The World Can’t Afford Another 9/11



Crooked Hillary held her National Defense Conference on Friday September 9, 2016 . . . to emphasize to the American People how seriously she takes the Defense and Safety of the USA and the World.

And to EMPHASIZE her point, Crooked Hillary reportedly had as many Republicans at the Conference as she had Democrats, all of whom, who had served . . . while some still do, in different Capacities at the White House or at Upper Level Insider Positions.

AND TO MAKE IT APPEAR TO BE REALLY OPEN . . . you know – Fair & Balanced, Crooked Hillary even had General Patraeus at her Meeting.

The Problem and Reality with the people at Crooked Hillary’s National Defense Conference, is that all of the people who were there . . . as Crooked Hillary’s Experts and Advisors, are the same group, which led America to the dreadful situation America and the American People find themselves in today.

THEN THERE’S ANOTHER REALITY . . . These people at the Crooked Hillary Conference are all HAS-BEENS, and LEGENDS in their Own Minds, who never really were, who will join any group that could give them even a tiny opportunity to be in the Bright Light of Politics, even if it’s just for a FLEETING MOMENT.

AND THE FACT – THAT MANY SERVED UNDER . . . Bill Clinton and George W Bush, only goes to show how far back, and how low Crooked Hillary is willing to scrape the bottom of the Barrel, considering how much the Bush People were SCORNED by Crooked Hillary, her Husband and Barack Hussein Obama . . . for their utter “INCOMPETENCE”, until they became Crooked Hillary’s Useful Idiots.

AND NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN . . . these horrible people who were no better than dirt to Crooked Hillary yesterday, are somehow worthy of Crooked Hillary’s attention today, when in fact – the people who have served in Government, since the transition from Ronald Reagan to his Successors, who she is showcasing now, can all take a BOW for how they SCREWED-UP AMERICA and America’s Allies.


IN 2013 . . . A small Group of Moslems – THREATENED to hold a RALLY of a Million Moslems in Washington DC on 9/11, to PROTEST how Moslems are treated in America. And as a result, some BIKER GUY went ONLINE promising to hold a Counter Demonstration . . . to which, I believe he was Blowing Smoke with Wishful Thinking.

BUT I TOOK IT SERIOUSLY . . . so I contacted my GREAT & GOOD FRIEND, and Partner In Crime – Pastor Gary Burd of the M-25 (Mission of Hope) Christian Motorcyclists, and asked him if he would join me, and some of my Friends in Washington DC, to STAND FOR AMERICA, in Memory of all those who fell on 9/11, and in the subsequent Wars as a result.

I don’t have to tell you that Gary Burd was probably on his Harley Davidson, even before I stopped speaking. So, as a result, we had RIDERS under the Flag of the PLEDGE RIDE, heading for Washington DC, from as far to the North as the Province of Ontario . . . and as far to the South as Texas.


I asked one of my Artists to create a Banner for us to display, which you can see being held in this  photo taken near the Vietnam Veterans MemoriaWall.

9-11 2014-Never Again-Washington DC

Some of Our Patriots . . . Front Row
I’m on the Left (not politically), Gary Burd Is Next To The Big Guy In Orange:


There were SO MANY BIKES in Washington DC that day, that there was literally no place to park, and it was almost impossible to move. And there were so many Flags Blowing In The Wind Affixed to, and or held by the Men and Women on their BIKES, that it reminded me of an INVASION of PATRIOTS looking to make their STAND.

According to the Police . . . there might have been as many as 800,000-BIKES in Washington DC on that 9/11. And according to all the News Reports, there might have been as FEW as just a DOZEN or so Moslems.

LIKE ALL THE OTHER BIKERS . . . we had nowhere to Park, so a few dozen of us parked on a Side Street that was DEVOID of any vehicles, outside of what appeared to be a serious Military Building, so we parked there.

And within seconds, a man wearing a Uniform, with plenty of Bling On his Chest, came to tell us to move, or be towed away. But, one of our Canadian Members said no. And I said that we’ve travelled THOUSANDS OF MILES from as far to the North as Canada, where we were from, and as far to the South as Texas . . . just to stand with America on 9/11.

So . . . the Officer checked-out our License Plates, and suggested that we wait a moment. And in a few moments, another man in Uniform came out, but this time with several other people wearing the Colors, who also looked at our Plates. He came to me and asked if I had a wallet, which I assumed he wanted me to take out for ID. But that’s not what he wanted.


IN HIS WORDS TO ME . . . You can leave your BIKES here for the entire day. No one is going to touch them. And we will keep a close eye on them for you, to the point that it will be safe for you to leave your wallets on your seats, if you have a mind to.

