIS OF CHARACTOR ” a must read. Its about a uniformed secret service agent and his years in the white house and the horrible treatment from hillary and bill’s mistresses. I have come to the conclusion she is a sick
    psychopath and belongs in a mental hospital,just through the key away.

    Larry Lehrman, Aventura, Florida, United States
  • See where good ol woof blister agrees with Hillarys assessment of the GOP voters. Great article today also.

    Owen McNamee, Yorkville, Illinois
  • looking back at 2008/2012 and previous elections, I warned patriots there something going on that is so evil and
    So unAmerican, I couldn’t understand why officials and candidates who claimed to care about our country are not standing in the streets shouting “Traitor” to anyone who could hear. Some agreed, others said what can we do? I had
    I had the highest respect and regard for the collective intelligence of our patriots. But I was wrong! Everyone who
    cares has run away and hidden out.

    Phyllis R. Moses, Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Good blog!!! I have detested Hildebeast since she tried to get Healthcare Reform back in 1992-1993. I won’t go into all the reasons, but will say this – When a Task Force for Healthcare Reform consists of only lawyers – There are some very rotten apples in the barrel!!! Neither Hildebeast or the Lawyers know much of anything about what to do with Healthcare Reform!!!
    Then her statement about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” – Did it completely for me!!! I don’t believe a word she has ever said.

    Mickey D Watson, Douglasville, GA, USA
  • I had Trump down at 10th choice of the 16 Repubs running for president this year. For a while I didn’t know which was worse Trump or HilLIARy. But now I feel comfort in supporting Trump over HilLIARy since The Heritage Foundation is providing much needed totally reliable information and briefings to the campaign. Remember THF produced the detailed Mandate For Leadership to the new Reagan administration. The names THF provided as SCOTUS appointments are like Scalia, Alito and Thomas.

    George Blumel, Atlantis, Florida, United States
  • As a Canadian, I have never taken SUCH an interest in the US election …. simply because the whole world would be adversely affected in great measure if Hillary becomes the next president, not only the US. However, I hope and I pray that the American voters have removed their rose-colored glasses and see beyond the excuses, the lies, and the total inadequacy of Hillary Clinton to be the head of a ‘Government for the People’. She would be in it for Hillary. Period.

    Maureen Moss, Lethbridge, AB
  • I love it when you get down and talk like a Texan!! Great blog… I does come down to the “makers” against the “takers”. Thanks to our Bozo’s in Washington perpetuating the problem, it will continue until we can get more “red blooded Americans” off of their ass to vote!!! This crap about no voter IDs is exacerbating the problem. How can we have a fair election with NO voter ID, but their word?????

    Winston "Flash" Gordon, Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
  • I have concluded that the “progressives” and Hillary are instruments of the devil. They have taken a smoothly functioning country to one which barely functions and is building massive debt which can’t be sustained. Progressives progressing to total destruction of the US. Every day until removal of these from all power is another day toward total destruction of our country. They executed their plan well.

    John F. Morgan, Dalton, GA USA
  • I never thought I’d be complemented by being called Deplorable. I know what the word means and that’s the last thing I desire to be. Coming from Hillary it felt sooooo good. It’s like something else I once heard, when someone called my friend an assh__e, he turned and said “Thank You” then he said, try to live your life without one. I’ve used that line from then on, it really catches them off guard when they have nothing worth while to say so they have to resort to fowl language or insults.

    Frank Canzone, Franklin, North Carolina, United States
  • What truly scares me re: Hillary’s ILLNESS is the POSSIBILITY that the Dems & Obama will try to, SOMEHOW, either suspend the election or use some other MEANS to elect the next president. This is how much they FEAR TRUMP! Also, BHO is not EASILY accepting that his term is ALMOST DONE and will have to leave the White House. Will his PEN & PHONE be able to keep him in there? DESPERATE people do DESPERATE things! Let’s hope that TRUMP & his supporters will/can prevent such a PLOY! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA
  • Howard, great piece as usual! I don’t care about crooked hrc’s health but I do care about the destructive path our country is on. We simply cannot afford the “free stuff”, the antics of the elite, the taking from the makers and the crazy spending and debt we are burdened with. So many people are un informed or don’t care and then they vote….it’s nuts!

    Terrance A. Shively, Whitehouse, OH. USA

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