SO . . . with that, we left our BIKES on our Kickstands, and took a position on Constitution Avenue (just a few feet from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall), which by that time was BEREFT of all Civilian Traffic and People. It was just us . . . the M25 and Pledge Riders, who stood alone with our THREE FLAGS, the USA, CANADA and ISRAEL . . . and our PLEDGE RIDER BANNER, which read:

9/11/01 . . . NEVER AGAIN . . . GOD BLESS AMERICA:

AS WE ORGANIZED ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD . . . we were buzzed by a fast moving Military Helicopter, which was sizing us up. And then came Armored Vehicles and several Limousines, speeding along Constitution Avenue, carrying Obama, and whomever else was in his Escort, as they headed to the Pentagon for him to do whatever it was, that he was going to do.


AT THE EXACT MOMENT . . . when the FIRST PLANE HIT THE NORTH TOWER, we lowered our Flags, while Gary Burd, one of the THREE PASTORS who were with us, delivered a short Prayer, in HONOR & MEMORY of the People Lost at 8:46AM on 9/11.

AT THE EXACT MOMENT . . . when the SECOND PLANE HIT, this time the South Tower, we did the same thing, following a brief Prayer from one of our other Three Preachers . . . at exactly 9:03AM on 9/11.

AT 9:43AM . . . We once again stood silently, this time listening to the Blessings from our Third Preacher, in remembrance, of the THIRD PLANE, which at this time STRUCK THE PENTAGON on 9/11.

AND FINALLY . . . AT 10:10AM, we stood for the last time, holding our Lowered Flags and the Pledge Ride Banner, as Pastor Gary Burd, delivered our FINAL Prayer for the Heart, Soul and Memory of those who were MURDERED ON 9/11 in Shanksville Pennsylvania.

I’ve done a lot of things in my life that gave me PRIDE, but, standing there with Gary Burd and others who took the challenge to STAND WITH AMERICA, is one of those things I am proudest of.

And just as I PROMISED in my last Editorial . . . There are TWO FLAGS FLYING TODAY (American and Canadian) on 9/11-2016 at the Lake of Two Mountain Hunter Trials, in Honor and Memory of the Men, Women and Children who died on 9/11/01, ONLY because they were American, or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

At 8:45AM today, Anne & I lit a 24-Hour Candle, and stood Vigil for a moment of silence to keep the LIGHT OF FREEDOM BURNING.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What a great way to honor those who died on 9-11. We need more of this in the USA today. I

  2. Thank you, Howard, for putting to paper so much of what I and my family of Hillary’s “despicables” feel. Never Again means being ready to stand and fight to defend what is good. And America is good. May God Bless her with the resolve she will need to fend off this burgeoning Islamic evil.

  3. It is unfortunate that the citizens in North America (US and Canada) recognize exactly who is the enemy but our leaders, for some unknown reason (right), don’t. Keep up the good work. Time for me to go to the piggy bank to get a couple of bucks to help you out. Thanks for the voice no longer in the wilderness.

  4. You and I ARE Americans, North Americans, Canadian North Americans, Howard,
    and we remember 9/11 as our fellow Americans do.

  5. Thanks Howard. Sure in years to come history will be rewritten about the religion of peace and it’s founder. Mohummud instead of being a warrior, terrorist, pedophile he will be written in as more like Jesus Christ.

  6. I’m not American…by birth, but you got me all teared up reading that. God Bless America!

  7. It is just a question of time before the terrorist get WMD’s. Nuclear, biological and or chemical. Does anyone think they won’t use them. That will make 9/11 look like a minor incident. Deaths will be in the millions if we don’t stop them. Hitler could have beed stopped with minimal or no deaths but the democracys failed to do it. Result – 65 million dead. Technology advances can make that number seem small. God help us.

  8. Lets not forget the thousands of U S military and other country’s that have so far been killed fighting all the muslim
    isis,hamas,etc.There are also hundreds of ex vets that have been maimed both physically and mentally since 9/11
    May the souls of the 9/11 victims soles rest in peace.

  9. That day you and your friends showed the world what America stands for. It also showed what Canadians are like and how lucky we are to have them as our neighbors. What a world we could have if there were more like minded people like those 800,000 bikers coming together peacefully in unity. I think this shows more than any words can say what our policemen are like.
    Howard, thank you for loving America as you love Canada.

  10. Howard, we would be so proud to have you as a citizen of the united States one day, the sooner, the better! God bless you!

  11. Great article today in remembrance of that fateful day. I, as a Canaian remember where I was and what I was doing on that day after the first plane and before the second plane hit the towers and was shocked with disbelief, that this could happen in North America.


  12. When will our leaders wake up and find we are fighting an ideology, not a country? We must become pro-active. Maybe America can be great again!

  13. BRAVO for a job well done by you & the other BIKERS in Washington! Totally agree with Thomas Kelly that WHEN, ISIS decides to attack America it will look like a MINOR INCIDENT compare to 911. We know that OBAMA views them as the JV TEAM & tries to minimize ANY future impact by them. ISIS knows that BHO won’t “cross ANY red lines”, hence the reason that we are UNSAFE. We need a powerful LEADER, such as TRUMP who will defend AMERICA & has a plan to DESTROY ISIS! GO TRUMP GO! God bless us all! AMEN

  14. Loved it………… Praying for that same unity we had during and after 9 11….. Praying for a move of unification on America such as that and very soon. God Bless America! And thank you our Canadian friend!

  15. Howard…very emotional for me…”Great” editorial.
    Thank You,
    Jim Drummond

  16. What an awesome story & powerful reminder, what we must do to Never Forget 9-11-2001. We must build up our military as soon as possible. The sleeper cells in North America are waking up & will cause great damage before we know it. I don’t trust any of the leaders in the Muslim community, nor their mosques. God help us when Iran becomes nuclear! Howard you & Anne are strong Patriots. It is such a pleasure to have your writings in my life, thank you for being so vocal. :O)

  17. God bless you, Howard! It is good to see that the West still has a fighting spirit!!! The cult of death cannot be allowed to triumph!!

  18. Thanks Howard and Anne. You’ll never know how much we appreciate your patriotism and love for two great countries. Both must be cleansed of the scourge of Marxism and the Islamo-Nazis. We pray that will begin on Nov 9th with President Trump. Keep the faith!

  19. Great editorial Howard. The Allied forces defeated an ideology in WW2 and can do it again if we have the right leaders.

  20. A wonderful and heart felt read…. several years ago on Memorial day I drove down from CT to be at the Wall. Something I’ll always remember.

  21. Howard, I like your thoughts. We are on the brink of change in this United States of America. However I can tell you this God will be the one who finishes this battle. I don’t know how He will do it or who He will use but he will accomplish His will.
    We just need to discern and do our part and abide in His descision. There is not need to go through all the pain and anguish when we have the God of the Hebrews!

  22. The American people have reverted to a 9/10 mindset. This assures a repeat of 9/11. Will they ever learn?

  23. G-d bless you, Howard! What a beautiful and insightful editorial. Yours always are. I’m Canadian, but so proud of your view of the US, and understanding of our useless PM, here in Canada. On thinking about it, perhaps you should seek being our Canadian PM. Having you, and knowing you’d partner with Trump, the next POTUS, will definitely go a long way in getting rid of those damn terrorists, and protecting us from the evil that is so prevalent these days. Keep well, and keep safe!!!

  24. Great article Howard. We kept track of the bike ride as it was happening. Great site to see. Remember how patriotic everyone was right after 9/11. You couldn’t even buy a US flag because all the stores were sold out. Look where we are now. A country completely divided. Praying that Nov will be the beginning of a change for the USA. Thank you for standing with America and God Bless you and Anne for all the work you do. -Thurman & Bev

  25. I salute you and your companions for standing up for all of our right and freedoms. God Bless you and I pray….NEVER AGAIN!!!

  26. God Bless you & your Anne, and ALL of our CANADIAN FRIENDs! I loved the wonderful “posts”, today…..what wonderful reminders, of the tragedy that happened on 09/11/2001, and how you rallied your Biker Friends for the ride to DC, a few years ago. I did post your editorial, today, on my FB Timeline. I’m also going to make a small donation, to your “cause”, so we can keep your MESSAGE of FREEDOM COMING THROUGH LOUD & CLEAR!! Mr. Trump is our ONLY HOPE, & I love the idea of YOU for Canada’s PM

  27. I well remember what I was doing on 09/11/2001. I could not in my wildest dreams believe that even the sub humans of this world could do what those low lifes did in the name of their ideology. Obliteration is a fit word for them.

  28. To Betsy Markman: I’m sure you’re sending hugs also for April the cat!

  29. Thank you Howard and ALL those who rode with you. I heard NOT ONE WORD on the media about this. You and ALL that rode are Patriots INDEED! We here in America are at a “pivotal” Time. I remember when as a kid in the Bronx hearing “NEVER AGAIN”. I Listened to those stories my Jewish neighbors told me, I was horrified. NEVER AGAIN should ring in the hearts & minds of ALL. The Barbaric, Heinous, Deplorable, Horrific events of the Holocaust & 9/11 should NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. “NEVER AGAIN” INDEED!

  30. Those grossly overpaid NFL entertainers think they are supporting BLM, but they are actually supporting the moslems who attacked the US on 9/11. HRC talks about those who are deplorable, but they are deplorable.

  31. WOW!! Too true…kept me in tears & still is. Thank you, Galganov, for being so caring about our countries. Mary Curren, Port, Angeles, WA

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